Real Change is More About BEING Than DOING

This blog post is being written on Sunday, May 31, 2020. My husband, Randy, has twin sons who are in the Texas Army National Guard and both have been deployed to Dallas for protection and patrol! The orders came through last night for one and this afternoon for the other who has already been on COVID-19 federal orders for the last couple of months working food banks.

As parents, we must believe that all is well or we would be out of our minds with worry! We sent them away with love and surround them with Divine protection. Any thoughts of love and protection and wisdom you offer would be greatly appreciated!

Randy and I have talked about the boys going into war, but we never thought they would be called to serve and protect people from each other here at home. We get waves of fear and feel uncertain about the outcome, but we must trust the Divine will guide them. I still have a lump in my throat as a write this. The only way to cope with such distress is to choose to think the way our Inner Beings think–which are of soothing thoughts, thoughts that bring relief and calm and peace. Thoughts of love for ALL humanity!

Even through all this, I still believe it’s a great time to be alive! There is a tremendous amount of asking for improvement and Source is answering. But, where are we? Are we in the receiving mode of our desired improvements? Or, are we still back in the asking stage, over and over–feeling bad as we continue to observe unwanted situations? 

Today, let’s talk about what it’s going to take to make real change in this world, our nation, our people, in humanity itself.

We’ve all been living enough contrast these days to have asked for many improvements! We see and hear what’s going on–the pandemic, the unstable economy, the deaths, the traumas, the protesting, the riots, the activated military. And, every time we notice the contrast–which is anything that we don’t like, even hate–we immediately vibrate with our desired improvement. Now, we may not have developed our preference for improvement, verbally yet, but we feel the desire for improvement.

It can feel horrible in the asking stage.

During the asking stage, we are fully and many times, painfully aware of the problems. We feel fear, concern, worry, disgust. We feel outraged, depressed, angry, vulnerable, insecure, and a host of other really negative emotions. Why is that? And, what do we do about it?

The asking stage is all about showing us contrast. This is our golden opportunity to make our preferences known to the Universe. This is where we get to choose what improvement we’d love to experience instead. This asking happens automatically. Do you know why?

Because the desire for feeling good, feeling safe, feeling happy, feeling compassion, feeling oneness with all humanity is WHO WE REALLY ARE! These feelings are at the core of our BEING–our Inner Being. So, our Inner Beings are always calling us to more life, more love, more joy, more harmony, more peace, more abundance, more feeling good! 

Why do we still feel so awful if we’ve already asked for improvements?

Where’s the answer?

Once we’ve asked for improvement, that vibration has been received by Source Energy. Our Inner Source has taken hold of our new requests and BECOMES that newest version of who we really are. Source holds our desires, focuses on them, becomes them, and then calls us toward them. Waiting for us to align with those desires so we can receive them into our own reality. Hint: Alignment ONLY feels really good. Feeling good is our indication we’re in the receiving mode of our desires. So, if you’re still feeling bad, you’re not yet in that good-feeling alignment for receiving your requested improvement for change! But, you can get there.

The answers, the improved desires are already given by Source–immediately! We never have to do anything for this stage–Source handles it all.

The ONLY reason we ever feel negative emotion is because we are still pinching ourselves off from our new desires. We are not yet heading in the direction of our desires. We are still thinking and feeling like we did in the asking stage. We may have unpacked and moved in. We keep hashing over the problems. We join groups to discuss the problems. We push against the problems. All of which, feels awful.

Once we’ve asked, we don’t have to ask over and over and keep feeling bad! ONCE WE ASK, IT IS GIVEN!!

So, it’s time to stop focusing on the problem which traps us into feeling horrid, and focus on the solution which frees us to feel awesome!

The answer, the desire, the improvement is waiting in our vibrational escrow account for us to start feeling better first. The better feelings must come first before we can receive our desired improvements.

We have to become the change BEFORE we receive the change and experience the improvement! It has very little to do with what we are DOING–especially when we are acting out of fear, hatred, worry, outrage, and anger. It is all about the vibration of who we are BEING in love and peace!

Our sole job is to align with our desires for change! This is the receiving stage.

How do you feel about those things that you are giving most of your attention to? If there is something in your life that gives you negative emotion almost every time you think about it, we would do anything that we could do to get that negative thing out of our awareness. ~Abraham-Hicks

When we keep focusing our attention on the problems, we will never find the solution! Einstein told us that–”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And, yes, we created this mess. Now we must use different thinking to create the solution.

Every single time we think about what’s going wrong in the world, we are focusing our powerful energy on it and the Universe is matching the essence of our vibrational output, by obedience to its own law.

Until you understand that the Universe ONLY understands vibration–which is created by your dominant thoughts and emotional feelings–you will continue to experience more that’s going wrong in the world by default! You must feel better and focus on solutions before you’ll receive better-feeling experiences. It’s law. You attract experiences that match your vibrational output!

Because the Universal language is vibration and the mantra of the Universe is MORE, the Universe, by law, must match our emotional vibrations over anything else–over our words, deeds, actions, desires, laws, regulations. 

If we are DOING things, taking ACTION, while consumed with the strong feelings of anger, fear, vulnerability, outrage, injustice, worry–we will be attracting more of the same! We will be attracting MORE experiences that make us feel angry, fearful, vulnerable, outraged, injustice, and worried! Because the Universe is understanding and matching how we feel not what we’re doing.

This is why I believe it is imperative that we reawaken to who we really are. Every single person, all of humanity, needs to be reminded of who they really are–as beautiful eternal beings of Light and Love. That we are ONE humanity, which means we are ONE eternally!

It’s far more powerful to be BE happy, joyful, peaceful, loving, compassionate, kind, and secure BEFORE we take any ACTION. In that way, we will BE the change we long for.

Please understand that this Universe is governed by the Law of Attraction. It’s only attraction. There is no exclusion. There is no assertion. You can’t shout NO at something you don’t like and expect it to go away. Your strong emotional vibration of dislike is attracting it right back to you–expanding it into MORE!

“Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, ‘more of this please.’” ~Abraham-Hicks

The opposite is also true. Every time you complain about something, every time you hate something, every time you feel bad about something, you are telling the Universe, “More of this, please!” It’s always about the attractive power of your vibrations.

So, you can never shout NO and make anything go away. Also, no one can assert anything into your life that isn’t already vibrating from within you. You may not experience the exact essence of your fears, but you will attract more things that make you fearful if you keep feeling vulnerable and fearful. The experience is matched by the Universe to the equivalent emotional vibration.

You can check this for your own life. Look around and notice what experiences are showing up in your life. If they are mostly wonderful, happy-feeling experiences, you are vibrating at a high frequency most of the time by choosing good-feeling thoughts, dominantly. But, if they are experiences that you hate, or cause you pain, you are vibrating on a lower frequency by your free-will choice of your dominant thoughts. You are attracting experiences and people based upon how you feel most of the time!

Until we begin remembering who we really are as extensions of Source Energy and feel our worthiness, value, security, joy, unconditional love, hope, optimism, abundance, prosperity, well-being, and freedom–we will never be able to DO enough to make any real changes! The Universe understands and matches the dominant emotional vibration of the masses. We, as the masses, must realize who we really are for there to be lasting change.

The change will only come when we BECOME who we really are!

When we reawaken to our joy, when we RE-member our Spirit-Mind-Body into our Oneness, we will witness the most powerful changes the world has ever experienced!!!

When we begin to KNOW our worthiness, our love, our freedom, our clarity, our passion, our wisdom, our peace, our well-being, our God-like-ness, we will see the blessed improvements we desire for ourselves and our world!

Remember, Source loves everyone unconditionally! That means Source loves those “bad guys” just as much as they love YOU in all your goodness. Unconditional love means that no condition has to change for love to be expressed freely!! We have to know it before we can receive it, though. Source is always flowing unconditional love to us, but it’s up to us to allow it to flow through us!

So, that means NO-one has to change to be loved unconditionally by Source. Well, that’s doesn’t fit my beliefs around punishment that I was taught to believe! Bad guys are always punished and shunned. Bad guys are supposed to get what they deserve. Bad guys have to pay for what they did! With this of vibration of hatred, punishment, guilt, and shame active in you–YOU will be attracting the very things you are focusing on by the hatred you feel toward another! You cannot love and hate at the same time. They are diametrically opposing frequencies.

We must see people through the eyes of Source–with unconditional love. What has caused them to act in such horrendous ways? What trauma have they suffered that causes them to think and believe they need to take out their revenge in such ways?

They are crying out for the love they don’t feel. They are crying out for understanding. They want to feel better and don’t know how. It reminds me of the Bible verse that states, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” If we had lived their experience, would we be acting out in the same way? If we were taught to believe that you have to control by violence to get what you want–would we be in the same boat? If we were taught the only way to feel worthy or valuable was to act superior by creating violence, would we be doing the same?

I am not at all condoning any violence, disrespect of anyone, causing anyone pain or suffering. All I’m saying is that we must not be so quick to hate when our example from Source is to love unconditionally. There, but for the grace of God, go I. Something to ponder.

What can we do to elicit change? Who do we need to be?

I understand when we see someone hurting, we want to help. We want to DO something. We are uplifters, teachers, and healers at the core of our being. So, we want to help. We want to do the right thing.

Here are a few things we can do as we’re becoming:

  • I am passionate about journaling because I’ve seen the profound improvement it’s made in my life and others. Journal about what’s going right in your life and the world. Search out stories of love and compassion toward one another. This will raise your vibration, naturally, by focusing on things that feel good. Write about anything and everything that you can praise, appreciate, love, and take joy in! You may get inspired to do your own acts of kindness and compassion!
  • Meditate every day. It only takes 15-20 minutes to quiet your mind. (If you need help, ask me how to meditate.) 
  • After meditation, ask your Inner Being what they know, think, and feel about you and any situation you are facing, then listen and write about any inspired ideas or impulses to take action. Your Inner Being is always offering you ways to be of service from joy. Listen for the inspiration and new ideas!
  • Start a mentorship program or volunteer to encourage children and parents or other adult groups to remember who they really are. Tell them of their goodness. Let them know they truly are love, joy, peace, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, clarity, abundance, well-being, confidence, safety, security, happiness, unlimited possibilities–at the core of their Being. People need to be built up by others until they are stable in their own personal knowing of who they really are. Sometimes, we need to trust in someone’s belief in us before we take it on as our own.
  • Post uplifting quotes that remind us of our worthiness and how unconditionally loved we really are and BELIEVE and FEEL the truth of each message. We are forgetful people and need to be reminded often. Your intention to uplift, teach, and heal will be powerful for eliciting change! You never know when one post will plant the seed that sparks change in someone!
  • Spend some time daydreaming about what the world could look like if everyone understood the value and worthiness of each other. This doesn’t sound like doing much, but let me tell you, it is one of the most energetically powerful DOING projects you can tackle! Practice seeing each person through the eyes of Source. See their value and worth. See them with unconditional love. They don’t have to change to make you feel good–you feel good first and things will change!
  • Get happy, BE happy, and stay happy! Your happiness is contagious. It’s truly your greatest gift to yourself, others, and the world at large. That high vibration is so powerful! The more people get happy and share their happiness, the energy of mass consciousness will shift into high gear and change is inevitable!

“Fill yourself with love for everyone. See the unfolding of God in everyone you meet, including those who you have been taught to reject.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

It’s time for us, as mass consciousness, to vibrate at higher frequencies by remembering who we really are and each living in their personal peace and love! Then, and only then, will we BE the change. Whatever we feel inspired to DO in that state of BEING will be so beneficial for all of humanity!!

You may be inspired to lead a grassroots movement reconnecting people with their Inner Beings of Love and Joy! You may feed the hungry. Comfort the weary. You may be inspired to run for office! And, I’m not at all joking!! We need leadership who serve only from a heart of love and compassion!

Learn to expect the improvements you’re asking for. Be happy that change is on the way. Be satisfied here and now, yet eager for more. 

“Expectation is the strongest word in attraction.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Expectation is powerful! That’s what faith is. You come to expect, or have faith, that what you currently don’t see is on it’s way to becoming a reality! The energetic shift is coming. Can you feel it? 

If you can’t feel it, that simply means you’re not tuning into your Inner Being often enough. Your Inner Being knows, thinks, and feels really good about you and what is coming!

My intention….

My intention for writing this blog is to share my love and a new perspective of what’s happening in our world. I know the only path to real change is through alignment with our Inner Beings–knowing, thinking, and feeling like our Inner Beings–who feel awesome all the time. Until we start feeling better about who we are and loving one another, we will never attract the change we desperately desire.

My intention is to present you with a different perspective on your approach to creating change. Instead of fighting against, pushing against, protesting against things you hate, promote what you love. Promote well-being of all, peace for all, love for all, health for all, compassion towards all. Instead of anti-anything–be pro-love, pro-peace, pro-humanity! It’s simply a tweaking in your approach where the resistance is negligible and appreciation and love reign in your hearts.

Life is supposed to be fun! The feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, vulnerability, insecurity, injustice, hatred, anger, outrage, and pushing against has to be replaced with the feelings of love, peace, calm, certainty, security, freedom, well-being, abundance, prosperity, wisdom, and clarity to elicit real, lasting change!

A new favorite quote from Deepak Chopra, “If you knew the magnificence of your true self, it would be impossible for you to hurt another being.”

We must know who we really are and truly love ourselves so that it becomes impossible to ever hurt anyone!! This is my wish for all humanity!

I love y’all so much! I want y’all to know your magnificence!!! Do you want to hear what else I know about you?

“You are joy, looking for a way to express. It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy–frolicking and eager–that’s who you are. And so, if you’re always reaching for alignment with that, you’re always on your path, and your path will take you into all kinds of places. We can’t get away from the acknowledgment that you are Pure Positive Energy that translates into the human emotion of joy.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Wow! Who we are is Pure Positive Energy that translates into the emotion of JOY!! Now that you know this, go BE that joy. Be that love and joy and freedom and clarity of your BEing. Be that energy who is frolicking and eager for more–more life, more love, more joy, more peace. As we all start BEING who we intended when we came into this life, we will see the change, the improvement we long for. Our Inner Beings are calling us toward it. 

Are you willing to move toward your desire for improvement? 

Are you willing to replace hatred and outrage for love and peace?

Are you willing to focus on the good-feeling solutions?

Are you willing to BE the change–BE the magnificence of your birthright?

I’m heading there–so, let’s walk together! If you need help, please contact me. We’re not meant to travel alone. The quest-path can get bumpy and treacherous. That’s why I’m here–to be of service as I guide you into your own BECOMING!!

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To your joyous becoming,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide and fellow traveler

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Can You See Your Dream Through the Mess?

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”  ~Eckhart Tolle

When you feel completely covered up by all the messes that are going on in your life—when it all looks hopeless because it feels like darkness surrounding you—take a look up and you may just see that seedling of hope!

The Talmud tells us that the angels stand over every blade of grass and whispers to them, “Grow, grow, grow!”  If angels are interested in every little blade of grass, aren’t you even more important as an extension of the Divine?

Creation can get really messy!

During the creation process, there is always a mess created prior to the finished product.  Take a piece of furniture for instance—the designer is inspired with a beautiful design for a chair, then she sketches out her ideas on paper. Many of those initial plans end up as crumpled pieces of paper in the trash. But, when the designer creates the perfect plans she sets about looking for just the right materials.

As she begins to gather the materials–the saws and other tools are prepared. She starts measuring the materials for the precise cutting lines. The saw revs up as the cuts are made with sawdust flying. The workshop becomes quite the mess. If you walked into the shop at that moment, it would appear that there was no rhyme or reason to all the chaos and mess. But the designer has kept the plans for the chair close at hand and refers to them often. Measuring and re-measuring, before making the cuts.

Each piece is carefully laid aside as a new component is cut. At the moment, there is no beautiful product. The outcome has not, yet, been realized. There is only this awful mess and a bunch of pieces!

The shop is cleaned up and the plans are, again, laid before the designer. Piece after piece is assembled. Still no work of beauty. Then, the chair begins to take shape. All the tedious work of assembling has been accomplished. Raw beauty is in sight! Now, for the finish work to begin.

Oh my god, it’s another mess! The sanding is creating mountains of dust!  It looks as if there’s no end in sight for the messes. The designer could throw up her hands and say, “This is too hard! Where’s my beautiful chair? All I see is more mess. I’m choking on all this dust. My back hurts, my hands are raw, my eyes are tearing and this is taking entirely too long. I give up!”

Just as the designer rubs her hand over the seat to wipe away some of the messy dust, she gets the sensation of a very smooth surface! She brushes away a little more dust and to her delight, the smooth surface is all over the chair! Now, she excitedly removes all the dust and vacuums it all away. Her passion is restored. She has overcome and persevered through all the messes—or so she thinks.

Preparing the wood for stain requires applying a primer which raises the grain of the wood. This would not be a problem if you wanted a prickly surface. As it dries, the surface of the wood is rough—again!  This requires more sanding, but this time with a very fine grit paper. It still makes another mess, but not as big as the first sanding. This feels like another set-back, but it must be completed to prepare for the stain.

As the stain is applied, the drips appear. More mess, as it dribbles and drops, here and there. Meticulously, the designer wipes off just the right amount of stain to obtain the perfect color.  Another waiting period, this time for the stain to dry.

Once the stain is dry, the sealer is opened and carefully applied with gentle, even strokes. One coat, two coats, maybe even three coats with periods of drying hours between each application. The waiting seems endless! “Oh, when is my dream going to appear? It’s taking so long!”

She turns her attention back to her project. When the final coat of sealer has dried, the designer steps back and admires her creation. Acknowledging that is was a long road to creating something beautiful, she stands pleased that she persevered through all the messes, aches, pains, tears and dust.  Before her, is her dream–realized!

Are you in a messy phase of your dream creation?

It could be that you are in one of those messy phases of your dream creation.  Maybe you’ve cleaned up several messes and still don’t have your dream life.  Don’t give up!  What if your next step was where your dream was waiting for you?

Messes seem to get a bad rap!

What if that mess you’ve been complaining about isn’t a negative thing after all?

What if it was simply the unfolding of your dream?

What if your Inner Being was guiding you through obstacles and resistance you put on your path, what you’re referring to as a mess, only to clarify your desire?

Messes can simply be contrast that helps us clarify our desires. They help us realize details we might have missed otherwise. As we fine-tune our desires, those changes can feel messy. It’s okay! Everything is working out for you!

We never know when our dream will arrive. Don’t throw a bucket of doubt on your fledgling dream and drown it! If we continue to pursue our dream, keeping our vision in focus, trusting that our Inner Beings are guiding us, trusting the process, we will one day create just the life we would love living.

Allow yourself to dream!

Give yourself permission to deserve a life you’d love to live. You ARE worthy of all your dreams! Write your vision and read it with passion every day. Spend time daydreaming of the beauty of your dream. As clarity about your dream gives you new details, add them to your vision. When the messes appear or it feels like a set-back, know that this is how it looks while you build your dream. No worries. No fear. No doubt. Keep marching. It will begin to take shape—even through what appears to be set-backs.

Trust. Rest. Know the what and why of your dream.

You know, even the best of craftsmen and women have to rest! They must take time to refresh, renew, rejuvenate their spirit-mind-body. Resting is a positive gift you can give yourself. If it looks too hard, take a break. My gosh! Even Einstein played his violin when he needed a break from his work. Take a break just for pleasure!

Allow yourself to remember what you want and why you want it. You always want anything because you think you’ll feel better by the having of it. Meditate on your why. Why do you want this? How do you want to feel when you’re living your dream? Revel in those good-feeling emotional descriptions of your dream life.

Be of courage. Have faith. Keep the plan before you. Make course corrections as necessary. Work through the messes. Have patience. Quiet your mind to renew and refresh your inspiration. Make it fun! Endure the seemingly “impossible” and it will become “I’m possible!”

Dream – Grow – Live!

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To your joyous (and messy) dream,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide & Holistic Life Coach

PS: If you’re having trouble seeing your dream for the mess, let’s talk! Sometimes, we need help creating our dreams. Allow me to be your guide by scheduling your complimentary Discover My Joy & Well-being session with me!

Why Clarity is a Choice

By Meredith Vaish of PauseBox, Guest Blog Contributor

As the founder and Chief Clarity Officer of Pause Box, I spend a lot of time working with clients around getting clear. My Pause approach is designed to make it easier for busy, over-doers to take a pause, activate, hear their inner guidance and become clear anytime they want. Once clear, I help them use that clarity to take inspired action and transform their lives in lasting ways. 

Here’s what I’ve learned: Clarity is a choice.

It’s at the crux of all powerful decisions. Clarity inspires, it activates, it gives us the confidence to move forward. Does it mean that decisions always remain clear? Nope. Given the unfolding nature of the world, clarity only promises insight into your next action. 

This is where people get hung up. I think we expect and wait to act on capital “C” clarity with its long list of approved and detailed actions. When actually, getting clear means receiving enough insight to reveal our next step. 

I love the analogy offered by the writer, E.L. Doctorow. He intended for it to describe the writing process but I think it can be as easily applied to life too: “like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” That’s just the nature of clarity–you often won’t have the full view, but you’ll have enough to know this is the new road or next turn to take.

Clarity is an intentional choice.

When we focus on where we’re clear in our current experience, we put roots into the soil of our own creativity and sprout insights. We water these new insights with trust and sun them beneath the transformative rays of intuition. All new beginnings start in this way, from just one seed of clarity planted in the trust that what needs to come will come as we continue to listen.  

Here’s a short-cut next time you’re caught in confusion.

Since clarity is a choice, ask yourself, “what if I am already clear? What if I know my next step? From that possibility, what options or ideas feel good and draw me in? What action helps me feel more of the feeling I want?”  

Remember, you don’t have to wait for big decisions to practice clarity. Clarity is actually made up of tiny impulses bubbling up from inner knowing all the time. This is where clarity becomes a choice. For those who make room to listen, there is important information. Maybe it’s just the feeling of readiness versus waiting. Maybe it’s the sense that an action doesn’t feel right or it feels hard. Maybe you have an impulse to reach out to someone, or there’s a sensory impression, pleasant or unpleasant in your body when you think about taking action. These are all expressions of clarity. 

You strengthen clarity when you follow a hunch, an impulse, a good feeling, or when you wait if something feels forced. These are all signals to practice listening to. I’ve learned that my life flows more easily when I take a break from fixing, problem-solving and doing, and create space for listening and receiving breakthrough. Breakthroughs, insights, gut-level knowing, flashes of inspiration and Aha moments are the way clarity speaks to you.

Practice cultivating clarity not only when there’s a big decision to make, but daily–whenever you remember. As you wake up or begin or end your day, tune in and ask, “how am I feeling?” “What do I most need right now?” Listen and honor the answer. The more you listen, the more intuitive trust you’ll develop.

Clarity deepens in intuition and thrives in trust.

Meredith Vaish, PauseBox

If you’re feeling a call to greater clarity, I’d love to work with you. Please email me at

For those who want to go deeper, I have one of two gifts from which you can choose! A meditation called, “I Am Clear,” and it’s available OR my DIY Pause Guide “10 Essential Steps to a Skillful Pause” for a free download in my website’s store HERE.

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NOTES FROM MARY ANN: Are you ready for your pause??? I’m happy to call Meredith a friend and colleague. Meredith teaches that a skillful pause isn’t the absence of doing, it’s the most powerful doing there is. Let that sink in!!

She is amazing at helping you learn to create the exact pause you need! Please take her up on her gracious offers above. She has taught me so much over the time we’ve known each other. Her brilliance is a gift to all who have the opportunity to work with her!

To your joyous clarity,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide and host to this amazing guest blog contributors!

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Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for hosting these guest blog offerings. These are business colleagues that I admire and respect. I asked them to write a blog for my readers and they have gone above and beyond by honoring us with complimentary offerings! Yay!

The Value of Coaching Through Memberships

Hey, you beautiful Human Beings of Light and LOVE!!

Because you are here, we have a connection and I know you are interested in living a life of joy, I want to share something with you. I’m super excited!

No time to read?? No problem! Let me read it for you–take a listen!

My Big Idea!!

Recently, I had an idea! An idea to make it simpler, easier, and faster to achieve transformation. A way for each client to work at their own pace and not have to hurry to get their coaching lessons and integration practices completed in a limited amount of time. They would have the time to really solidify the practices for deep, lasting transformation.

So, as we’re coming out of the months of sheltering in place, we understand that life will never be like our old normal. And, many of us are so happy about that blessing! We’re tired of fighting and struggling. We’re exhausted from the hustle and stress with so little free time. We realized there was so much that we were doing just to be doing something and so unnecessary.

The past months have been a great pause that has caused many of us to reflect, go inward, and get clear on what’s really important that we want to bring forward into the new! Or, maybe we’re still getting clarity around what’s truly important. Wherever you find yourself is perfect!

The energy has begun to shift and continues to move and create intense shifts. There are many people who are awakening to the fact that life has forever changed. Which can be a very good thing! We want better, more joyous, fulfilling lives!! I’m looking forward to our new world!

Where the Idea Came From….

A few months ago, I receive two words while in meditation, Dynamic Thriving. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew it was about something big!

Dynamic because it’s ever-changing, progressive, a positive attitude, full of energy and new ideas, evolving.

Thriving because it’s living a life of fulfillment, meaning, appreciation, compassion, clarity, and joy! It’s pure well-being and alignment with our Inner Source/Soul. It’s the freedom to create our lives on our terms. Enough with just surviving!! It’s living life as we intended when we chose to come into this life. Fully alive!

I held this phrase close to my heart until I realized that this time, this great pause was preparing me to share it as a membership offer!

My Vision of Where This is Going

You see, I envision this group to be a community of uplifters, teachers, and healers. Obviously, we are all uplifters, teachers, and healers in some capacity every day in our lives. As we grow, transform, and evolve, I envision YOU joining this community to become co-creators of this program. I envision this group to be YOUR community where you’ll be invested in leaving a legacy to other seekers who follow in your footsteps.

Who is this Membership For?

This membership is for you if:

  • You want to see more progress for all your effort!
  • You’ve been working endlessly on your personal growth and still see little progress.
  • You’re tired of living only for your time-off and vacations. You can’t even relax then because of your to-do list that’s 10-miles long.
  • You have little to no self-care time because you’re a people-pleaser and overly responsible. 
  • You’ve picked up way too many bad vibes from those around you that are weighing heavily on your emotions.
  • You may even be feeling bad physically. What’s that about, anyway?!
  • You want to feel joyful and passionate about your work or area of service, your relationships, and your body.
  • You want to understand how to hear and trust your intuition so you make decisions easily and confidently.
  • You want to feel good about making a beneficial impact on your world.
  • You’re ready to commit to your life of joy!

So, do I have it all planned out perfectly? Is there a slick website that will host our membership community? Nope! Not yet. That’s where you come in….

My Vision of the Initial Offering!

Of course, I have an overall vision of what the membership’s purpose is and what I desire to offer you. I know what I offer daily has served many effectively in finding their own path to transformation. I know I am an uplifter, teacher, and healer that can guide you into your own transformational journey to a life of joy!

So, here’s what I’m thinking we’ll begin with. I know we will add more features and even take some away, but overall here is the plan.

  • 12 self-paced learning modules with integration practices (I honor that we simply do not integrate what we learn at the same pace. This is not about checking the boxes or getting the gold star for completing your work early. This is about really taking the time to align with who you really are and becoming stable in your joyous life!)
  • 2 LIVE group coaching calls per month
  • A private community for support and connection
  • Journal of Positive Aspects (downloadable/printable journal I created for you!)
  • Weekly blogs and More!

There will be core principle learning modules so everyone has the clarity to know exactly what is the focus. In other words, we’ll be on the same page with the foundational principles. The other learning modules will offer the how-to. There will be methods, techniques, implementation tools, and practices to help you integrate what you’re learning.

I know you’ll appreciate having smaller bite-sized chunks rather than an elephant to devour at a sitting! This will give you ample time to practice. Because practice is what creates momentum which develops into your progress! And, we’re all about progress here!

Cut Through the Confusion with Focus for Clarity

Who doesn’t like clarity over confusion?!

When you look around the internet and book stores, there is so much confusion on the subjects of the Law of Attraction, spiritual and personal growth, and healing. Everyone desires a life of joy. Everyone has an opinion and what may have provided them with results. I do believe everyone makes their own path, but when people are all shouting their path is the best, it gets a bit overwhelming to know how to proceed. 

Trying to sort and sift through the information leads to utter confusion. Variety is what makes life interesting, yet it can be daunting to sort out one from the other. That’s why I felt that I needed to boil it all down into three core principles. The rest of the information is for practice!

The practices you learn here are all in support of these three foundational principles. It’s so simple! It’s not complicated. It cuts out the confusion because we can simply laser-focus on our practice! Life is supposed to be fun and we need focus to receive clarity–which certainly is FUN!

I know I am one more coach that is offering her opinion but I want us to reach for clarity. I want the confusion to end and the light of clarity to open up the path to progress!

Our focus for clarity will be on these three core principles:

  1. This is a vibrational Universe governed by the Law of Attraction.
  2. Remembering who you really are.
  3. Living a life of appreciation.

If you truly understand and live by these core principles daily, you will have everything you need for a delightfully happy life! The rest of the lessons and exercises are supporting you to implement and integrate these core principles into your life.

We are very forgetful people. We must be reminded by doing practices that really make our lives so much easier and more joyous. We’re here for the joyous journey! Let me support you on your journey into joyful dynamic thriving!

Help Me, Help YOU, to Help Others!

Let’s get creative–we’re designing a program that is going to serve our legacy for years to come!! There’s so much more I want to incorporate with the help of YOUR input and level of interest. I want this to serve all of US by transforming from the inside out.

I have written so much material over the years and I could simply hand it to you and tell you to do it and all will be well. But, this is a membership, a community, a living entity. I believe you as members will be at different levels of growth. Which is as it should be because this is the reason we are all uplifters, teachers, and healers. We will all help and serve each other along our joyous paths!

Because we are ever-evolving beings, I know that simply filling this membership site with a whole bunch of information would be easy for me but the real question is would it serve you? I don’t’ believe it would.

I believe that once we all get on the same page by focusing on the core principles, it’s time to give you the lead. You, members, will direct what we study and practice. As you ask questions and bring up issues that are concerning you, it will give me the clarity for the direction I offer, for material to study, and processes to practice! 

In the end, we will have a glorious membership site that we are all proud of as we welcome new members in the future! So, it’s all about you helping me to help you, and eventually, we will be helping others!! Win-win-win!

My Group Coaching vs. Membership Coaching

As you may know, I usually provide my coaching services to individuals in private as 1:1 clients and small group coaching. When I got this idea to create a membership, I wanted it to be a no-brainer value.

So, let me give you this example. If you were in a 3-month group coaching program with me, you would typically pay $1,500 for the comparable features I’m proposing to offer here. (I offer higher-end programs with more features like retreats, too, but I’m comparing apples to apples.) Anyway, you would have to complete your program in the 3-months because that would be all the time you paid to be with me. Now, life happens, right?

What happens to your program if you can’t keep up? What happens when we’re on week 8 and you’re still on week 4? Panic sets in. You start to hurry and rush. You question yourself for making the purchase. You don’t feel like you made a good decision to coach right now. Even though, you fully expected to be able to complete the program in the given time. It resonated with you so much in the beginning. Now, you just don’t feel like you’re getting much out of it because you’re so far behind. We simply can’t plan the details of life.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like this while taking an online course or program or even working with a coach I’d hired. It’s a horrible feeling! I also saw this in some of my clients. They just couldn’t keep up with the rapid pace. They needed much more time to assimilate and integrate the practices into their new lifestyle habits.

So, I thought, what if I made it a self-paced program with no deadline to complete the work? Clients would be able to work at their own pace in their environment–which may or may not be a bit chaotic! And, make it amazingly affordable. Light-bulb moment!!!

At the Forever Founding Member price of $49/month, you could be with me for 30 months for the price of a 3-month program!!! What?! By becoming a Forever Founding Member at $49/month price, your cost for three months of the program would be $147 as compared to $1,500!

I know this sounds absolutely crazy for me to do this. The point to all this is that I want to serve more people with my message. I want to make a bigger impact on my world–and YOU happen to be in it!!

I know what I offer can transform your life when you have the time to integrate it fully into your daily practice without being under the pressure of a time-crunch. These lessons and practices can’t be fully incorporated in three months. I want you to have the time to spend on each lesson module. I don’t want you to be in such a hurry to complete each week’s lesson that you don’t have time to practice!

I want to break down this material into bite-sized chunks that are easily consumable in a short amount of time each week. So, you truly have the time to focus on implementation. It doesn’t matter diddly-squat if you learn a ton of information and never put it into practice on a consistent basis. There’s no spiritual or personal growth in that!! The endeavor becomes a complete failure. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of creating a situation where failure is the probable outcome!

I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED AND MAKE PROGRESS!! Your goals and ambitions are important. What you desire is as important to you as mine is to me! And, I totally honor that we simply do not learn nor integrate at the same pace. I want this to be a happy experience for all of us!

One little gold nugget here. As you’ll see stated below, the Open Registration Member price will increase on May 15th to $99/month. If you join us now at $49/month, you will be receiving the same features but will realize a $50/month savings! That’s a savings of $600 over the course of a year!! 

Do you see why it’s so important that you join before May 15th???

Not only that, as prices increase over the years, your membership will always be locked in at the Forever Founders rate of $49/month! As long as you maintain your membership, your price will never increase. Read about the offer below…..

My Big Invitation to YOU!

This is my invitation to you to be a Forever Founding Member! I’m offering you the lowest price possible and it will remain at the Forever Founding Member price as long as you maintain your membership. This is my thanks to you for taking a chance on me, for believing in me, and my work! This founders’ offer is available only until May 15, 2020, at 5:00 pm when I open the membership launch.

Your membership fees are paid on a monthly recurring billing cycle. So you never have to remember if you paid your subscription and then lose your Forever Founding membership. Remember, you definitely want to maintain your membership because you won’t be able to re-join at the same low Forever Founding Member price. That is gone forever on May 15th!

Forever Founding Member Price – $49.00/month 

Open Registration Member Price – $99.00/month (Beginning May 15)

How to JOIN

So, I know by now you’re wanting to know how to join. You may email inquiries to

Would a private conversation help answer your questions? Click HERE to schedule your free session.

JOIN IMMEDIATELY by clicking the secure PayPal Subscribe button at the bottom of the Dynamic Thriving Membership page on my website!

Many Thanks!!

I want to thank you for reading this entire offer. I know you have so many other things you could be doing. I appreciate you! 

I hope you will be front and center as we welcome all the new Forever Founding Members. It may be difficult to wrap your head around joining a membership that isn’t all set up and neatly tied up with ribbons and bows. But, that’s the beauty of this membership community!

We will be co-creating it. Everything we create and add will be from OUR life’s transformational journey. We will proudly offer our own testimonials about the lives we are creating!! We will have put into it our hearts and soul, so others can enjoy the fruits of our labors. At the same time, we will be mastering our joyous evolution!!

If I didn’t think you were up to the task, you wouldn’t have received this invitation. I think you’re awesome and you’re precious to me. I believe you to be the brilliant creator your Inner Being believes you to be!

Let’s do this…together!

If this post has resonated with you, please like, comment, and share this post. This really helps my work to expand and touch more lives with joy!! Thanks in advance!

To your joyous dynamic thriving,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide & Holistic Life Coach

PS: May I ask a favor? Would you be so kind as to forward this information and offer to your friends or family or business associates that may be interested and benefit from joining us? I would be forever grateful!! It would be so awesome if you would bring a friend into the membership at the Forever Founding Member pricing!!! They will truly thank you. See you on the inside!! 

You may email you inquiries to

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Clear the Fear and Supercharge Your Immune System

By Laura-Jean Anderson of, Guest Blog Contributor

WOW! What a crazy time this is! Three months ago did you have any idea that the world would be shut down like it is right now? That you would be told to remain in your homes, that stores and businesses would be closed down and there would be shortages and rationing of . . . . toilet paper?

For the last six months I felt like something big was coming…. a big shift…. around our economy and monetary system, but I never expected this! Did you?

I was speaking recently to a friend of mine who lives in Colombia. We were discussing what things were like there compared to the U.S. Just like here, people have been told to shelter at home and cut themselves off from friends and family. The news is full of stories promoting fear, of businesses closing, physical distancing, and people wearing masks when they go out. I told my friend I felt as though wearing masks and the confusion around how the virus is spread had contributed to a fear that in some ways was worse than the virus: a distrust of our neighbors.

Since the sheltering, my husband and I have been taking more walks, and I have noticed many people don’t respond if I say hello. If they do respond, it will be a sideways glance or a nod of the head. The latest recommendation in our area is to wear a scarf over your nose and mouth every time you go outside, making human contact that much more difficult.

I realized that just the fact of covering our faces can be contributing to the fear and trauma that many of the people I am working with have been reporting. Think about it: what comes to your mind when you see or imagine someone with a scarf or bandanna covering their face?

For me, it brings up images from TV, movies and cartoons of bank robbers, bandits and muggers. We have been programmed by TV and movies not to trust but to fear, and to be on special alert when we see another person covering their face. This sends a message to our brains to switch on our sympathetic nervous system, putting us into fight-or-flight.

So much of our communication as humans is non-verbal and subtle. Our facial expressions are very nuanced and help us understand the intentions of others. Naturally, much of this is lost when we are covering half our face, causing us to feel suspicious and perhaps also vulnerable.

It occurred to me as my friend and I continued talking, that the policies that the governments across the world are implementing to stop the spread of the virus are similar in their effects to tactics that abusers use to control their victims. I imagine you’re thinking…… “Say what?!”

As a psychotherapist and having grown up in an alcoholic abusive home, the parallels are clear to me. The same kind of fears can be triggered when we are isolated from our support networks, or when our social lives are under external control, regardless of who is causing it to happen.

Even though the authorities may purport to have our best interests at heart, the emotional toll of this isolation and separation feels anything but comforting. Our fears about the virus are actually amplified by the measures being taken to protect us from it.

Add to this the anxiety that so many of us feel from the disruption of routine, from the uncertainty about our jobs and financial security, compounded with the conflicting information that we hear from the media (who learned long ago that fear sells) about the virus. It’s no wonder that we’re feeling exhausted, confused and often distraught, perhaps even victimized. We wonder if we’ll ever recapture the ability to control our own lives.

I have good news for you. Not only will you recapture that missing sense of autonomy, but you can do it now, while all the craziness is swirling around us! You can choose to take charge of who you are in response to current events, and how you want to feel.


Science is Not a Substitute for SPIRIT!

One of the ways that I have been maintaining a higher vibration is by not watching the TV news or listening to commercial radio. Last night I was in the family room while my daughter had the TV on. I was struck by how many commercials used images calculated to create fear. But one of them really caught me up cold – a Pfizer commercial, saying that in times of crisis “we turn to science” to save us. When the world is uncertain, it is science that is the savior. Science will save us from the pandemic. We just have to hold on until they come up with a vaccine.

What they [Pfizer commercial] are selling isn’t the answer. Science is not a substitute for Spirit.


What they are selling isn’t the answer. Science is not a substitute for Spirit. While science can be helpful at times, it cannot replace the Divine. Through our connection to the Divine we can reject fear, embrace calm, and regain our sense of empowerment.


I am here to tell you that despite the fear you may be experiencing, you are not a VICTIM! You are a sovereign being and can reclaim your autonomy. I believe that we are all here for a reason – a purpose – and until we have fulfilled that purpose we will not leave this earth.

This was illustrated in the book The Power of Prayer by Larry Dossey. In it he described a gentleman who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. His friends and family didn’t want him to die so they organized a large prayer tree for him. He recovered and was cancer free, but a short time later he passed away from other causes. It was his time to go. And the same is true in the opposite direction. If it isn’t your time to go no matter how dire the situation looks you will pull through.

Recently I learned from a friend that one of her relatives had attempted suicide and was pronounced dead. The doctors were keeping the body cold while waiting for the family’s written permission to donate her organs. But as the nurse was preparing her body for organ harvest, she woke up and actually spoke to the amazed nurse! It wasn’t her time to go; she had more to do here. None of us can say for sure if it is or isn’t our time but knowing that can help us to live fully in the present without fear.

Our Bodies are Designed to Heal

In my studies of both functional medicine and biological medicine I learned, and I teach my clients that our bodies are MIRACULOUS…..they are designed to fight off invaders and heal even if our defenses have been weakened or compromised and an invader gets in. Here’s the point: one of the most powerful threats to our immune system is FEAR! Our emotions impact our immune system and vice versa. FDR was right…. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

Even Healers Need Healing

Last week despite my best efforts up to that point of staying in a high vibration, something in the current situation triggered buried fears and feelings of overwhelm for me that played out as conflict with my husband.

Fortunately, I had a session with my mentor and the creator of the energy clearing system that I use with my clients to remove inherited, trapped emotions from DNA. In minutes I was feeling calm and peaceful after she cleared the panic and trauma that had been inherited on my father’s side from several generations which was impacting how I felt and acted in the present time on a subconscious level. Even those of us who are healers need help clearing and healing. This is one of the ways that I help my clients to regain their health, by clearing the energetic blocks that get in the way of it.

Given all the fear and uncertainty that we are all exposed to now you may be asking, ‘What can I do?”

Turn off your TV and tune into your INTERNAL CHANNEL OF TRUTH broadcast to you 24/7 by God, the Divine, Source or the Universe, however you refer to it. How do you know it is Divine? God always speaks in the language of LOVE, not fear. Tune into your inner knowing and purify what you allow in through the filter of love. Practice discernment. Do your own research.

Contrary to what you may have been hearing, there are things you can do to protect yourself from this virus besides washing your hands and keeping your distance, so you can stay healthy and strong to carry out your mission and purpose, and be the blessing to others you are here to be.

Connect to the fact that you are BLESSED and you can reclaim your calm by clearing stuck energies and following the B.L.E.S.S.E.D protocol.

  • B-reathe.
    • Deep breathing. Dr. Andrew Weil said that if he could have patients do one thing each day to keep them healthy it would be deep breathing. Deep breathing calms our nervous system and gets us out of fight-or-flight. Breathe in, hold 5-10 seconds, breathe out, hold 5-10 seconds. While there are lots of different breathing techniques, this is particularly good for the receptors in the lungs targeted by this virus.
  • L-augh.
    • Laughter keeps us in a high vibration and stimulates the immune system. We all need eight heart-to-heart hugs a day and three belly aching laughs a day for good health! Laughing neutralizes fear. You can’t be laughing and be in fear at the same time! Smile when you interact with others even if no one can see it behind your mask!
  • E-xercise.
    • Exercise supports the body in so many ways, impacting our mood as well as keeping things flowing. In Chinese medicine, illness is a result of stagnation. Our lymph system which is an important player in our overall immunity needs it to work properly. Exercise is a powerful stress reliever and an antidote for both depression and anxiety.
  • S-leep.
    • Have you ever noticed how you will often get sick when you don’t get enough sleep? Seven-9 hours of sleep a night is vital to staying healthy. It is the only time our bodies repair and when our brains detoxify!
  • S-upplement.
    • There are numerous studies on the effectiveness of Vitamin C as an anti-viral agent. (Dr. Fauci went on record in the past saying how effective it was for that and how he took 1000mg a day.) Vitamin D has research showing its effectiveness in aiding lung recovery in pneumonia cases. Zinc and magnesium are also basics in an overall immune supporting protocol, as well as good whole-food-based vitamins and minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes; because we are not what we eat, but what we absorb!
  • E-at.
    • Eat good clean whole foods. Eat the rainbow of vegetables. Organic whenever possible. Veggies help our bodies stay alkaline which makes it much harder for pathogens to survive. Prepare your foods yourself. Be creative! Try some new foods and recipes. Cooking with others makes it more fun! Remember to add the most important ingredient when cooking…Vitamin L… Love! Send love as you prepare your food. You will be amazed at how delicious it makes your dishes taste!!
  • D-etox.
    • Eliminate the junk from your body, mind, diet, and home. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are critical things to take out of your diet at this time. They all negatively impact your immune system and your mood. Sugar and anything that metabolizes like sugar (for example, foods made with white flour) depress your immune system for hours after you eat them. Just say no to processed foods. You can gently detox your body with tongue scraping, dry brushing or using citrus essential oils over your liver each day. Replace your chemical cleaners with natural essential oil-based products. Ionic foot-baths are another gentle way to detoxify and help reduce your viral load. And also, detox your thoughts. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself.

Are you speaking with love?

Focus your thoughts on what you want, on how you want your life and the world to be after we are able to go outside again! Concentrate on the things you have control over, make decisions and take action now on things that will build a happier, healthier future. Clear out the stuck emotions that are keeping you in repetitive patterns so you can move forward with ease.

Imagine what will be possible for you when we clear out the energetic blocks to truly be able to utilize your superpowers for yourself and to support the people you serve! You’ll be free from the fear, having an inner calm and peace.

Imagine having the energy and vitality to carry out your mission and your message with confidence!

What will you do when you still find yourself stuck in a persistent negative pattern, even though you have tried many things to transform it? You would like to emerge from this time happier, healthier and energized to carry your message and materialize your mission! I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call. Together we will explore what is the best approach for you to reclaim your calm and supercharge your immune system!

If this post has resonated with you, please like, comment, and share this post. This really helps my work to expand and touch more lives with joy!! Thanks in advance!

NOTES FROM MARY ANN: I have had the privilege of knowing Laura-Jean and watching her interact so lovingly with her clients. She is so knowledgeable, it will knock your socks off! I totally agree with her statement to me, “The body is perfectly designed to heal if we give it the right nutrients and environment in which it can thrive.”

As you’ve followed me a while now, you know I’m an avid believer that our body’s natural state is that of well-being. We are the ones that get in our body’s way and pinch it off from the natural flow of well-being from our Inner Source.

Make sure you take advantage of the complimentary offer of a call with Laura-Jean. You will be so happy you did, because she has such intuitive wisdom as she creates a customized wellness plan specifically for your needs.

To your joyously happy supercharge,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide

PS: Just wanted to give you heads up on something in the works!! I will be offering a Founder’s Member Launch for a coaching membership site I am creating and I want you to be the first to know!! Keep your eyes open for details. If you want to be first on the list to receive this offer, please email me at Let me know you want to be on the Founder’s Launch List. By emailing me with your interest, you are not committing to anything. This is only an offer for you to be first-in-the-know!! Make sure you LIKE my Facebook page, @maryannpackcoaching so you see all the notices.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for hosting these guest blog offerings. These are business colleagues that I admire and respect. I asked them to write a blog for my readers and they have gone above and beyond by honoring us with complimentary offerings! Yay!

My Superpower is to Chill Out and Trust

Recently, I have been taking the time to listen to what my Inner Being is saying to me. I set aside time every morning to sit with my journal, to listen, and then write down the message I receive from my Inner Being. It has really been rewarding and feels amazing!

I know it is not just me writing from my own thoughts. Because they are never critical or judgmental like my inner mean girl can be sometimes. I know it is a message directly to me from my Inner Being because it’s all so loving and inspirational. Sometimes the messages are new thoughts. New ideas. New action steps. Or, they are written in such a way that it totally resonates with my soul. It’s been very exciting! I would highly recommend you do it!!

I simply title each daily journal entry, My Inner Being Says…. Then, I sit and listen. As thoughts come, I begin writing. It doesn’t take very long because I’m getting so much better at attuning to my Inner Being. She and I are aligned most of the time. Especially when I’ve been focused on things I appreciate, when I look for things I love, and focused on feeling good! 

Anyway, one morning after my normal routine of sitting on the front porch with my sweet hubby, Randy, having our morning coffee and listening to the birds waking up the morning, I decided to get out my journal and allow my Inner Being to speak to me.

Here is what she said:

This is a really good day! See how much better you feel because you spent time thinking about things you appreciate and about what you want to do? That was fun for you! It was satisfying. 

Also, mindfully relaxing your neck and shoulders. That felt really good, too. There’s no need for you to carry so much tension in your body. Daydream more. Do more fun things. Play more. Create more space for your self-care. It’s never about the work. It’s about ease and flow. That’s where the magic is. You’re getting better at this. 

I know you see others jumping through online hoops to shout about their business and you think you’re not doing enough but I’m telling you, I’m leading you to your greatness with gentleness and quiet calm. 

There’s so much chaos out there but people are longing for a more quiet approach to life. They are looking for someone to show them a calm path. They’ve pushed and hustled for so long they’re exhausted. They see it’s not working. With the quarantine, they’ve been forced to slow down and many are enjoying it! They see the value in it. They want someone to guide them into the calm as they return to a more normal schedule. They want to see life differently. Their core values have been awakened. They want to feel good. They want a more relaxed way of living. 

You will show them the way by your gentle and quiet example. That is the energy you have surrounding you. That’s the vibration of your aura. That’s why your home is so comfortable for others. That’s why people can rest and relax when they come to your home. That gentle and quiet atmosphere is so attractive for others who are stressed to the hilt. You don’t notice it as much as others who visit. Their high-strung energy is soothed when they arrive. Your calm and non-judgmental attitude is a sweet respite for them. They are refreshed and rejuvenated. They go away as a better, more aligned person after having been in your presence. You are more influential than you know. 

So, take my advice and simply chill out and trust–that’s your superpower! I love you. Follow my guidance. Relax. I know how to get you where you want to be!

~My Inner Being

I was having so much fun writing down my Inner Being’s message! But, when I wrote that statement she gave, So, take my advice and simply chill out and trust–that’s your superpower! I was shocked! I felt the strangest sensation as I was watching myself take the dictation in my journal! I’ve never felt so exhilarated!! 

I’ve had coaches encourage me to find my superpower but I didn’t get it. I thought, Like I have a superpower. Right! I could never find anything that resonated with me as a superpower. My interpretation of what they were saying is that our superpower is some powerful ability or attribute that we already embody fully and willingly acknowledge it. I just never found one–until this day!

So, how could chill out and trust be my superpower?

What does it mean to chill out and trust?

Several months ago I received a download from Source during meditation. I saw the acronym, COAT. It popped in my mind that it represented Chill Out And Trust. So, I created a lesson on The COAT Method™ and I wanted to share it with you!

The COAT Method™ is as follows:

  1. Chill Out And Trust! When contrast shows us what we don’t want (problem-confusion), we immediately know what we do want instead (solution-clarity). The problem and solution are created at the exact same moment! But, they are on very different vibrational frequencies. So, you can’t be looking at one and find the other.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein

  1. Many times we are so focused on figuring out the problem–where it came from, who caused it, how we can make it go away–that we lose sight of the solution. We throw up all kinds of obstacles, fear, and doubt on our paths by jumping into action way too soon! We are going to make something happen, by golly! 
  2. If we would simply Chill Out And Trust, we would get into the receiving mode of a higher vibration to allow the solution to appear–the idea, the way, the light bulb of clarity!
  3. Chilling out is a practice in trusting to show yourself for a long enough period to give your desire time to make itself real in your experience.
  4. Chilling out can feel like being lazy. But, when you chill out you’re lowering your resistance and your vibration naturally raises. Your vibration is naturally at a high frequency. It’s when you pinch yourself off from the flow with resistance, you pull it down to an unnaturally low state. This is the whole point of being chill. You are accomplishing so much more, energetically, during your chill time than anything you could push through by effort or physical action. You’re allowing your vibration to rise back up to its natural frequency which matches that of your Inner Source!
  5. Trusting allows the universal power to be leveraged for your time. When you don’t trust the Universal forces to do the work, you waste so much time! You’re doing everything with such hard work and effort. Your timing is off and you miss opportunities–or so you think. When you trust, you are in a vibrational connection with the power that creates worlds! Your timing is perfect, rendezvous appear out of nowhere, things fall into place without you pushing anything into place!
  6. The language of the Universe is vibration. We want to send the most joyful vibration into the Universe to attract more things to be joyful about! Learning to chill out and trust can be a very joyous vibrational state of being.
  1. Trust your emotional guidance system. 
    1. Recognize that negative emotions are indicating that the problem just created a solution at the very same moment!
    2. When we experience a problem or contrast, it has been created on a low vibrational frequency–the asking step 1. The solution, however, is immediately created and resides on a high vibrational frequency–the answer is given by Source step 2.
    3. You must choose which one you’re going to focus on. You can do this by making feeling good your number one priority. This will help you deliberately choose the thoughts you think since every thought produces an emotional response–getting in the receiving mode step 3. Feeling good becomes your barometer, your set-point. Anything other than feeling good will never be tolerated if you are committed to improving how you feel.
    4. When thoughts feel good they indicate we are thinking in alignment with our eternal Inner Being. When thoughts feel bad they indicate we are thinking in opposition to our Inner Being. Thoughts are the only thing we have control over. So, decide right now, to choose thoughts that feel good most of the time!
    5. Contradicted thoughts steal your time. Split energy of fear, worry, doubt is a thief. Lack of trust produces overwhelm, burdens needing to be tended to, anxiety, even lack of sleep! Thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, all steal your time and make you think you have to work really hard when all you really need to do is relax, chill, and trust! The solution/answer is already given. Your only work is to chill and trust. Trust that your desire is coming!
    6. Trusting makes your time so much more efficient! You’re energetically pre-paving your environment to receive perfect timing, step-by-step.
    7. Tuned-in trusting produces feelings that any task will be pleasurable. You look forward to doing them. It can even become a game you play as you complete tasks that once felt enormously overwhelming. You will feel an ease and flow.
    8. It’s all about how you feel when you do anything. Trust and tap into your Inner Guide. Your emotions will let you know how well you’re doing. If you feel good, you’re doing exactly what is most beneficial. If you’re feeling bad, you can be assured you have your foot nailed to the floor!
  1. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat up on yourself when you have negative emotions. Negative feelings indicate that our emotional guidance system is working perfectly! Never be critical or self-deprecating. Your Inner Being is only thinking about you with unconditional love and adoration.
    1. Our emotions always tell on our thoughts! Every thought either feels good or feels bad. Emotions let us know if we are thinking in alignment with our Inner Being’s opinion about us and our situation or not. 
    2. When we feel bad it indicates we are in a discordant vibration of disconnect with who we really are. In other words, we have been thinking thoughts that are in opposition to what our Inner Being is thinking at the very same moment. We are feeling the discord between our thoughts and our Inner Being’s thoughts. That’s negative emotions. 
    3. Once we experience the negative feelings, it’s time to acknowledge them, thank them for their indication, and look to our Inner Being for clarity. Ask yourself: What does my Inner Being know, think, and feel about me and about this situation? 
    4. If you receive a thought that feels good, you can be assured it is coming from your Inner Being. That will go a long way in soothing yourself AND bringing clarity to the situation! 
    5. Your Inner Being knows where everything is that’s important to you AND knows how to guide you to it all. But, you’ll never be able to see it if you are not trusting or listening for guidance by being gentle with yourself.
    6. Trust that it is all unfolding at the rate in which you are ready to receive.

The great thing about trusting is that it leads to inspiration on all kinds of subjects. It flows more organized thoughts to you which creates organization in other areas. You put things where you can find them easily (and not lose them). There is ease and flow, perfect timing, rendezvous with co-creative people, clarity, and joy!!

We can only lead through the example of our clarity, joy, love, and appreciation! If we want to affect the world for good, trusting is the most advantageous position.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ~J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I believe Barrie had it about right. Faith is knowing your desire is on it’s way to you, yet you don’t see it. You live like you know it’s on the way. Trust is that special knowing that your desire is unfolding in perfect order as you ready yourself to receive. And pixie dust is the magic of creating your own happily-ever-after reality. You can sprinkle that shit everywhere!! 

Do you have a superpower? Maybe your superpower is to chill out and trust! Even those with superpowers have to learn how to use them–look at all the superheros. I love the point in the movie, Incredibles-3, when the baby sneezes and fireballs and lasers shoot out from him which totally astounds his dad. The dad says, “You have powers!!”

Yep, we all have superpowers. Most of us simply have not discovered them, yet! Now is the time for all of us to learn how to use them. Let me help you find, own, and practice your own superpower! You know where you want to be and it will take your superpowers to become the person who takes you there!!

You’re welcome to schedule a complimentary Discover My Joy & Well-Being call with me. Let’s compare where you are now versus where you want to be. That is the gap of who you are now versus who you need to become to make the transformation! Closing that gap is the inner work we will pursue as we coach together.

If you have a specific question that’s been burning inside for a while–or maybe just came up during this coronavirus pandemic, you are welcome to Ask Your Spiritual Guide here. It’s a simple form to submit your burning question to receive a personal email reply from me!

I’m kinda liking this idea of having superpowers! I think I’ll ask my Inner Being if I have any more!! I’d love to hear what yours are….comment below or email me at

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To your joyous superpowers,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide and Superpower Coach!!

Resisting Resistance

By Robin Finney of, Guest Blog Contributor

The other night, I laid in the grass gazing up at April’s Pink Full Moon. I felt a wave of peace and calm come over me. Just a few minutes prior, I had sent a very personal letter off that I had been meditating on (as well as resisting) for several weeks. It felt good to finally be in a place of peace with it. I had finally let go of resistance and trusted Spirit to show me the right time to send my letter.

After an hour or so of moon gazing, I went back inside. I was really tired and ready to call it a night. I looked over and saw one of my oracle decks beckoning my attention. I felt a nudge to pull a card. I had already spent several hours earlier in the day meditating, pulling cards, and journaling.

Why was I being called to pull a card now?

I leaned into the invitation. I picked up my deck and asked the oracle to reveal to me the message my soul most needed to hear at the moment. My ego knew it was going to be a message that symbolized peace or a message about good things coming.

I shuffled my cards and Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted popped out at me.

I read the first line of the oracle message and immediately resisted it. The message read, “Do you feel you are at the beck and call of circumstances, situations, and relationships that are outside of your control? Is your attention being called away from what you love — from your passionate focus upon your own journey and creative self-expression?”

It was not the message my ego was anticipating.

I was annoyed. I tucked the card away and put the book down and crawled into bed. I didn’t sleep too well that night. My mind was racing a bit. I was resisting leaning into the message and exploring what this could be about.

The next morning, things started to click. I sat down with my deck and thought, “This card was about my past…not the future. It makes sense now!” I felt better. I then looked down at my phone and had a message from the person I had written my letter to ask if I wanted to talk. I got on the call and learned some information that I (again) was not anticipating. The message from the card was starting to make more sense.

Later that afternoon, I had a call with my coach. I was talking about my letter and the response I received to it. As we were talking through where I was and what this could all mean for me, I heard her say the word “Manipulating”. I immediately asked her to pause. I pulled out my book at looked up the card’s message again…“You are being asked to see through the assumptions, expectations, tantrums or manipulations that may be put upon you by yourself or others. See-through them to the truth!… You are capable of seeing through the truth, out-smarting old patterns and responding more creatively to craft new and improved relationships.” 

I was clear at that moment, the card was meant for the present, not the past. I was reliving old patterns and being reminded to see them through to the truth. Now I’m thankful for the message I pulled. Nothing is wrong. I am learning more about who I am and the patterns in my life that I can explore, shift or release. Had I not leaned into the message, I would’ve been stuck in a place of resistance only to revisit it at another time.

Consider what you resist most is actually what you’re meant to lean into.

I was in a yoga class (what seems like forever ago), and we were being guided into a pose that I absolutely detest. Rather than fighting it (this time), I chose to lean in and explore what the pose feels like in my body and why I resist it so much. I realized that I had an “I can’t” mentality about the pose. Others in the class were doing it “perfectly”, and I can’t do it like them, so I resist trying. The pose also feels uncomfortable and at times painful. After class, I asked the instructor to watch me get into the pose and show me how I could modify it to fit my body. I learned some valuable modifications. My body is different. My pose may not look like others’ and that’s okay.

As soon as I leaned into the resistance, I was able to find a new opening for the support that I was not available for before.

As most of the world is being required or urged to stay inside while in the midst of a global pandemic, resistance is likely to show up even more. When coronavirus first showed up in the U.S. there was a lot of ignorance, disbelief, and resistance around the virus. It’s bad in China and Italy, but we’ll be okay in the U.S. I was having lunch with a client who is an avid world traveler like me. He was set to travel to India in the coming weeks. He told me he was uncertain about going. I sat there and told him, “I’m not worried about traveling. I’m healthy. The flu infects more people.” (my own ignorance and denial). He then proceeded to tell me that he had quarantine kits ready to go. I sat there thinking, “Wow. That seems extreme. He’s so prepared. That is the last thing I’d ever think to do.” Less than 8 days later, Dallas was being asked to shelter in place.

It was during my last public yoga class that I finally felt the brevity of this pandemic. Studios and businesses were beginning to close. My studio was still open. They assured us that they were taking all precautions to ensure the safety of the studio, instructors, and clients. Yet, when I saw more and more people cram into the room, I was clear this was not okay. I was 6 inches away from others, not 6 feet. That was the last public class I’ve been to in a month. Just 3 days after that the studio closed.

I witnessed this happen over and over with business after business. Some got on board early and closed; while others held on by staying open as long as they could. Even businesses were in resistance about closing.

As humans, we don’t like being told ‘No’ or to stay still. We want freedom. We want to come and go as we please. We want life to remain the same. We want to be left alone. It’s not really the telling of ‘No’ that flusters us, it’s the resistance to change.

The more you resist change, the more you are left with little choice but to change.

We can continue to fight it. We can continue to say that we’re the “exception to the rule”. We can continue to say that it doesn’t matter or that it’s not a big deal. We can continue to be in denial or say that we’ll start tomorrow.  Eventually, all of our excuses (aka our resistance) will cause us to face the truth of the situation. Truth leads to choice which leads to freedom. We can either lean into the resistance and surrender or continue to fight it and allow it to consume us.

The moment you cross over the pain point of resistance, change begins to happen.

It will feel uncomfortable at first. Yet the more you lean in, the more what you’re doing will become familiar and less uncomfortable. When I finally chose to let go of the resistance around the card message I pulled, I was able to see an opening for insight and growth. When I chose to lean into the yoga pose I resisted so much, I was able to gain confidence and reassurance that it was possible for me to do it. I just needed modifications and practice. The moment I stopped denying the evidence of coronavirus, I was able to accept it and do my part to stay home.

Many are adjusting to life inside and staying in one location. Many who are not used to working remotely are now working from home. Many have their children home while still working a full-time job. Many have lost jobs or have been furloughed. Many are reveling in the space they have to work on creative projects while many others are taking time to slow down and rest.

We are all learning to navigate a new way of living.

With all of this change, emotions are heightened. And it’s likely that emotions are what we’re resisting most. I used to resist crying. I view it as a weakness. I thought that to be strong meant to suck it up and show no emotion. Thankfully, I’ve spent a lot of time uncovering my resistance to emotions and now choose to embrace them.

It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to feel sad and allow yourself to cry. It’s okay to be angry and allow yourself to scream in the shower or car. It’s okay to be mad at what’s happening with the leadership in this country. It’s okay to be annoyed and express why you’re annoyed. It’s okay to be happy and tell others why. It’s okay to be grateful for what you have. It’s okay to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling. When we resist emotions, we push them down further only to explode or be revealed later. When we lean in, we can choose to be in a place of acceptance, allow ourselves to feel and express the emotion, and move forward.

Children are great teachers for expressing emotions. They don’t resist emotions. They lean into them, allow them to be known, and then let them go and move on. And as adults, we have the tools to express our emotions in a healthy way that’s conducive for all.

Resistance provides an opportunity for you to explore.

Resistance makes itself known the moment you get inspired by an idea or wish to change something in your life. It shows when changes are thrust upon you that may be outside of your control. In moments of resistance, you have a powerful opportunity to explore why the resistance is showing up and how it could benefit you to move through it. Once you make a choice to move through it, don’t expect it to suddenly get easy. Resistance will fight however it can to keep you safe and where you are. Keep leaning in. You may have a project that you’ve been wanting to work on—whether it be writing, cleaning and organizing a space in your house, starting a side hustle or making a change in your business, having a conversation with someone you know you need to have yet have been resisting…whatever it is, the moment you declare you are going to take action, resistance will sweep in.

In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield writes of the first time he decided to start writing. He had always had a dream of being a screenwriter. He moved to New York and was waiting tables for years thinking about writing. Thinking about writing and the act of writing is completely different. One night he finally decided to start. He sat down at his typewriter and began to write. He found himself frustrated and hating all of his ideas. The more frustrated he got with his writing, the more wads of paper piled up in the trash bin. Yet, he forced himself to sit there for 2 hours writing. Once his time was up, he felt an excess of energy. He went into the kitchen and began washing 10 days worth of dishes in the sink. Suddenly he noticed himself whistling. While the work was not perfect, he was happy. He had finally leaned into the resistance, sat down at his typewriter and started writing. That was the start of his writing career.

When you lean into resistance, it may take several tries of starting again and again until you reach a point of flow and/or completion. Keep leaning in. Keep showing up.

Questions to consider when facing Resistance:

  1. Where in your life are you experiencing resistance?
  2. Where do you feel resistance in your body?
  3. What are the benefits of holding on to the resistance?
  4. What is it costing you by not leaning into the resistance?

Give yourself some space when resistance shows up. Go back to the 4 questions listed above and answer them for yourself. Lean into the resistance and embrace it. Be gentle with yourself. Celebrate the small victories. Show up again and again.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of resistance and wishing you had some support, yet you’re resistant to asking…reach out. Together we can do a Clarity Session to support you in uncovering what the resistance is about and create powerful ways to lean in and move through the resistance. Learn more about Clarity Sessions here.

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NOTES FROM MARY ANN: Robin is an amazing young woman who has totally embraced her life as a solo traveler and international model. It wasn’t always that way for Robin. She had to learn to have the confidence to travel alone, internationally, and schedule photo-shoots with local professional photographers in every country. This lesson in confidence is what she helps others accomplish! Go visit her website and enjoy looking through all her photo-shoots around the globe!!

She has now pivoted her business, since the corona-virus pandemic shut-down. Robin is focusing on helping her clients to grow through the energy shifts that are taking place. She is amazing at assisting her clients to see their way to clarity from confusion, to confidence from insecurity, to expansion from contraction!

I’ve had the privilege of being friends with Robin and going on retreat with her. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak–jump at the chance! Set up your Clarity Session with her today!

To your release of resistance,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide & Coach

PS In addition to scheduling your Clarity session with Robin, you may want to get your own copy of my FREE Journal of Positive Aspects. It’s a downloadable/printable journal that will help you focus your attention on the positive aspects of your life–what’s going right!

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for hosting these guest blog offerings. These are business colleagues that I admire and respect. I asked them to write a blog for my readers and they have gone above and beyond by honoring us with complimentary offerings! Yay!

How to Soothe Your FEAR

We all suffer from the feeling of fear from time to time. Usually, it comes and is reconciled pretty quickly. Right now with all the chaos in the medical, economic, and political arenas, fear-mongering is in full swing! So, it’s when we suffer from chronic fear that causes us problems. 

Today, we’ll discuss what fear is and how to soothe ourselves. We are here to thrive joyously in all conditions, but when we continue to live in fear it diminishes our joy and wreaks havoc in our health, relationships, finances, and spirituality.

Let’s begin with a clear understanding of who we are and how the Universe works. 

We must understand that we are more than just our physical body-mind. We are, also, a spirit or an Inner Source that is an eternal being of pure light and Love. It is our work to blend into the wholeness of who we really are. That means knowing, thinking, and feeling like our Inner Being–which always feels really good.

We must, also, understand that this Universe is governed by vibration. The language of the Universe is vibration. So, as the law of attraction causes like vibrations to attract, it is the vibration of our thoughts and feelings that attract our life experiences. Our vibrational thoughts and emotions equal our point of attraction.

Finally, we must understand that our emotions tell on our thoughts every single time. Our emotions are our indicators of the direction we are heading–toward wanted or unwanted experiences. This is our wonderful emotional guidance system that can be trusted in every case. By noticing how we feel, we’ll know our direction.

It is imperative to understand these premises for the rest of this post to make sense. I’m glad you’re taking the time to read and understand for your highest benefit!

What is fear and what is it telling us?

Fear is an emotion that indicates our resistance. We are creating contradictory energy because of our thoughts. Our Source Energy vibrates at a high frequency that can be interpreted as the emotions of love, joy, appreciation, clarity, and well-being. When we are in a state of love, joy, and appreciation, we are essentially aligned with our Source–we are One.

When we experience fear, we are thinking and feeling in opposition to how our Inner Source is thinking and feeling about the subject we are focused on. We can know this because we feel so bad. Fear feels really bad. In that low vibration, we are not aligned with our Inner Being! We feel the discord of our misalignment. 

Do you know why we feel that discord? It’s because our Inner Being is NOT ever feeling fear and is ALWAYS feeling confidence, security, safety, peace, well-being, ease, and trust. So, you can know when you feel fear, your Inner Being is feeling really good! All negative emotion is thinking in opposition to who we really are.

Fear is the perception of a lack of freedom. You’re thinking something has power, that wishes you harm, that can affect you in some negative way and you have no way of controlling it.


Fear is not about what IS happening, it’s about our PERCEPTION of what is happening. We are perceiving that our freedom is lacking. We are perceiving that whatever we are focused on is taking away our freedom, intending us harm, causing us to feel bad. 

But, it’s not that thing or person that causes us to feel fear, it’s our thoughts about a perceived lack of freedom. We may not be able to move around freely right now, but our freedom of thought can never be taken from us! 

If we were vibrational matches to what our Inner Beings were thinking, we would feel amazing even through this chaos! We would never be frightened by anything or anyone. We would understand that we have control of our vibration by choosing our thoughts–ones that match our Inner Source.

Our feeling of fear is telling us that our emotional guidance system is working perfectly! Fear feels horrible, so that indicates we are thinking far from what our Inner Source’s opinion is about the subject. Again, our Inner Source is never fearful and is always feeling good!

How do we get fearful?

So many teachers and coaches say that fear is an innate human trait, something that is born within us. I have to throw the BS card on that. To me, that is a false premise. Here’s why….

I believe we are born with our all-knowing, vibrational non-phyisical part of us intact and fully functioning in alignment with our bodies. We know we create our own realities by how we vibrate (how we feel). Even though babies have no spoken language, they are creating their reality all the time by letting the parents know what they like and dislike, what they want and don’t want by expressing their emotions!! They are certainly communicating by their vibrational offering.

Fear is a learned trait. We did not come into this world with fear. Fear is a practiced belief. So, we can deactivate it by reawakening what we’ve known since before we came into this physical life–that all is well!

We learn to be fearful by listening to others, others’ opinions, from their place of misalignment. We cannot feel fear and love at the same time. It’s impossible. They are miles apart vibrationally. One is caused by high vibrational, good feeling thoughts that are in alignment with our Inner Source, and the other is caused by low vibrational, bad feeling thoughts that are in opposition to what our Inner Being is thinking at the exact same moment.

We’ve listened to others who believed that outside forces can affect them adversely. They believe others can assert things into their lives against their will. They believe people can do unwanted things TO them. They believe they have no control over what bug gets them next. They’ve repeated those thoughts to themselves until they become beliefs. As their beliefs continued, they looked for proof of the truth of their beliefs and, low and behold, the Universe obliged them with evidence. 

Yet, someone else experiencing the same incidents can have totally different response. They may see whatever makes you fearful as some wonderful opportunity. They may see its value and positive aspects, knowing that everything is working out for them. That all is well and are at peace.

The universe doesn’t care what you’re thinking, it’s consistently matching vibrations. It simply responds to the vibration of the thought. It up to you to choose what vibrational thoughts you are sending into the universe to match.

Fear is resistance. Resistance to knowing and trusting who you really are. Fear is resisting your Inner Being’s guidance. You get fearful when you think in opposition to what your Inner Being knows, thinks, and feels about you and about any given situation–even the fearful ones!

Prolonged resistance that causes fear will begin to take its toll on your health, your finances, your relationships, and most certainly your spirituality. Your body can only tolerate fear and stress for so long before it begins to break down and show signs of dis-ease (imbalance, uneasiness). When you don’t feel good it can put a strain on your relationships. You may feel so bad you can’t even go to work–even when it’s at home!

Don’t let fear ruin your life! You have power within that you simply need to exercise. It’s your thinking muscle!!

How do we soothe our fears?

  1. Remember who you really are as an extension of Source Energy. When you can grasp ahold of the power of who you really are, your fears will subside.
  2. Stop talking about your fears and what makes you fearful. By thinking and talking about any subject that brings you to fear it is activating the energy of it and the universe will match you up with more of it. It’s law. Stop giving your powerful attention to something you don’t want to continue to attract. Change the subject!!
  3. Focus on things you appreciate. Decide that you’re going to change the subject and hold a good-feeling thought pattern long enough to allow the fear to diminish in power and strength. Activating patterns of thought about things that bring you pleasure will deactivate any subject you struggle with. Appreciation is the vibrational equivalent of Source Energy. How cool is that?!
  4. Trust yourself to hear guidance from your Inner Being. Your Inner Being is always feeling good and is never fearful. Don’t you think it’s about time to make the decision that you’re going to make feeling good your number one priority and trust that your Inner Being has your back at all times?
  5. Meditate and then listen for guidance or to receive inspired ideas or uplifting thoughts. When you quiet your mind in meditation, you are also quieting those fearful thoughts. In this non-resistant state, your vibration naturally rises. The better you feel, the higher the vibration.
  6. Be deliberate about what thoughts you think! When you sleep at night all momentum stops. That means every morning is a new day to choose your thoughts. Are you going to rehash yesterday’s fears? Are you going to choose to think of things you appreciate? Don’t allow yourself to get sloppy in your thinking. Keep your thoughts in alignment with your Inner Being and you know you are when you feel good. Period. It’s your choice!

Fear is you not looking forward to where your Inner Being is already. Fear is telling you there is energy moving because you’re ready for a breakthrough! 

Mary Ann Pack

If you’re ready for your breakthrough from fear into love, joy, and appreciation, let’s talk! Even though you’ve tried everything you’re still not getting the improvement you’re seeking. I get it. It’s hard to do it alone. I never could. I’ve always needed a mentor or coach.

That’s what I’m offering you! I would love to guide you to your blissful, fearless life of joy! CLICK HERE to schedule your Discover My Joy & Well-Being call with me. Let’s visit and see what transformational steps you need to take to become that vibrant, fearless, worthy, loving being full of joy!

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To your joyously confident life,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide

Navigating the Bumps of Your Soul's Transition

By Veronica Wirth, Chief Visionary at Evolvative(TM), Guest Blog Contributor

When we choose to embrace our own rhythm and honor the soul nudges we get – in our life as well as our business – we enter into the land of cyclical expansion and growth. Hooray! Evolving and expansion is exciting and fun! However, we don’t always talk about the shadow side of our evolution and the ways it can challenge us and show up in our business. 

As you begin to align with bringing more of your heart and soul into your business, you open yourself up to more growth and change. As inspiring as that can be, sometimes it can also be quite uncomfortable!

As you begin to align with bringing more of your heart and soul into your business, you open yourself up to more growth and change. As inspiring as that can be, sometimes it can also be quite uncomfortable!

Veronica Wirth

What do you do when your business gets caught in the cross current of your inner process of growth? How do you handle when you have a deep calling to bring more of your heart and soul forward but it doesn’t quite fit into what you’ve been doing thus far? Maybe your business was humming along fine and then it happens…something internal shifts. 

Perhaps things start to feel sticky and you have more resistance around getting certain things done (things you used to love). Or maybe you’re attracting clients that aren’t a good fit or money isn’t flowing in like it usually does. How do you navigate times when you feel stuck or unclear, at a standstill, feeling resistance, discomfort, or fear?

These things can be frustrating to deal with, I get it.  If you’re anything like me, the first thing you’re used to doing is to go about problem solving how to “fix” it. When something’s not right, you (quite logically) think if you just hustle more and get more focused you’ll be able to overcome these bumps in the road. Only it doesn’t really work, or if it does, it’s just a temporary fix.

Well, I’ve been learning a few things from my own bumpy road. The main thing is that these are merely symptoms of a deeper shift going on. And if you get really honest with yourself, you may notice that you’ve been feeling a nudge that there is something new in you that wants to be heard. Your first inclination may be to simply brush it aside. “I can’t deal with this right now, I have a business to run!”. But then that voice – instead of going obediently away – gets louder

In fact, the more you resist this feeling, the more persistent it can become. You can only ignore it for so long until it starts jamming up the works and sending up all kinds of flares. Flares in the form of….you guessed it….things feeling more sticky, apathy, money and clients stop flowing, etc.. Maybe even depression and sadness start to chime in, along with choruses of “I’m not good enough” or thoughts of throwing in the towel on your business all together! (I hear you sister, and I have been there.)

All of this can become acutely, increasingly, uncomfortable. What to do, what to do? How to stop the uncomfortable feelings and get moving again? I took this question (more like a desperate plea) to my guides recently and here is the wisdom they shared with me…

It’s All Energy

When you can see this as energy, we believe this will help you find more clarity. 

  • Where are you holding your energy in? 
  • Holding the flow?
  • Holding your breath?

In your life you must have both the in-breath and the out-breath. You can look at the various areas of your life through this lens: health, relationships, work, spiritual connection, etc. 

For instance, looking at your work space, what is the in-breath and the out-breath of this area right now? How are you “breathing out” through your work? What are you giving out, how are you serving, what are you creating, expressing through this channel? Then what is the in-breath here? What is coming toward you? And more specifically, what wants to come to you and what are you letting in? This is one way to explore the flows of energy in your life.

Go Deeper

Now, look at each area of your life. Ponder each area and ask yourself, 

  • How am I feeling about this area of my life right now? 
  • What would I like to create, eliminate or shift here (if anything)? 
  • In this area, what am I allowing in, calling in or receiving? 
  • What am I giving out, shedding, sharing, expressing? 
  • Is there any place here where I am holding my breath? In other words, constricting, grasping, freezing or halting the flow in some way? 

If there is an imbalance, see if it’s mainly in the in-breath, the out-breath or holding, then playfully explore some ways you might bring it closer to harmony for yourself.

In between the in- and out-breath, there is also a natural pause, a stillness and a gathering of prana before exhaling. If you can imagine you are simply in this space when you are feeling the absence of flow, it will help you embrace it as a natural phase of your individual rhythm AND that the next breath is inevitable. The next breath is already in you, waiting, you need only to let go, to stop holding and it will naturally flow through you. It is your resistance that is stopping the flow. Let yourself breathe into what IS. Not only what you can see manifest in your life but also what IS in the non-physical, for this is every bit as real. It is in you for you are constantly becoming, moving, flowing, like the waves and tides of the ocean. Even if the feeling of this escapes you, it is still happening

Focus On Where There Is Already Flow

When you are feeling particularly stuck or have resistance in a particular area, find instead a totally different area that does not trigger you, where you are already feeling what you wish to experience, and focus on that positive feeling. Let yourself be here long enough to let that feeling flow through you and feel it fully in your body.

  • Do you want abundance? Where are you already experiencing abundance? Go there first.
  • Do you long for ease? Where are you already experiencing ease in your life? Go there first.
  • Do you wish for fine health? Where are you already experiencing health and vitality? Go there first.

Find the easy pathway in, and once you can bring that feeling fully into your awareness, then you can play with transferring it bit by bit over to the area where you are experiencing challenge. Get the feeling first, then apply or overlay it onto where you are feeling stuck.

Trust Your Body’s Wisdom

Another way, and in many ways more direct, is to go right to your body and ask her to show you. Close your eyes, relax and draw your attention inward. Begin to scan your internal body with your awareness. Is there any place she is feeling blocked, congested or stuck? Is there anywhere your body feels more dense or heavy? Travel in your awareness into those spaces and invite a conversation with this part of your dear body. Do not try to “figure it out” with your mind, rather simply listen and sense. Give her space to let her share with you. Breathe. 

You may feel during this that your body wants to move, or cry, shake, yell, stomp, or something else. Follow these urges. Breathe into the space and honor what comes, let it move through you. Maybe she’ll feel the urge for other things: going into nature, making a painting, having a conversation you’ve been putting off, or clearing out a closet. Sometimes there is grieving that needs to take place or a new “aha” comes forth. Whatever it is, explore and listen to your beautiful body. For your body knows exactly, 

a) where your energy is out of balance, and 

b) what she needs in order to move, clear or heal it. 

See if you can ride the wave your body reveals to you. Honor it with love and non-judgment. Continue to move through your body and do this with any other areas that feel stuck or blocked.  

Where you often get stuck is in heeding what your body tells you and that is okay. But we implore you – your body implores you – keep coming back to her, keep trying, keep the lines of communication open with this deeper wisdom of yours. Do your best to observe without any judgment for what you are doing may look simple or small on the outside however you are moving mountains on the inside. Honor and love yourself through this process. 

I hope this helps you embrace your process of growth and expansion and navigate it with more ease and (dare I say?) fun! 

If you’d like to talk about how I can support you and your brand as you transition into your deeper calling, I’d love to connect! You can schedule a free clarity call HERE!

Veronica Wirth, Chief Visionary at Evolvative™

I help visionary leaders & coaches like you evolve into their greater purpose and uncover their high-vibe, next-level vision and brand.We are living in different times now and things are changing. We are all being asked to bring our highest gifts forward in different ways than we ever have before. However, this may not fit your current business model.This work won’t fit into an existing formula. We need to approach it with a very different and innovative way of branding. Branding visionary work demands an entirely different approach. It also requires inner alignment and internal shifts from you in order to step into this higher calling.I’m here to give you insight into the future landscape of business and branding and what you can do to show up as a leader and innovator in this new territory.

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NOTES FROM MARY ANN: Veronica is not just a colleague of mine, she has become a dear friend. Don’t you just love her sense of knowing about how to intuitively lean into what’s aligned for you and your business? She understands energy and flow, which is so important during business transformations.

If you are considering your business branding or have a pivot planned and need to re-brand, Veronica is your go-to! She will guide you to find what’s already inside you that is calling to be expressed in the world. She works intuitively with you as you discover, together, the perfectly aligned business branding look and feel. She has an amazing sense about her to get to the heart of what is wanting to be expressed between you and your business. You may be in a pivot or updating your brand. Either way, she is there for you!

To your evolving brand,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide & Coach

PS: When you are ready to incorporate more joy into your life and business, let’s talk. It’s time to reawaken your joy, especially in light of current events that have most people biting their nails in worry. All is well and you can know and feel it every day!! Schedule your appointment for a Discover My Joy & Well-Being call with me…today!

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Amid Chaos: An Amazing Time to Be Alive!

This is an amazing time to be alive! 

Even with the coronavirus pandemic, uncertain economy, and the tumultuous political elections coming which makes many folks scared shitless–it’s still an amazing time to be alive!  As you know, there is such panic and an attitude of I’ve got to hoard everything I can get my hands on before someone else gets it all and I’m empty-handed! So, many of the store shelves are empty. Some store shelves look like ghost towns or have simply closed down.

Schools are closed. Meetings and gatherings are cancelled or severely limited. Churches cancelled services. Restaurants are resorting to curbside-pickup, just to keep their doors open for business. The media is promoting a feeding frenzy of fear!

From the mindset of being mis-aligned with your Inner Being, it would be really scary! You’d be trying to protect yourself and your loved-ones from the onslaught of health risks. We’re all trying to acclimate to social distancing with limited exposure to friends and family. We can’t visit our elderly family members in nursing home centers. It can feel all very limiting and almost suffocating in the restrictions!

When we allow ourselves to be influenced by those who are not aligned with Source, we can get wrapped up in worry, fear, and feelings of dis-empowerment. That definitely doesn’t feel good. Any perceived lack of freedom always feels horrible! It feels that our choices have been snatched from us.

“Your choices of action may be limited–but your choices of thoughts are not.” ~Abraham-Hicks

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know I believe we are more than our physical being. We are also eternal, pure, positive beings of Light and Love. We are extensions of Source Energy, so that makes our Inner Expression that of love, joy, appreciation, clarity, knowledge, peace, abundance, and well-being! There is no lack in our Inner Source. There is no worry or fear in our Inner Being.

Any thoughts of lack–there isn’t enough to go around–are in opposition to what our Inner Being is telling us. Our Inner Being always says All is Well. There is more than enough. You are abundant. You live in an abundant world. There is well-being for all!

Indeed, there is more going on right now to spur greater asking for improvement that summons Life Force than ever before. So, that increased Life Force is an energy of perfect well-being that is flowing to each one who is asking. Many people are seeing what they don’t want–the COVID-19, job losses, shaky economy–and are sending vibrational messages for more wellness, financial freedom, and security. When we ask, it IS given!

That means our Inner Beings have become the newest version of all of our updated requests. It’s expanded to include every detail of every desire we’ve added. All the well-being that is being asked for has been answered by our Inner Beings with a resounding, YES!! 

There is truly more well-being and Life Force in this world than ever before because of all the asking! This is a world-wide–mass consciousness–opportunity to receive the well-being we’ve asked for! Our Inner Beings are bursting at the seams with well-being and security because the asking has been so strong and intense.

The answer YES has already been given. Our Inner Beings become the vibrational essence of every request that is being lifted. All the improvements we’ve asked for, our Inner Beings have become every single one–no exception! AND, living the good life we’ve asked for.

But, where are we living? Are we thriving in well-being? Are we living with more than enough?

It is our job to keep up with who we’re becoming–on the Inside–by looking at the improvements we prefer and not the problems that caused the asking in the first place. It is always a vibrational answer to vibrational problems. 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein

Until we come to understand that any vibrational deviation from who we really are by our resistant thinking which creates these problems, we will always have mass hysteria. All problems are created out of resistance.

Here’s the good news! The moment a problem is created, the solution is also created in the very same moment. It’s like the two sides of a coin. You can’t separate one side from the other. They are part of the whole–just as problems and solutions are indicative of the wholeness of physical life. 

Contrast (problem) gives us opportunity to ask (solution) and we prepare ourselves to receive! But the problem and solution are miles apart vibrationally! 

So, how do we get to the solution?! How do we think different thoughts to receive the solution?

The solution is always the same–alignment with our Source! Our natural state of being is that of well-being! Anything less than well-being is caused from resisting what our Inner Being knows, thinks, and feels about us. 

Source knows, thinks, and feels that All is Well! I am trusting in that more and more. The more I stay aligned with Source, the more I understand who I really am–and, I can know when I’m aligned when I feel really good!

Who am I? Who are you?

  • I am unconditional love. 
    • It’s not only that you feel loved or loveable, you ARE love!
  • I am joy. 
    • It’s not only that you are here to experience joy, you ARE joy!
  • I am well-being. 
    • It’s not only that you are here to receive well-being, you ARE well-being!
  • I am clarity. 
    • It’s not only that you seek clear-mindedness, you ARE clarity!
  • I am freedom.
    • It’s not only that you want to enjoy freedom of choice, you ARE freedom!
  • I am passion.
    • It’s not only that you want to feel passionate, you ARE passion!
  • I am knowledge. 
    • It’s not only that you want to know things, you ARE knowledge!
  • I am wisdom. 
    • It’s not only that you want to gain wisdom, you ARE wisdom!
  • I am abundance. 
    • It’s not only that you are abundant, you ARE abundance!
  • I am prosperity.
    • It’s not only that you are prosperous, you ARE prosperity!
  • I am worthy. 
    • It’s not only that you are becoming worthy, you ARE worthy!

You are joy, looking for a way to express. It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy–frolicking and eager–that’s who you are. And so, if you are always reaching for alignment with that, you’re always on your path, and your path will take you into all likes of places. We can’t get away from the acknowledgement that you are Pure Positive Energy that translates into the human emotion of joy.


We ARE the essence of the wholeness, the fullness, of these attributes! We not only get to enjoy some of the outcomes of these attributes, we ARE the SOURCE of all these attributes, living dressed in a human body expressing!!

When I received this awakening of who I really am, it changed my life! I’m not just here to experience the goodness of these attributes, I truly AM these attributes! When I notice, now, that I’m not feeling quite as good as I know I can, I repeat these statements to myself and the exuberant feelings flood my soul!

This is a beautiful opportunity to see real improvement in our world! This will shake up the world. It’s our wake-up call. 

Here are a few things you can do to soothe yourself into alignment:

  • Notice how you’re feeling throughout the day. When you feel those negative thoughts creeping in, deliberately choose better-feeling thoughts. Ask your Inner Being what it knows, thinks, and feels about you and about this situation. Listen! 
  • Write down the “I AM” statements above and look at them often to remember who you really are. Add to the list all the beautiful attributes you hear from your Inner Being.
  • Make lists and lists of things you appreciate, the positive aspects, and things that are going right in your life. If you’re still alive, your beautiful body breathed, pumped blood, digested, and performed a myriad of other functions without your supervision! The planet is spinning in its orbit in perfect proximity to everything else in the Universe without your supervision. Abundance abounds and we didn’t truck any of it in from other planets! There’s always something good to appreciate. Just look for it!
  • Begin a meditation practice. Or, begin being more consistent every day. Quiet your mind to quiet your thoughts. As you quiet thoughts, you also quiet your resistant thoughts which allows your vibration to naturally rise.

There are so many more techniques and tools I utilize in my coaching programs, but this will be a great start for you.

It’s time to realize who we really are. There is a great awakening beginning as people question who they are and what their future holds. We will never return to the old normal. This is a completely new world. Shifts like this can be difficult to navigate. As we approach our service to the world, it’s no longer about sacrifice. We have evolved beyond the old paradigm. It’s no longer about putting everyone else above our needs. We will have come to understand the importance of self-care, self-love, caring about how we feel. We will know that if we don’t take really good care of ourselves we have nothing to give others. And, we love giving of ourselves, so we have to make ourselves a priority. 

Your joy is your greatest gift to yourself and to everyone! It’s not about creating joy for others, it’s YOUR JOY is your greatest gift. Give from a place of your joy. Serve from a place of your aligned joy! All of our service in this world is about alignment, not sacrifice. 

We are here to thrive in any and ALL conditions! We cannot thrive for others. Some will not change and will refuse to shift their energy. Those cannot be helped. But, for the thousands or even millions who see life differently, it’s time to use this time to transform our lives. It’s time to understand who we really are and thrive. 

If you are searching for someone to help guide you in your transformational journey to more steady joy and a life worth loving, I’m here to help! 

If you are in a place of influence because you serve the world as a coach, consultant, an entrepreneur, or a leader in your business, check in with your clients and employees. If you would like help addressing their emotions during this upheaval, contact me. We can create a group coaching program for you and your workers. They are looking to you for leadership. Lead from the clarity of your example. How are you living your example? Are you thriving, even in these difficult times? If not, I’m here for you!

If you have questions, let’s hop on a call. Schedule your Discover My Joy & Well-Being call with me today! Let’s discover who you need to become to live in your thriving! 

Again, because of all the asking for an improved world, it’s our job to keep up with that improvement by aligning with our own Inner Beings. Alignment is where the joy, love, passion, clarity, knowledge, and freedom resides! Live it out loud!

When others see that we are still living joyful, happy, peaceful, and loving life experiences, they will be curious and begin asking how they can enjoy the same. 

Let’s shout it from the rooftops, reminders of who we really are. We are all extensions of Source and everyone needs to know this to thrive in their natural state of well-being! People are hungry for joy, love, and appreciation! They need to see us living it in full color every day. 

May we all share our beautiful lives with those who are calling us to serve! 💜💜💜

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To you amazing transformation,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide & Coach

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