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i am

“I AM” are very powerful words.  Depending on the words that follow, they can be expansive and creative or depressive and destructive.  Notice how you feel inside when you read the following statements:

1)  I am Divine.  I am loved.  I am brilliant.  I am spiritually awake.  I am a generous giver.  I am an excellent receiver.

2)  I am lonely.  I am not loved.  I am so stupid.  I am a condemned sinner.  I am not able to give, because I don’t have enough.  I am getting what I deserve.

Do number 1 statements resonate with you more?  Or, do number 2 statements feel more true for you?  Do the statements make you feel expansive and powerful or do you feel a contraction and tightness inside?

The wonderful truth is that you are Divine!  I know you may or may not feel very divine at the moment, but keep reading these posts and eventually, you will begin remembering your divinity.  When you came to this planet, you chose who you would be physically.  But, you have never, ever lost your eternal divinity–your oneness with Source Energy–God, Divine, Goddess, Spirit–whatever label you choose to use for your acknowledgment of the creative power that we are connected to.

It is my privilege to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along my path of remembering who I really am.  We will talk about how to create our dream lives, how to create our dream health, how to be, do or have anything and everything we can think up.  Did you know there is enough abundance in the Universe to answer every desire that every person could ever have throughout their life-times?

We will discuss how the Universe answers our desires immediately and find out why we don’t see them manifested in our reality.  We will discuss why circumstances and situations come into our lives that really don’t want.  We will discuss how to start remembering who we really are–within.  We will discuss how we can make improvements to our lives every single day!

And, we will discuss anything that you have questions about.  I welcome your questions via email maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com or comments below.  Open discussion in the comments are welcomed, but always remember to see each person through the eyes of Source–with kindness, love, acceptance, and an intent to listen with understanding–just as you desire to be kindly spoken to, loved, accepted and understood.

Love to you all!  As we start this journey together, may we remember who we really are and remember that our soul purpose is to live in never-ending joy!

Dream – Grow – Live!


~Mary Ann Pack

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