Are You Lovable?

love yourself first

Would you agree that we love what we value?  When we determine something is valuable or worthy, only then are we willing to give our love.  The important question is how do we determine whether or not something or someone is valuable and worthy of our love?  What determines value and worth?

Are you valuable?  How much are you worth?  Are you deserving of YOUR love?

These answers all depend on what you BELIEVE about YOU.  How do YOU define value and worth?  How do YOU rate your value and worth?

“Value” is considering someone or something to be important or beneficial; to have a high opinion of, held to deserve; carries importance; principles or standards of behavior. Synonyms of value are esteem, think highly of, have a high opinion of, hold in high regard, rate highly, appreciate, respect, treasure, cherish, prized.

“Worth” is the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held; moral or personal value; being deserving of; substantial or significant value or merit.  The fullest extent of one’s value or ability!

Did you notice that none of these definitions related to material accumulation or physical properties?  Do you only see your value or worth synonymous with what money you make?  Or, what material goods you can accumulate?  If you do, this is a very detrimental limiting belief system.  It is based on what you can DO, not who you ARE.  These definitions are all describing your BEING–who you are on the inside.

Your value and worth are directly identified with your soul—who you are, where you come from—your Infinite Being.  You are valuable and worthy, because you are part and parcel with the very Divine—the Infinite Intelligence!

Isn’t being Divine valuable and worthy of your love?  You must love yourself first to know what is for your highest good.  Once you touch the Divine within, your freedom to live in joy begins!

Yes, there are facts about your circumstances—whether you make a lot of money or live poorly—but those can change.  Only the truth of your direct connection with the Infinite is immutable.

Another paradigm you must examine is your belief system about the Divine.  Is YOUR vision of the Divine abundant and loving or hateful and vengeful?  This, too, will make a difference in your beliefs about your value and worth.

Based on the truth that you are Divine, you are valuable and worthy of ALL good.  You are greatness at your very core being.  No matter what circumstances may surround you right now, they can change.  The truth of your divinity never, ever changes.

So, if our inner being is perfectly divine, why do we struggle so much with seeing good things in our lives?  Why are we not loving ourselves first?  Because, we forget and hold in our mind’s beliefs that we’re not good enough, not valuable, not worthy, not deserving, not educated enough, don’t have opportunities, resources and money are in limited supply.  These are old paradigms (beliefs) that we may have downloaded as a child, but these, too, can change!

Value and worth go hand-in-hand.  Value is deserving, importance, held in high opinion, esteemed, cherished, highly rated, respected, prized.  I especially love the above connection value has to the definition of worth—“The fullest extent of one’s value or ability”!  All those beautiful definitions of value are lived to the fullest extent by your worth.  Amazing!

It’s time to change our beliefs of our value and worth.  It’s time to love ourselves as the Divine loves us.  Far too many of us do not think highly enough of ourselves for who we are—like I said, we forget who we ARE.  Who we are is immutable—never changing!  WE ARE DIVINE AT OUR VERY SOUL!  Never forget that.

I’m NOT talking about ego.  Ego is selfish and self-centered.  I’m talking about self-love.  To Love is Divine.  And, love starts with loving ourselves first!

The universe is polite and will not push.  By law it can only give you what you BELIEVE you can have.  If you see things in your life that are not for your highest good, it’s time to change your mindset and beliefs.  YOU ARE VALUABLE AND WORTHY OF ALL THE UNLIMITED GOOD AVAILABLE FROM THE UNIVERSE!!

Go ahead!  Love yourself first and see what good things develop in your life!!

Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack

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