Ear Candling Results


Ear candling has a long history.  If you are not familiar with ear candling, rest assured many people have never heard of it either.  It pretty much went out of mainstream use when people began to gravitate to pharmaceuticals instead of the natural herbal and homemade treatments of yesteryear.  I remember my grandmothers talking about smoking a child’s ears–which I suppose was ear candling by a different name.

With the advent of the awareness of the benefits of herbal supplements, food being our medicine and the desire to decrease our use of pharmaceuticals, ear candling is making a resurgence.

Ear candles are simply muslin fabric strips wrapped around a cylinder and coated in wax–I prefer beeswax  ear candles in lieu of paraffin was ear candles.  When the wax hardens, the cylinder is removed to leave the wax-coated muslin ear candle that looks like a tube.  (see the photo below)

The end that you insert into your ear is narrowed with a small opening to gently insert into the ear canal and the opposite end is open so that you can light it.(Of course, proper fire protection is used.)  When lit, the fire creates a warm vacuum that draws out impurities and ear wax, because the tip that is inserted into the ear warms and forms a seal around the ear canal.  As the candle burns down to about half-way, it is removed from the ear and the lighted end is extinguished in a glass of water.  If you will cut the ear candle open from tip to tip, you will see the results of what is removed from the ear canal.  You results will vary, but you can see mine in the photo above.  You may want to add a drop or two of quality olive oil into each ear canal to sooth the open passage ways.

Do NOT perform ear candling until you are fully instructed on the precautions and methods.  These are NOT complete instructions.

You may be able to find a practitioner in your area that will provide ear candling services for a fee.  I know my acupuncturist/chiropractor performs ear candling for his patients.

Personally, I have been using ear candling for many years.  Anytime someone in my family complained of sore throats or swollen lymph glands in the neck area or sinus issues or ear aches, I would use ear candling to alleviate the excessive ear wax and infection present in the head area.  Since the ears and sinuses are all interconnected, ear candling is an efficient way to remove excess ear wax build-up and infection present.  This process allows for the sinuses, nasal passages and ear canals to be cleared and opened up to drain properly and alleviate pressure.

The photo above is of my results today when I candled my own ears.  A couple days ago I noticed the lymph glands just under my jaw bone were swollen.  I’ve had some sinus drainage in the back of my throat.  Yesterday, the right side of my throat began to feel sore when I swallowed.

I am an avid believer in Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) and have been since 1993!  This company’s supplements saved my life over 22 years ago.  But, that’s another post. 😉  NSP is my go-to provider for my favorite whole-food supplements because of their quality and integrity.


I immediately reached into my Nature’s Medicine Cabinet (list and resources coming in another post) and started supplemental treatment of Silver Shield (nanoparticle 20ppm colloidal silver for broad spectrum antibacterial properties), CurcuminBP (for inflammation reduction), and HistaBlock (for it’s antihistamine properties).

If you or a family member is suffering from sinus issues, stuffy nose, ear wax build-up or ear infection, ear candling may be the relief you’re seeking.  When you add the natural whole-food supplements from NSP, you may just see amazing results as your body utilizes what you have now fed it, and bring healing into your experience!

As always, ear candling and supplements may not be for everyone.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself in this area and always consult your physician. Make it a fun and exciting journey back to wellness!!  If you are needing assistance in your wellness journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I love sharing my 22 years of knowledge and experience–because of the healing I gained from utilizing Nature!!

To your wellness!

Dream – Grow – Live!!


Mary Ann Pack – Your Life & Wellness Coach!

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2 thoughts on “Ear Candling Results

    1. Thank you for your concerns, Jason, but I have been using ear candling for many years with great results. As have my clients and my family. Maybe you have never experienced the benefits. Have a great day!


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