Protein Shake: Begin with Love and Peas!


Looking for a yummy protein shake to begin your mornings off right?

Need a pick-me-up in the afternoon?

Start with Nature’s Sunshine Products Love & Peas!  NSP Love & Peas is a blend of pea protein and nourishing whole foods.  With 20 grams of pea protein in each serving it is a protein-rich meal replacement.  NSP Love & Peas is gluten free and certified vegan.  If you’re looking for allergen-free protein source–Love & Peas’ has got you covered!

Recipe:  Add to an NSP Power Shaker

12 oz. water or coconut water

2 scoops NSP Love & Peas shake mix

1 heaping scoop NSP Ultimate GreenZone

1-2 tablespoon(s) coconut oil (unrefined gives the coconut flavor; refined has no flavor–I use both depending upon the flavor wanted)

1 tablespoon organic chia seeds

Top the bottle off with ice cubes.  Then screw on the lid and snap the spout closed and shake until evenly blended.

Pop the lid open on the spout and enjoy!!  I love sipping it through a big straw.

Personally, I like chia seeds when they soak in the liquid and get a little jelly-ish on the outside with a crunch on the inside.  Of course, they are optional, but if you are looking for added health benefit give the little chia’s a try!

With this morning shake, I get 20 grams of pea protein, anti-oxidants, amino acids, balanced beneficial fats, vitamins/minerals, fibers and more!

If you’ve been having difficulty eliminating (constipated), this shake recipe may balance out your digestive system and you may see a great improvement.

Happy shaking!! 😉

Dream – Grow – Live!!


Mary Ann Pack

Your Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  Visit my website and browse all 600+ quality products.  I started my wellness journey in 1993 with Nature’s Sunshine and have purchased and sold their products ever since!  Memberships are only $40 a year and you immediately get that back in products when you order–eazy-peazy!!

PPS:  Questions?  Email me: * *


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