Know Who You Really Are!

know who you really are

I love my life!  Life is good to me.  I am always amazed when I see “winks” from the universe that confirms I am in the vortex or very near its proximity and getting drawn in.

Twice yesterday I saw the time combination of 11:11 and 1:11.  I am aware of the shift of enlightenment in the world.  It’s awesome to now know that creation is always expanding and growing instead of some great and terrible end to the world as I was taught as a child.  What peace of mind and joy comes with that new belief!

Everything I need to know is not in some ancient text, but is revealed to me daily as I experience the unfolding of my path.  I am so happy to not believe I have to live my life by the beliefs of others, or what was written for ancient people and then reinterpreted and altered by people with agendas over the centuries.  I, personally–as does every person–have complete and open access to Infinite Intelligence every single moment as I choose to connect.

Humanity is not some broken cast-away that needs fixing or saving.  We are beautifully perfect creations of light living in a physical body that we chose before we came into this time-space reality.  We chose to come in at this time, into the family and circumstances of our own choosing.  We knew as light-beings that the life we chose would be perfect for learning how to create worlds.  Have we chosen well?

The more I ponder all that is good about who I am and witness beautiful things in my world, I feel better and better–living each day more and more in the presence of my own Source Energy.

I am the very essence and full expression of Source Energy.

The real me is perfect.

The real me is whole.

The real me is love.

The real me is Infinite Intelligence.

The real me is eternally Source Energy!

I will go on forever creating worlds because of who I am!

Will you join me in BEcoming who you really are?

And so it is….

Dream – Grow – Live!!


Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  If you are questioning who you really are and need a boost in the right direction, please feel free to contact me anytime!  I’d love to hear from you to either answer your questions or simply share your journey!  My email is  When calling (903) 227-0273, please be sure to leave a message if I can’t answer–I may be in a coaching session.  My goal is to give undivided attention to each person I minister to–whether it’s about business, life, spiritual or wellness!

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