My Selfish Joy and Gratitude!

LYF so you can live joy

This morning I was pondering things I’m grateful for as I sat on the front porch sipping my coffee.  This is a pretty typical start to my day.  It is a very conducive environment to revel in gratitude and really feel joyful.

I was thinking about how wonderful it is to feel the freedom and peace of mind to simply know that I have everything within me to live a joyful life.  I need no outside influence.  There are no circumstances that can take my joy.  There is no person who can steal my joy.  No religious dogma can squelch my joy.  My joy is mine alone!  Because it’s who I truly am.  How can you not be grateful for that?!

I came to this physical world to use the creative powers given to me by the universe.  I came to this life to see how much fun I could have.  I came to this life to express the joy of experiencing Source Energy.

This kind of thinking used to be completely foreign to me.  I wasn’t raised to think so highly of myself.  I was raised to think I was totally separated from my Source, from God.  My condition was broken and destitute.  The religious dogma I was taught said I am a worm, unworthy of God’s attention and love, unless, I cried out to God in my pain and sorrow and accepted that I was absolutely broken and needed someone else to save me from myself.  It was a gruesome picture of torture, blood, hatred and death.  The devil was always out to get me and if I wasn’t careful, I’d commit the unpardonable sin—whatever that was!

My life in that religious sect was so emotional and full of fear.  I was always in tears, because it was a constant battle to fight off the evil forces trying to get me to sin.  The church taught me that God was all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present, so I was always afraid he would catch me in a sin and then I would die and go directly to hell.  It seemed I had to work so hard to find peace of mind and spirit.  What little peace I could muster certainly never was lasting, because another temptation would come along that I would succumb to and the cycle of tears, guilt and shame would start all over again.

When I made the decision to leave that religious organization after many years of studying the inconsistencies, misinterpretations, lies and canonization of their sacred text, I gained a knowing that I was loved, unconditionally, by a way bigger God that I had created by believing their dogmas to be true.  Certainly there are positive principles contained in all sacred texts, and do I want to glean from those.

I realized that God was all-good, all-kind, all-loving and wanted the very best for me just the way I was!  That I was part and parcel with that Source Energy I always called God.  I emanated directly from Source and was, inside, Source Energy!  No fixing or saving required.

I know, now, that there is only one Force in the universe—that of Well-Being—and It is always, always, always flowing toward me!  The key is to allow Its flow.  And, that feels really good!  Even joyful!

When I resist Its flow, I feel really, really bad.  And that sucks!  This distance between feeling good and feeling bad became my indicator that my connection to Source is the only thing important in life, because it’s what creates that awesome feeling of peace of mind.

My realization that there in only One Source and Power—not a good and evil Source which creates a duality of power—I relaxed into more allowance of receiving the love of my inner Source.

The more I relax and realize that I AM Source on the inside, I gain amazing peace of mind and joy that I’d never experienced during my religious affiliation.  When my beliefs about myself and my spiritual condition changed, so did my connection to my inner Source which was changing my outer experience.  Peace came and has stayed.  We’re becoming quite the friends!

I’m certainly not saying, that religious people cannot be connected to their inner Source.  Of course they can.  Anyone can connect at any given moment.  But with all the rules and regulations that come with believing dogmas, it’s just a little more difficult.  If that path leads you to inner, lasting peace—then I say, go for it!  I’m not here to tell you what path to take.  I’m just saying, most dogmas require their followers to believe their way is the only way—the only path—and that can lead to judgmental attitudes and separation from others.  At least, it was true in my experience.

When I released those dogmas, it was like taking off the blinders from my eyes and I started to enjoy the company of so many more people who thought and believed differently than I had.  My eyes were opened with new understanding that everyone was beautiful.  Everyone emanates from Source—everyone IS Source—inside.  Now, there are those who resist Source and that resistance appears like what we would call evil, but it’s simply their cry for love.

I believe we are either expressing love or asking for love.  Some folks are really good at expressing love and they are awesome to be around.  And some folks are asking for love, but they’re very ignorant of how to ask for it.  They may ask for love in very hurtful ways—even to the point of abuse or participating in death.  They don’t remember that everything they need for a joyful and happy life is right where they left it–Inside!

Under all their anger and hatred, they are scared little children crying out for love.  They have resisted Source’s love from their inner being for so long, that they are blinded to who they really are.  They have forgotten that they, themselves, are a complete and full expressions of Source Energy’s love.  They’ve forgotten they are here for a joyful life.  They’ve listened and learned to hate those choosing a different path from their own.

At every moment, we have the opportunity to receive and give love—to allow the flow of love or to resist the flow of love.  I desire to be in that place of allowing my inner Source to experience an abundance of love all around me.  As I give and receive love, I radiate that love with vibrations that positively affect my world.

Because we are all connected eternal Energy, how we choose to allow or resist Source affects all others.  The vibrational expression of Source, or the resistance thereof, affects everyone and Nature itself.  When we allow the flow of our Well-Being, we are also allowing vibrational tugs towards others’ Well-Being.

The absolute best thing we can do for ourselves and our world is to realize that our connection and oneness with Source is the only thing that matters.  We must be selfish enough to make our connection to Source our top priority, because we cannot help others when we, ourselves, are in resistance to the flow of Well-Being.

I was always taught selfishness was wrong and sinful.  That we must always put others before ourselves, but I now understand how ass-backwards that thinking is.  I realized that I cannot give something away that I do not possess.  If I want to serve others, I must have served myself first.  No matter how much we do for others, supposedly because it will make them happy—they will never truly be happy until they make their own connection to Source paramount.  There is no satisfying others.  Their joy and happiness is their responsibility—it cannot come from you!

When we feel bad it is just our indicator that the inner Self is that good!  Our inner Self will not ever waver from believing we are perfect, pure light and love!  The Self who we really are will never lower Itself to the bad feelings of where we may be right now.  It is ever calling us to come up higher!  It is our job to simply feel our way to Source.  For us to accomplish we must begin thinking better-feeling thoughts every day.  The better we feel the more connected we are to Source and each other.

We are eternally Source Energy!  Let’s make our connection to our Inner Source Energy our highest priority and watch what amazing changes we can make in our world.  We came from non-physical into the physical to express joy and fun and ease and love.  With connection comes clarity.  With clarity comes the unfolding of our path.  And our path is always individual.  No two paths are ever the same.  Our path is never to follow another’s path.

Let’s begin remembering who we really are.  Our inner Self is calling us to our Source.  Our inner Self is calling our physical selves to live in gratitude with joy and playfulness!

Affirm today:  I am so happy and grateful that I AM SOURCE and my connection is the most beautifully selfish thing I can do for myself and others!

I love you….

Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  If you are struggling with finding peace of mind and joy, please feel free to contact me at  Your questions and thoughts are important to me.

PPS:  I have found that Abraham-Hicks‘ teaching is very helpful in discovering and remembering who we really are.  Visit their website or search for their videos on YouTube.  When I was ripe for learning, Abraham came to teach me.   Maybe it’s your teachable time!  Best of all–there are plenty ways to learn for free. 🙂

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