7 Steps for Wellness Foundation


All of us desire to feel good!  The desire to feel good is built into us before we ever came into this physical time-space reality.  The eternal part of us, the Inner Being inside each of us, wants to feel good.  When we don’t feel good, there’s a reason for that and it can be rectified.

As a life and wellness coach, I have assisted many clients and customers to feel better–whether bodily, emotionally or mindset.  Since beginning my journey back to wellness in 1993, I have had the wonderful opportunity to test and review many different herbal and nutritional supplement companies.

Over the years I have developed a system of wellness that I believe works for the majority of my clients and has served them well.  As with all clients and customers, I customize each wellness system according to their personal health needs.  This blog post is about the wellness principles that I have implemented for most of my clients, customers and, of course, myself!

Step #1:  Detoxing Your Body

We have been exposed to so many toxic chemicals, food preservatives, air pollution, cleaning and household chemicals that our bodies need a break from the onslaught.  Cleansing the body is the very first step in returning to wellness.

The company I have chosen to stay with since 1993 is Nature’s Sunshine Products because of their superior quality and value.  NSP makes it so easy to detox and cleanse our bodies.  They have a variety of conveniently prepared cleanses that are perfect for just about every person wanting to detox.

The following NSP supplements range from 10-15 days.  They are conveniently packaged and it is easy to follow the instructions.  Convenient packaging is key to maintaining your cleanse schedule.

  • Tiao He Cleanse* – 15 day cello packages of Chinese and Western herbs taken twice a day. Targets intestinal, digestive, and circulatory systems.  This is my favorite cleanse–it is the one that saved my life in 1993!
  • Dieter’s Cleanse* – 14 day cello packages taken three times a day.  Targets digestive enzymes, nourishes liver and glandular system, supports the body’s weight management mechanisms.
  • CleanStart Mild* – 14 day cello packages taken twice a day and cleanse drink packets taken twice a day.  Targets natural waste elimination for improved energy.  This cleanse has very high fiber content in the cleanse drink packets.
  • Para-Cleanse** – 10 day cello packages taken twice a day.  Targets the intestinal system to create a healthy intestinal flora environment by making the intestinal track inhospitable to foreign invaders.  Removes debris and lubricates the colon.
  • Candida Clear** – 14 day cello cleanse packages taken three times a day and cello enzyme packages taken three times a day.  Targets the balance of Candida colonization so as to reduce its overgrowth.  Balances the gut flora and enzymes.

*These cleanses would be the best for preparing your body to receive the nutrient supplements after your cleanse.  Normally, clients would begin here.

**These cleanses are more targeted for acute health deficiencies.  Normally, I would suggest these to target specific needs of a client after they went through a good whole-body cleanse.

It would be advantageous to use a cleanse at least twice a year.  Unless you have radically altered your food choices (only eating certified organic foods and drinking only pure water) and removed every toxin you could be exposed to, you really need to detox about twice a year.

Step #2:  Detoxing Your Mind & Emotions

No matter how many herbal and nutritional supplements we take, if our mindset is negative, wellness will constantly elude us.  Our minds matters!  Our thoughts matter!  Whatever we think and feel directly affect the function of our bodies.  We have been exposed to so much negative influences through TV, family, friends, work, government, teachers, churches that we need to detox our minds.  We need to detox and renew our minds to revitalize our energy to prepare our wellness environment.

Our bodies are greatly affected by vibrations.  We are vibrational beings.  Everything we experience are interpretations of vibrations–everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell is an interpretation of vibrations.  Every thought we think has a vibrational frequency that is felt throughout every one of our trillions of cells.  When we experience negative emotions because of what we have been thinking, our cells get blocked from getting what they need to be well.  Conversely, when we experience positive emotions, our cells rejoice in the freedom to return to a vibrational balance of well-being.

Well-being is our natural state!  Well-being is always flowing to us and through us unless we are blocking it from ourselves with resistant thought patterns.  When we feel negative emotions we are experiencing the effects of resistance–a pushing against what is not wanted.  If we have trained ourselves to think with negative thought patterns, always looking for something wrong, we will certainly find it.  Negative thought patterns are resistant thoughts that are in conflict with our well-being.  Positive thought patterns allow the well-being, which is our natural state of being, to flow easily through our bodies.

Resistance blocks our natural well-being and creates imbalances within our cells.  If we experience pain, dis-ease (uneasiness, imbalance), or illness it is caused by resistant, negative thought patterns.  It may be time to attend to your thoughts and take control of them.  It may be time to overlay new, more positive thought patterns.  Begin looking for what is going right.  Our bodies are magnificent!  Look for what is going right in your body that you don’t even have to think about.  Look at all the functions our bodies performs seamlessly throughout our lives and begin to appreciate them.

As far as cleansing the mind and emotions, we need to remove the intense, negative influences from our lives.  As much as possible, we need to choose to be around positive, uplifting people.  We need to remove negative entertainment and seek out funny, humorous entertainment.  Laughing is the best medicine, because it shifts our vibrational frequency to allow wellness to regain a foothold in our bodies.

Keep a positive mindset.  Only you control your thoughts.  Choose thoughts that bring relief and a better feeling.  Choose to be happy in whatever circumstance you find yourself.  There are always positive aspects to every situation.  Find those!

Always focus on your Well-Being, not your Wrong-Being!  Don’t look at your body and focus on what’s wrong or what needs to be healed.  Look for every aspect of your body that is functioning right and balanced and well!  When you do feel good, notice it and celebrate it!  Appreciate your body for carrying you through this life!  The more you look for positive aspects of your life and make a note to appreciate them, the more life will bring you things to appreciate.  Your body will respond, moving closer to the well-being that you want!

Begin a Gratitude Journal or a Journal of Positive Aspects.  Write down at least five good things each day.  Review your list often when you might be feeling bad for an emotional pick-me-up.  Our emotions are key to our well-being.  How we feel indicates our alignment or misalignment with our true Inner Being of Source Energy.  More blog posts are available for learning to use your Emotional Guidance System.  My favorite mentor is Abraham-Hicks!

Step #3:  Nutritional Foundation for Wellness

No matter our age or condition of health, we need to follow a nutritional foundation principle.  My theory is that many wellness imbalances may be rectified when our body receives the necessary nutrition on a daily basis.

I am a strong advocate for supplementing our diet with nutritional and herbal supplements.  I have been supplementing my family’s diet since 1993.  Years ago I read a statistic that stated the United States farm land lead the world in nutrient depletion levels at 86 percent!!  Our foods are simply not as nutritionally dense as in our grandparents’ day.  Unless we are growing our own foods or buying locally from an organic farmer, we are eating conventionally-grown produce and meats from depleted soils.  We simply cannot get the proper amount of nutrients from our foods anymore.

I prefer Nature’s Sunshine Products because they use whole-food products.  They don’t isolate a nutrient in the lab and make it synthetically.  They use whole-food products because they know how the body responds to synergy (basically using all the components of a plant to get the maximum benefit).  Whole-food products are more bio-available for our body to uptake and use the beneficial components.  Our bodies know how to process whole-foods, not synthetically manufactured isolates as so many companies offer.  I am very picky about whole-food quality products–that’s why I offer NSP!

The following are the basic products needed for a good nutritional foundation:

  • SuperTrio – 30 day supply of 3 supplements.  Each cello pack contains one-Super Supplemental Vitamin/Mineral, one Super ORAC (potent anti-oxidant), and one SuperOmega (essential fatty acid).
  • Probiotic Eleven – 11 strains of beneficial bacterial flora that aids in digestion and helps replenish the beneficial micro-flora for improved immune response and digestion.
  • Ultimate GreenZone – powder or capsules – blend of rich grains, greens, seeds, herbals, etc.  This will help balance your pH levels (see pH balancing below).  Use powder in water or juice or mix in shakes/smoothies.
  • Nature’s Harvest – powder mixed with water or juice or blended in smoothies.  Provides nutrient-dense plants, fruits and herb; 75% of Daily Value for 18 essential vitamins and minerals; green foods, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber and more.  Provides 13 grams of veggie protein per serving.  Vegan, dairy-free, lactose-free.
  • Food Enzymes – Supports the digestive system. Taken with meals to provide enzymes to help digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Take this especially if you suffer with digestive discomforts after eating.

Once you have been on your nutritional foundation products for a few weeks, then it may be time to look at other supplements that you may need for specific conditions.  I always like for my clients and customers to be using their nutritional foundation products for a few weeks, at least, to give their bodies time to adjust and many times they are surprised that some of the health imbalances rectify themselves with just the basics!

I don’t like to just throw supplements at health imbalances before we give the nutritional foundation ample time to pave the way for wellness.  I believe it’s a waste of money and effort.  If you are unable to digest or have nutritional deficiencies, you’re just throwing money out the window and all your effort will not be effective if you start without first supporting your basic nutritional needs.

Get the basics in first, then, and only then, add other supplements as necessary.  Give your body time to balance itself with great nutritional foundation products.

Step #4:  Pure Water Consumption

It is vital that we get plenty of pure water.  Every cell needs water.  The majority of our body is water.  That supply needs to be replenished daily with pure water.  Every cell functions optimally when it can replenish it’s water intake and remove waste.

Water is, also, a very good transmitter of energy frequencies.  As you work on detoxing your mind and adding laughter and joy and happiness, those molecules of water transmit those higher frequencies throughout your body faster.  Your body can respond to the good you are doing more quickly with increased water consumption.

If you become thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Give your body regular amounts of water throughout the day.  You will need more water depending upon your physical activity and weather conditions.

The rule of thumb for water consumption is half your body weight in ounces.  More if you are detoxing with a cleanse, exercising or if the weather is warm/hot. So, if you weighed 150 pounds, you would need to consume 75 ounces of water a day.  That’s simple to do, right?

The counting of the ounces is simple to do, but how do you know your water is of pure quality?  That may be the tricky part.  There are so many reports of water companies putting unnatural chemicals and additives into our water–whether bottled or tap.

The only way I’m assured of pure water is to use my British Berkefeld Crown with black water purifier elements.  It’s a simple gravity-fed water purifier–not just a water filter–there is a big difference in quality.  My personal unit (Crown) holds 6 gallons of purified water.  Other units come in sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons to 6 gallons.


This is my Crown Berkey!!  I upgraded from the 2.5 gallon unit in 1999 to this Crown 6.0 gallon unit in 2006.  We loved it so much we had to go bigger.  We can still use the smaller one for camping.

Black Berkey™ Purification Elements are more powerful than any other gravity filter element currently available.  The Elements have a unique purification capability that is due to their unique structure. The micro-pores within the Black Berkey® Elements are so small that viruses and pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to pass through them.

Many water filters on the market may claim to be a water purifier, but do not meet the performance specifications required for this classification. In order to be classified as a water purifier, a water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and reduce viruses by 99.99%. The Black Berkey® Purification Elements can be classified as water purifiers because they remove 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999% of viruses, which greatly exceeds the standard. The Black Berkey®Purification Element formulation has been tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53.

It also leaves in the vital minerals we need.  I’ve been using a Berkey since 1999.  The elements last for years!  You just remove them and clean them gently with a soft scrubby, rinse and reinstall.  Each element processes up to 3,000 gallons of water so they are super economical, because you’re not replacing them every few months.  Each Berkey holds up to four elements so you can process up to 12,000 gallons of water!

If you would like more information on a Berkey for your home or office, please visit my website for more details.  Or, contact me at maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com with questions or to choose the proper size for your family’s use.  They also make sport bottles, specialty filters, camping systems and more.

Step #5:  Quality Protein

We need approximately 60-70 grams of quality protein per day.  When we are working to balance our weight or on a body building program we need to consume quite a bit of protein.

A simple way to know that you are getting enough protein is to use nutritional protein shake mixes.  They are simple, convenient and really yummy–to boot!  NSP has several protein mixes to choose from:

  • NutriBurn – Chocolate – each serving is 25 grams of lactose-free whey protein.  Promotes lean muscle mass and fat burning; boosts energy levels; provides 60% of the Daily Value of 14 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • SmartMeal – Chocolate, Vanilla or Chai – each serving is 15 grams of protein matrix of soy, pea and golden chlorella plus 35% of the Daily Value for 18 vitamins and minerals.  Only 130-140 calories!
  • Love and Peas – Regular or New Sugar-Free – each serving is 20 grams of vegan-certified pea protein.  Dairy-, lactose- and gluten-free!  Provides 75% of the Daily Value of 18 vitamins and minerals.  Supports the urinary and circulatory systems.  Powerful anti-oxidant blend and balanced amino acid profile.

These are all tasty ways to get in additional quality protein throughout your day.  They are especially great for meals on-the-go or use them in blended fruit/veggie smoothies.  You can even use them in protein bar or protein cookie recipes–baked or non-baked.  These protein shakes are also great after working out.  Use the convenient NSP Power Shaker to mix any of these great protein mixes.

One of my favorite recipes!  Add to NSP Power Shaker:  8 oz. almond milk, 2 scoops any shake mix, 1 heaping scoop Ultimate GreenZone Powder (counts as veggie serving), ice and top off with a little water.  Shake like crazy, add a straw and enjoy!  I like my shakes with more liquid rather than thick.  When I use NutriBurn protein mix, this shake totals to 29 grams of protein!!

Step #6:  Your pH Balance

Our blood is about 7.3 on the pH scale.  So it is almost neutral–which is 7.0.  It is imperative that we keep our bodies close to this range, but it is very difficult when so many of our foods are acidic.  Prepared, boxed foods, meats, cold-cuts are all very acidic on the pH scale.  Dis-ease thrives in an acidic environment, so when we keep our bodies at neutral to slightly alkaline, we do not provide that inviting environment for dis-ease to take hold.

You can monitor your pH levels on a daily basis.  Then you will know what you need to add into your diet to bring it into balance.  NSP offers pH Test Strips that will help you in monitoring your pH balance.  The test strip is dipped into urine and the color of the strip is compared against the color chart which indicates your body’s pH level.  You will immediately know if you are on target or need to add more alkaline foods into your diet that day.  It is best to take the test upon rising and again, in the evening.  The morning test will show your most acidic range of the day.

Those folks who eat a lot of dark leafy greens or green smoothies, may already be more alkaline.  It is also not beneficial for your body to get too alkaline either.  That’s why it is called balancing your pH.  There is a specific range on the pH scale that you want to maintain.  You will need that information prior to utilizing the testing strips.

To get more information on pH balancing, NSP has created a great booklet, pH Balancing Simplified Brochure, that give more details.  Ask for details to get your copy.

Adding Ultimate GreenZone to your protein shakes help to balance your pH levels.  Some folks don’t care for the slightly grainy texture in their shake, but I like it!  If you prefer, you can simply take the Ultimate GreenZone in capsule form.

Step #7 – Move Your Body

Our bodies were built to move.  We have become a sedentary society.  Our jobs and past-times revolve around sitting.  Yet, we all know the importance of moving our bodies.  There are so many forms of exercise it is out of the scope of this blog post.

I know it is difficult to find time to move.  Most of my work is performed sitting behind a computer, on the phone or sitting consulting clients.  I get so wrapped up in my work, I tend to forget to stand up and move and stretch every hour.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, begin with walking–that is natural to your body.  Swing your arms a bit exaggerated as you walk at a quick pace for you.  In time, you’ll notice your speed will pick up so you can get farther in the same amount of time.

Gentle stretching and toning with yoga or tai chi.  Free-weights, weight machines, kettles, aerobic, swimming, volleyball, basketball, dancing, the list goes on and on.  Simply find some form of exercise that suits your fancy.

Summary of YOUR Wellness Foundation

  • Step #1 – Detoxing Your Body
  • Step #2 – Detoxing Your Mind & Emotions
  • Step #3 – Nutritional Foundation for Wellness
  • Step #4 – Pure Water Consumption
  • Step #5 – Quality Protein
  • Step #6 – Your pH Balance
  • Step #7 – Move Your Body

I will add one more bonus step:  Contact me so I can help you feel better!  Nature’s Sunshine Products has a great membership program that will save you over 30% on all products.  They have promotions through the month with great specials and discounts on products and shipping.  Take advantage of the saving on these awesome products.

Joining NSP was the only way I could afford the wellness products I needed to save my life back in 1993!  I was a stay-at-home mom, home educating my two young sons.  We had just moved from Missouri to Texas, so I had to get well just to take care of my little family.  I am still amazed at the quality and value I receive from being a NSP member!

Most of all, I simply want you to feel better!  Of course, I want to work with you, but my greatest desire is for you to feel better any way you can.  Take whatever inspired action you feel is appropriate for you at this time.  Just know that my door is always open and I welcome the opportunity to serve as YOUR Life & Wellness Coach!

All is well!  And, you can be too!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

Email:  maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com

If you enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others!  Feel free to post your comments or questions below.  Thanks in advance!

PS:  I’d love to set up a time to visit.  Your well-being is important to the world!  As you allow wellness to flow to you and through you, you provide positive, well-being vibrations to the entire world!!


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