Starting My Day with Protein!

I confess, I’m not a big breakfast person!  There, I said it!

I get up and still have my coffee–yes, don’t judge me. 😉  However, I have started adding a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee, along with my NSP Xylitol (bulk) blended with organic coconut palm sugar for sweetener.  It allows me to get more of those wonderful medium-chain fats into my diet that are so good for us.  By the way, fats are what satiate your hunger.  Just remember to get the right kind of fats (that will have to be another blog post).

Anyway, back to breakfast….  I love breakfast, but once I’m up and have my morning coffee and visit with Source Energy during my meditation or just relish in my appreciation of life and what it provides for me–I’m excited and ready to enjoy my day.  The coffee and coconut oil sustains me for quite a while.

I know it’s best to begin the day with protein, but I get so busy beginning my day that I tend to forget to eat.

Some of you may be shaking your head in agreement.  It’s hard to slow down when you’re excited about the day and what it holds for you.  I know I should start my day with some protein.  So this morning I prepared one of my favorite simple protein shakes.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I’m a Nature’s Sunshine Products nut!  I’ve loved this company and it’s products since 1993 when their products saved my life during my worst health issues.  I’m a loyal Nature’s Sunshine Products customer, first and foremost, because of the wellness I receive from using their products.  I’m also a distributor and have many clients that have benefited from the use of their products.

If you’re ready to see over 600 products that Nature’s Sunshine has to offer, click here!

This simple shake begins with a choice of almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water.  I pour about 8 ounces into my NSP Power Shaker and then I add two scoops of one of their protein powders.  Today it was NSP NutriBurn Chocolate–yummy!  Those two scoops give me 25 grams of whey protein!  We need about 60-70 grams of protein per day.

Then I add the kapow!  I throw in a heaping scoop of NSP Ultimate GreenZone.  This allows me to get a veggie serving and fiber in without even noticing.  Now, not everyone likes the NSP Ulitmate GreenZone added.  It does add some more fiber texture to the shake.  So if you’re like one of my clients who gags on any fiber, just make the shake plain.  I absolutely love it in mine!

Ice cubes goes on top of that and a little purified water–I like my shakes a little more liquid and not as thick.  I like the icy temperature, too.  I screw on the lid and shake like crazy.  The little wire mixing ball and ice cubes mix it all up so easily.  I like to sip my shakes through a straw.

Recipe mixed in a NSP Power Shaker:

  • 8 oz. Almond milk (1 gm. protein), or coconut water or milk
  • 2 scoops NSP NutriBurn Chocolate (25 gm. protein)
  • 1 heaping scoop NSP Ultimate GreenZone adding 3 grams more protein!  Boom–29 grams of protein for the day!
  • Ice cubes and a little purified water if you like your shakes more liquid like me!
  • Cover and shake, while you dance, twist and shout!!
  • Enjoy knowing you just provided your body with amazing nutrition of 29 grams of protein and grains, greens and other super foods.

What a yummy, simple way to get 29 grams of protein in my day!  It gives me pleasure to know I’m doing something awesome for my body.  Our bodies are so freaking amazing if we just get out of their way of wellness!

Our attitude has so much to do with our well-being!  If you’re not living everyday in appreciation and happiness, you’re sending a message to your body to break down and attract dis-ease.

I am so much more appreciative of life and enjoy a well-being that eluded me for so many years during my “stinkin’ thinkin'” years.  During those years my health was–well, it just wasn’t!  I didn’t have health–I just survived and not very well.  I created all kinds of dis-ease (uneasiness, imbalance) in my body.  Our bodies feel every feeling with which we vibrate.  Those vibrations give life or death to our cells.

Make up your mind today to start thinking better-feeling thoughts.  Just reach for thoughts that feel even a little better than what you are feeling now.  Any small shift towards feeling better and, thus, vibrating at a higher level will manifest in a better life to live and better outward expressions of life experiences.  Reach for thoughts that soothe your feelings.  Eventually, you will begin to shift your old pattern of thinking into more positive, happy thoughts and then watch the Universe show you how wonderful life can really be!!

All is well!  And you can be, too!

Dream – Grow – Live!!

MAP 12-2015 rev

Mary Ann Pack – YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  If you can’t seem to control your thoughts and feelings, but want to learn–let’s talk!  Or, if you have a question about life or wellness, please email me at

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PPS:  Call me if you have any urgent questions or are ready to coach with me!  (903) 227-0273 (be sure and leave a message if I’m not available as I may be in a coaching session).





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