Notice Your Shift With A Gratitude Journal!

“Things always work out for me!” ~MaryAnnPack

I have been practicing being deliberately happy and relaxed in life.  I am studying Abraham-Hicks‘ teachings via YouTube videos, reading their books and really gaining the shifts I have been seeking.  Yes, I have a long learning curve, but I’m beginning to see small, yet amazing results!

I’ve had 57 years of life experience and am happier now then ever before in my life! At first, I didn’t notice any results from my practice of deliberate happiness and getting in the vortex (the vibrational place that holds our dreams and aspirations as we align with our Source Energy), because they were so subtle.  I wanted to be aware of the shift, so I began to really start paying attention to the little details that happen within the big things in life. I started writing them down, because I know that I may forget and get some negative thoughts going and wanted a place to remind me of my progress to encourage me.

I have a gratitude journal that I started September 26, 2014.  It’s a small spiral bound notebook and on the front cover there is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  It is a little hardback spiral-bound journal that I picked up at a dollar store.  I wanted a special pen to write in it, and purple being my favorite color, I chose a purple pen and named it, My Magical Purple Pen of Increase.  So anytime I write in my journal, write out my dreams or things I want in my life, write receipts for sales, write deposit slips to the bank, I try to remember to use my special pen of increase! Not only do I write down things I appreciate and am grateful for, I write down quotes and inspired ideas, and book or blog ideas.  This little book is full and I already have my next journal started!

Here are a few “winks” from the universe letting me know that things really are working out for me in perfect ways and shifts are happening daily if I only open my eyes and notice them….

Last April I went back home to St. Louis, Missouri to be with family.  The day before I left I worked with two of my bookkeeping and web design clients that I see every Tuesday.  I’ve been wanting more time to work on other projects and write, so I’d asked the universe to help me find others who could take some of my workload.  I knew one of my clients wanted a web design and that morning I asked the owner about creating a website for them.  She said that she was talking with a photographer that also does websites and they were considering hiring her to design and manage their website.  I was thrilled!  The universe was answering my desire to release some of my workload.

When my husband was driving me to the airport in Dallas, traffic was very heavy and it was delaying our arrival to drop me off, but I was able to remain calm and knew that I was always on time and all was well.  I arrived at the airport with very little time to check my bag and get to the gate.  Yet, within minutes I was quickly through security and sitting at my gate.  No anxiety or stress.  All was well!

When on the plane I wanted to remember to ask for two napkins with my drink, because I needed an extra one for my nose!  Such a simple thing, yet the universe “winked” at me and when we were served our drinks the people on either side of me were given one napkin and the steward gave me two without asking!!  The universe had him give me the exact number of napkins I wanted!  Simple, yet noticeable when you choose to become aware.

Things are always working out for me!

While visiting with my sister, we had planned a special day just for the two of us.  The rain had been predicted for that day and I asked the universe to make the day perfect for us.  I simply went on merrily about my visit enjoying special moments with friends and family.  Our special day turned out to be glorious and it never even showered!  Even the weather is working in cooperation with my dreams!

My sister was taking me to the airport after the weekend together and we stopped to get coffee.  Thinking we had planned enough time, we lazily enjoyed the last few moments together over coffee and a treat.  When I got to the airport the skycap looked at my boarding pass and replied that I was running late–they had moved up the schedule of the plane.  Not to worry, I was in my happy zone and nothing was going to take that away from me!  I finished checking my bag and was blessed with TSApre-check security pass, so I moved very quickly through security and my gate just happened to be the very first gate exiting security!  In the past, my gates have always been at the very end of the terminal, farthest away from security.  I had to laugh to myself, because as I arrived at the gate, they were already boarding and I walked right up and into line.  Happiness reigned in my day not because I saw reasons to happy first, but I got happy before I ever saw evidence of improved circumstances!

Happiness first, evidence later!

Recently, I got a message from a man on Facebook that I’m friends with through a business interest.  He asked if I would be interested in being interviewed for a podcast show he was starting.  We had a preliminary call and set up our interview time.  I was wanting to grow my exposure with others and this came about “out of the blue”!  We can guess by now, it was the universe answering my desire because of my deliberate choice of happiness.  I was vibrating at the level of my desires and they were manifesting.

Two more little “winks” from the universe and I’ll end for today.  I was listening to an Abraham teaching on the way to see some clients and was mulling over the little joys of the evidence of shifts taking place in our family’s lives.  Earlier that morning one of my clients actually asked me for my invoice for the month!  I’ve never had a client ask to be billed so they could write me a check!  Also, my husband sold something online and when he was discussing the price and shipping fees, the man said to add another $10 to the shipping fees–he thought what we charged was not enough!  Can you believe it?!  When have you ever heard of someone asking if they can pay you more than your fee???!

Now, some will say, “Mary Ann, those are ridiculously small events.  They really don’t mean anything.  That’s just a coincidence.”  I will say, if you become aware of even the smallest “wink” from the universe that confirms It’s working on your behalf, you’d better celebrate it!  As you notice the small wonders in life, more and more will come, because we live in an ever expanding universe governed by attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law–that means it happens throughout all the universes in all dimensions of creation.  Creation is always expanding and growing–eternally.  It never stops and never takes a vacation.  We are always, always, always creating our own experience by our choices of thoughts and emotions–whether we are choosing deliberately or by default.  It really doesn’t matter if you know how to use the Law of Attraction or not–it’s always working.  The Universe is always matching the vibration of what you think and feel most predominantly.

If you want to know what your dominant thoughts and emotions are, just look around at the events and circumstances of your life, because you put them there by your vibrational invitation.  The universe doesn’t hear what words you say, It understands what you mean by your feelings/emotions.  So, my suggestion would be to educate yourself about how to use The Law of Attraction to your success!

Dream – Grow – Live!!

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~Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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