My Favorite Allergy Relief!

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When our immune systems are suppressed and not functioning optimally, we are more vulnerable to be affected by forces that would normally be dealt with and discarded naturally by our bodies.  During these times of low immune function, we are more susceptible to allergens.  Dealing with an onslaught of allergies makes life miserable.  So, let’s look at a few ways to regain wellness holistically–body, mind and spirit.

I know folks may not understand that our mindset and emotions play roles in our well-being, but they do.  Science has proven that over and over.  All it takes is a few key words in a search engine to result in many studies proving the effects our thoughts and emotions play on the outcomes we experience.

What you think about you bring about.  

What you believe you receive.

Allergies According to Metaphysics

According to metaphysics (how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body), allergies are emotional congestion; a fear of the calendar; a belief in persecution; guilt.  Who are you allergic to?  Is there someone close to you that is an irritation to you?

When you are congested emotionally and irritated by someone close to you, you may be beating up on yourself because you feel guilty.  Guilty that you have not done something right according to someone else’s opinion.  You close your emotions off because you feel their judgment against you.  Do you feel someone close to you that is bearing down on you?

Well, it’s time to take your power back.  You are the only thinker of your thoughts.  If you want relief from allergies and sinus problems, you may need to let go of the opinions of others.  It’s time to create balance and peace and calm in your life.  It’s time to take care of yourself and what makes you happy!  It’s time for a happy heart!!

Scriptures Acknowledge a Healing Merry (Happy) Heart

Holding a degree in biblical studies means that I have followed and studied sacred texts for most of my life.  There is a scripture that states, “A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”   These principles have been around for thousands of years and throughout many traditions.

This particular scripture tells us that our health is a matter of heart.  It’s at the seat of our feelings which are produced by our thoughts.  A happy heart produces health and well-being.  Conversely, a broken spirit (negative heart) will produces illness that dries the bones.  In other words, arthritis and other inflammatory dis-eases.

When our dominant thoughts are negative or worried that we will catch something or that we inherited an illness, we are sending a message out to the universe that we really want more of the same things that give us those thoughts and feelings.  The universe doesn’t hear your words, It understands your meaning or feelings.  You are vibrating at a level of dis-ease, so more dis-ease will come to match it.  Pushing against something you don’t want simply activates more of what you are pushing against to be attracted to you.  You cannot resist anything–you can only attract everything by special invitation directly from your dominant thoughts.

Reading Your Feeling-Barometer

So, what is our goal for health?  We want to radiate a vibration of vibrant health and well-being.  Happiness is a good place to start.  Choose happy thoughts.  If you tend to think more negatively, become aware of this by noticing how you feel.  Emotions are your feeling-barometer in your body.  Abraham-Hicks calls this our Emotional Guidance System.  If you’re not sure what you’re thinking, just stop and notice how you’re feeling.  If you feel bad, you have been dominantly thinking negative thoughts.  If you feel good, however, keep it up and more good-feeling thoughts will come to you!  Either way, you are building momentum of more new thoughts after holding a thought for just 17 seconds.  By the time you reach the 68 second mark, you are well on your way to a dominant thought pattern–which turns into a belief.  This momentum brings more of what you’ve been thinking about to you faster.

Your goal is to start soothing yourself with more pleasant thoughts….

Sure, it’s allergy season, but I don’t always have to suffer.

Maybe this year will be better, because I’m working on getting healthier and eating and exercising better.

I haven’t always had allergy problems, so maybe I’ll enjoy more health this year.

Building Your Immune System with Foods and Supplements

Hippocrates says to allow our food to be our medicine.  So, next, let’s look at our foods.  The more we can eat natural, whole foods, the better.  Stay away from processed foods as much as possible that contain a chemical shit-storm.  Eating any food that is processed and pre-packaged is typically chocked full of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives and/or synthetic hormones.  A good rule of thumb is to eat 80% raw foods and only 20% cooked foods.  Of course, our best bet is organically raised foods–but you already knew that.  The 80/20 method will help keep your body more alkaline which is the natural status of well-being.  An acid body is reflective of poor digestion and processed foods intake.  An acidic body is ripe for dis-ease and inviting to environmental toxins.

Feed yourself well!

For a boost, we can add supplements from nature.  Here are my suggestions that I give every client with allergy issues:

  1. Drink lots of pure water.  This will help eliminate toxins and flush your system.  Water also hydrates mucus membranes that can get dehydrated and swell with an over build-up of mucus.  Water also keeps your energetic frequencies moving.  Water consumption rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces per day (or more if you are sick, exercising, or in hot weather).  Example:  Weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces per day.  Measure out your water into a pitcher and make sure you consume it all before bedtime.  If you are considering a water purification system the British Berkefeld is the only one I have use, personally, since 1999 and it’s the only one I offer clients. You can read FAQ on the Berkey.
  2. Consider taking a detoxifying cleanse product.  My favorite is Nature’s Sunshine Products, Tiao He Cleanse.  Just living in today’s world, we are exposed to so many toxins.  Our bodies need to be cleansed to get the most benefit from the good foods and pure water we are consuming.  This also eases the load on our detox and eliminating systems–like our liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, respiratory system and skin.  Once the body is cleaner, you may notice some issues fade away or ease.  Now you are ready to absorb the nutrients from your foods and supplements better.
  3. Supplement with a high quality probiotic.  Nature’s Sunshine Product, Probiotic Eleven has multiple strains of live culture bacteria (flora) in the billions count.  The reason for taking supplemental probiotics is to support the flora in your gut, because that’s where most of your immune system lives.  When we get acidic or have taken antibiotics, we kill off the good flora (good bacteria) in our intestines and this allows the bad flora to over grow.  We must balance the flora and replace the good flora for optimally healthy immune system.  You want a probiotic product with billions of live cultures in as many strains as possible–that’s why I love Nature’s Sunshine Products.  If you’re thinking yogurt is good enough–think again.  You may get one or two strains of bacteria and only one to two billion count, which is a very low quantity of the necessary various flora.
  4. Supplement with Nature’s Sunshine Product, Fenugreek & Thyme, ALJ and HistaBlock.  Fenugreek & Thyme combination helps dry up the excess mucus caused by allergies.  It gives relief from runny noses and drainage that can make your throat sore.  The ALJ is like a natural decongestant. The herbal formula ALJ helps balance the natural eliminative functions of the respiratory system. It supports healthy lung function and helps support the body during seasonal changes.  It also helps promote respiratory tissue health.  HistaBlock provides nutrients that support healthy respiratory function as the body battles irritants, pollutants and toxins.  This formula provides antioxidant strength to help stabilize mast cells.
  5. Supplement with North American Herb and Spice, Oreganol P73.  This is wild oregano oil and is especially potent for sinus and respiratory health.  Great for all excessive inflammatory issues.
  6. Use Xlear Nasal Spray.  Xylitol is a sticky, bacteria-and-allergen-grabbing natural substance that is made from plants.  It is, also, used as a natural sweetener.  Because of it’s sticky and anti-bacterial properties, when sprayed in the nasal passages it clings to allergens and bacteria.  When you blow your nose, all those nasty fellers come out on the tissue.
  7. Colloidal Silver for protection against infections. As a precaution or if you already feel there may be infection, add a nano-particle colloidal silver like Nature’s Sunshine Product, Silver Shield to your arsenal.  Silver Shield comes in various sized bottles.  The antibiotic properties are second to none.  The nano-sized particles are easily absorbed by your cells.  Silver particles are processed by the kidneys and may not affect populations of beneficial bacteria in the colon, unlike antibiotics.  Non-toxic and no risk of heavy metal contamination.  When you take colloidal silver, squirt it in your mouth hold it under your tongue for a few seconds then gurgle it in the back of your throat before swallowing.  One teaspoon taken several times a day would be beneficial.
  8. Rest!  Allow your body to have time to heal.  When you sleep, your emotional resistant ceases and your body can come back into alignment with Well-Being.  Your sleeping body heals the best during the hours prior to midnight.  So, all you night-owls–go to bed! 🙂

Healing Spiritually

If you meditate, you know the power that comes from the practice.  Quieting the mind sends calming waves of energy throughout your body.  When you quiet your mind and body, the healing process will be heightened, because your resistant thoughts subside and allows alignment with your Inner Being.  During meditation your body can release stress and automatically raises your vibration and brings peaceful feelings.  This, alone, will be beneficial to your healing process.

There are many meditation practices.  If you are new to meditation, simply begin with sitting quietly in a comfortable position where you will not be distracted.  Gently close your eyes and sit still.  Focus on your breathing by counting your breaths or focus on the sensation of your breaths in and out.  Notice the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen.  Notice the sensation of the air movement in and out of your nostrils or at the back of your throat.  Relax every muscle and just be.  Thoughts will arise and gently brush them out of your mind and return to focusing on your breath.  Practice at least 15 minutes each day.

I love the quote I’ve read that is something like this, “If you’re busy, meditate 20 minutes a day.  If you’re really busy, meditate for an hour.”  This will let you know exactly how important meditation can be for your well-being!  Meditation takes a while to master–that’s why they call it practice!

In Conclusion:

When my clients have followed the suggestions above, they have typically benefited greatly.  At the bare minimum, make sure you are drinking plenty of pure water, eat mindfully, take NSP Fenugreek and Thyme, NSP HistaBlock, NAHS Oreganol and rest–you should notice the lessened severity of your seasonal allergic reactions.

I suggest taking enough of each product.  You have to think of most herbal capsules as a teaspoon of good food.  If you begin taking the supplements and do not see a noticeable decrease in symptoms, you are not taking enough of the encapsulated foods.  Increase your dosage and/or frequency.  Each person’s system is different, so I can’t really give you a dosage.

Personal Example:  When my husband and I started dating, he said he had terrible allergies.  His allergies were so severe he took tons of over-the-counter medications and even landed in the ER a few times.  During his first allergy season with me, I gave him three NAHS Oreganol and four NSP Fenugreek and Thyme with a big glass of pure water.  Within 30 minutes he noticed some relief.  After the second dose about four hours later, he was almost back to normal.  He was sold!  No more OTC drugs or ER visits.

It’s been over five years now and he rarely even needs to take these supplements, but we keep them in our natural medicine cabinet.  I’ve had many clients give the same type of reported relief.  As I said before, if you’re not seeing improvement of your symptoms, simply increase the dosage and drink plenty of pure water.

If I can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please don’t hesitate to email your questions to or call my direct line at (903) 227-0273.  Please be patient if I can’t answer right away as I may be in a coaching call with another client–just leave a detailed message including your name and contact number.

Dream – Grow – Live!!

MAP 12-2015 rev


~Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  Please visit my website MaryAnnPack anytime.  If you are interested in getting more information on Nature’s Sunshine Products, please visit  Take advantage of great discounts (up to 33%) when you become a member.  When placing an order simply click on the membership option at checkout.  Your savings as a member will also benefit your pocketbook!  I have been a member since I started my wellness journey in 1993!


Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.  It is your responsibility to discuss any alterations to your health care with your physician.  No one is held liable for any action you take regarding your health.  The above information is for educational purposes only.  If you choose to utilize any of the information, you understand that you take full responsibility for any outcome.


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