68-Seconds to Shift!

Living in the country with no city or street lights allows me the privilege of gorgeous night skies.  Sitting on the front porch early this morning, the sky was dark and clear so that the moon shone so brightly it almost hurt my eyes to gaze upon it.  It was just past the full moon phase, so it was still quite round and bright.  Usually the stars are brilliantly shining against the dark sky, but this morning the moon overpowered the brilliance of the stars.  I usually sit and look at the stars while I drink my coffee and enjoy the early morning quiet, but this morning the moon was the center of my attention.

I started thinking about the Law of Attraction and how we are taught to focus our attention solely upon what we do want—and not upon what we don’t want.  We are taught to hold our focus and feel good.  In doing so, we allow what we do want to come into our reality.

The moon held my intense focus so much that the stars, although still there, were almost out of focus or simply in my peripheral vision.  The stars were almost unnoticeable, because of the brilliance of the moon.

I thought about how our focused thoughts are kind of like the moon and stars this morning.  When we focus intently upon what we do want (the moon), the things that we don’t want (the stars) are still hazily in our peripheral vision, but not at the forefront of our focus.  It’s not that the things we don’t want have to be removed from our lives, they just have to get hazy and out-of-focus for us.

Abraham-Hicks, my mentor, likens it to eating at a buffet.  As we look over the buffet, we are deciding what we do want to eat and what we don’t want to eat.  We put on our plates only what we do want and leave the unwanted foods on the buffet.  We simply choose to pick the foods we do want to eat.  We don’t ask the staff to remove the unwanted foods from off the buffet.  We just put what we do want on our plate and move along.  The other foods that are on the buffet don’t bother us just because they are there—we just pick and choose what delights us.

It’s the same with how we focus on what we do want.  Just because there are other unwanted things to think about, we have the ability to focus on what we do want.  We seem to make it so difficult for ourselves.  We allow whatever comes into our thoughts to take hold as if we have no control of our own thoughts.  We do have thought control—just as we control what we put on our plates at a buffet.

When we are focused on a pattern of thought regarding a subject we don’t want, it has a lot of momentum going and it’s harder to stop thinking about.  The only way to stop thinking about something unwanted is to distract ourselves from those thoughts and start thinking about something we do want–or at least, the positive aspects of the subject we are pondering.  If we hold a thought for as little as 17 seconds, another thought will join it, because of how the Law of Attraction works–that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  Then, if we hold those thoughts for another 17 seconds, more thoughts of the same essence will join those, and so on, until we have passed the 68 second mark.  Once we reach the 68 second mark, we will have accomplished a different pattern of thought.

If we hold thoughts of what we do want for a little longer than a minute, we can accomplish a shift in our pattern of thought!  Surely we can focus for 68 seconds upon what we really do want.  It can, however, be quite difficult to change our pattern of thought when it has so much momentum going, but the reward of feeling good should be enough motivation to want to shift our pattern of thought to something pleasing.

Next time you have a thought pattern racing through your mind, notice how you feel.  Does it feel good or bad as you are in that particular pattern of thought?  If it feels good, great!  Keep going with those thoughts, because the good-feeling is indicating that you are aligned with who you really are—the inside You, the You of Greater Knowing.  But, if you notice you are feeling bad, this is an indicator that you are not in alignment with the inner You.

Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t brow-beat yourself for having negative thoughts.  Simply recognize that you have a choice.  And, most importantly, you have control of your thoughts.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem that you have control of your thoughts because you’ve trained yourself in certain patterns of thinking and they are very strong, but you can change whatever thoughts you have to better-feeling thoughts at any time.  This change of thought patterns creates the desired shift and will make it easier next time you face a subject that makes you feel bad.

If you desire better-feeling thoughts, begin by changing the subject to something you do want or something pleasant.  Remember, every subject is really two subjects—what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted.  You can shift your thoughts to the wanted very quickly, if you look for the positive aspects of the subject on your mind. 

Or, you may have to change subjects altogether.  Distraction is the best medicine for creating the wanted shift in your life.  Look for a subject to think about that is pleasing and that feels good when you ponder it.  Distraction from the unwanted is a great way to get to a better-feeling place which will raise your vibration.

Of course, moving up the emotional scale to appreciation will take some time if you are down at despair or powerlessness, but it can be done by increments.  Always reaching for a better-feeling thought will help you accomplish the higher vibration.  And, everything you want is at the higher vibration.  It’s all in a good-feeling place.  You can’t get to what you do want from thinking about what you don’t want.  They are on entirely different vibrational frequencies. 

Our natural state is that of well-being.  Well-being resonates with a high vibration.  Well-being is abundance in every area of our lives.  The only way to reach what we do want is by matching that high vibration of abundant well-being.  To reach well-being of abundance, we must feel good.

We can’t focus on unwanted circumstances or what-is and get to what we want.  Especially if what-is is not what we want.  What-is, or our current reality, is a temporary indication of our previous dominant thought patterns.  Now that we know that we have control of our thoughts and can reach for better-feeling thoughts, we can also change our future reality.  We can change the what-is!

That’s what this shift is all about.  Shifting even a little bit to better-feeling thoughts will activate better-feeling circumstances and a new what-is will begin to appear.  We have to feel the shift in our thoughts and emotions before we will see the shift in our circumstances.  We have to start feeling-better before we will see better results.

Many folks want the circumstances to change so they will feel better, but that is opposite to how the Law of Attraction works.  The feelings must change before the circumstances will change.  I like the quote, Be the Change, because it gets to the heart of how the change comes—through BEing.  We must work on the BEing part (the vibrational feeling part) before real change can be accomplished.

We must shift our BEing by focusing on what we really do want.  We must ignore what we don’t want and it will diminish like the stars this morning.  When we focus intently upon what we do want it will shine with brilliance like my morning moon!

Feel the shift?  There is a shift happening in our mass consciousness.  As folks are getting serious about how they feel and desire change they want to see and experience, it helps all of us expand.  That’s what so great about living this life of contrasts.  As we sift and sort our preferences for improvement, we are helping others to find their shift, too!  That’s a good-feeling thought!

The shift is only 68 second away!  Begin now by determining to make feeling-good your priority.  Make feeling-good the most important goal of your life.  Joy awaits!

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All is Well!!

MAP 12-2015 rev

Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  Life is easy and feels good.  If you are having trouble finding your shift, contact me today at maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com!  Don’t wait another 68 seconds to find your joy!




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