The Way People Treat You is Their Responsibility: True or False?

“The way people treat you is a statement of who they are as a human being.  It’s not a statement about you.”

This quote makes us feel much better than the feeling of taking sole responsibility for everything we experience.

This quote allows us to feel better about ourselves and allows for us to play the victim.  We get to pass the buck and blame someone else.  This statement allows for people to do things TO us.  That it is certainly NOT our responsibility how people treat us.  It’s them vs. us!

This statement is in opposition with the Universal Law of Attraction which governs our world.

Because the Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn, the above quote would be an incorrect statement. Per the Law of Attraction, we are constantly attracting events, circumstances, relationships, situations into our lives by invitation from our thoughts and emotions/feelings.

Nothing can come into our lives, but by engraved invitation directly from our emotional vibrational response created by our thoughts.  People can’t treat us any particular way until they are greeted by our vibration.

It seems that the above statement is referring to someone treating you poorly, or why would it say that it is a statement about who they are and not about you.  If they were inferring that someone treated you kindly and good, you would want that statement to be about you!

So the statement above seems to be regarding negative treatment from others; otherwise, it really wouldn’t be favorable towards us from a positive standpoint.  If someone was treating you kindly, you would actually WANT that statement to be about you and not about them as human beings.

If you experience a person treating you kindly or poorly, it’s only because you invited them to treat you that way by your vibrational frequency emitted.  If you run into ornery people, you too, are emitting an ornery vibration.  You can only attract what you are vibrating by your thoughts and emotions.

So, a truer saying would be,

“The way people treat you is in direct cooperation with who you are being as a human in that moment.”  ~Mary Ann Pack

How people treat us is always in direct response to what vibration we are emitting by the thoughts we have been thinking.  If we run into an ornery person, we are emitting orneriness.  It’s the only way we can experience orneriness in others—they are simply being cooperative components in the dance we have already started!

There is no insertion or exclusion in the Law of Attraction.  There is only attraction.  No one can insert something into your life without your express invitation of its essence.  There are also no exclusions in the law of attraction—you can never push something away or say no to something or someone.  Once you give any attention to something, you are including it in your active vibration and attracting more of the same essence into your life.

It’s time for you to take full responsibility for how others treat you and if you experience treatment that is not pleasing to you, it’s time to take a look at how you feel so you know what you are emitting.

If you feel good, the essence of that good will be attracted to you as a cooperative component.  If you pay attention to how you feel and you feel bad, just know that you have been thinking thoughts that are emitting vibrations of displeasing essence.  You are, in that moment, attracting poor quality treatment from others.

If you don’t like what you have been experiencing, start reaching for better-feeling thoughts.  Maybe you’ve noticed that you feel bad and realize you have been pondering bad-feeling thoughts.  Your next thoughts should bring you relief.  So, either change the subject of your thoughts to things that are pleasing and make you feel good, or begin thinking of all the positive aspects of the subject that has made you feel badly, previously.  If you are having difficulty thinking of positive aspects of the current subject, because it is so emotionally charged and has too much momentum going, you may simply have to change the subject all-together.  Begin thinking of things you love or enjoy—things that make you feel better or inspire happy feelings when pondering them.

If you have a difficult time remembering good-feeling thoughts, you may want to start a Journal of Appreciation or Gratitude or a Journal of Positive Aspects.  Use a special pen to write down every little thing you can think of that creates a good feeling within you.  Write down something every day that gives you feelings of warm-fuzzies all the way up to deep appreciation and joy—which is the highest vibrational level.

When you think about positive aspects or think about things you appreciate, you have shifted your vibration—which is a very good thing!  You are matching the vibration of all the lovely things you desire to experience.  As you continue to feel good the universe will obediently bring the matching essence of all that you desire.  The universe will conspire to present you with cooperative components that are pleasing and feel really good.

Remember, it only takes 17 seconds to begin your shift.  Every 17 seconds that you can hold a positive thought will attract another and another thought of the same essence.  Hold those thoughts for 68 seconds and you now have created the momentum that can carry you into a greater shift of high vibrational frequency—this is where all the goodies you desire resides!

Life will start feeling easier and more enjoyable.  Sure we need to experience contrast of seeing things we don’t want so we know what we do want.  But we don’t dwell on the things not wanted; we only want to dwell on the things wanted.  That’s where the good-feeling thoughts live—that’s where we want to live the majority of the time.

All it takes is noticing how you feel.  As you go about your day, stop occasionally and notice how you feel.  If you are feeling good—great!  If you are feeling bad—don’t labor over trying to figure out what thoughts made you feel bad—simply change the subject to something that is pleasing.  Distracting yourself is the fastest way to raise your vibrational level.

These two affirmations are my favorites:

All is well!

“I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing and I’m loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me.”  ~Abraham-Hicks (my mentor)

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