My Favorite Affirmation: All is Well!

All is Well!

This affirmation has become my favorite.  Of all the affirmations I’ve heard over the years, it seems that, All is Well, is at the very core of everything we desire or could express in our life experience.  It’s truly who we are!  It is the core of our Inner Being.

All is Well brings comfort when I am troubled by negative thoughts.

All is Well brings peace when my mind is racing with so many thoughts.

All is Well brings joy when I have experienced the pain of sorrow.

All is Well brings calm when I am hurried.

When I experience all the contrast that this physical life presents, I have the ability to sift and sort through all of it.  I see things I do not want and that helps me create my desires for improvement.  I can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly what I do want.

As I deliberately focus upon what I do want, I get more and more clear about the details of my desire.  Focusing and deliberately spending time thinking about what I do want, helps me flesh out the details of exactly how I would like the experience to manifest.

This is a fun process!  Sometimes I feel that I get way to serious about what I want.  Then I get turned around and notice I’m actually focusing on the lack of its presence in my life.  Well, that feels really bad.  I get tense.  I notice my body starts tensing up and my feelings actually hurt.

This is the time I repeat my affirmation—All is Well.  Ahhhh!  What a relief.  I immediately relax and allow the knowing of well-being to wash over me.  My mind calms, my muscles relax, my body goes limp, and I feel so much better.  In the seconds it takes to repeat, All is Well, I have shifted from heading down a difficult path to the path of least resistance.

I have begun to make how I feel my absolute priority.  I am beginning to evaluate things I do.  I am evaluating requests from others.  If I feel that what I’m preparing to do will create more good feelings and are in alignment with feeling good, I will happily do them.  If, when I think about doing them, I get a tense feeling or resistance rising in me, I politely decline. Remember, NO is not a four-letter-word!  It can be a word of well-being.

This doesn’t mean I don’t take responsibility for things that must be done, but I do try to have a different perspective when taking responsibility.  I try to look for positive aspects of what I’m doing.  I still know that how I feel is solely up to me and it’s always my choice to do things happily or resentfully.

Simply think about the word, responsibility.  It is the ability-to-respond.  How are we using our ability to respond?  Are we responding with knee-jerk reactions?  Are we thoughtfully considering what is to be done and choosing to be happy doing it?

It all comes down to choices.  That’s the free-will and free-won’t mechanism with which we are all endowed.  We can choose to use our free-will to deliberately focus on feeling good no matter what circumstances we experience, or we can choose to use our free-won’t and simply let life hit us in the face.  Come what may, we will push on through life—till it kills us!

But, all the pushing against with resistance just creates more imbalance in us and we create more suffering–in our bodies, our minds and inner being.  This can really be a deadly choice.

Maybe it’s time for you to borrow my favorite affirmation—All is Well!

I’ll gladly share it with you!  As a matter of fact, I encourage you to use it every time you start noticing tension in your body and emotions.  If you are feeling not as good as you would like, try it out.

Repeat after me, take it to heart and speak it slowly…All is Well, All is Well, All is Well!

Doesn’t that feel better already?

Now, hold that thought pattern for a mere 68 seconds and you can experience a shift in your consciousness.  You can shift your vibration to a higher vibration by simply holding the thought that All is Well for just over a minute!  I know we ALL have 68 seconds a day to choose to make a shift in our vibration.

Begin today.  Begin right now.

Let this affirmation be an encouragement to raise your feelings to love, joy and appreciation.

You are loved.  You are worthy.  You are perfect.


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UPDATE BELOW 3/31/2016

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  I would love to hear from you today!  This is the perfect time to reach out to me and help you remember who you really are.  Let me help you discover your path of least resistance and enjoy life to the fullest.  My most happiest moments are enjoying a-ha moments with YOU!

Call me today at (903) 227-0273 or email me at  Please feel free to visit our website,

I look forward to hearing from you today!

UPDATE:  In the wee hours of this morning (March 31, 2016) my Papa transitioned from this physical life and re-emerged into non-physical.  He had been failing with Alzheimer’s over the years since my mother transitioned in 2005.  I just know he was a wonderful Papa (daddy)!  My sleep was fitful last night and when my sister called this morning and let me know he was gone, I just knew it already.  We had been expecting it, just not today.

I went to bed last night repeating, All is Well!  I sent texts back and forth with my sons, as they work away, to keep them updated as news came from my sister back home.  Many of those texts ended with my favorite affirmation, All is Well!

Never before did I need such comforting words.  My husband knows my love of this affirmation, as I repeat it aloud often, and he gave me comfort by repeating them to me as he embraced me with his love.  I willingly allowed all that comfort to wash over me and bring me peace and calm.

Even though I already miss my dear Papa greatly, I know he is always with me.  Our non-physical is always, always one consciousness, we simply have to be vibrating at the level of accepting and allowing it in to us.  We are always part and parcel with Infinite Intelligence and have immediate access to all knowledge of every thought ever created by all those who have come before us and will come again.

Others we have loved in this physical realm are still very interested in us and what we are doing.  I told my sons to watch for signs from him, letting us know he is here enjoying what we enjoy, seeing through our eyes and loving us unconditionally!

Once again…

All is Well!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Affirmation: All is Well!

  1. sorry to hear about your Papa. My dad “relocated” in his words, last year and I feel your sadness. All is Well, with us – but you know better than most, that All is Well-er , where they are now. We think this experience is “well” – just imagine the energy and knowing and love where they are!!! All IS well, indeed. hugs my friend, momentummikey 🙂

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    1. I really appreciate your kind thoughts and words! All is certainly well! Especially when we allow it to be and not get in the way of our well-being. I love your dad’s description of “relocation”! Wise man, indeed. All IS Well, my friend!! ~Mary Ann


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