Making Sense of Ho’oponopono

How in the world do you even pronounce Ho’oponopono…besides expect to know what it is?!  Well, this is an ancient Hawaiian system for problem solving.  The updated version is called “Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono”.  Oh, that really clears that right up!  Just relax and I’ll tell you all about it….

The ancient Hawaiians entrusted their secrets to kahunas (keeper of the secrets).  One of the kahunas living in the 20th century was Kahuna Lapa’au Morrnah Nalamaku Siteona (recognized as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983) and she updated the very cumbersome ancient ho’oponopono practice into a simpler process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation, which sped up the healing process exponentially.  The old system required all parties involved in a dispute or problem to be present and the healing sessions were mediated by a healer.  Basically, the healer made sure everyone got to speak and no one got out of hand.  Now, how often can you get groups of people together and find a mediator?

The kahuna modified it enough so that the healing is personal.  You never even have to speak with the one with which you have issues.  You just have to be aware there is a problems and you can work solely on your own.  She taught this process to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist, in 1982.  They worked together until her death about 10 years later.  He took up the torch and taught many others.  He was the therapist that was instrumental in the healing of ALL the criminally insane at the Hawaiian State Mental facility in the 90’s.  The facility closed its doors after his work was completed, because there were no more patients!  Get this…Dr. Hew Len NEVER saw a patient professionally!!  He simply reviewed their charts and worked on healing himself and the patients began to heal.  What did you just say???  He healed himself???  But the inmates were the ones with the problems, right?!  Well, not according to ho’oponopono.

The premise of ho’oponopono says that we, each of us, are 100% responsible for every event, problem, circumstance and even everything that others do to us or around us!  If something comes into your awareness, even by a story you hear or news article, you are responsible for it.  You know why?  Because we have created that event, problem or circumstance by our perception of it.  It’s all in US!  In other words, there’s no “out there”, there’s no “other peoples’ problems”.  We are all interconnected.  What each of us does affects all human-kind.  We are not individuals floating around among others.  We are one organism…humanity.  What one does, affects ALL.  When one heals, it heals a portion in ALL.

Ever notice that when you discuss events with others they have a different take or perception of what happened?  Not only do people have conflicting perceptions even though they basically agreed what happened, but you also have people whose perceptions are completely opposite of yours, even though they were at the same exact event!  Have you ever noticed that when there a problem, you are there?  If it’s in your world, if it’s in your awareness, it’s YOUR problem.

Okay, I know you’re screaming right now…that’s not right!  How can I be 100% responsible for someone raping or committing crimes or bullying me???  It’s not my fault…I’m not to blame…I’m not guilty for that!  You know what’s more??  Hold on now…you’re even 100% responsible for…wait for it….wait for it…those in the government and the economy you disdain so much!  Now, hold on just one minute!! I AM NOT responsible for the politicians in government and the economy.  I’m just one citizen of millions.

Calm down…you helped create what you perceive as a mess by being the person you are…with all your beliefs, past programs and memories.  That’s one of the reasons we have different political parties and even denominations, not to mention vast differences in individual churches’ within denominations!

In cell biology they now know that every cell in our body–all 50+ trillion of them–have stored memories from past generations.  (Read anything from Bruce Lipton, cell biologist, Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution).  We can virtually have memories all the way back to the creation of humanity that we’ve unconsciously inherited.  If you perceive the government or the economy as a problem….YOU are part of the problem.  You perceived the circumstances to be adversely affecting your life by the memories replaying in your subconscious mind.  You can test this by asking someone from another political party and they may think everything is great!  Free yourself from judgment for a moment and consider the other side of the story, and that it’s simply someone else’s perception that is different from yours…not right or wrong!

Did you know, our conscious mind only perceives about 15 bits of information coming in, but the subconscious mind perceives and interprets about 11 million bits of information or stimuli?  Those numbers vary depending upon what report you read, but the vastness is great.  You think you are consciously thinking about your world, but your subconscious mind is really the one running the show.

We are made up of three parts–the super-conscious (spirit, higher self, divine, the all-knowing), the conscious (the logical thinking mind, the free-will) and the sub-conscious (where memories replay over and over the filed programs and this is the area that rules our lives most of the time).  If you really don’t like the results in your life, or maybe you do…you can thank the sub-conscious.  It’s there to protect you, keep you from taking risks, keeps you from venturing out of your comfort zone, so you don’t experience more hurt or disappointment.  If you have great and positive memories replaying in your subconscious, then you will more than likely love your life.  But, if you have negative programs in your memories, you’ll only live in a negative state.

So, if you’re thinking you want something better in your life….financially, relationally, mentally, physically…where did that thought come from?  You think it came from your conscious mind, right?  Well, not exactly.  You see, studies have shown that there is brain activity a few seconds PRIOR to your thinking a thought to move, take action or a desire to do something.  So where did THAT brain activity come from?  It actually comes from your subconscious OR your super-conscious.  If it’s the same old, same old action, it’s from your subconscious…but! If it’s new and different, and a positive thought that is creative…it came from your super-conscious!

You either live from memories (subconscious) or you live from inspiration (super-conscious from the Divine).  Now, here is where the conscious mind kicks in.  With that thought to take action on an old program OR take action on that new and positive inspired thought, you’re conscious has the final say in that you have free-will to choose to do it or not.  Are you practicing free-will or free-won’t???

Do you imagine a life of abundance, happiness, peace and health?  Sure you do!  We all do.  We ALL have that little voice telling us there must be a better way to live.  Oh yeah…we’re back to the question of how does ho’oponopono heal all those negative memories replaying crap into my life?

Before we advance into the tools for ho’oponopono, let me explain something very important, that many stumble over.  Being 100% responsible for what happens in your world, does NOT mean you are guilty, or at fault or to be shamed for the event or circumstance.  Being 100% responsible means you simply acknowledge that it has appeared in your life.  This is not laying blame or fault!  It just “is”!  That relieves a ton of pressure and negativity off of our hearts and opens our hearts for forgiveness.  We simply need to acknowledge that IT has happened or appeared in our awareness. 

For instance, if someone hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally and you allow un-forgiveness to reside in your heart all your life, it will only kill you prematurely by creating dis-ease in your body.  Now you may think that if you forgive, it will be like letting them off the hook for the hurt.  How can you possibly be 100% responsible for this happening to you??

Here’s where it all makes sense and forgiveness can find a way into your heart.  By being responsible, you are simply acknowledging that this horrible event happened in your life.  You’re not casting blame, guilt or shame anywhere.  You may not feel like saying forgiving and loving things during your cleaning process, but eventually you will feel like it and it will be so wonderfully freeing!!!

Let me give you another example…my son was starting to use ho’oponopono clearing and cleaning techniques.  One day he called me and was addressing his progress and then he said he was going to try it on an accident he witnessed on the highway.  But something inside him said, “How am I guilty for this accident or how did I cause this accident?”  And he got sidetracked with rejection of responsibility by trying to laying blame.  He confused responsibility with blame/fault.  When he discussed this with me, I immediately caught what he said about the guilt of the event.  That’s when I was able to tell him that it’s not laying blame, fault or guilt.  Responsibility is simply acknowledging the event…that it came into his awareness that someone had an accident.  At this moment, he began cleaning with ho’oponopono and felt the relief.

Events and circumstances ONLY come into our awareness to give us one more opportunity to clean on them.  If similar events continually come into your world, then those are opportunities for you to clean on them, so that you can be healed of the memory replaying that created them and drew the events into your awareness.  And, thus, help heal all of humanity of that particular inherited memory.  It’s simply a time to open up to Love Divine and begin the healing desired for humanity.

The Bible even mentions that the actions of past generations, whether good or bad, will be put upon future generations, multiple generations into the future!  This is nothing new.  We all carry memories and programs from past generations, without our awareness of them.  Cell memory…all 50 trillion of them.  They can, also, be overcome and healed!

So, say you don’t believe that we carry past memories or programs from the ancients of humanity?  Well, that’s okay.  What of the memories and programs that you acquired since you were born?  Let’s refer to these in two categories…supportive memories/programs and non-supportive memories/programs.  They can also be referred to as supportive beliefs or limiting beliefs.  As these descriptions would suggest, some are beneficial and some are counterproductive to your goals and aspirations.  Did you always have supportive, positive things happen to you to create memories in your sub-conscious or did you, also, have non-supportive or limiting things come into your awareness growing up?

You really don’t know all of the memories your brain and cells have, because many of them were acquired prior to the reasoning, thinking period of your development, as when you were a baby or even in the womb.  Science tells us that we are basically the person we will be by the time we are six years old.  We have soaked up all the perceptions, beliefs and programs from parents, friends, teachers, religious teachers, TV and such, all unconsciously by this age.  Science knows very well that the unborn are affected by the mother’s experiences and feelings.

So, let’s simply deal with what we know so far.  Ho’oponopono says that we are 100% responsible for whatever comes into our awareness.  That we simply need to acknowledge that is appeared in our experience.  That our inner being and bodies contain memories and programs from our past, since before conception, and even beyond to ancient humanity.  And, that we can clean those programs and transmute them for the positive with Divine Love.

Now, let me add one more facet to ho’oponopono.  Get out of the habit of judging a situation.  Circumstances and situations are neither good nor bad.  They just are.  We are warned about judging in the Bible and other ancient sacred texts.  Life just “is”.  Once you can grasp this concept, you will be relieved of so much stress in your life.  An important person in my life, once taught me a little phrase that has helped me over many hurtles of discomfort and difficulty.  That phrase is IIWII (pronounced “ee-wee”).  It stands for “It Is What It Is”.  No judging, no guilt, no fault, no blame, no shame.  Just IIWII!!  This little phrase helped me understand Jesus’ and Buddha’s instructions not to judge.  Sure we do things that we’re not proud of, but it’s still IIWII.  Put it behind you and move on by learning from that lesson.  IIWII!!  It gave me a new thought process that I could actually practice and form the habit of living a non-judgmental life.  Sure, I’m still working on it!  Life is a journey and a process.

Another aspect that I will add here is taken from the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn–like attracts like.  In other words, whatever you focus or feel strongly about, is what is attracted to you.  So, if you focus your thoughts and feelings on things that are good, praise-worthy, lovely, you will attract more of the same into your life.  But, if you focus your thoughts and feelings on hurtful, painful, regretful things, you will also attract more of that into your life.

I get so weary  of folks that want to complain and fight against things like politics, economics, cancer, hunger, war, poverty, because all they are doing is attracting more of the same!!  I think Mother Teresa had the perfect idea, in that, she said (paraphrased) don’t invite her to a rally “against” something, but invite her only if you were doing a peace rally (in other words, a rally promoting something positive).  She understood the principles of the Law of Attraction.  When you “fight” against something is expands!!  There is no exclusion in a universe governed by the law of attraction.  There is no such thing as NO.  There is only attraction of the essence of your focus.  What you focus on expands, because that vibration is activated in you!

You can test this in your own life.  Look at the fruits or results you have gotten over the years.  Are they mostly positive and create a joyful, happy heart OR are they mostly negative and create anger, resentment, and un-fulfillment in your heart?  If you’re grumpy most of the time, you will simply attract more things to be grumpy about.  On the other hand, if you are primarily happy and loving, you will attract more of the things that make you happy and loving.  Ask yourself…what are my fruits, what are my results?  Am I happy and joyful with my life?  If not, you can choose to change your thoughts and feelings, become happy and good fruit will appear.

I have learned to turn problems into a positive statement for my practical living experience.  If I don’t want disease, hunger, poverty, bad economics, poor political characters in place, then I say, I want health, plenty of food for all, increased abundance for all, positive role models for political office, and I focus with that mindset.  Don’t, under any circumstance, focus your thoughts and feelings on what you don’t want.  Because those thoughts create feelings and that’s exactly what the Universe is trying to match and give you!

In other words, don’t say…I don’t want disease, I will fight against hunger, poverty and war, because if you do you will only attract more disease, hunger, poverty and war.  Yes, those positives and negatives are out there, but only for comparison and contrast, so we can know what we really DO want!  Stay focused on the positive, supportive things you truly desire.  Feel the thankfulness that swells in your heart just thinking about having that perfect relationship, the perfect car, or perfect job!

This is a good time to talk about living a grateful life.  How often during the day do you say “thank you”?  Not just to others, but to Source/God or even to yourself?  I believe this one habit has brought about more positive change in my life than anything…other than living a loving life.

I read a post on Facebook not too long ago that said something like…. “What if the only things you had in your life tomorrow were the things you were thankful for today?”   We would all be more mindful to be thankful for all the big AND little things we appreciate.  I make it a practice to say thank you and I love you continually, all day long.  I start thanking when I get up and drink coffee out on the porch, I’m thankful for the warm shower, I’m thankful for the clothes.  When I leave for work, I’m thankful for the car and appreciate that it takes me here to there and back, I’m thankful for my work and those people I serve, I’m thankful it’s time to come home, I’m thankful for a wonderful partner who is happy to see me at the end of the day, I’m thankful for a delicious meal, I’m thankful for not parking my @ss on the floor because my office chair rolled backwards and I just happened to catch myself.  Then I’m truly thankful for sleep.

Until now, I was always been a poor sleeper.  I’ve always been a light sleeper, anything disturbs me.  If everything isn’t just right, I can’t fall asleep.  Or if my thoughts start to run, I can’t seem to control them and I can’t sleep.  When I finally would get to sleep, I would wake up for hours during the wee hours of the night.  By the time I’d get sleepy again, it was time for the alarm to sound!  So, I have taken herbals or OTC sleep-aids for years and years.  I knew this was an unnatural sleep pattern, so when I learned of Ho’oponopono and the repetition of “thank you” and “I love you”, I started a habit of saying that over and over at night as I lay in bed.  Amazingly, I started falling asleep quickly…and even stayed asleep all night long!!!  Oh, happy day…’er night, rather!!!  If I do wake to turn over or get disturbed or go to the bathroom, I can lay back down and repeat “thank you” and “I love you” a very few times, and I’m back to sleep!  Thank you, I love you!!!

One more thing about sleep…I have had horrible nightmares since I was a very young child.   I would wake up in a panic or have horrid nightmares so terrible that I would scream out or jump out of bed in fear.  Now, I’ve spoken to many about what causes nightmares of such a young child and gotten many plausible answers, but also many ridiculous reasons all the way to demonic possession.  Really??!  I never watched scary or slasher movies, I was raised in a loving home, I couldn’t have created what I saw in my nightmares when I was awake!  I now believe, that much of those kinds of dreams are part of the memories and programs we inherited from our ancestors forward.  When we are in that sleeping state, our body is asleep but our sub-conscious never sleeps.  That’s how sleep hypnosis works, because it talks directly to the sub-conscious and bypasses the gatekeeper of awareness.

At any rate, since I’ve been using “thank you, I love you”, my bad dreams are almost non-existent!  They’re a little strange at times, but mostly the horror is gone.  There is a protection available when you train your inner child to do the cleaning for you, even when you’re not awake or consciously saying the phrases.  I have asked my inner child to continue cleaning on me as I sleep or as I have to work and may not be able to consciously say thank you and I love you.  But let me say, I DO consciously repeat the phrases throughout the day and night, when I’m aware.  Even as I write this, I’m repeating “Thank you, I love you” over and over in my mind.  Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…in the words of Dr. Hew Len!

I believe we come into this world perfect, in the Image of God, not in physical form, but in spirit.  I believe his Love Spirit resides in ALL.  We are not mistakes, we are not imperfect.  There is no damage that must be repented of.  I, also, believe that we carry those memories and programs from past generations or mass consciousness and when those memories replay out as disease, pain, war, poverty, hunger, etc., then we must clean, clean, clean, so that those memories can be transmuted for the positive.

How do we accomplish this ancient problem solving?  This is a simple process in which you say the following prayer by Kahuna Morrnah or simply say, “Whatever is in me that has created or manifested this ____________ (state the problem) in my life, I’m sorry, Please forgive me.”  Morrnah’s liturgy goes like this….“Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one…If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…  Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light…And it is done.” 

You can then begin repeating, “I’m sorry, please forgive me”.  Personally, I notice that after I repeat this a few times, I need to yawn or sigh deeply.  I feel this is the shift that happens when Divine has heard your pleadings, has taken the memory/program into the Void or Nothingness, neutralizes it and then pours into it the Light of Love which re-programs or transmutes it for the positive.  After that sigh, I begin repeating, “Thank you, I love you”, until I drift off to something else that has come into my awareness and then I start the process all over again.

The thing is, we can not only do cleaning and clearing on ourselves, we can, also, clean and clear for others!  We can ask Divine, “What in me has created ________ (the person’s name) to manifest _________ (name the problem) in their life?”  Then begin the repetition of “I’m sorry, please forgive me” until you feel the shift and are ready to begin repeating “thank you, I love you”. 

Dr. Hew Len speaks of cleaning for his grandchildren, so they don’t have to suffer the past memories and programs they may have inherited from him.  This is very exciting!  May our children and grandchildren live a better, more perfect life because of our cleaning!!  The same goes for Dr. Hew Len’s work at the state mental hospital.  He never saw any of the patients professionally.  He simply reviewed their charts and asked the Divine what was going on in himself that would cause this person to manifest criminally insane behavior of what he found in their charts.

Within months, the mental ward was able to start lowering or removing sedating medications, men who were in shackles 24/7 were calm enough to be released, those in solitary confinement were released to normal wards.  The healing was so successful they were able to start work programs for the inmates like baking cookies and washing cars.   They were allowed to have outdoor recreation, which had never been possible before!

Wait until you hear this…Dr. Hew Len says that the facility was in such poor condition that the walls wouldn’t even hold paint, even though it had been painted on several occasions.  He saw this and began walking through the halls and thanked the building and expressed appreciation to the building.  After he began doing this, the last time they painted the paint stayed!!!

Everyone and everything needs appreciation!  If you dare, try this test…start complaining about your car and tell it just how bad it is and see if your car doesn’t fulfill that expectation.  Conversely, start appreciating your car and telling how much you appreciate it serving you and carrying you from place to place and safely back home, and your car may just hum with happiness.

We don’t ever really know what all is getting cleaned. Only Divine knows what we are ready to release.  So, we must trust Divine to do the work of transmutation.  We may be focusing on a particular problem, but may not be ready to release it.  Only Divine knows and is simply watching and listening for us to be willing to acknowledge and clean.  If we allow ourselves to become aware, we will begin to see amazing changes in and around us!

Connecting the dots:  Making Sense of Ho’oponopono

  • All humanity is interconnected.
  • We are all 100% responsible for events and circumstances in our lives.
  • Responsibility does not equate to fault, blame, shame, or guilt.
  • Responsibility is simply the acknowledgement of an event or circumstance came into your awareness.
  • Live a non-judgmental life.
  • “It is what it is” (IIWII) all events and circumstances in your awareness.
  • Once you acknowledge that an event or circumstance bothers you or you perceive it as a problem, begin cleaning on it.
  • If thoughts of it arise, again, thank it that it has appeared once more in your life so that you may have the opportunity to clean on it some more.
  • Begin to live a grateful life.  Be thankful for every little and big thing you can think of.
  • Turn perceived problems into positive affirmations.  Never say the problem, but just the opposite of it…say you have a disease, so you turn it around and be thankful for your perfect health instead of saying you don’t want the disease.
  • Focus you thoughts only on what is good, lovely, praise-worthy, abundant, etc.
  • If negative thoughts break through, acknowledge the thought and thank it, but that it doesn’t support you anymore and to leave.  Replacing it with the positive.

If you enjoyed this blog post, please like, share, and comment. Thanks in advance!

All is well!

MAP 12-2015 rev

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life and Wellness Coach

Suggested Reading List:

The Easiest Way: Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of Your Dreams, By Mabel Katz

Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More, By Joe Vitale, Ihaleakala Hew Len

Return to Zeropoint II: Ho’oponopono for a Better Reality, By Robert F. Ray

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, By Bruce H. Lipton andSteve Bhaerman

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles 13th (Thirteenth) Edition, By Bruce H. Lipton




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