The Fog of Love and Adoration!

This was a foggy spring morning in Texas (4-15-2016).  As I came out onto the porch to sit and enjoy the early morning air and a cup of coffee, I looked out into the misty morning.  I thought it was such a beautiful day.  I got up from my rocker and took a picture of what was before me in the fog.

My view was that of an old tractor and a great pecan tree in the front yard near the gate.  They looked so quiet and peaceful cloaked in fog.  It was as if they were surrounded by a stillness of ether that I could actually see.  From science we know that the ether is the space between all things.  It’s not really space, but an energy field of connection between all things.

The fog made me think about the love and well-being that surrounds everything and everyone.  If we could see this energy with our physical eyes, what would it look like?  I think it would look much like the beautiful fog this morning.  Still, peaceful and life-giving.

Fog is quiet and dense.  It is penetrating.  It flows into all the cracks and crevasses of everything it surrounds.  It is life-giving moisture that we all require for existence.  It is very noticeable.  If we are out in the fog, we can feel it and breathe it in.

When we become aware that we are surrounded by love, appreciation and well-being from Source Energy, our perspectives about life shift.  If we know that we are surrounded by all good intentions, it makes us feel safe and secure—like we could take on the world—as if anything were possible.  There is no risk when you are supported and surrounded by love and adoration.  Even though we don’t see it with our physical eyes, we can begin to sense its presence.

This is actually the case.  We are surrounded and supported by love and adoration.  Our Source Energy is always flowing the well-being of love and adoration towards us.  It is up to us to allow it to flow to us and through us.  When we let go of our resistance and allow well-being to come in to us, it will shift our perspective of life and our circumstances will improve.

Since we are sensory-oriented in this physical life, we must awaken our senses of the spiritual and eternal.  Everything we interpret is through vibrations.  We smell, taste, touch, hear and see vibrations that we interpret into a physical experience.

Just as in the physical, love and appreciation, gratitude and adoration has a vibration.  We must become aware of all the good that surrounds us.  When we begin to look for things to appreciate, our awareness awakens.  We will start to actually feel the love and adoration surrounding us.  It can be a tangible sensation.

Even though we are physical beings, we are also eternal beings.  There was never a beginning nor will there be an end to the non-physical part of us, that many refer to as our Inner Being, Soul or Spirit.  Being physical and non-physical at the same time benefits us greatly.  We have complete access to all knowledge from Infinite Intelligence and we get to experience it by incorporating it into our physical existence.  This is indicated by the inspiration and great ideas we experience.

When we acknowledge that we are surrounded and supported by Source Energy’s love and adoration, we feel safe and feel the empowerment that comes from the power that creates worlds.  Not only is this eternal power surrounding us—it is us—it’s who we really are!  At the non-physical level we are love.  It is up to us whether or not we are up to speed with ourselves.  We tend to lag behind who we are when we only focus on the physical realm.  We tend to observe what’s going on around us and think that we, personally, have no effect on life.  Oh contraire!

Our thoughts and feelings are creating our lives.  It’s up to us to create our lives by design—on purpose and with awareness of love—or, by default—not paying attention to our power and simply letting life hit us in the face.

Let’s become aware of the love and adoration and support that is surrounding us like the fog this morning.  Let it become a tangible experience.  Let it support you soaring to new heights of inspiration.  Soak it in.  Allow the connection with Source’s love and adoration to align with who you really are.  You will know you’ve hit the jackpot when you feel really good.

Feeling good is the indicator that you are allowing the beautiful fog of love and adoration, appreciation and well-being encompass you—to penetrate your very being—to be You!

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All is Well!!

MAP 12-2015 rev

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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2 thoughts on “The Fog of Love and Adoration!

    1. Omg! My intention was to help us feel Source’s love! That it truly surrounds us and flows through us as we allow it in. At least this brought up for you something that may need to be addressed and changed with NLP. Maybe you can use your NLP to retrain your programming around those words. All is well!! 💜

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