Wake Up in Anticipation

“Wake up in anticipation, something great is going to happen today!”

“Ugh! It’s morning. Just another day to claw and scratch my way through the day. I hate mornings. It just reminds me how much my life sucks!”

Does this feel familiar?

Is this how your mornings start?

How does it make you feel?

Pretty crappy, I assume. If this is how you have been anticipating your days, no wonder you are probably experiencing pain, suffering, loss, poor finances, unhealthy relationships, maybe even poor health.

I get it! Life can really prove to you that it sucks. You work your tail off and can’t even pay the bills every month—let alone get ahead! They did this to you. That happened and now you’re the one paying for it. The list goes on and one with what’s wrong with life—your life!

When you anticipate a crappy life, you will certainly get a crappy life in return. What we expect, we receive. This may be the first time you’ve considered this, but did you know that the universe we live in is governed by what’s referred to as the law of attraction—yep, it’s a universal law. That means in all the universes—this law rules.

The law of attraction simply says, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  To simplify that even more—like attracts like.  Energy stuff attracts more energy stuff that is just like it.

Albert Einstein—that cool scientist with the crazy hair—says that everything is energy. Energy is in constant motion and this motion creates vibrations. The universe feels all the vibrations going on in the entire universe and its job is really easy. Just match up all the same vibrations! So, it’s like a gigantic matching game that the universe is always, always, always playing. It never takes a break or vacation or sleeps. The universe is always consistent and follows one, and only one rule—match every vibration to the same kind of vibration.

Well, guess what? Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. Your body is energy. But, maybe you already know all this stuff. So, what’s the point?!

All that energy you are living is vibrating! Guess who’s feeling it?! THE UNIVERSE!!! Guess what it’s doing on your behalf? MATCHING YOUR VIBRATIONS!!

So, if you are vibrating crappy thoughts, which create crappy emotions, you get matched up with a crappy experience. Then you see what a crappy life you’re living and you say, “I told you, life was crappy! I just got more crap piled on top of me. That proves life sucks!”

The coolest thing about the life is that stuff we experience is NOT permanent. Just because you’re experiencing a crappy life right now, doesn’t mean you have to for the rest of your life!! When you change your vibrations, the universe feels the shift and goes out and finds more of the new vibration to match it, instead.

This is the greatest news you could possibly get today!! You have a choice whether to think about anticipating all the crap—and get more of that—OR, you can think about anticipating some improvement—and getting that.

If you really want to see improvement in your life, you’re going to have to pull on your big-pants make a decision to take back your control of your thoughts, because your thoughts are what create your emotions. You know this, too. You know very well, your thoughts either feel good or they feel bad. Those feelings are what the universe is feeling, too! If you’ve just been letting your thoughts run rampant—you’re creating your life from default. Just letting whatever come up and slap you in the face—over and over. Different place, different faces!

If you’re finally ready to have a great life—one you would love—it’s time to create life on purpose or by design. Yep, you actually can design your life! Do you realize you have that much power?! You want know how?

Start controlling what you think about!

The goal is to think about stuff that makes you feel better. When you begin even a little bit to think about something that you like—or love—you’ll notice that another thought similar to it comes along and joins up with it. Then, if you think about that thought a little while longer, another and then another good-feeling thought will join those. This is called momentum. This is actually forming a brand-spanking new positive thought pattern!!! Yay, you!

You’ve already practiced the crappy, negative thoughts patterns—you’ve got those down pat. And, look at what you’ve been experiencing, proving it.

Now, it’s time to overlay those negative thought patterns with better-feeling positive thought patterns, so the universe has something new to do. Match your new and improved thoughts and feelings.

You don’t have to get rid of those old, negative thoughts—you just have to ignore them for long enough that they old and tired and start leaving you alone!!

Let them know you’ve found a new mind-playmate—awesome new positive thoughts that feel freaking great! Sure it takes time. Sometimes it even feels like you’re losing ground. But, every little time you purposely look for something to enjoy, or something that feels good—you are making headway into a new set of vibrations that the universe is working it’s magic matching.

How fast will you see results? That depends on how often you can feel good with good-feeling thoughts. The more you think better-feeling thoughts, the faster the universe can match up the good stuff. If you’re only feeling better ten percent of the day—you’re going to get slow results. On the other hand, if you’re really serious about feeling good and every time you catch yourself wallowing in crappy thoughts—you’ll know this by how crappy you feel—and you decide to ignore the crap and go with the golden thoughts—you’re going to skyrocket your improved life!

Here’s the secret to getting super-fast improvement—are you ready for this??? Start looking for things to appreciate! Yep, looking for things to be grateful for is the absolute, no-holds-barred, sure-fire way to see rapid improvement in your life!!

You know how to start doing this? Wake up in the morning with anticipation that something great is going to happen—TODAY!!!!

When you wake up in the morning, start your gift of a day by saying, “I’m going to look for things that feel good today. No matter where I go, what I do or who I’m doing it with—I’m determined to find things to appreciate. I’m anticipating a great day and I’m going to really look for all the little and big ways the universe is going to match up all this cool stuff!”

Now, that’s a great morning routine!

I promise, it will definitely make a difference—and you’ll be amazed at all the cool stuff you’ve been missing out on when you were believing life was crappy.

Give the universe a chance to prove to you that life is great!! Life can really be great—if you’re willing to appreciate what you already have, look for things to be grateful for and anticipate great stuff arriving!

All is Well…Really!

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MAP 12-2015 rev

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

“What can I do now?”

  1. Decide to look for things that feel good—every day, every moment.
  2. Wake up in anticipation of something great. This sets up your day to feel better right off the bat.
  3. Keep a log of all the little and big stuff that proves the universe is working on your behalf by matching what you’re looking for. It feels-ya!
  4. Email or call me for a complimentary discovery session—today! I’ll set aside time to talk to you for about 30 minutes to help you see how life could be awesome. We’ll also see if we’re a good coaching match, if you want to work with me! maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com (903)227-0273

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