The B’s of Dream Building (Part 1 of 4)

There are 3 B’s to Dream Building.  The first is Blueprinting, the second is Bridging and the third is Building.  All these culminate into Becoming the person who is living the life they love.

In this Part 1 in the Series of The B’s of Dream Building we will cover “Blueprinting”.  We will discover your dream.  We will dig deep inside your heart and find that great purpose of your life.  We will design and test your dream to see if it matches your life’s purpose.  Finally, we will see how to increase your dream.

What is Blueprinting?  When you start noticing your feelings of discontent in the life you’re now living and your heart longs for a better life, you begin your blueprinting stage of Dream Building.  Most of us know what we don’t want, but how many ever stop and really think about what we do want?

In this stage of Dream Building you open your thoughts to what you would absolutely love to do, be or have.  You will begin thinking about what things light you up; ignite an excitement in your soul.  You will get really excited just talking about doing that particular thing in life.  Maybe you’ve experienced it in the past and let the enthusiasm die, because you listened to the world that told you to stop dreaming and get real.  Or, maybe it’s something you’ve never done before, but it’s something you’ve always dreamed about doing.

If you listened to those in your past that told you to stop day dreaming, get an education, get a job and work hard the rest of your life, you may have felt you had to squash your dream to live responsibly.

Maybe you are living some of your dream life, but now you want an even better life.  If there is any discontent of where you are now and have that deep longing of wanting something more, you are ready to Blueprint your dream!

Imagine that you want to build your dream home.  You don’t go to the architect and tell him to design your dream home.  He doesn’t know what that looks like.  You would actually tell him exactly how you want the house to look; all the features and amenities; along with the number of bedrooms, baths, kitchen design, your living space and garages.  He wants to know the exact dimensions of each room, how many windows, the interior finishes, the exterior finishes and roof.  You may dream of your house being in a particular part of the country, the lay of the land or the specific sub-division where it will be built.  With these details laid before him, the architect has something to work with when he creates the drawings for your dream home.  You may decide to make some changes along the way and then you will be issued the blueprints.  These will tell the builder how and where to build your new home.

Blueprinting is what we do as we ask you to dream of the life you love.  You will create a picture of your new life in very specific detail.  You will realize how awesome it feels to live this new dream in everyday life.

Once you have your dream in mind, then we will ask you to design and test your dream.  If you can see yourself living this dream life you are in the design stage.  Once this is accomplished, we will ask you to test it against the prescribed test questions that all need a resounding “yes” for their answers.   If you have even one of the test questions answered as a “maybe” or a “no”, then you will need to tweak your dream to get it to perfectly fit your life’s purpose.

After you have discovered your dream, designed and tested your dream, it’s time to look at it with the eyes of increasing your dream.  Once you read over and study your dream, you may see that you missed some aspects of the dream initially that really would be important to add now.  This is where you will add those details that would complete this phase of your Dream Building.

In Part 2 of this series we will discuss the next phase of Dream Building which is “Bridging”.

Dream – Grow – Live!

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All is Well!!

MAP 12-2015 rev

~Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach


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