Is Heaven on Earth Possible?

Coming home after our final good-byes to my father was bittersweet relief.  Knowing his physical pain and suffering was over and he is returned fully to his non-physical being was reassuring that, once again, all is well.  Balance is fully restored for him.

Then I began wondering, if complete balance could be achieved right here, right now, while we are still engaged in this physical realm.  Yes, we are fully non-physical at the same time we are fully physical.

Can we attain heaven on earth?  Can we achieve complete balance?

My mentor, Abraham-Hicks, says we can experience balance and heaven on earth.  They call it alignment with Source Energy.  Our Inner Being (our Source Energy within) is capable of aligning with our physical being.  It’s just a matter of choosing our feelings.  It’s a matter of aligning with you and You—you the physical and You the non-physical.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

When I first started learning about the Law of Attraction, the teachers and gurus all talked about getting to the place where you vibrate the same as what you want and it will come to you.  I couldn’t seem to understand what they meant.

How do you know at what level the thing you desire is vibrating?

How can you vibrate at a level to match it, if you don’t know at what level it’s vibrating?

Does each thing we desire vibrate at slightly different levels and we have to be vibrating at different levels all the time for all the things we want to come to us?

Terribly confusing to me.

I was making it more difficult by my intense rational thinking.

The more I listened and learned and explored and tried, the more I understood, as we begin to choose to be happy no matter the circumstances, we are vibrating in the zone of all that we love.  Abraham calls it the vortex.  The energy field that holds all that we desire.  It’s an escrow account of energy.  The vortex is the place of vibrational reality of all that we want and it’s being held energetically prior to becoming a physical manifestation or reality.

I’ve come to understand it’s not about rational or analytical thinking—it’s about emotional feeling!  It’s not about using our head, it’s about using our hearts!

Simply put, it is all about how we feel!  It doesn’t matter what we are thinking about or doing that makes us feel good.  It’s just feeling good and making that our priority.  It’s not difficult to understand once we realize it’s all about feelings or our emotions.  Feeling good is the exact vibrational level of all that we desire.  We just need to feel good!  That’s much more simple to understand.

When we experience the contrasts of life and come to know what we do want, we transfer the energy of that wanted thing into our escrow account—the vortex.  That is done automatically for us.  When we want something, it is automatically added to our account.  We don’t have to worry that what we want doesn’t get into the vortex and gets lost.  If we were able to think about wanting something, it will make it into our vortex.  Abraham says that our vortex is so full with stuff we want that it would take us 40-50 life-times to accomplish all that is in there!  So, it’s never a worry that our stuff won’t get into our vortex.

So, the big question is, “How do we vibrate at the matching level of our great stuff so it can come out and play with us?”

Turns out it’s actually not as hard as I always made it out to be.

As long as we are in appreciation mode, as long as we are living a life full of gratitude, we are in the vicinity of all our great stuff!  The more we can understand that being happy is our choice and actually choosing to care about how we feel, the more we are living in alignment with all our great stuff!

We will never get to our stuff by complaining about the lack of it.  If we keep noticing that our stuff is missing from our lives, the more we are vibrating on a level that is far, far from our great stuff!  We are activating the vibration of its lack more than its presence.  So, as you can imagine, vibrating lack will simply bring more lack—because this is an attraction-based universe.

You ask, “How can I not stop noticing the lack of what I want?  How do I notice that it is missing from my life and, yet, not think about it or have certain feelings about it missing?”

When you are noticing the lack of what is wanted, that is the perfect time to distract yourself with a better-feeling thought.

When you notice something is missing that you desire, and fuss and stew over its absence, you are actually vibrating in the vicinity of lack instead of what is wanted.  In this moment you are not aligned with you and You.  You are not aligned with who you really are—your Source Energy. And, you are not aligned with all that you desire!

How do you deactivate the vibration of lack?

To deactivate the vibration of lack, you must activate another better-feeling thought vibration.  You can’t deactivate something, you can only activate something else. Activate thoughts of appreciation and gratitude.  Think of something that is pleasing to you.  That will raise your vibration to the level of all that you desire—all that is in your vibrational reality escrow account.  Any better-feeling thoughts will begin to bring you into alignment with you and You!

As I said, you cannot really deactivate anything, but you can activate something better.  As you activate better-feeling thoughts, the unwanted things will begin to fade away because there is no energy given to them.  Anything you give your attention to will keep it activated in your vibrational pull.  This is where your point of attraction resides.

When we make feeling-good our priority and forego any bad-feeling thoughts, we are in alignment with all that we desire.  We are actually in alignment with who we really are.

Of course, we will have negative emotions and feelings.  As we sift and sort through all the wonderful contrast the world offers us, we will certainly see things we do not want that activate negative feelings.  It’s what we do with those negative feelings that determine our outcome.

Don’t get all upset that you may have some negative thoughts from time to time.  Don’t belittle yourself and criticize yourself for negative emotions or negative thoughts.  Matter of fact, you cannot even push against those negative thoughts without activating and attracting more of the same.  At the moment you say you don’t want to think about such-and-such unwanted thing, you are giving attention and energy to it, keeping it activated vibrationally in your point of attraction.

If you don’t want something in your life, ignore it!

Fortunately, the universal law of attraction does not answer immediately.  There is a time of gestation around feelings.  When you notice bad feelings, notice what you are doing with your thoughts.  Those wonderful feelings act as your guide and are indicators of where you are heading.  If it doesn’t look like a path that you desire, change your thoughts.

The law of attraction is governed by our dominant thoughts and feelings. 

In other words, if we can simply get positive, pleasing thoughts going most of the time, we will shift our point of attraction.  If we can get to the place of good-feeling thoughts most of the time, the law of attraction with answer from our point of attraction with that which we dominantly think and feel about.  Good-feelings will attract anything in our vortex that we have put there.

When we feel good, we will attract thing we forgot we wanted!  Wonderful things we forgot we put into our vortex.

When we practice feeling good, we will start seeing great improvements in our experiences, our health, our relationships, our finances—every aspect of life.  This is great news!

We can experience heaven on earth.  We can create balance.  No matter the circumstances, we can be happy and follow our bliss!  Not simply follow our bliss, but our bliss becomes us–it is attracted to us. All the cooperative components will rendezvous with us in perfect harmony.

This is true unconditional love.  We love, no matter the circumstances or conditions.

The choice is ours.  Let’s make feeling good our top priority.  As we care about how we feel, we will experience freedom like we’ve never known before.  And, we all want freedom!

Sure, monitoring your thoughts takes a bit of practice, but your emotions or feelings makes it so much easier.  Simply notice how you are feeling throughout the day.  If you are feeling great—wonderful!  Keep it up!  If you are feeling bad—stop a moment and deliberately change your thoughts.  Think of something to appreciate, think of something pleasing, think of something lovely.

I have a favorite little book by James Allen written in 1902.  It’s entitled, As A Man Thinketh.  In this book, Mr. Allen states,

“Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.”

Remember, it doesn’t matter what the subject as long as thinking about it makes you feel better and better.  This accomplishes the vibrational level of all that you desire.  Begin watching and expecting winks from the universe that you are well on your way to everything heavenly you desire!

“Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results.” ~James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

All is Well!!

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