Quilting Your Dream Life

I’ve only quilted a few times, myself, but I do enjoy admiring and owning some lovely quilts.  So, I was thinking about what it takes to make a quilt and how that would apply to building your dream.  This was my line of thinking….

Step 1:  You must have a dream or vision as what you’d like to make.  There may be discontent that you’re your old quilt is in really bad shape and doesn’t do the job anymore.  There must be a longing to make something.  Obviously, the subject is quilts, so knowing you’d like to make is quilt is important.

Step 2:  You must decide what the quilt’s purpose is.  You must envision where you will use this quilt.  Will it be for one of your own beds, a guest room, a baby or given as a gift?  You must have a love for quilts and quilting!

Step 3:  You must have a specific image in your mind of what you’d like the quilt to look like.  So, you envision the pattern, colors, textures and types of fabric, type of quilt batting (the fluffy stuff inside), the binding around the edge that holds it all together, the actual quilting pattern (where you’re going to stitch it together holding front and back to make the puffy feel ), and most importantly the size or dimensions.

Step 4:  After you’ve measured and decided on a pattern, bought the fabric and other supplies, you are ready to start creating the quilt top.  The fabric is laid out and the pattern placed on the fabric exactly as instructed.  Pieces are carefully cut and set aside for assembly.  Oh no!  The window is open and just blew all the pieces in the floor.  No matter!  You’re determined to pick up each piece and place it in its proper pile.

Step 5:  You begin piecing the fabric together either by hand or by machine.  Ugh!  Your neck and fingers hurt.  This is more time consuming that you thought!  No matter!  You are persistent to carefully add more pieces to the quilt puzzle and you complete the quilt top.

Step 6:  Now that you have the quilt top completed and set aside, it’s time to tackle the quilt back and batting.  Each is carefully measured and cut to size.  Rats!  The scissors slipped and a piece of the quilt needs replacing.  No matter!  You have the patience and work with precision to make the needed repairs.  Edging strips are measured and cut, then sewn together to create a very long strip of fabric that will encompass the outer edges.

Step 7:  With precision, all the parts are assembled and pinned or tacked (little stitches that will hold it all in place until the finish quilting can begin).  The top is layered over the batting and the backing, pinned and rolled onto a quilt rack.  Dang!  That quilt is hard to handle all in one piece.  You think you sprained your back tugging it onto the quilt rack roller and pinched your finger in the process.  No matter!  You want to give up, but you don’t, because you have a clear vision of the gorgeous quilt that is in the works.  It’s too important for you to finish.

Step 8:  Let the quilting (sewing all the layers together) begin!  The chosen pattern is drawn on the top of the quilt to follow for a lovely visual effect.  You wouldn’t think that tiny needle could prick your skin so hard.  And, trying to thread that needle is agony.  No matter!  You really want this quilt!

Step 9:  With the quilting finished the edges are trimmed and the bindings are attached.  When the binding is secured in place the final check is made making sure all the threads are tied off securely and all the pins removed.  Oh, my gosh!  Is that a thread hanging loose?  Ha!  No more, because you have an eye for detail.

Step 10:  Give the new quilt a good hard shake and allow it to fall beautifully over a bed to admire your work!  Call a loved one or friend to come and admire it with you.  Celebrate your achievement of creating a thing of beauty and get ready to put it to good use.  Now on to the next project!!

Now, I may have missed a few details above, but these are the basic steps in creating your dream life, too!  Let’s go through those steps, again, in your mind about dreaming of the life you’d love living….

Step 1:  You must feel a longing to create a new life.  Has there been discontent with your life now?  Is it not really serving you well?  Okay, you determine that you do really want something new, something better!  You are willing to start dreaming, because you really want to live the life you love!

Step 2:  You must know your why.  Why would you want to go through all the trouble of changing your life?  What are the benefits?  What is the purpose of your dream life?  What good will come out of it for you and others around you?  The truth is, you are worth it and deserve every good thing!

Step 3:  Knowing you want something better is good, but that doesn’t give you any details.  You need specifics like, what your new dream life looks and feels like.  Where will you live; what kind of house will it be?  What work would you love doing?  How many hours a week do you want to work?  What working environment would be ideal?  How much time do you get to spend with family and friends?  Details, you need details!  Otherwise, you don’t know the pattern to create your new life.

Step 4:  You start laying out your plan.  You set up some guidelines for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.  You write out your Major Definite Purpose.  You mastermind with others to get creative thoughts flowing.  You can see the dream, but how, oh how; do you ever get over the huge gap between where you are and where you want to go?  Even though you don’t necessary know all the steps that will get you over the gap, you have faith and ask for help—coaching!

Step 5:  Now you start creating and taking action.  One little step at a time, your coach says to start “doing what you can do, with what you have, at the place you are right now”.  You piece those little steps together and the dream begins to take shape.  You can start to feel it and are getting excited!  You go look for that perfect house, research that perfect job or business opportunity.  You may test drive that dream car or start blogging about something you love and really ignites your passions.  Ugh!  Your computer just crashed.  Now, it seems that you’re behind.  No matter!  You have a dream and push on.

Step 6:  With the action steps you’ve taken in Step 5, you get some more inspired thoughts and ideas.  People arrive in your life to lend you a helping hand.  Circumstances and coincidences begin to appear that thrust you forward towards your dream life.  Things seemingly begin to fall into place.  Whoa!  A roadblock appears out of nowhere!  No matter!  You’re determined and persistent to go over, around, under or through this obstacle.  You’re inspired now—nothing can stop you!

Step 7:  Managing all these new pieces of our dream life can sometimes be a struggle.  It sometimes seems that it’s getting bigger than you can handle.  You may feel that you’re getting stretched or rolled up in a tight ball.  But all these are signs of growth and coming beauty.  You persevere.

Step 8:  Sometimes the needles of life start sticking you and you feel pierced through.  But there are the faint beginnings of a pattern showing up as you unfold from the rack.  There is some beauty taking shape in the form of new opportunities to buy that house, car or have that amazing relationship.  Your health is improving because you have decided to start eating right and walking every day.  Ooooh man!  Friends and family want to know what the heck you’re doing and why, for heaven’s sake, don’t you just go back the normal you?!  But, you feel and dream; you can taste the dream and it’s sweet.

Step 9:  As your dream life starts to unfold and you see the achievement you’ve made, you begin to wrap up the edges with a finish binding.  You close deals and start making the income you’ve dreams of.  You close the deal on that new home, get moved in and feel that “ahhhhh” when you walk in the door.  You may begin planning your dream wedding or honeymoon with your soul-mate.  Whoa!  A big new client just cancels, and that sets you back.  It’s okay.  You know there are other fish in the sea that really want the freedom you’re experiencing, so you press on.  You now know that this dream is worth it and you like this life you’re building!

Step 10:  Sometimes you can hardly believe you are actually living the life you’ve dream of.  Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself to see if it’s real!  But, when you stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve transformed your life, you’re thankful.  Gratitude exudes from your very being.  You want to share all that you’ve learned, accomplished and all the good you’ve received, so you tell others.  You just can’t keep it in!  You celebrate your new dream life and others join in your joyful celebration.  Now, on to the next dream!!

Frustration may come during the process.  Struggles may loom on the horizon.  Obstacles may create seeming roadblocks, but these, too, shall pass.  You have the determination, persistence and faith that you will create your dream life.  Storms will come and go, but your dream lives forever!  It’s in your heart and soul—it’s your purpose in this life and it must be shared.  It’s you’re calling and you must answer the call!  Most of all it calls you heart and love!

I’m standing in the belief that you can accomplish all that you desire.  Please let me help you design and build the life you would L-O-V-E to live!

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All is Well!!

MAP 12-2015 rev

~Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach


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