Nature’s Secret

Patience. Sometimes we cringe at that word. It may take on the connotation of having to wait for what we want, because we are in such a hurry all the time. We don’t like to wait.

There is so much value in slowing down, in reflecting, in seeking clarity, in simply enjoying life as it unfolds.

When we observe nature, we notice it’s never in a hurry. It has it’s own clock and gentle pace. It doesn’t fret that the seasons are coming at different paces each year.

We would do well to take lessons from nature. Relax and enjoy our lives. At my age, I sometimes feel a bit of a time crunch to accomplish more at a faster pace. There’s so much I want to do, be and have. It seems I’ve found the path to joyful living a little late in life. So, it’s hard to accept nature’s secret of patience.

I am out in nature a lot on my farm, and I am learning from nature. I can’t say that it’s always easy to slow down, but I’m making a habit to stop and reflect, meditate, enjoy moments more often. I’m slowing down a bit to just “be”. I know I’ll never get it all done and that’s okay, because we are eternal beings. The eternal never ends–so we’ll always be around, doing and growing and expanding All-That-Is.

When we do slow down it is much easier to hear our inner voice of guidance from Source. Inspired thoughts received make for more efficient action. Following my inspiration is much easier and activities flow more rapidly.

Yes, I’m learning from nature’s pace. I want to glean from her wise secret of patience.

~Mary Ann


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