Think Before Be

“Think Happy. Be Happy!”

When we think about being happy, which comes first?

The thinking or the being?

The thinking, of course! We think before anything can become. Thought always precedes the manifestation!

We cannot just be happy, until we think our way to happiness. The thought of being happy precedes the feeling of happiness–the expression of happiness. Thought is the beginning of creation–no matter what we are creating.

We know our thoughts create our life experience–our reality. We know, whatever we focus on expands–by virtue of the law of attraction. We know, we can choose our thoughts. We know, we can choose how we want to feel.

So, it stands to reason, we can think our way to being happy. When we focus our attentive thoughts toward any subject, we are creating a vibrational frequency that is sensed by the universe. When we think about things that feels good, more and more of the time, we are creating a stronger vibration that is being emitted into the universe. We are virtually placing our order with the universe for more of what we want, when we focus our thoughts. The universe is simply playing a matching game and matches the vibrations with vibrations of the same essence. This is when the expansion occurs.

Start thinking happy, so you can be happy! It really is your choice.

Think happy. Be happy. It’s really the only formula you need for happiness!!

~Mary Ann Pack



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