Shrink Your BUT!

“If you want to reach your goals you must shrink the size of your BUT!”

When we envision a goal we would like to attain, we have two choices of how to proceed creating our reality.

One, we can focus on what we do want…

Or, two, we can focus on the lack of what we want. (Clue: This is the but part of the goal!)

My mentor, Abraham-Hicks, describes every subject as two subjects–what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted. They describe subjects as a stick–on the one end is, what is wanted, and on the other end is, the lack of what is wanted. Our outcome depends solely upon which end of the stick we are reaching for and holding.

If we can focus upon what we want most of the time and get into the vibration of how it will make us feel by the having of it, we are well on our way to receiving what we want. Learning and practicing appreciation is the matching vibration to all that we desire–whether it’s a goal, a relationship, a trip–anything, really!

Sometimes we think we are focusing upon what we want, but we are actually grabbing the stick by the lack end. We focus upon our wanted goal and then throw into the mix, the BUT! The reason is because we start noticing our current reality or the what is of our current situation. When we notice what is, it negates all our goal-focusing efforts.

Let me give you a few examples: I want my income to increase, but I don’t see any movement in that direction yet. I love the fact that Source is always flowing good things to me and through me, but it seems that only other people are getting theirs. My bank account has plenty of room for more money, but it’s taking so long.

In all these examples, the but was added because we are such good noticers of what is. We think we have to be honest and tell the truth of what is. That’s just not so. Matter of fact, it works against us. By law of attraction, we are attracting our dominant vibrational essence. Adding the but side of the statements/affirmations above is grabbing the subject-stick by the lack end.

Leave off the but–remove but from your vocabulary. Tell the story or talk about your goal the way you want it to be without adding the BUT. Stop yourself from adding the BUT. Do your visioning and focusing only upon your why and how wonderful it will make you feel by the having of it. Don’t take notice of any lack, or that it’s taking too long, or that others are getting theirs, but you aren’t.

Increasing your but with what is only holds what you want out of your reach. You are actually pushing, what you want, away from you.

Shrinking the size of your but, allows for more of what you want to be drawn to you, because you are not introducing the lower vibration of the lack of what you want or the lack of seeing your goal accomplished. Shrinking the size of your but, will not cause split energy and confusion.

You shrink the size of your but by focusing upon appreciation. Appreciation of what you already have, appreciation of All-That-Is, appreciation of the very life that you breathe. Appreciation of all the contrast that causes you to desire what you want and the clarity it provides.

~Mary Ann Pack




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