Love Stories with Happy Endings!

“If you’re going to make up stories in your head about people and circumstances, please make them love stories with happy endings.” ~Cheryl Richardson

When you find yourself mulling over people and circumstances, notice how you are feeling. Do you feel light-hearted and happy? Do you feel tense and angry? How you feel is an indication of the vibration of your thoughts. Your emotions are your guide to alignment or misalignment. You can trust your emotions!!

So many people want to tell you, you cannot trust your emotions, but you certainly can. Your emotions–no matter the label–are a direct reflection of your thoughts. Thoughts create your emotional state. If you want a different emotional state or a different ending–think a better-feeling thought! Tell a better-feeling story. Simple as that!

So, when you make up those stories, look for all the positive aspects you can muster. Look for every detail that you can appreciate–and throw that aspect into the story!

Tell the new story with love and happy endings and eventually it will become who you are, and the Law of Attraction will match your vibrational pull.

It’s really your choice as to your story’s ending. Choose a really happy one!!
All is Well!
MAP 12-2015 rev
YOUR Life & Wellness Coach



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