Beliefs Must Match Your Desire

Do you have beliefs that are blocking your desires?

We have so many beliefs that are beneficial. We, also, have many beliefs that are blocking our desires. If your desire is not coming, it could be that you have beliefs that are blocking its arrival because these beliefs contain resistance. Beliefs that create feelings of doubt, fears, worry, insecurity, or vulnerability will block your desires.

Some of your beliefs may be of a low vibrational quality that do not match the high vibrational quality of your desires. Beliefs and desires must match, vibrationally. Your beliefs condition your point of attraction. If you have beliefs that feel bad, you’re only going to receive more bad-feeling experiences. You cannot get to where you want to be while your vibrational offering is a low frequency.

Have I picked up beliefs that are no longer for my highest good or that do not serve me any longer?

Of course, we pick up beliefs that don’t feel good when we think about them. They feel restrictive. They feel like we’re boxed-in. They feel constraining. But, we cannot focus on them or even try to explore them because as we look for them, our focused attention will activate them in our now experience where we are creating our lives. These will expand into blocking more of what we want. That is in opposition to everything we want! Thinking about these beliefs feel bad because they are contrary to what our Inner Being believes about us! If a belief feels bad when thinking about it, it is not our Truth!

So, what is the solution?

The solution is to focus on beliefs that really do serve us and are for our highest good. We will know when we’ve achieved these beliefs by how we feel. We will feel really good! These beliefs will feel light-hearted, expansive, and peaceful. These will resonate with our soul with a feeling of joy!

Where do I find these beliefs that will promote my receiving of my desires?

Where do I look for these beneficial beliefs?

Remember, beliefs are only thoughts that we repeat to ourselves. They are thoughts we think over and over until they become what we believe. So, they can easily be tweaked or released so new beliefs can be incorporated by changing our thought-patterns. We should be reaching for the best-feeling thoughts and repeat those to ourselves to become our new beliefs.

To find beneficial beliefs that match our desires, we must look to our Inner Being who completely and unconditionally loves and adores us while tending to our desires!

There are three questions we should ask:

  1. What does my Inner Being know about me and about this situation?
  2. What does my Inner Being think about me and about this situation?
  3. What does my Inner Being feel about me and about this situation?

Since we understand that our Inner Being is always feeling good with no resistance, we must find thoughts about ourselves and about our situations that feel really good without resistance. In this way, we can know we’re in alignment with our Inner Being.

Our Inner Being never, ever, holds any beliefs that could block our desires!

Isn’t that amazing?! Isn’t that great to know?!

Anytime we are feeling resistance of any kind and feel that our desires are being blocked, those beliefs, thoughts and feelings are not coming from our Source!

So, as we find good-feeling thoughts about ourselves and any situation we are facing, we can know and trust that we are in perfect alignment with all of our desires.

Sometime, we are hard-pressed to find anything good about ourselves or our situations. Those bad-feelings of the discord of opposition to our Inner Being is the time we need to go general in our thinking. Think general good-feeling thoughts about what we know, think and feel about ourselves and our situation.

What do I mean by going general?

When we have so much momentum going in a bad-feeling direction, which indicates that we are heading in opposition to what our Inner Being understands, it may be time to think about good-feeling thoughts that are more general in nature and not so specific to a subject.

Here are some examples of general good-feeling thoughts we could think:

  • I love knowing that my Inner Being is tending to all my desires and preparing them for me.
  • I love thinking about my Inner Being gathering all the necessary cooperative components and resources for my desire’s delivery.
  • I love feeling good, resting assured that all is really well and I can confidently leave it in the hands of my loving Inner Being to work out the how, when, where, and who.
  • I know that my Inner Being cares deeply about what’s important to me and is always calling me toward everything I desire.
  • I really like the clarity that feeling good brings to me.
  • I love the feeling of: (list all the wonderful emotional words that feel really good)
    • Fun, clarity, peacefulness, calmness, excitement, exuberance, abundance, ease, flow, perfect timing, acceptance, feeling good, laughter, improvement, relaxation, trusting, confidence, knowing, security, safety, comfort, blessedness, worthiness, love, loved, loving, helpful, adventure, prosperity, wholeness, oneness, expansion, freedom, willingness, receiving, etc.

As you spend more time focusing on good-feeling, general words, you will release resistance and blend perfectly with your Inner Being. In those moments, you have shifted your point of attraction to one of your beliefs matching your desires.

Repeating these kinds of good-feeling thoughts will turn into your beliefs and in this way you will solidify beneficial beliefs that support and enhance your desires. They will begin to match perfectly with your desires, and by law, your desires will begin arriving at the perfect time, in the perfect way. Your Inner Being is ready and waiting for you to keep up to speed and create your vibrational environment for receiving.

Every time you make an intention to focus on general good-feeling thoughts, which become your beliefs, it affects all the specifics of your desires. If you could simply feel good most of the time, you would never have to think specifically of your desires again! The point is to raise your vibrational offering and the Universe must respond in kind, giving you the essence of all that you desire!

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To your joy!

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Mary Ann Pack

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