Every Thought Opens a Door

Every time we are having a thought we are opening a door. The question is, “What door are you opening with your thoughts?”

Are you opening doors of pleasure and things you love? Or, are you opening doors to things that are very displeasing and unsatisfying?

What influence are you under as you think the thoughts you think?

Every thought either feels good or it feels bad. We receive an emotional response from every thought we think. No matter the emotional label we choose–depression, anger, frustration, hope, joy–they either feel good or bad.

Our inner guidance system of emotions are guiding us and indicating to us as to the direction of our thoughts. Emotions can be trusted. Our emotions tell on our thoughts every single time!

If we notice we are feeling bad, what influence is that indicating? Bad-feeling thoughts are indicating we are being influenced by others’ opinions, what we are seeing around us that we don’t like, beliefs that are not for our highest good. It indicates that we are not in alignment with our Inner Being–who we really are. This thought-influence is going to open doors to experiences we will not want or not like, nor be satisfying.

If we notice we are feeling good, what influence is that indicating? You can guess this one! Good-feeling thoughts are indicating we are being influenced solely by our Inner Being. The one who knows and loves us. The one who is always holding us with the highest affection. This influence indicates we are in alignment with who we really are. This thought-influence is going to open doors to experiences that we will want, will like, and be very satisfying!

Where do good feeling thoughts come from?

When we are thinking thoughts that feel good we are in alignment with the thoughts of our Inner Being or our Soul. As we see contrast (things we don’t want), we immediately know what we do want. At that moment, we make a preference for an improvement, whether or not we’ve vocalized it. We have vibrationally asked for the improved situation or condition through our emotional response to thoughts.

Immediately our Inner Being takes hold of that improvement and becomes the vibrational equivalent. In other words, our Inner Being or Soul becomes the newest version of who we really are. Our Inner Being is always feeling good, always holding us in appreciation, always interested in our well-being. Always thinking good thoughts about us and our situation. And, never, ever criticizes, demands us to change, or joins us in complaining.

Since our Inner Being is doing such a great job in holding the feeling of the very best vibrational version of us, when we think thoughts that feel good, we are in alignment with our Inner Being. We can trust that whatever we’re thinking about is exactly what our Inner Being is knowing, thinking, and feeling about us and our situation. In other words, our thoughts are matching who we really are.

This is being under the influence of your loving Inner Being, your Inner Source. With these thoughts, you are opening amazingly satisfying doors!

So, where do bad feelings come from?

When we are thinking thoughts that feel bad we are not in alignment with the thoughts of our Inner Being or our Soul. Do you know how I know? Because our Inner Being can never, ever think thoughts that feel bad.

The discord we’re feeling, the bad feeling we receive when we’re thinking, is a sign that we are not thinking the same thoughts as our Inner Being. We may be thinking about someone else’s opinion, about what-is that is not pleasing, about what’s going on that we consider being wrong. We are looking outside ourself for our guidance and allowing outside factors to influence our thoughts.

When our thoughts don’t match what our Inner Being is thinking, it will feel really bad. The discordant feelings get stronger and stronger the more we allow our thoughts to run through all the bad stuff in our lives or experiences.

One caveat would be that you may feel bad momentarily while you are experiencing contrast. Life shows you something and you may not like it, so you get that bad feeling, but immediately you know what you’d prefer. When you notice that contrast is causing you to ask for an improvement, it’s time to begin focusing on the improvement or the solution. No longer should you be focusing on the problem or the contrast that caused you to make your preference. Once you decide to focus on the solution, your feelings immediately improve and you, once again, align with the thoughts and opinion of your Inner Being.

For this post, we are focusing on thought patterns and from where you are influenced to ponder subjects. I wanted you to understand that not all bad feelings are opening unpleasant/unwanted doors. Simply move away from bad-feeling thoughts as quickly as possible and purposefully begin thinking about more pleasing subjects–subjects where it’s easy to find relief.

How can you know what doors you’re opening?

You can know what doors you’re opening by what’s showing up in your life. Simply look around at what’s coming into your experience and ask if they are pleasing and satisfying or if they are displeasing and unsatisfying.

Things that show up that are pleasing and satisfying are because you are influenced by your Inner Being and thinking in alignment with thoughts that feel good most of the time. The more time you can spend thinking good-feeling thoughts, the more amazing the experiences behind that open door!

Things that show up that are displeasing and unsatisfying are because you are being influenced by other peoples’ opinions, focusing on other experiences that were not pleasing, or you may be complaining and blaming others way too much. Any complaining is resistance to what you want. Complaining will only bring you more things to complain about!

How can you open more amazing doors?

Here’s a short list of things that will help you open the doors you truly desire to walk through!

  • Evaluate what’s showing up in your life experience.
    • If they are pleasant things, keep up the good work because your doors are opening by focusing on your desires which match what your Inner Being is knowing, thinking, and feeling about you and what’s important to you.
    • If they are unpleasant things, you have been influenced by other things more than what your Inner Being believes about you and what you want.
  • Make feeling good your number one priority. Period.
  • Make it your intention to notice how you’re feeling throughout the day.
    • The more you can keep thinking thoughts on subjects that feel good, the more the Universe will send you more thoughts and experiences that are of the same vibrational essence.
  • Begin your morning with meditation which will help you set the tone of your day.
    • Quiet your mind for 15-20 minutes each day. This quieting of thought lowers your resistance and increases your allowing or receiving mode. Listen for any inspiration from your Inner Being.
  • Stop complaining and start complimenting.
  • Notice more things you appreciate. It would be very beneficial to handwrite them in your journal.

These simple steps will help you begin to shift your vibrational offering. The more you can practice thinking good-feeling thoughts, noticing things you appreciate, and holding your focus on positive aspects, you’ll begin to see new doors open that had previously been closed.

And, you’re going to love these doors!!

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To your amazing door-opening adventures,

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Mary Ann Pack

PS: If you have been opening doors you really don’t like, please feel free to contact me via email and let’s see if we can get you back to opening doors of pleasure, fun, and joy! My email is maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com. Request your complimentary Joy Empowerment Session with me!!



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