“You look so happy!” The best compliment about your happiness.

“You look so happy!”

To me, this is the best compliment I could ever receive!

In years past, I rarely received this compliment. I was too busy looking for all the bad stuff happening in my world around me and letting everyone else know.

Now that I am a recovering chronic complainer, my world is changing to compliment my new expectations! So, I love receiving compliments that I look happy–because I truly am happy!

How, you may ask, did I change?

I had to come to the place of crisis. Utter breakdown of mind, body and spirit. It became a matter of do or die. That was the turning point in my life! It caused me to look for answers instead of focusing on all my problems. I began searching for solutions. I asked for help. And, the Universe heard my asking for improvement and answered with a resounding, YES!

Initially, I had to start feeling better, physically. So, I marched myself into a health food store and told the owner to fix me. When my healing began so rapidly, I started studying everything I could get my hands on regarding every alternative healing practice I could find–herbals, nutritionals, crystals, energy work, feng shui, dowsing, other belief systems.

That opened the door for me to re-evaluate my belief system. I found that I held so many erroneous beliefs that didn’t resonate with my soul. I just picked them up along my path from influential people. As I began releasing them and choosing to believe that life was good, that I was good, that I was worthy, that life was supposed to be fun, I felt a major shift in my attitude and perspective.

I felt more energy surging through my body. I delighted in beauty all around me that I had previously ignored. I began looking for positive aspects even in the circumstances people would consider “bad” or “wrong.” I decided there was no need for me to stand in judgment of anyone else. Wow! I could let people off the hook for my emotional state of being. Only I chose how I wanted to feel. I really started looking for–and finding–silver linings!

Here’s how it happened for me. Some of this list may resonate with your life experiences.

  • Since I was seeking wellness, I asked for and received natural healing supplements, practices, and techniques.
  • I re-evaluated my beliefs and decided to develop more loving and unlimiting beliefs. I realized beliefs are simply thoughts we keep repeating to ourselves. I decided to repeat new thoughts that felt really good until they became my new belief system!
  • I decided that I wanted to feel good–body, mind, and spirit. My top priority was to feel really good–even great!
  • I started writing down all the good stuff in journals–positive aspects, things that were going right, and things I appreciated. Over and over and over. I still do! And, I always write by hand. It takes more time, so I can savor the good feelings longer, which raises my vibrational offering. Writing good stuff–WIN! Raising my vibrational point of attraction–WIN! Receiving more good stuff to write about–WIN!
  • I made it a point to drastically reduce complaining–this certainly continues to take practice! I’ve noticed the less I complain, the less I find to complain about because I stopped attracting it.
  • I paid attention to how I felt, emotionally. I knew my feelings indicated which direction I was heading–towards wanted or unwanted things.
  • If I felt bad, I changed the subject to something that felt better.
  • If I felt good, I revelled in the joy of it!
  • I started noticing when I focused on happier thoughts, more happy things showed up!
  • My health continued to improve!
  • My face started changing–the stress and anger lines relaxed. Some people started commenting that I was glowing!

A lot of times we know we are making shifts in our lives but wonder if it shows. The first time I was complimented for looking happy, I was in awe. When more compliments came, I knew I was on the right path to becoming whole, balanced, and consistently joyous!

I challenge you to institute some of these practices and see if you don’t become more happy. The Universe is always proving our own truth to us–what we believe, we receive. So, allow the Universe to prove to you that life really is supposed to be fun!

The really cool thing about shifting your mindset to look for happier things, is that it doesn’t have to be about any specific subject! You don’t have to try and get happy about a troubling subject to affect an improvement!

The more consistently you can find any simple, small, pleasurable thing to think about, it affects the big stuff, too! It’s all about the vibration. The longer you stay in a vibrational place of choosing happy thoughts, the more consistently your vibrational point of attraction will affect what you receive in every area of life–your relationships, your health, your wealth, and your spiritually.

If you’d like help with becoming happy, let’s talk soon! Visit http://maryannpack.com or http://reawakenyourjoy.com.

When you’re living in happy appreciation you are in complete alignment with who you really are.

You may even receive a compliment for looking so very happy!

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To your joy,

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Mary Ann Pack



3 Tips to Swap Misery for Feeling Better!

We all want to feel good, right?

So, why are so many of us miserable?

Are you feeling miserable? Does misery seem to stick to you like gum on your shoe?

As a past Queen of Misery, I didn’t know that there was really a choice. I thought you just accepted life as it hit you in the face. Come what may, grit your teeth, and bear it!

Feeling miserable actually felt normal. I believed life was hard, sometimes fun, but always difficult and complicated. And, don’t forget sickly! Since feeling bad was all I could remember, I lived on autopilot. Making decisions by default, thoughts flashing at uncontrolled warp speed, living by difficult beliefs I’d picked up along my path growing up.

I believed life was miserable and the Universe sent me proof of what I believed.

Since studying and integrating the principles* of the Law of Attraction over the last 12+ years, it has given me great insight into my previous life experiences. My attitudes sucked! So, naturally, and by law, the Universe gave me more suckiness in life! I get it now–whatever holds my attention the most is what I receive in return!

Anything we choose to believe becomes our Truth. Beliefs are simply repetitive thoughts. So, anything can become a belief as we repeat it to ourselves and then becomes our personal Truth. If we want to change our lives, we must change our beliefs. In other words, stop thinking the same crappy stuff, over and over, that brings you the same crappy stuff, over and over. Different places, different faces, same life!

Life really can be filled with joyful experiences and fun. It can be satisfying and fulfilling.

When we shift our thinking toward the positive, we will see proof that life is good! If you want a happy ending, create a happy journey!

We are actually built to feel good! Feeling good is our True Nature. It’s who we really are on the Inside. Our Inner Being–that greater, older, eternal, wiser Inside Self/Spirit/Soul–is always feeling good, always looking for positive aspects of everyone and everything, always calling us to become the more we’ve already created!

You must begin feeling better before anything can change. Your attitude must shift into feeling better before any of your better-feeling stuff shows up! Remember, like attracts like. Like vibrations attract each other whether it’s thoughts or feelings attracting what you want or even what you don’t want.

There are ways to start feeling better, now! This moment, you can make the decision to start feeling better. This may sound really far-fetched but it’s true. With a little tweaking of your beliefs, you can begin to feel better…today!

Here are a 3 tips to start shifting your misery up the emotional scale to feeling better:

  1. Notice how you feel throughout the day. Your feelings/emotions indicate the direction you are heading–toward something wanted (feels good) or unwanted (feels bad). When you notice you are feeling good–keep up the good work and keep on that thought pattern! When you notice you are feeling bad–change the subject of your thoughts! If you are new to this, you may want to set up alarms on your phone during waking hours to remind you to be mindful of how you are feeling.
  2. Distraction creates a shift in your vibrational message. Begin thinking, purposefully, upon more pleasing subjects. Distracting your bad-feeling thought pattern is the quickest way to quell that bad feeling and begin feeling better. It’s like the child throwing a tantrum and when you distract them with something else, the tantrum disappears! They become more pleasant in attitude because the distraction was something they liked better. Another example is when you’re having a really bad day and suddenly a friend invites you to a party. Wow! What a mood booster. You get excited and start feeling so much better! Distraction works!
  3. Care about how you feel. Make feeling good your absolute priority. When you truly care about feeling good, you will quickly identify what feels good to you. When you prioritize feeling good and it becomes so important to you, you will start looking for things that feel good when you think about them. You may start saying YES to things you want to do, but NO to things that really don’t feel that good. Set your intention to look for things that please you, that bring a smile to your face. Find positive aspects in everything and everyone around you. There’s always a silver lining if you look for it!

Practicing these tips will lead you to your path of feeling better, which is your path of most allowance. This is the receiving mode where all your good stuff lives, ready to come out and play with you!

The momentum you’ve created by consistently feeling good is a shifted vibrational message to the Universe to bring you more and more of things that make you feel great! Life gets simpler, easier. Life seems to flow and becomes fun!! The better you feel, the better you’ll feel!

That old miserable life seems so distant and foreign to you. Being happy feels natural and normal–as it should! Well-being is our natural state!

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Mary Ann Pack

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*Understanding and accepting these principles of the Law of Attraction will assist you with a purposeful shift in your life:

  • Accept that you are a vibrational being living in a vibrationally governed world.
  • Accept and understand, that which is like unto itself is drawn–like attracts like.
  • Understand that focusing your thought energy on anything–whether wanted or unwanted–will expand it into more.
  • Understand that your thoughts and emotions either feel good or feel bad–no matter the label used to describe the emotion–at the core, they feel good or bad.
  • Understand that when you feel good, your thoughts have been towards wanted subjects.
  • Understand that when you feel bad, your thoughts have been towards unwanted subjects or the absence of what is wanted.
  • Understand that your thoughts and emotions are vibrational messages into the Universe.
  • Accept that the Universe is interpreting your emotional vibrations as a request for more of the same vibrational essence that result in the same kinds of feelings.

Push Through Fear? NO!

A few weeks back I made a journal entry regarding a meme that caught my attention. It said, Push Through Fear! My journal entry is the featured image in this post. 

I was considering all the gurus of business and even of personal development that insist that we must “push through fear.” They tell us that it’s good for us to tackle our fears and push through them, taking massive imperfect action. It’s such a prevalent tenent of business yet it paralyzes people sometimes. Gurus teach that pushing through your fear is the only way to succeed in your business or personal life. That taking risks is what matters the most. Get out there and just do it!

I believe “pushing through fear” to be a flawed premise. Here’s why….

There is no risk or fear in alignment. Period.

What do I mean by alignment? Alignment is simply the balanced harmony with you, the physical being, and YOU, the non-physical, spiritually eternal being of who you really are. These two parts of you must be in harmony to be in alignment. You and YOU must think and feel the same way. This relationship of you and YOU is fully physical and fully eternal. When you think thoughts that feel good, you can know you are in alignment. When you are living in appreciation, you are in alignment. If you ever feel bad in any way, that is your indication that you are not in alignment with the whole of who you are.

Those who teach us to push through our fears are insisting that we continue living in resistance and not alignment. Fear is always a sign of resistance to what we want. We are focusing on the lack of what is wanted instead of what we actually want. Or, we are focusing on business that is not ours to tackle–like the how, when, where and who–which is the business of Source Energy (that Inner YOU who knows everything about what you want and how to get it to you).

Our only business is to focus solely upon our what we want and why. What we want and why it makes us feel good when we get it. We only want something because we think we will feel better by the having of it. So, what do you want and why?

When we dabble in the business of Source–how, when, where, who–we are asking questions we have no answers to and that creates resistance which, in turn, creates a state of fear. Fear is an abnormal state of being because it is in vibrational opposition to our natural state of well-being!

We cannot be in alignment with the whole of who we are with love and appreciation and, at the same time, feel fearful. They are diametrically opposing vibrations.

There is no risk or fear in alignment–we can never get it wrong because we can never get it done. We can always make new preferences and define the details of what we want. We are eternal beings–never endedness of always choosing our preferences from the contrast we live. So, there is really no risk or fear–there is simply choices of preferences. There are a myriad of options from which to choose. We could choose any of them and thrive!

Whatever we decide we want is a calling of Life Force through us upon making any decision. Now, we can make a decision of what we want and then not keep up with our alignment, our vibrational harmony with it. In that lack of alignment, it would feel like fear because we have not kept up with our desire. But, that is simply resistance which creates the feeling of fear. We cannot feel the joy of our desire AND feel fear at the same time. It’s one or the other in a single moment.

In the moment we doubt that it will work out and begin holding those fearful thoughts, it probably won’t work out. At the very least, it will slow our desire way down. Until we regain our alignment, we are in resistance to our desire and will disallow the ease and flow and feelings of safety, security, and confidence to move forward.

Resistance feels like fear that we must push through to have what we want. We are action-based beings. We feel that we must tackle it and wrestle it to the ground and kill it. We must do something! Yet, all we need to do is come back into alignment so that we think the thoughts of our Inner Being about the subject. Care more about how you feel! Your emotions are your vibrational direction indicator. We will always be able to tell if we are or are not in alignment by how we feel.

Upon aligning with our Inner Being by thinking good-feeling thoughts, we can then receive inspired ideas, visions, and impulses to act. When we act upon inspiration we are leveraging the power that creates worlds and it will be easy! It will feel good, not fearful!

Fear is resistance to what our Inner Being knows, thinks and feels about what we want and how to get it, that’s why it feels so bad. We are opposing our Inner Being. Clear up your vibrational resistance and the fear will dissipate. Any inspired action will feel like the next logical step–not something that creates fear.

Care enough about how you feel. Make feeling good your top priority. Do the vibrational work first. Don’t take action until you feel the calm and peace of alignment.

Pushing through fear is doing things the hard way. It’s like banging your head against the wall. You may accomplish moving something around but it will be very painful…and fearful!

We are here to experience as much joy as possible–not push through fear and pain!

Align first, align first, align first!

Wait until you feel the inspiration and then take that next step that feels good. This vibrational stance will leverage the power of the Universe and things will happen with so much more ease. You will not exhaust yourself because there will be no resistance. You will find yourself exhilarated and eager. You’ll feel passion surging through you! This is Life Force surging through your body providing you with well-being!

I’m NOT saying never take action to move yourself and your business forward. That is absolutely NOT what I’m saying. I’m simply promoting alignment first. Action will follow after the inspiration. When you’ve quieted your mind on a daily basis in meditation and make feeling good your priority, you will be amazed at the action steps that unfold before you. You will feel ecstatic to take action on the ideas that you’ve received from your Inner Being. You definitely will not feel fear!

Your Inner Being knows exactly where you are in relation to everything you desire and is sending you signals as to your path of least resistance to get you there. How do you know if you are in alignment with Your Inner Being? Again, by how you feel! You will feel great! Your thoughts will feel amazing when they are in harmony with the thoughts of your Inner Being.

You will never, ever experience fear when you are in alignment with your Inner Being–the whole of who you really are. If you are feel bad in any way as you approach your business or personal development, you are out of alignment. Fear, doubt, and risk are all signs you are thinking the opposite of what your Inner Being knows, thinks and feels about you and your desire.

Align first, listen, and you will receive impulses to act. It may be to call someone, it may be content for your online program, it may be the perfect idea for that lead-page or funnel, it may be to go take a walk or do something that just feels pleasing. Just follow the impulse.

The action-impulse doesn’t always have to be the be-all, end-all action that takes you straight to the big deal or breakthrough. It’s a path! It’s the unfolding of a joyous path. It really is about the joyous journey, not the destination. Be satisfied with where you are now and eager for more. Appreciate that you are on your path and expect more to be revealed to you. Relax and it will come!

The vibrational offering of appreciation and satisfaction will attract to you what you want–it’s law.

Be appreciative of what you are experiencing. Find positive aspects in the things you think you must do to progress your business or personal life. Make them a game. Find all the positive aspects you can as you approach your work. Most of all, get into alignment by caring about feeling good more and more of the time. Feeling good consistently is so important to create stability to take the next step with a joyful attitude and without fear of any kind!

There is NO FEAR in alignment. There is only knowing that All is Well!

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To your pure joy,

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Mary Ann Pack

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Feel Better, First!

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“You want things, because you believe the having of it will make you feel better. Feel better first! Then it will come to you! ~Mary Ann Pack

We all want things! Good things. No, great things!

This is natural and it is an eternal facet of our lives–of who we are. Do you realize you were created to have desires? Making preferences of what we want is one of the main reasons we came into this time-space reality from the non-physical realm.

The wanting and desiring of things actually expands all of creation! Being on the leading edge of thought allows us so many opportunities to see things in the world and then choose our preferences.

The contrast and variety of life offers us endless possibilities of desires!

This choosing process is what expands, not only our lives, it expands All-That-Is! Since we are eternal beings, we can’t help but expanding. Change is inevitable. Choices are required. But, it should never be a burden to make our choices. We should be approaching our preferences with joy!

When we see things in this world that we don’t like, we immediately know what we do like–what would make us feel better. We make preferences all day, every day. Small choices and some we would consider huge. We ask for improvements by our preferences.

When we make our preferences known to the universe by our vibrational thoughts, the universe immediately goes in search of matching vibrations. This is the attraction factor in the universe–otherwise known as the Law of Attraction–that which is like unto itself is drawn.

The longer we think and feel good about what we want, and if we are offering no resistance along the way, the universe will bring it to us. This is the key: no resistance! 

If you make a preference, Source understands your request, answers YES, and then goes to work gathering all the cooperative components to make it happen. It is 97% complete in the hands of Source, just waiting for us to be in the receiving mode.

So, what is the receiving mode? How do we get there?

The receiving mode feels amazing! It’s exciting, exhilarating, expecting more. It’s calm and relaxed. There is no resistance towards what we want. The pipeline is flowing freely. We allow Source to flow everything to us that we are ready for. Everything we want is gestating in perfect timing.

What do I mean by resistance?

Resistance could be anything from twinges of doubt that we will get what we want, to full-blown feelings of unworthiness. Resistance is us doing things that disallow what we want and who we truly are. It is really split energy.

On the one hand, we know what we want, we’ve asked for it and Source has answered affirmatively. So, we know it’s in good hands and being tended to. On the other hand, we may begin doubting we will get it. We may get frustrated it isn’t coming. We see other people getting that thing we want so badly and ours hasn’t come. We may start complaining to someone or justify why we should get it. We start begging and pleading for it, because it’s getting serious! Now, we NEED it! With this resistant vibration, it is getting further away from us and slowing way down.

This is split energy that is confusing the universe in it’s job. Your are giving the universe mixed signals. By law, the universe will give you everything you focus your dominant thoughts to. And, while you may be thinking you are simply thinking about what you want, you are, in reality, thinking about the lack of what you want. You are noticing what-is–your current condition with it missing.

With all this asking and then resisting, the universe is giving you a bit of each!

Your message must be clear about what you want and why. The how, when, where, and who is absolutely none of your business. That is the business of Source who is tending your request. When we venture into Source’s business of the how, when, where and who, we are throwing resistance on our path and what we want is slowed way down!

Your simple job in creating your reality is to decide what you want and why. The why just helps you fill in the details. It’s where you focus on the pleasures of having your desire. It’s imagining the desire and the joys and good feelings you will experience when you receive it.

Just think about what you want for a moment. How good does that feel?! It will feel freeing, joyous, happy, expansive, supported, appreciative. You will feel loved, cherished, accomplished, confident. See, we did all that work and there is no resistance in any of those emotions. That’s exactly where you need to be to receive what you want.

You must feel better BEFORE you can receive what you want. You can’t think, Well, when I get that, I’ll be happy, I’ll feel better. That kind of thinking will only get you more lack of what you want. It will hold that wonderful thing away from your reach.

Feeling better must always precede the receiving of what you want!

Make list of positive aspects about having this wonderful thing. Write lists and lists of the amazing feelings that you will experience. Imagine having is now!

Here’s a secret. The universe doesn’t know the difference between imagining and reality. The universe doesn’t know the difference between imagining that you have it and feeling how awesome you’ll feel, and if you actually feel really good because you already have it! All the universe is considering is your FEELING about your desire. The more you can feel amazing while imagining having your goodie, the universe thinks you must already have it, so it runs out and brings it to you! By law, it has to make it happen–and quick!

So, feel better first! Practice the feeling of having what you desire. You know it will make you feel really good when you do receive it, so take the plunge and feel better now. Make yourself feel as it is already exists in your hands. It does already exist in your vibrational escrow account. Source is tending to it’s details and growth. Waiting for you to feel better NOW!

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All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack

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Steps to Feel Better, Quickly!

Want to feel better?

Would you like to get off the rugged road of despair?

Want your life to flow with ease?

What the happily-ever-after life?

Ahhh! You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to talk about how to feel better. This is going to be short and sweet!

Let’s get going….

The quote above states, “The path to feeling better is paved with gratitude and appreciation.” 

When you’re feeling bad, you’re certainly not living a life of appreciation and gratitude. Do you want to know how I know? Easy, you’re feeling bad!

You cannot possibly feel bad and truly be appreciative and grateful. They are diametrically opposing vibrations. They are worlds apart on the vibrational spectrum. Now, don’t run away huffy. Listen a minute!

Think about how you started feeling bad in the first place. Were you complaining? Were you looking at something you don’t want? Were you mulling over in your mind, all the sh*t that’s been going on lately? Have you been talking with friends and family about how bad stuff has gotten and they totally agree with you? No wonder you feel bad.

Well, that’s a ton of momentum into the negative vibrations. Those vibrations are low, low, low! That’s definitely not where feeling-good hangs out! Have you noticed that bad stuff is starting to snowball? Momentum in the wrong direction. Momentum moving you away from feeling-good.

Calm down. Take a breath. Let’s get you feeling better now!

Here are a few steps you can take to quickly raise your vibration and paving a better-feeling future….

  1. Notice how you are feeling right now. You may have a lump in your throat, a tightness in your tummy, an achy back or neck, any pain in your body. Just notice it and how you feel. Make up a feeling-scale from 1-10. One, feeling absolutely crappy and in utter despair. Ten, being jumping out of your skin with joy, doing the happy dance!
  2. Grab a pen and paper/notebook. Write that feeling-number on a piece of paper at the top, circle it and date the page, too.
  3. Go play with your pet for a few minutes, if you have one. Think about how awesome he/she is. Tell them how much you appreciate them being your friend and loving you unconditionally. Let them know you’re going to start feeling better real soon. They’ll get it–trust me!
  4. On the paper or notebook where you wrote down the feeling-number, jot down some things you’re grateful for. Anything that has happened that feels pretty good. Something you’re grateful for that happened, instead of something bad happening. There will be a slight feeling of resistance in gratitude, because you’re comparing something good happening instead of something not as good (not as good will have a twinge of resistance and that’s okay). We’re just making gentle shifts in your vibration.
  5. Now, in the notebook under your gratitude list, jot down at least 3-5 things you really appreciate. It could be about conditions, people, pets, sunrises/sunsets, the earth orbiting perfectly in space, the oxygen you breathe, your car, lover, etc. You get the idea. These things have no resistance attached to the feeling of them. You just love and adore these things. Period. There is no, I love and appreciate this, but….. I mean, how can you not totally appreciate you’re breathing and you’re heart is pumping, and you don’t even have to tell your body to do it! Got it? Good!
  6. When you’re done with your appreciation list, notice how you feel now. Has your feeling-number gone up the scale–even a little bit? Write that number at the end of your writing and circle it. Feel the satisfaction of accomplishing a rise in your vibration. Smile, and put your pen down.
  7. Do this every morning and evening. At minimum, once a day. It might take a bit to get started, but the more you do it, the faster those ideas flow. You may get to the point, you are writing pages of things you appreciate. It will feel like you can’t write fast enough, because they just keep flowing. My gawd! That feels wonderful!
  8. If you’re still having trouble with step 1-7, go take a nap! Or, if it’s bedtime, go to bed. Sleeping slows the momentum you’ve got going. Determine to wake up and think some more positive thoughts. It would be awesome, if you would do steps 1-7 again, after your nap or in the morning.

If you faithfully practice steps 1-7 every day, you will notice that feeling-number going up on the scale. Look back on previous pages in your notebook and see how you’ve improved. This whole practice only needs to be about 15-30 minutes. Surely you have that much time in your day to start feeling better!!

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All is Well!

Mary Ann Pack

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Why Do I Have Negative Emotions?

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We all have negative emotions from time to time. I’ve heard people talk about getting rid of them for good. Some believe that we can be so spiritual that we never have negative emotions again. Some believe that we can reach a nirvana that eliminates all negative emotions. That will never happen. Here’s why….

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I believe and practice the principals of the Law of Attraction–that which is like unto itself, is drawn–like attracts like. This being a powerful universal law of attraction only, there is no assertion. In other words, no one or nothing can assert anything into you life without your invitation, vibrationally. You are always vibrating through your thoughts and emotions, your message to the universe. The universe is playing a perfect matching game with those vibrations and carefully matching your vibration–bringing you the essence of your thought and feeling vibrations.

We like and accept this idea when things are going well and we are attracting more good things into our lives, but we baulk when we notice not-so-good stuff coming into our experience. We readily admit we created our reality when everything is flowing well, but, let a little turbulence come along, and we want to blame someone else for our troubles. We certainly didn’t create that bad experience!

Let’s refresh who we are….

We are extensions of Source Energy focused in this physical world, in our physical bodies. As extensions of Source, we have absolute access to all Infinite Intelligence. We ARE part of that Infinite Intelligence in our Inner Being!

Let’s review what Source Energy/Infinite Intelligence/Inner Being knows and feels….

Our Inner Being, as One with Source, knows only love and appreciation of us. There is only love and well-being flowing to us and through us from Source. Anything we desire is immediately tended to by Source and is given. All cooperative components are gathered, all resources are accumulated and waiting in our vibrational escrow account ready to pop into manifestation. There is never criticism towards us. They only focus upon our positive aspects. They know all is well–all the time! They are always calling us upward and to our expansion. They are lighting up our path of least resistance every moment of every day. They will never join us on our complaining level, but are always calling us upward to higher levels of vibrations, so we match all that we want.

Life is always offering us contrast and variety from which to make our preferences. Every time we see something, we know whether we want it or don’t want it. Whether we like it, or don’t like it.

If it’s something we like, we enjoy focusing on it. It’s fun! It feels good. We’ve made our preference known to the universe, to our Inner Being. We feel good, because we are thinking about it the same way our Source or Inner Being is thinking about it. Both are enjoying the expansion, the new becoming. Basically, you and YOU are on the same wavelength.

When we see something we don’t want, we have a moment of negative emotion that let’s us know we don’t want it. At the same time, we immediately request the improvement of that condition and know that would feel better.

Negative emotions only hang around when we’ve focused more attention on what we don’t want. We complain about the condition or person. We talk to others about how bad it is–and they agree. We are justified in not wanting that thing!

So, why does it feel so bad?

It’s because you’ve chosen to continue to think about something you don’t want hanging around you. You have tuned your vibration to a lower level than where your Inner Being is vibrating. You feel the disconnection. You feel yourself pinched off from your Inner Being and what it is thinking about the same subject. Your Inner Being is only seeing positive aspects of everything.

You may have identified something you don’t want, which is fine, but get off that end of the subject, because your Inner Being is not going to join you there. Your Inner Being knows you are so much more! Your Inner Being knows you have identified something you don’t want, and immediately knew what you did want, so your Inner Being became what you did want. Your Inner Being expanded–YOU became what you did want!

But, hanging out in the don’t want crowd has held you back from keeping up with who your Inner Being knows who you have already become! You are holding YOU back!

Your Inner Being already knows you have become what you do want, but you’re lolly-gagging back in the don’t want section of life. And, it can feel like major negative emotion.

But, you know what?! If you are feeling that negative emotion and you don’t like how it feels, that’s the indication you are sensitive to your emotional guidance system–and that’s great!

Now, you can focus on what you do want and look for thoughts that bring relief. When you start feeling better by the thoughts you have chosen, you are now tuning in to the same vibration as your Inner Being! Your Inner Being only looks at what you want and who you really are–and never, ever, looks at what you don’t want!

So, when you start focusing you attention more on what you do want, now you are aligning with the Source within–your Inner Being. And, that feels really great! Because your Inner Being already knows this is who you really are!!!!

Remember, every time life offers you contrast or variety, it’s there for you to choose your preferences. This picking and choosing what you do want is expanding All-That-Is! Every decision you make about what you do want, you are growing not only your Inner Being, but you are expanding the entire Universe! 

Don’t fret because you keep having to experience stuff and make all these decisions about what you want, think of it as an adventure in life. Every time you say, yes, to something you love, you are calling more life force through you! That keeps your Inner Being eternally expanding and keeps your body humming along in well-being! Yep, it all affects your body, too.

Variety is the spice of life! 

Enjoy spicing it up!!! Have fun and relax knowing your Inner Being is 100% behind you and all that you want!

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All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack

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Will Yours Be A Great Day?

Have a great day

How many times have you been wished a great day in passing?

Maybe someone you love wished you a great day, so you knew they really meant it.

Did you take them up on it?

Did you decide to have a great day? Or, did you make other plans?

How much planning goes in to having a great day?

For starters, your great day begins the night before. A great day is something you intend and plan for. If you’re in a crappy mood when you go to sleep, you’ll most likely wake up in the same crappy mood. It doesn’t have to be that way, because when you sleep your momentum from the previous day’s thoughts subside. Your resistance subsides during sleep.

When you awaken, you have a fresh day to start anew. You are blessed with a brand new baby day! Only you choose what kind of day you will experience. You could wake up and start thinking where you left off the night before, and that could be either good or bad, happy or crappy, empowered or disempowered. It’s always your choice for the kind of day you’ll have.

If you’d like to plan on having a great day, start the night before and when you lay your head on that pillow, think of things you appreciate. The roof over your head, the conditioned air, the cozy bed and blankies, your fluffy pillow. Appreciate the well-being you experience–even if you’re sick or hurting, there are still functions of your body that are operating properly without your direct attention required. Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to stay away and tell your body to breathe for you, or tell your heart to pump. Appreciate the sunset you may have enjoyed. Appreciate your pet that loves you unconditionally. Appreciate positive aspects about what is going right in your life and the people you love.

Once you start finding things to appreciate, sometimes you get on a roll and can hardly stop! The momentum you are creating with the Law of Attraction, will continue to bring you more and more things to appreciate. Awesome, right?!

It’s a whole lot easier to wake up with happy thoughts of a great day, when you’ve gone to bed with a list of happy thoughts running through your mind the night before.

Now, you could have made plans to have a crappy day, and that is certainly your choice. Buy, why?! Why would you want to go through the day feeling that bad?

Why not wake up and determine to begin your day with pleasant thoughts? Purpose in your mind to start that list of appreciation all over, again. Lay there for just a few moments before you get up and revel in the satisfaction and comfort of your bed. Appreciate that the sun that is coming up. Revel in the fact that the world is in perfect orbit and in perfect placement with the rest of the universe–and you don’t have to worry about it!

I love what my bonus daughter (we don’t use the term step in our blended family unit), always says about her days. She says, It’s always a good day! It might be a bad 10 minutes, but it’s always a good day! Don’t you just love that attitude from a 24-year-old ICU nurse? Now, you know she’s seen some bad sh*t that could make for a really bad day. But, she only plans to have a good day, no matter what!

Have a great day…and don’t make other plans!

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All is Well!!


Mary Ann Pack

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Who Are YOU?

“Know you are worthy. Know you are valuable. Know you are love. Know YOU!” ~Mary Ann Pack

Do you know who you are?

I’m not talking about your identity as a partner, a parent, your career, your religion or your political affiliation. Those are wonderful, meaningful events, but that’s not who you are.

I’m referring to the real you–the inside you–your Inner Being.

In conversations with other people, we tend to speak about each other as the parent of…the wife of…the department head of…the follower of…or even the volunteer of X political party. We focus on labels to identify who we think we are. When we hear that so-in-so holds this position or is the parent of that child, we think we can pigeon-hole and make certain assumptions as to who they are.

We make judgments, without necessarily, even recognizing what we are doing. We’ve done it so long, if just feels natural or normal. We tend not to look beyond the physical trappings of life and into the soul.

We do this to ourselves, too. If I was to walk up and ask you who you were, what would you answer? Depending upon the situation or conversation, you’d be likely to answer, I’m the parent of Sam. I’m the supervisor for Company X. I belong to the X political party and vote this way. I’m the activist for X project.

But, that’s not the inside you. That’s not your soul, spirit or Inner Being. That’s not who you really are.

Let me remind you about who you really are. This is what I know about you!

  • You are an extension of Source Energy.
  • You are perfect, pure positive Light and Love.
  • You are loved and you ARE Love.
  • You are One with All-That-Is, all that ever was, is, and will ever be.
  • You are an unlimited, eternal non-physical entity.
  • The non-physical part of you, some call it your soul or spirit, is greater, wiser and older than your physical experience.
  • You created your body and your physical life experience.
  • You came here to experience the joy of creation.
  • You came here to this particular time-space reality to live on the leading edge of thought.
  • You came here to shine your brilliance.
  • You are worthy. Period.
  • You are worthy whether you do anything or not. Doing does not constitute worthiness. Worthiness is your being. It’s who you are.
  • You are valuable. Period.
  • Your value is not dependent upon your actions. You are joyously valuable right here, right now, and every now thereafter.
  • You are unconditionally loved. You don’t have to change any condition or behavior to be loved by Source. You just are.
  • You are appreciated by Source Energy.
  • Source Energy is always, and only, flowing love and appreciation to you and through you.
  • You are an ever-expanding eternal creator who harnesses the power that creates worlds!
  • You always feel good.
  • You always think good-feeling thoughts about you, the physical.
  • You only see good in others and their highest potential.
  • You love seeing the contrast or variety that your physical life experience has to offer, knowing that it will help you choose your preferences for more of what you do want.
  • You love the creative process of becoming more, every time you see something you don’t want, and then, know what you do want.
  • It’s thrilling for you to look through your physical eyes into the world and see things you love and appreciate.
  • It feels so good to you, when you can look at the differences in the world, and know it doesn’t affect your ability to choose happiness.
  • You appreciate differences, contrast and variety. You love the saying, Variety is the spice of life!, because you are living that spicy life!
  • You never look upon anyone or any condition with criticism.
  • You will never agree with the physical you, when you get on a rampage of complaining or hatred.
  • You refuse to join in any criticism or complaining, whatsoever.
  • You are always calling the physical you, to a higher and higher vibrational life, because it feels so good.
  • You are here for the expansion of it all, for the joy of it all, for the fun of it all!
  • You are free to choose anything you want to be, do or have.
  • You are so free, you could choose bondage, but you choose freedom, because it feels so awesome!
  • You are amazing and love sharing the joy of who you are!!!

These are just some of the things I know about you and who you really are.

When are YOU going to start believing them?

If you need assistance in remembering who you really are, I’m here to help. Reach out to me and I’ll walk with you into your expanded becoming! YOU ARE WORTHY!

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All is Well!!


Mary Ann Pack

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Resisting Anything Attracts More!

“If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of it – and therefore attracting that which is like it.” ~Abraham-Hicks

If we insist upon resisting or pushing against anything we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate, we will simply attracting more things we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate!

Anything we give our focused attention to will bring more of the same essence to us. It’s Law! We can never, ever, push against something we don’t like and expect it to go away. There is no supporting Law of Resistance! Resistance is contrary to the Law of Attraction.

Our thoughts and emotions create our vibrational point of attraction. There are always emotions behind our thoughts, which emit vibrational frequencies. The Universe is simply feeling our vibration and matching, with great accuracy, the vibration we are emitting. That is the premise of the Law of Attraction—that which is like unto itself, is drawn—like attracts like.

There is no exclusion. We cannot shout, NO, at anything we do not want and expect it to go away. When we push against or resist anything, we are giving it our attention and bringing it to the attention of others, which increases its power and expands it rapidly!

It’s like saying, “You that I do not like, that I do not want, that I do not appreciate, come to me! I am giving my attention to you, that is unwanted, so please bring more of it to me!”

In a universe governed by the Law of Attraction, we are always, and only, attracting every-single-thing that comes into our experience. Remember, the universe can only match our vibration—so, some thought-vibration within us was activated, matched and expanded into our experience.

So, how do we make something we don’t want, go away?!

We focus on something different, something pleasing, something we do want, something we appreciate. Say, what?! How can focusing on something more pleasing help get rid us of the thing we don’t want?

Again, it’s all about attraction! By law, whatever we focus upon is what the universal forces match to bring us more. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can anything bad go away when we don’t make others aware of how bad it really is? How can simply thinking about something that pleases us, help to improve the bad situation? That’s ridiculous! That’s sticking my head in the sand!”

Notice how you feel when you think about, talk about, create a group to fight against something that you’ve deemed bad. Do you feel light-hearted and happy? Do you feel expansive and joyous? Or, do you feel overwhelmed, disempowered, out-of-control, revengeful, heavy and contracted?

If we are honest, when we think about things that upset us or things we don’t like, we must acknowledge, we feel like shit! Honestly, fighting against anything or anyone never feels good! Taking sides and being against anything destroys our relationship with our Inner Source and with all other people. Disconnection never satisfies!

Now, notice how you feel when you think about things that please you, that you appreciate, that you really want. It feels amazing! There’s a song in your heart, there’s joy that bubbles up, and you feel light and empowered. You feel love. You feel like shouting with exultation from the rooftops!

Each of those feelings are emitting a vibrational frequency that become your point of attraction. Which would you prefer? To feel good or to feel bad? Seems like a no-brainer, but we see people, all the time, giving excuses as to why they cannot feel good. And, then there are others who always seem to be in a good mood, no matter the circumstances!

The good news is that you have a choice in how you feel and what you attract!

When a circumstance or the behavior of a person comes into your experience and you notice that you don’t like it, you immediate know what would be better—you immediately ask (vibrationally) for an improvement. This circumstance or behavior is simply contrast that life is presenting you with, so you can make a choice of what you’d really like. It helps you clarify your desires. It helps you give detail to what you really want.

Resisting and pushing against that which is unwanted or displeasing, gives it energy to grow. Remember, it’s law! On the other hand, if you see the contrast and focus on the improvement, you are giving that energy for it to grow. Again, it’s simply the law of the universe.

When thought/emotional energy is given to any subject, it expands. It doesn’t matter if it feels good or bad. When thought/emotional energy is withdrawn from any subject, it diminishes and loses its power. There truth to the old saying, “Ignore it, it will go away!”

This philosophy seems counter-intuitive to most people who do not understand the Law of Attraction. Most folks have been taught to fight against what they have deemed bad. They’ve been taught to fight again folks they disagree with or who don’t do it their right way. They feel they need to control the behavior of others—punishing them when they don’t follow the rules created to control behavior. Most rules are made from a place of fear, of a need to control, of misalignment with our true goodness/God-ness within.

The only way to diminish what we do not want, what we don’t like, is to withdraw our attention from the unwanted and focus our undivided attention upon the improvement we’ve vibrationally asked for. Once we ask for an improvement, Source Energy immediately answers, YES! Source begins gathering all the necessary cooperative components to provide for our desire. In other words, we ask and Source/God answers, yes.

So, now what happens?

The next step is to allow ourselves to receive it—allow ourselves to align with our Source Energy within and be happy. We must focus upon the amazing improvement we’ve asked for. We feel how good it feels to have the improvement we’ve asked for—now! We think about our desire without inserting any doubting that we will have our desired improvement. And, we don’t worry about that unwanted thing! This is absolute key! Remove it from your mind, from your thought energy, from your realm of awareness. Ignoring the unwanted is the sure-fire way to weaken its power and diminish its influence.

Here’s a secret. The universe doesn’t know if what you are feeling has already happened or if it hasn’t happened yet. This is where your power lies. The universe is matching is your vibrational signals. It’s incredibly important to conjure the good-feelings, as if you already have your improvement—now. Power is always in the now! The universe is matching feelings/vibrations—not the subject matter—not the physical reality of it. The universe understands and matches what you mean/feel, not what you say.

Let me give you an example….

Let’s consider the fight against cancer that is so rampant in our world. With the creation of the cancer awareness groups and campaigns, with the energy of money donated for cancer-disease research, with the marches for cancer survivors—we have simply given cancer more power and energy to expand! You can read the statistics. Cancer is on the rise, not the decline! This proves to us that concentrating our attention and energy upon something will expand it in every way! It’s law! It must bring us more of the same essence, and more, and more, and more! If fighting against cancer worked, we would see a sharp decline in cancer rates.

If we could get ahold of the principles of the universal Law of Attraction and apply them, we would ignore the horrors of cancer and focus on amazing health. We would focus on good foods that give our bodies nourishment and vitality. We would focus upon appreciating our bodies and their marvelous support they give us each, and every day. We would focus upon the joys of life and nature. We would live harmoniously with each other. We would be happy AND healthy! Well-being is our natural state and our bodies would return to vitality and health, if we would focus upon well-being, vitality and health, instead of disease!

Guess what we’re doing when we focus upon the pleasantries of life—when we focus with appreciation and gratitude? We are vibrating with a frequency that attracts more of the same! We are expanding what we really do want—by law!

Try it in your own life. Prove to yourself, the principles of the Law of Attraction to be true. All you have to do is look around the circumstances of your life. Are they pleasing and what you do want? Or, are they troublesome and, definitely, not what you want? Whatever the circumstances, you have attracted them by your attitude and thoughts. Any crap? You attracted that! Any goodness? You, also, attracted that!

Where do we go from here?

Begin noticing how you feel—take a feeling-barometer reading of your emotions. Do you feel good or bad? Empowered or disempowered? Confident or like a loser? Your emotional feelings are the indicator to monitor—which is a whole lot easier than trying to monitor every thought. When you notice yourself feeling bad, turn your attention to something that feels better. Even a little better. Always reach for the better-feeling thought.

The longer you stay focused upon something pleasing, the faster similar thoughts will race in to support the good-feeling. This is referred to as momentum. By law, the universe notices your better-feeling and within 17 seconds will send another supporting thought. Every 17 seconds, another thought like the preceding ones will attract more of the same, until you have reached the 68-second mark and you will have a good momentum of good-feeling thoughts flowing. Congratulation! You have shifted your point of attraction in those moments and the universe is lining up all the good things you desire to rush into your reality.

Now, do this all throughout the day. Every time you notice you’re feeling good, revel in it. Milk it for all it’s worth. Roll around in the deliciousness of the wonderful feeling. It will get easier and easier to find things to appreciate, because the universe will be bringing you more and more things to appreciate! That’s not hopefulness—that’s law!

The Law of Attraction can work in your favor, if you practice feeling good! Then, watch as those things you used to resist and push against, fall away and diminish their influence in your life. Just remember, every single person must find their own joyful, good-feelings if they are to improve their lives. If they are in the throes of a disparaging circumstance, they must find their own happiness and learn to focus upon their desire improvement. No one can improve another’s circumstances sustainably. The only sustainable better-feeling-life comes from within. No outside sources can satisfy a person’s lack of relationship one has with their own Higher Self.

Let’s start using the principles of the Law of Attraction with purpose. Make it your priority to feel good, so the universe can match those good-feelings with more of the same essence! Find things to appreciate. Make lists of wonderful things you love to think about. Notice what brings you pleasure and ponder them with joyous emotional feelings. Instead of resisting and pushing against something or someone, support and focus upon the improvement. Feel the good-feeling as if it has already happened. We only desire things because we think we will feel better by the having of them—so feel better now—so it can expand and come to us!!

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All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

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