Your Goal? Feel Good!

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Just imagine! If we could all just make feeling good our number one goal in life, we could live happily-ever-after!

What would feeling good look like to you?

What would your life be like if you felt good  most of the time?

What would you be, do, and have as a result of making feeling good your number one goal?

Let’s talk about what a goal like feeling good looks like.

This is what MY goal to feel good would look like. Maybe some of it will resonate with yours. If not, use my examples as your jumping-off place to create your own vision of what a life of feeling good would look like!

  • I would love life even more! I would experience more joy every single day!
  • Even when sh*t hit the fan, I would appreciate that the contrast I was experiencing was valuable in that I get to choose what I do want because I’m seeing what I don’t want.
  • I can appreciate the moments of feeling bad, because I know my emotional guidance system is working well, indicating the direction I’m heading.
  • I can nip-in-the-bud any doubt or fear because I feel the discomfort of not knowing, thinking, and feeling like my Inner Being.
  • In those doubtful or fearful moments, I can immediately shift my thinking and tell my new feel-good story. The more I tell my good-feeling story, the more I will begin to believe it!
  • Feeling good indicates my alignment with who I really am as an extension of Source Energy.
  • I would feel the harmony of the wholeness of who I am as the physical-me and the spirit-me.
  • I would have amazing things arriving in my life experience on a daily basis.
  • I would feel so satisfied with everything and everyone.
  • Yet, even in my satisfaction, I’d know there would be so much more out there for me to explore. create, and receive!
  • I would have perfect timing. I would meet the right people at the perfect time. I would say the right things. I would be in the right place at the right time which would lead me to something wonderful.
  • I would expect good things to come to me as quickly as I’m ready to receive them.
  • I would let everyone else off the hook, knowing that only I am responsible for feeling good.
  • I would not feel the need to be in control of everyone or every situation around me.
  • I would feel safe, secure, assured, invincible, confident, clear-minded.
  • I would make decisions easily, knowing there is no risk, ever.
  • I would love everyone unconditionally–never demanding a changed behavior from anyone I observe so that I feel better. I would allow them to be who they are.
  • I would have doors and opportunities opening up for me from which to pick and choose.
  • I would have the best relationships, deep and enriching, fun and exciting.
  • I would experience peace and calm in my mind and soul.
  • I would look for everything that pleased me.
  • I would look for more things I wanted to be, do, and have.
  • My finances would be abundant. My bank accounts would reflect my abundant happiness.
  • My health would be fantastic. I would feel really good, physically. I would be strong, flexible, and at my naturally happy weight.
  • I would be living with very little resistance, so my discomfort level would be greatly diminished.
  • My beliefs would change into ones that were for my highest good, that would match my desires, that are calling Life Force through me.
  • I would feel my expansion and growth and be eager for what’s coming next!!

In this listing of what my goal of feeling good would look like, I chose more general statements of good-feeling. It’s imperative for us to get feeling good in general before we move into the specifics of feeling good. This gets our momentum going steadily before we add more specific details.

Once we are feeling really good, that’s when we know we are aligned with our Inner Being (who we really are). In these moments, that’s the time to move into more specific thoughts about what we want.

Don’t get your thoughts about your desires and what you want get out ahead of your alignment of feeling good. If you prematurely address your desires before you’ve created a vibrational environment to receive, you will introduce resistance that will slow down your process of receiving.

Stay focused on what makes you feel good. Notice throughout the day if what you’re thinking feels satisfying or feels unsatisfying. At the moment you feel dissatisfaction, change the subject to something that easily brings you satisfying feelings.

Why does it even matter if we have a goal of feeling good?

Feeling good is a vibrational quality that matches your desires. Everything you want is vibrating at a good-feeling energy level. If you can achieve feeling good most of the time, you will shift your vibrational offering to such that the Universe must yield to you everything you desire. Not all at once, of course. We don’t eat everything we want for a lifetime in one sitting. We don’t breathe in all the air we will need for the rest of our lives.

We receive nourishment and air as we need it–as we’re ready for more. The same goes in the Universe. We get to enjoy blessings all along the way. As we live a life of appreciation and focusing on what’s going right that feels good, we are well on our way to receiving our desires that create a really joyous life experience!

We came into this time-space-reality to experience as much joy as possible. The more you choose the goal to feel good, the more you will experience real joy!

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To your goal of feeling good,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

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It’s None of My Business!

Not too long ago, I made a visual reminder for myself to keep my cork floating. To remind myself how easy life could be if I would keep my hands off what’s none of my business! To practice the ease and flow of an aligned life.

In other words, it’s natural that our cork should float easily downstream to everything we desire. It’s only when we stick our nose where it doesn’t belong, that we drag our cork underwater or try forcing it to go upstream, against the current. When we fight and struggle against any current, we will get nowhere…fast.

But, if we only perform our work of knowing our what and why–focusing on what we want and why we want it–then our cork will gently bob, naturally, along the surface in a fun and exciting ride to our dreams downstream.

Anyway, I took a small jelly jar and put some water in it about half full. Then I dropped a wine cork into the water and fastened the lid. I did this to have a visual aid to remind me the only way my cork will float freely is if I keep my hands off of it!

The minute I touch my cork, it is restricted and will not float freely.

Our cork floating, energetically speaking, is non-resistant thought-vibrations. It’s the time we are happy and relaxed and carefree. It’s when we are aligned with who we really are. It’s when our Inner Source is guiding our steps with ideas for inspired action.

I am a forgetful person. I forget to keep my hands/thoughts out of Source’s business. Source’s job is to tend to the how, when, where, and who of what I want. I know my job is to decide what I want and why.

What I want is pretty easy to decide. Even the why’s are easy–because my priority is to feel really good. I like clarity, fun, adventure, excitement. Because, I like peace and calm, exhilaration, joy, confidence. So, why I want something is easy to determine. I like feeling good and having this or that will feel really good!

So, when is it that I hold my cork under the water?

I hold my cork under the water when I stick my nose into the job of Source. It’s when I think I must micromanage the greatest, wisest, most loving, all-knowing manager! As stated previously, Source’s job is the how, when, where, and who of what I want. It’s Source’s job to manage how it comes, when it comes, where it comes from, and who will bring it.

When I’m looking over the shoulder of Source and can’t see the progress of their work–I get all sideways in the stream. I pull my cork under so fast. As my cork disappears under the water, I can’t breathe!

The longer I hold myself down, the worse I feel. Relief only comes when I let go and my cork naturally bobs back to the surface! Ahh! That’s where I belong.

When I let go of the work that is none of my business–the how, when, where, who–my resistance subsides and my vibration raises. This is the sweet spot of entering the vortex–of my alignment with who I am as an extension of Source Energy.

When I am in alignment, I am in the vicinity of everything I want. My vortex is full of all the good stuff I’ve put there. It’s encoded with my vibrational DNA and waiting for me to prepare my vibrational environment to receive.

When I’m dabbling in things that are none of my business, I’m taking on jobs that are above my pay scale. My sole work is to create a life of joyfulness. I’m definitely not joyful when I’m sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. It makes me ask questions I have no answers for–which leaves me feeling confused, doubtful, vulnerable, uncertain, and not trusting.

I’m drowning myself by holding down my cork. When I let go and get hands-free, I bob back up to the adventurous ride downstream to everything I desire. Life feels like ease and flow, joy and happiness, smiles and laughter, clarity and openness.

All possibilities are open to me!

It’s all about keeping my nose out of what’s not my business and allow Source full reign of the how, when, where, and who to my creation of what and why!

All is Really, Really Well!

To you joyful, bobbing cork,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

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Be Happy Rather Than Being Right

Recently, I experienced some contrast in a relationship where, initially, I just wanted to be right. I didn’t care how I felt–I WAS RIGHT!! You know the feeling. You observe someone’s behavior and just knew they were wrong and you were right!

Well, I thought about all the facts that I knew and how wrong the other person was for behaving in the manner they chose. I had it all worked out in my head. My thoughts were reeling and so were my emotions!

It came on me one night right after my justification process had really gained momentum, when I awoke from sleep. I had not practiced my usual round of appreciation before going to sleep, because I already had been thinking about the situation before bedtime. So, I was already in that negative momentum of thought.

As I laid there awake, my mind went right to where my thoughts had been. It didn’t feel good–but I was right!! I had all the reasons their behavior was bad. If I’d had someone to talk to in that moment, I’m sure I could find someone to agree with me. I had every justification of how badly it affected me. How it might drive a wedge between us. How it could potentially be hazardous to their health and longevity–which were valid concerns!

Why do we do this to ourselves?!

Why do we insist on being right when being happy would be so much better?

I will admit, I am getting better at letting sh*t go that I really have no control over. Which is, basically, everyone and everything else, except myself!

Anyway, I got up and sat in the living room for a couple of hours. I was still stewing, but I wanted to feel better. I knew this was not the way to handle this situation. Insisting that you are right and they are wrong is rarely is the most beneficial approach! Again, I knew I wanted to feel better. I recognized that what I was doing was just stupid. This attitude stemmed from old, limiting beliefs that didn’t allow for everyone to be their own person and make their own personal choices. Yet, I wanted to soothe my emotions. I wanted to feel better about this person.

I believe we tend to think someone else’s behavior will affect us adversely. We are in a lack-mindset when we enter that realm of thinking. We believe that the Universe can’t really keep us safe. We don’t really believe we create our own reality and have attracted these kinds of situations upon ourselves. We don’t believe we have the infinite resources to back up anything we desire. We believe we have to control the other person’s behavior to protect ourselves. That it’s too risky to trust the Universe with our relationships and let ourselves be the individuals we are in the moment.

I wanted a harmonious relationship. I wanted to be happy when I observed this person and held them as my object of attention. I wanted to feel the unconditional love that I know Source has for each and every one of us–no matter what’s going on. I wanted to feel happy, again!

Practicing what I know about the Law of Attraction, I chose to think some thoughts that brought relief, like:

  • All is really well, here.
  • There’s nothing really serious going on.
  • Source does have my back and is tending to all my desires–even this one.
  • I don’t have to figure this out this red-hot minute.
  • It’s more important that I feel good. That’s what I came into this life for–feeling joy!
  • I didn’t come here intending to teach anyone a lesson or demand others to live in a certain way that only pleases me.
  • I came here with the intention to experience freedom, growth, and joy.
  • Then I went into a list of appreciation about everything I could think of.

Relief came quickly. I went back to bed and slept well until morning.

When I got up, I saw a quote from Abraham-Hicks, “I’d rather be happy than be right.”

They were instructing us on the ways of creating better experiences for ourselves. They consistently teach that how we feel is the most important practice. If we want to feel good most of the time and enjoy a good life, we must make feeling good our number one priority.

We can only feel good by thinking good thoughts that align with our Inner Being of Light and Love–who we really are.

Being right and feeling like sh*t just doesn’t do it for me!

I jotted down that Abraham quote in my calendar that day. I wanted to remind myself that being happy is the most important and is the most beneficial thing I can do for the situation. Being happy is living the example before those observing our lives. It’s the only way to have a good influence on anyone!

Not only will your emotions thank you, so will your body. All that negative tension and stress shuts off our cells’ communication with Source and they cannot receive the well-being they are asking for. If you continue insisting upon being right rather than being happy, your body will begin suffering and will diminish in health. Then you’ll really have something bigger to complain about.

Here are a few tips for improving your thoughts about a similar situation you may have encountered:

  • When contrast appears in your relationships, you know what you don’t want and immediately know what you do want–what improvement you would prefer.
  • Thank your emotional guidance system that is working by indicating which direction you are heading. Feeling bad = heading into more unwanted; feeling good = heading into what you do want.
  • Make a list of things you appreciate about the person you have been observing. When you are away from them (this is key) and can allow yourself to focus on positive aspects of them, write all those down and feel that good feeling about them.
  • If the hurt has too much momentum and you can’t focus on anything positive about it, change the subject! It doesn’t matter the subject, as long as you can find relief!
  • Appreciation and finding positive aspects about anything and anyone is beneficial for every aspect of your life–even this relationship situation.

Why go through the torture of insisting on being right? Stop being offended and allow the other person to be who they are at that moment. No one is here to make you feel better–that’s your inside work. The best thing you can do for youself and anyone else is to choose to be happy–no matter what!!

How do you know if that choice to be happy isn’t the very thing that will settle the situation?

At least, you won’t keep attracting that behavior because you’ve chosen not to give it so much of your attention and energy. It’s amazing what a little happiness will do for living a joyous life!

So, make it a point to choose to be happy rather than being right!

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To your CHOSEN happy life,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

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Every Thought Opens a Door

Every time we are having a thought we are opening a door. The question is, “What door are you opening with your thoughts?”

Are you opening doors of pleasure and things you love? Or, are you opening doors to things that are very displeasing and unsatisfying?

What influence are you under as you think the thoughts you think?

Every thought either feels good or it feels bad. We receive an emotional response from every thought we think. No matter the emotional label we choose–depression, anger, frustration, hope, joy–they either feel good or bad.

Our inner guidance system of emotions are guiding us and indicating to us as to the direction of our thoughts. Emotions can be trusted. Our emotions tell on our thoughts every single time!

If we notice we are feeling bad, what influence is that indicating? Bad-feeling thoughts are indicating we are being influenced by others’ opinions, what we are seeing around us that we don’t like, beliefs that are not for our highest good. It indicates that we are not in alignment with our Inner Being–who we really are. This thought-influence is going to open doors to experiences we will not want or not like, nor be satisfying.

If we notice we are feeling good, what influence is that indicating? You can guess this one! Good-feeling thoughts are indicating we are being influenced solely by our Inner Being. The one who knows and loves us. The one who is always holding us with the highest affection. This influence indicates we are in alignment with who we really are. This thought-influence is going to open doors to experiences that we will want, will like, and be very satisfying!

Where do good feeling thoughts come from?

When we are thinking thoughts that feel good we are in alignment with the thoughts of our Inner Being or our Soul. As we see contrast (things we don’t want), we immediately know what we do want. At that moment, we make a preference for an improvement, whether or not we’ve vocalized it. We have vibrationally asked for the improved situation or condition through our emotional response to thoughts.

Immediately our Inner Being takes hold of that improvement and becomes the vibrational equivalent. In other words, our Inner Being or Soul becomes the newest version of who we really are. Our Inner Being is always feeling good, always holding us in appreciation, always interested in our well-being. Always thinking good thoughts about us and our situation. And, never, ever criticizes, demands us to change, or joins us in complaining.

Since our Inner Being is doing such a great job in holding the feeling of the very best vibrational version of us, when we think thoughts that feel good, we are in alignment with our Inner Being. We can trust that whatever we’re thinking about is exactly what our Inner Being is knowing, thinking, and feeling about us and our situation. In other words, our thoughts are matching who we really are.

This is being under the influence of your loving Inner Being, your Inner Source. With these thoughts, you are opening amazingly satisfying doors!

So, where do bad feelings come from?

When we are thinking thoughts that feel bad we are not in alignment with the thoughts of our Inner Being or our Soul. Do you know how I know? Because our Inner Being can never, ever think thoughts that feel bad.

The discord we’re feeling, the bad feeling we receive when we’re thinking, is a sign that we are not thinking the same thoughts as our Inner Being. We may be thinking about someone else’s opinion, about what-is that is not pleasing, about what’s going on that we consider being wrong. We are looking outside ourself for our guidance and allowing outside factors to influence our thoughts.

When our thoughts don’t match what our Inner Being is thinking, it will feel really bad. The discordant feelings get stronger and stronger the more we allow our thoughts to run through all the bad stuff in our lives or experiences.

One caveat would be that you may feel bad momentarily while you are experiencing contrast. Life shows you something and you may not like it, so you get that bad feeling, but immediately you know what you’d prefer. When you notice that contrast is causing you to ask for an improvement, it’s time to begin focusing on the improvement or the solution. No longer should you be focusing on the problem or the contrast that caused you to make your preference. Once you decide to focus on the solution, your feelings immediately improve and you, once again, align with the thoughts and opinion of your Inner Being.

For this post, we are focusing on thought patterns and from where you are influenced to ponder subjects. I wanted you to understand that not all bad feelings are opening unpleasant/unwanted doors. Simply move away from bad-feeling thoughts as quickly as possible and purposefully begin thinking about more pleasing subjects–subjects where it’s easy to find relief.

How can you know what doors you’re opening?

You can know what doors you’re opening by what’s showing up in your life. Simply look around at what’s coming into your experience and ask if they are pleasing and satisfying or if they are displeasing and unsatisfying.

Things that show up that are pleasing and satisfying are because you are influenced by your Inner Being and thinking in alignment with thoughts that feel good most of the time. The more time you can spend thinking good-feeling thoughts, the more amazing the experiences behind that open door!

Things that show up that are displeasing and unsatisfying are because you are being influenced by other peoples’ opinions, focusing on other experiences that were not pleasing, or you may be complaining and blaming others way too much. Any complaining is resistance to what you want. Complaining will only bring you more things to complain about!

How can you open more amazing doors?

Here’s a short list of things that will help you open the doors you truly desire to walk through!

  • Evaluate what’s showing up in your life experience.
    • If they are pleasant things, keep up the good work because your doors are opening by focusing on your desires which match what your Inner Being is knowing, thinking, and feeling about you and what’s important to you.
    • If they are unpleasant things, you have been influenced by other things more than what your Inner Being believes about you and what you want.
  • Make feeling good your number one priority. Period.
  • Make it your intention to notice how you’re feeling throughout the day.
    • The more you can keep thinking thoughts on subjects that feel good, the more the Universe will send you more thoughts and experiences that are of the same vibrational essence.
  • Begin your morning with meditation which will help you set the tone of your day.
    • Quiet your mind for 15-20 minutes each day. This quieting of thought lowers your resistance and increases your allowing or receiving mode. Listen for any inspiration from your Inner Being.
  • Stop complaining and start complimenting.
  • Notice more things you appreciate. It would be very beneficial to handwrite them in your journal.

These simple steps will help you begin to shift your vibrational offering. The more you can practice thinking good-feeling thoughts, noticing things you appreciate, and holding your focus on positive aspects, you’ll begin to see new doors open that had previously been closed.

And, you’re going to love these doors!!

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To your amazing door-opening adventures,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

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Push Through Fear?!

“There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse. Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse–but we would never move forward in fear.” ~Abraham-Hicks

So many people believe we need to push through our fears. Whether we are attempting something new in our business, relationships, or even for personal growth. I believe this is a false premise that we need to change.

In a universe governed by Law of Attraction, pushing against anything only attracts more of the same into our experience.

Well-being is our natural state. Fear is resistance, which is an abnormal state of being! When we are in a state of fear about anything it is our indication that we are not aligned with who we really are as extensions of Source Energy. We can know this by how we feel. Fear causes us to feel bad. That bad feeling indicates we are heading in the wrong direction–towards what is unwanted or the lack/absence of what we want.

What is fear, where does it come from, and why do we experience fear?

  • Fear is resistance to what we really do want. We doubt we can really have anything we want to be, do or have. Doubt is always resistance!
  • Fear is resisting the love that is our natural state. When we don’t believe ourselves worthy, we are denying love that is flowing to us non-stop from our Inner Being.
  • Fear says the risk is too great. Fear wants you to weigh all the pros and cons before you move forward. Or, will simply freeze you in place. Yet, alignment with your Inner Source brings complete peace of mind, knowing there is no risk–only adventure and ease and flow as you utilize the leverage and resources of the powerful Universe.
  • Fear causes us to procrastinate. Then we beat up on ourselves for not overcoming this fear and makes us feel weak. That is certainly NOT who we are!
  • Fear exists in our lives when we are not aligned with our Inner Being–who we really are. Our Inner Being is always believing everything good about us–never criticizing us, never worrying about us. When we contradict what our Inner Being believes about us, we begin to fear and that feels like sh*t!.
  • Fear is being under the influence of others’ opinions or outside forces that we cannot (and will never) control. Fear is worrying about what others will think of us and making their opinion greater, more powerful, and valued higher than our own opinion.
  • Fear causes us to take things personally. That is giving away our power to someone who really doesn’t care that much about us anyway! They are worried about their own fears.
  • Fear is what kicks in when we try hard and take action BEFORE we’ve aligned with who we are. We are relying on our efforts of pushing harder, working harder, plowing through, under, over or around. All this effort of action is counterproductive because we’re not aligned. It’s like beating our head against the wall. We don’t get very far, fast!

Why do we continue to live in fear and feeling bad?

Fear and feeling bad become a normal feeling for so many of us–when, in fact, it is abnormal to our true state of being. We become accustomed to the bad-feeling of fear and get really good at coping with it. Yet, we can still feel the discomfort of the discord with who we really are–on the Inside. Anytime we are in fear, our Inner Being believes something totally opposite to what we believe about ourselves when we suffer in fear.

It’s all about how we think. It’s about our perspective. The only thing we ever have complete control over is our thoughts! So, let’s get moving in the direction of what our Inner Being believes, thinks, and feels about us so we can feel better and live in love–without fear!

We are powerful creators. We are invincible. We have the power that creates worlds at our beck and call. There is no risk. Absolutely nothing to fear!

What influence are we under?

Remembering who we are as powerful creators, who came here in this time-space reality to experience as much joy as possible, is where we should reside. We have unlimited access to Infinite Intelligence at every moment, so why do we accept living in a state of abnormalcy? Why would we continue to think in ways that make us feel bad?

If you are one who believes you must push through your fears, I’d like you to consider changing your beliefs to these that will make your fears fade into oblivion.

  • You came here with a triad of intentions: freedom, growth, and joy. There is nothing in those intentions that includes living with fear.
  • Beliefs are simply thoughts we repeat to ourselves. It’s time to change your beliefs about your life and tell a new story.
  • Everything always works out for you! Knowing this helps you relax and listen to your Inner Being’s leading for what to do and when to do it. You’ll receive inspiration and impulses to act when it’s the right time.
  • You are an extension of Source Energy which means you have access to the power that creates worlds! This power does not know or feel fearful in any way.
  • Everything is already in place! You have already laid all the groundwork of asking for your desires. They are waiting for you to get ready to receive.
  • Source Energy has heard all your requests and is tending to the work of putting it together for you! It’s waiting in your vibrational escrow account. Now it’s time for you to feel that joyful vibrational energy of what you want and hold that feeling as long and as often as you can so you’re ready to receive it.
  • Ease and flow comes when we align, first, BEFORE we take action! We must wait until we’ve quieted our minds and listened for inspiration or an impulse to act upon.
  • Alignment first brings the leverage of the power that creates worlds. Source’s got our backs!
  • If rejections come, if bad opinions come from others, it’s not as big a deal because we are secure in who we really are. Others’ opinions don’t matter when we are aligned. We need no one else’s validation to proceed with our inspired action. We know we are clear about what we are doing because we still feel good!

Are you ready to quit putting up with fear and the bad feelings it induces? Are you ready to live fearless and joyful, knowing full-well that you are invincible and powerful?

If you want to live without fear and replace it with self-love, it’s time to accept who you really are. Once you practice feeling good about yourself and get more consistent, you’ll begin to notice that next time you are faced with something new or something unknown, you’ll feel more relaxed, confident, adventurous. That anxiety and panic of fear is lessened or non-existent. You may even turn it into a game so that it becomes something fun!

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To your joy,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

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Connecting Intellect with Emotion

There are times when we know things intellectually but don’t feel we know them emotionally. It feels like a head-heart disconnect.

Many times we feel that we know things intellectually. We know the steps and processes. We know how to do this or that, or why this or that happens. We know this or that resonates with our soul. We know it feels real or rings true to us. It just makes sense to us when we think about the subject or principle we have learned.

We know how to think rationally, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like we know things emotionally. It’s almost like we understand concepts and principles in our head but we can’t seem to get the application into our hearts.

It seems we understand the how-to but don’t get the feeling-of what we are pondering.

I listened recently to a video by my mentor, Abraham-Hicks, and it clarified my understanding which I’d like to share with you. Abraham explained that this belief of being intellectual vs. emotional understanding is bogus. It’s a belief that we picked up along our path. It’s just words that don’t mean anything. It’s just rhetoric that we picked up from others who were not connected to their Source.

Abraham explains that to know something intellectually you must know it emotionally, otherwise there would not be a resonance with it. You don’t resonate intellectually with anything that you have not experienced emotionally. There can be no understanding of something without the feeling of it, first. Remember, we are vibrational being and must connect emotionally with any subject for it to make sense and resonate with our spirit.

We can only understand something intellectually because we have felt it emotionally, first. That’s what made it truth to us. That’s what made it feel like it made sense when we heard it. Emotional connection to something gives us the opportunity to resonate with it intellectually.

We are touched by something emotionally when we hear it before we can believe it intellectually. Words don’t teach, only life experience teaches. Experiencing something emotionally connects it to us intellectually so that we have something to focus our attention upon.

So, when we feel a bit disconnected with our heart as we think about a subject intellectually, we need to focus on what we want and why to receive the clarity that the energetic work provides.

Alignment with Source brings the intellect and emotions together in harmony. Sometimes, we think our intellect gets dry and drags us into resistance before we notice. The passion seems to be lost. There’s no fire anymore.

At the moment we do notice resistance, it’s time to change the subject to get back to a better-feeling place. It’s time to align our energy with that of our Inner Source.

When we align with our Inner Being, spending time in meditation, the passion is reignited. The intellect is fired up! The new ideas begin to flow. Inspiration brings impulses to act. Now, when we think about the subject, our intellect is excited and exhilarated. Our emotions are heightened. We feel the juices flowing! Our emotions and intellect are in harmony and balanced.

If your intellect is feeling a bit dry, if your emotions feel a bit numb, it’s time to reignite your passion by spending time doing the energetic work of connecting to your Inner Being. Your Inner Being knows everything about you and what you want. Your Inner Being is calling you to the wholeness of who you really are–emotionally, as well as, intellectually.

Once you feel the alignment with your Source and can hold that feeling steady for a while, it may be time to revisit the subject you have been intellectualizing and feel the delight of it. Your alignment will ignite your emotions, which will fire up your intellect–which, in turn, excites your emotions further. It’s a never-ending cycle of feeling, thinking, receiving inspired impulses to act, perfect timing, manifesting, to feeling good, to thinking….

Just know that you cannot separate intellect from emotions. They must work together. If it feels like intellect is dry and boring, it is because you need to come back into alignment with your Inner Source. If it feels like old news, it’s because you may not be applying it to a life experience so that it can teach you something new.

Rest assured that when your intellectual knowledge feels disconnected from your emotional knowledge, you can reconnect them harmoniously by aligning with your Inner Source. Focusing on your what and why will always bring you back into alignment. It’s always beneficial and exciting to think about our what and why.  Leave the how, when, where, and who in the capable hands of Source.

Take time to connect with your Inner Being and fall in love with the ideas on which you are focused by harmonizing your intellect and emotions!

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Which Comes First…Sowing or Reaping?

While I was on a recent work-cation in the beautiful Boston Mountains of Arkansas, the fall colors were magnificent! We had glorious days of fall sunshine. During the days of cool, rainy weather, I read Dani Johnson’s book, First Steps to Wealth in front of the crackling fire. If you haven’t read it, get it now!* No spoiler alert, but this book will change your life in every area! Wealth is not just about money–it’s about wealth in relationships, time, finances, health, and our spirituality. Dani makes this very clear.

Okay, so that was an “Oh look, squirrel!” moment! Ha!

Anyway, Dani teaches her 12 laws of success. One of them was the Law of Reaping and Sowing–rather than Sowing and Reaping as we’ve always known. I understand that we do reap what we sow. I love that Dani changed it up so that we focus more on what we want, then we can be more precise about what we sow.

It feels to me that sowing and reaping has a bit of resistance in it. Sowing and reaping seems more like the concept of karma. It’s having to watch out what you sow because you may not like what you reap!

By changing it to Reaping and Sowing it feels more intentional, more purposeful, more deliberate. It asks the questions, what do I want to reap? Now, what do I need to sow in order to reap what I want? It compels you to focus more on what you want first, and then, sow specific things to receive your desire with intentionality.

When focusing on what I want to reap, and experience the feeling of having it before it comes, assures that my alignment will urge me to sow good things that match my reaping desire. It gives me the right impulses to sow at the perfect time in perfect ways. It relies more on the energetic work of aligning with what I want (reaping) and then taking action (sowing) after I’m already in alignment with my Inner Source. That order resonates more clearly with my soul.

If we know what we want to reap, we will sow only those seeds that will produce what we desire to reap.

Sowing and reaping is less intentional. It almost feels more like a warning. It’s being under the influence of fear and a need to control the outcome. This holds more resistance.

When we are in alignment with our Inner Source, there is never a feeling of warning or danger that we might get something we don’t want. Source is only focused on what we do want–not what we don’t want. Source is only calling us to what we want. Through our path of least resistance. Through our path of most clarity.

So, how can we focus more upon what we want to reap and sow appropriate seeds?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Focus on what you do want and why. What benefits are there to having this desire? How will it make you feel? How will it improve your life?
  • Identify these desires as what you want to reap.
  • Now, look for ways to sow the appropriate seed to reap your desired harvest.

Here are a few examples of Reaping and Sowing:

  • You want more money.
    • Sow seeds of generosity. Look for ways to help others monetarily through charities, church, or to individuals you know that would benefit from your gifts.
    • Sow seeds of impact and influence. Offer your business services as you meet people. Expose your business to more people. Befriend people and find out what they need and want. Your business may service their needs and you didn’t even know it.
  • You want better relationships.
    • Sow seeds of friendship. Make it a point to give something to everyone you meet. Whether it’s a smile, hug, compliment or encouraging word.
    • Sow seeds of positive aspects. Focus on a person with whom you have a relationship and make lists of positive aspects about them. Things you admire, love about them, appreciate about them. This clears the path of any resistance on your part that may be holding you apart from a better relationship. Now, the door is open when they’re ready to come to you.
  • You want better health.
    • Sow seeds of self-love. Yep, you have to be selfish enough to care about how you feel. Make feeling good your number one priority.
    • Sow seeds of laughter and good humor. We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. In fact, it is scientifically proven to be true. Even the Bible says that a happy heart does good like a medicine.
    • Sow seeds of self-appreciation. Focus on your body as your partner. Appreciating your body for its service to you throughout this life. Focus on what’s going right in your body. Spend less time complaining about your illness or pain.
    • Sow seeds of compliments. You were complaining about a lot of things long before you were complaining about your health. That complaining trend has created this suffering. Been there, done that, got the medical bills! So, turn your complaining into compliments! Find things to compliment yourself on or compliment others. Your attitude will improve and so will your health! Mine did!!

Do you see how each of these desires of reaping are supported by sowing seeds with intentionality?

You don’t just hope these seeds will produce a desired harvest, you are intentionally planting seeds that do produce your intended harvest. You’ll know if you are sowing the right seeds by how you feel. If you feel good about what you’re sowing, your harvest will be great!

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Being Authentic or Justifying Being Mean?

When you hear some folks touting that they are just being authentic, some are using authenticity to justify being mean.

You know those who claim they are just being authentically themselves but the vibe of the conversation just feels more mean-spirited than authentic. You can feel the difference when someone is being authentically who they are or not by the vibrations they give off.

Someone being truly authentic still has a sweet spirit about them. They are kind and loving. They are generally caring and not pushy. You tend to like being around them because of their sweet, calm, uplifting attitude.

Those who claim to be authentic but are using it for an excuse to be mean are not happy, appreciative people. They don’t care how they express themselves or how it could affect another person who is listening. They just want to get their point across–do or die! Usually, it is accompanied by an increasing volume.

They are truly not aligned with their Inner Being–who they really are as pure, positive love-extensions of Source Energy. They are dwelling too long on what they don’t want in another’s  behavior instead of finding positive aspects about them and the situation. They are more influenced by conditions they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Rather, they should be more influenced by their Inner Being who loves without demanding a condition to change.

It’s one thing to be authentic and set boundaries and make feeling good your number one priority with a gracefully sweet spirit–but it’s something quite different to blast away at another person when they cross your invisible chip on your shoulder. When you claim to be authentic–it doesn’t give you license to be a bitch. Being mean is as inauthentic as it gets! It’s not who you really are.

What does it mean to be truly authentic in a loving way?

Being authentic is aligning with who you really are which is loving and kind. You can have boundaries and still be sweet. You can truly be authentic and let people know where you stand on any subject in a way that is beneficial to everyone. You can set your boundaries and not shut others off. Yes, we must make feeling good our number one priority but being mean and intentionally cutting someone down in the process is not being authentic. It’s simply being rude.

Of course, some folks will always misunderstand your authenticity. You can express your boundaries in the kindest of ways and others will still get their feelings hurt. We all express the behavior we want from others from our selfish perspective. Our self-centered perspective is all we have. We cannot live from another’s perspective, nor can someone else live from our perspective. That’s why we are individuals. We have our own thoughts, desires, and preferences.

When we blame others for how we feel because we’ve looked to them to make us feel better, we are looking for love in all the wrong places. We are not taking our responsibility to create our own happiness.

Feeling good is always and, only, an inside job. We must let everyone else off the hook.

How do I find my true authentic self and express it with kindness?

If you really want to be authentic, align first with your Inner Being. Ask: What does my Inner Being know, think, and feel about me and this situation? If you’ve spent time building a relationship with your Inner Being, you will receive a truly loving, uplifting answer. You will feel good. You will notice that you feel more loving toward others you have been observing. It could even be possible that there is no need to express your boundaries at that moment. You simply have moved your attention to what feels good about another person or the solution to the situation.

Remember, it’s all about self-perspective. Where are you focusing your attention? What is influencing your perspective? Are you being influenced by your Inner Being or the bad behavior you are observing that you are allowing to make you feel bad?

I’m not saying we don’t need boundaries or let others know where we stand! We don’t need to be doormats. Been there, got the T-shirt!

What I’m saying is that we know what we do want and what we don’t want. We can, also, express what we do want, over expressing what we don’t want. If we focus more on what we don’t want (the behaviors/situations that we perceived as needing boundaries for), anything we say will be filled with utter resistance and received in a hurtful way. It can–or will–blow up in your face! Let the screaming match commence!

There is alway resistance in what we don’t want. We feel we need to set boundaries to protect ourselves. When we look for areas that we feel we need protection in, we are living a life focused with resistance, fear, worry, disempowerment, and vulnerability. When we are in alignment with our Inner Being we are virtually invincible! We are receiving guidance from Within, rather than what’s happening all around us.

When we express more of what we do want, it is from a good-feeling place of authenticity because it matches the vibrational quality of our Inner Being. When we express more of what we don’t want, it is from a bad-feeling place of inauthenticity.

When you can find good-feeling thoughts about it, you know you’re aligned and feeling your authentic self. As you express your boundaries from this aligned state of being, you can cause no real harm to another. Again, you can’t control how they receive it but that’s really none of your business, anyway. Their response is between them and their Inner Being. You simply need to keep your side of the street clean.

Being authentic is expressing boundaries from the standpoint of knowing what you do want. You’re not telling someone what they can’t do anymore because it makes you feel bad. You’re telling someone what you would like, better. You’re expressing your desire for improvement that feels way better.

Here’s examples of inauthentic and mean vs. authentic and loving:

Let’s say you think your partner is being an ass to you. He/she is on your ever-lovin’ last nerve. You feel that you’ll explode if you don’t say something to get him/her to stop what they are doing. Everytime you think about them doing this irritating thing, your emotions go wild! You have to tell them to stop it, right this minute!

Inauthentic and Mean: Because you’re acting like an ass, you’re making me feel bad! I hate what you’re doing to me. When I observe your behavior, I don’t like it one bit! You’re going to have to stop doing what you’re doing, right now, or I won’t let you anywhere near me! (This is usually when the screaming begins and one or the other storms off with feelings hurt or in a rage.)

In the inauthentic example, you’ve said what you came to say. It is truly how you feel in the moment, but what did it accomplish? Anger, mean words, blame, guilt, shaming? A widening gap between partners? Many times, this approach drives such a wedge between people there can be no reconciliation–especially if this is the go-to approach to confrontations. The momentum is too great and the Universe can only obey its own laws to feel the vibration of the moment and match it with more! There is no regard to timing, probably no calm preparation. Just the blast of high emotions. You can never achieve the benefit of improvement when you are in a state of feeling bad. That is a state of resistance and nothing beneficial comes from there. Ever!

Authentic and Loving: I enjoy our time together. There are things about what you do that just pleases me so much. I really want to feel good most of the time and it would really help me feel awesome if you could not do that in my presence. Sometimes, I allow what you’re doing to make me feel bad and I know you’re not the cause of my feeling bad. It’s my perception, it’s what I think about while I observe you doing this thing. I know you love me and want what’s best for me, too. So, I would greatly appreciate it if you would do this instead, as a favor for me. I understand if you don’t want to stop doing this thing that irritates me, but please don’t take offense if I just get up and quietly walk away for a while. I’m just wanting to live a calm, happy, and peaceable life.

In the authentic example, you have already done the vibrational work of aligning with your Inner Being of love and that vibration will be dominant. Hold that good-feeling in a steady place long before you approach anyone about their behavior. When you are not in their company, make it a point to hold them as your object of attention and find all kinds of positive aspects about them that you do like–this is a very important key!

When you are aligned and feeling really good while creating your vibrational environment, you may get the impulse regarding the timing as when to speak to them–even the idea of the words to say. It will be at the right time and in the right way. That is the most effective and beneficial approach.

They may not even know it’s irritating you. From their perspective, they’re just being their authentic self! Oblivious to how it affects you. They may not be aligned with who they really are and have no recourse but to find relief in any way they can–even if it adversely affects someone they love.

Do you realize that Source loves them as much as Source loves you? Source never requires us to change to receive love. There are no favorites for right behavior. Be thankful for the opportunity to see some improvement you would prefer. Contrast caused you to accomplished a new desire of improvement that has never been before! Your Inner Being just became that improvement and you expanded the Universe!

You will only be a good influence when you are connected and aligned with your Inner Being. When you focus on what’s bothering you, you create and attract more of the same. If you really want to be a benefit to yourself and others, it’s time to do the vibrational work of aligning with who you really are. That is the only time you will truly experience the change you want to see. Get happy and stay happy!

What someone else is, or is not doing, is really none of your business. If you see someone behaving improperly, by your estimation, you know what you don’t like. At the same time, you know what improvement you’d prefer. Focus on the improved preference, the solution, the relief. When you can do that and allow the other person do whatever they want AND still be happy, you may become pleasantly surprised that the behavior curbs or diminishes altogether. Or, because you are mostly happy now and attracting mostly happy-feeling-experiences, the person may simply not show up in your space while they are doing the thing that displeases you.

Any way you approach authenticity has a lasting effect. Get to know who you really are and blossom into your authentic, loving, gracious, blessed self no matter what’s going on around you! Speak your truth in love.

We can only be authentically kind as we are tuned-in, tapped-in, and turned-on to who we really are as love-extensions of Source Energy. Then, and only then, can we live a truly authentic life!

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Beliefs Must Match Your Desire

Do you have beliefs that are blocking your desires?

We have so many beliefs that are beneficial. We, also, have many beliefs that are blocking our desires. If your desire is not coming, it could be that you have beliefs that are blocking its arrival because these beliefs contain resistance. Beliefs that create feelings of doubt, fears, worry, insecurity, or vulnerability will block your desires.

Some of your beliefs may be of a low vibrational quality that do not match the high vibrational quality of your desires. Beliefs and desires must match, vibrationally. Your beliefs condition your point of attraction. If you have beliefs that feel bad, you’re only going to receive more bad-feeling experiences. You cannot get to where you want to be while your vibrational offering is a low frequency.

Have I picked up beliefs that are no longer for my highest good or that do not serve me any longer?

Of course, we pick up beliefs that don’t feel good when we think about them. They feel restrictive. They feel like we’re boxed-in. They feel constraining. But, we cannot focus on them or even try to explore them because as we look for them, our focused attention will activate them in our now experience where we are creating our lives. These will expand into blocking more of what we want. That is in opposition to everything we want! Thinking about these beliefs feel bad because they are contrary to what our Inner Being believes about us! If a belief feels bad when thinking about it, it is not our Truth!

So, what is the solution?

The solution is to focus on beliefs that really do serve us and are for our highest good. We will know when we’ve achieved these beliefs by how we feel. We will feel really good! These beliefs will feel light-hearted, expansive, and peaceful. These will resonate with our soul with a feeling of joy!

Where do I find these beliefs that will promote my receiving of my desires?

Where do I look for these beneficial beliefs?

Remember, beliefs are only thoughts that we repeat to ourselves. They are thoughts we think over and over until they become what we believe. So, they can easily be tweaked or released so new beliefs can be incorporated by changing our thought-patterns. We should be reaching for the best-feeling thoughts and repeat those to ourselves to become our new beliefs.

To find beneficial beliefs that match our desires, we must look to our Inner Being who completely and unconditionally loves and adores us while tending to our desires!

There are three questions we should ask:

  1. What does my Inner Being know about me and about this situation?
  2. What does my Inner Being think about me and about this situation?
  3. What does my Inner Being feel about me and about this situation?

Since we understand that our Inner Being is always feeling good with no resistance, we must find thoughts about ourselves and about our situations that feel really good without resistance. In this way, we can know we’re in alignment with our Inner Being.

Our Inner Being never, ever, holds any beliefs that could block our desires!

Isn’t that amazing?! Isn’t that great to know?!

Anytime we are feeling resistance of any kind and feel that our desires are being blocked, those beliefs, thoughts and feelings are not coming from our Source!

So, as we find good-feeling thoughts about ourselves and any situation we are facing, we can know and trust that we are in perfect alignment with all of our desires.

Sometime, we are hard-pressed to find anything good about ourselves or our situations. Those bad-feelings of the discord of opposition to our Inner Being is the time we need to go general in our thinking. Think general good-feeling thoughts about what we know, think and feel about ourselves and our situation.

What do I mean by going general?

When we have so much momentum going in a bad-feeling direction, which indicates that we are heading in opposition to what our Inner Being understands, it may be time to think about good-feeling thoughts that are more general in nature and not so specific to a subject.

Here are some examples of general good-feeling thoughts we could think:

  • I love knowing that my Inner Being is tending to all my desires and preparing them for me.
  • I love thinking about my Inner Being gathering all the necessary cooperative components and resources for my desire’s delivery.
  • I love feeling good, resting assured that all is really well and I can confidently leave it in the hands of my loving Inner Being to work out the how, when, where, and who.
  • I know that my Inner Being cares deeply about what’s important to me and is always calling me toward everything I desire.
  • I really like the clarity that feeling good brings to me.
  • I love the feeling of: (list all the wonderful emotional words that feel really good)
    • Fun, clarity, peacefulness, calmness, excitement, exuberance, abundance, ease, flow, perfect timing, acceptance, feeling good, laughter, improvement, relaxation, trusting, confidence, knowing, security, safety, comfort, blessedness, worthiness, love, loved, loving, helpful, adventure, prosperity, wholeness, oneness, expansion, freedom, willingness, receiving, etc.

As you spend more time focusing on good-feeling, general words, you will release resistance and blend perfectly with your Inner Being. In those moments, you have shifted your point of attraction to one of your beliefs matching your desires.

Repeating these kinds of good-feeling thoughts will turn into your beliefs and in this way you will solidify beneficial beliefs that support and enhance your desires. They will begin to match perfectly with your desires, and by law, your desires will begin arriving at the perfect time, in the perfect way. Your Inner Being is ready and waiting for you to keep up to speed and create your vibrational environment for receiving.

Every time you make an intention to focus on general good-feeling thoughts, which become your beliefs, it affects all the specifics of your desires. If you could simply feel good most of the time, you would never have to think specifically of your desires again! The point is to raise your vibrational offering and the Universe must respond in kind, giving you the essence of all that you desire!

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