Relax, All is Well…Really!

right place-right time-doing right

Sitting on the front porch this morning watching the sunrise, I was going over in my mind all that I had to get done.  In October we moved from our tiny house to my farm.  We are freshening the colors in the core of the house, so painting has been a huge part of our lives over the last week or so.  My new grandbaby is due today!  Every year we put on a Gumbo Day for friends and family the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s, besides keeping my clients’ work up-to-date.  And, today is December 18th, so you understand my dilemma.

I noticed that I was getting tense in my body and a little knot was developing in the pit of my stomach.  I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all that I needed to accomplish in the next few days.

But, I have been practicing listening to my Emotional Guidance System—my feelings—for several months and my response to stress and overwhelment is shifting.  When I get in a position of stress or feel I have more than I can do, or question if I’m doing the right things, I allow myself a moment to notice how I feel.  I take an assessment of my body and emotions.  If I notice tension anywhere or feel uncomfortable in any way, I know I’m not thinking the same thoughts that Source is thinking as we consider the same subject.

Every subject is really two subjects:  the wanting of a thing and the lack of the wanted thing.

Source never thinks in terms of lack.  So when we approach a subject with lack in our thoughts we are not aligned with what Source is thinking.  There is no lack of anything—whether things, resources, relationships, money, or time.  Source’s thoughts are always loving and knows that we are pure, positive light—an extension of Source Itself.  Source will never lower to our negative thought levels.  Source is always calling us up higher to expansion.  Source is always thinking of the unlimited positive aspects of…well, everything! 

When we get tension in our body, feel stressed out and overwhelmed, because we think we don’t have enough time to get everything done, we are thinking in contrast to what Source is thinking on the same subject.  This is the indicator of misalignment with who we really are.  When we are misaligned with our Inner Being—the who-we-really-are part of us, the eternal part of us—we experience negative emotions and can feel really bad.  Those bad feelings are just an indicator that we need to change our perspective and reach for better-feeling thoughts about the subject under consideration so we match what Source is thinking about us.

I was in resistance to the Stream of Life and paddling my canoe upstream as hard as I could!  My efforts were exhausting.

So, this morning as I noticed I was misaligned with who I really am, I reached for a better-feeling thought.  The very first thought that came to mind as my intention was to get to a better-feeling place was from my mentor, Abraham-Hicks, “I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things and I’m loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me!” 

I simply relaxed!  The stressful feelings washed away in the beauty of those words.  I immediately was back in alignment with the greater part of who I am.  I was aligned with the thoughts of Source and all tension and bad feelings shifted to calm and peace of mind.  My body melted into my rocker.

I was so appreciative of the shift that happened in mere seconds!

It didn’t take me all day to let what I had to do fester and make me feel bad, until I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally decided to stop and change my perspective.  I nipped it in the bud—so to speak!

Feeling good has become my top priority!  Obviously, we didn’t come into this physical life with the intension of seeking out every miserable thing we could experience and squander the Life-Force within us.  We came into this time-space reality with the intension of expanding who we are and create a life of joy and appreciation.  Those emotions feel really good, so that’s what I want to experience.

When I was experiencing those bodily responses because of my negative feelings, I knew I didn’t want to stay there.  It just doesn’t feel good!  Making feeling-good my top priority has taken work on my part.  It takes some time to overlay a new positive perspective when I’ve practiced negative thought patterns for so long.  But, with determination and focus and becoming aware of how I’m feeling throughout the day, I can recognize when it’s time to reach for better-feeling thoughts—to redirect from the negative to the positive—to allow myself alignment from my misalignment with Source.

We will never have all the answers, because there are too many subjects to consider in the Universe.  We will never get it done and can never get it wrong!  We are eternal beings—we cannot get IT done.  There really is nothing to get done.  There is no course that cannot be redirected simply with a change of perspective.  By looking for positive aspects of each subject we consider, we get closer and closer to everything we want.

This is a vibrational universe.  Everything is energy and energy is in constant motion emitting vibrational frequencies.  Our work is to align vibrationally with our desires.  The universe feels our vibrations and simply matches those with the essence of the same vibrations.  If you feel good, the universe will send a matching essence of more reasons to feel good.  The converse is also true.  If you feel bad, the universe will send a matching essence of more reasons to feel bad.

Our job is to relax with good-feeling thoughts and let go of our need for control.  We must allow the release of resistance of paddling upstream.  What we want is not upstream—it’s all downstream!  Our natural state of being is to float downstream, allowing the Stream of Life current to carry us towards everything we want!

Life is not a battle.  Life is not a struggle.  Life is ONLY a battle and struggle when we throw all kinds of actions at what we want.  No amount of action will compensate for not addressing our vibrational work of alignment with Source.  If we don’t take the time to learn how to use our mental focus to reach for better-feeling thoughts, we will continue to struggle against the current.  We’ll feel bad and we will live with struggle.

Our job is to do the vibrational work FIRST!  Forget the actions.  Inspired ideas to act will come AFTER we’ve aligned with our Inner Being of Source.  Once we get an inspired idea to take action, the action will help build momentum and speed up what we want coming to us.  If we continue to throw action after action at something we want, ignoring our vibrational feelings, we will simply keep pushing away the very thing we desire.  Pushing against, forcing action, noticing the lack of what we want all create resistance and more lack will show up.

So, relax!  Take a breath and repeat the affirmation.  “I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things and I’m loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me!”

Know that Source has your back.  Know that Source is waiting to give you everything you desire when you come into alignment with who you really are—an unlimited, eternal being of pure, positive light.  There is no lack.  You have all the time you need.  There’s nothing really serious going on here.

We’re here for a great ride of joy, appreciation and expansion!

When you notice you are feeling tension and overwhelmed, take a moment to calm yourself.  Reach for better-feeling thoughts that bring you relief.  Soothe yourself with positive aspects of whatever you are considering.  Better-feeling thoughts bring relief and rest assured that you are shifting your point of attraction.  Now you are heading in the direction of everything you desire by letting go of the oars and allowing yourself to float downstream in the Stream of Life!

All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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PPS  By the time you read this post all this will be history.  But, there was a lesson of expansion in my experience that I wanted to share with you.  I’ll let you know how everything turned out!

UPDATE:  It’s New Year’s Eve and the grandbaby graced us with her presence at 5:17 p.m. on the 18th, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long–her name is Lilly Ann!  She is wonderful!  Our painting got finished and our home looks so pretty and inviting.  Gumbo Day was a success even though our guests arrived through thunderstorms!  So much fun and excitement!!


I AM Love! (My “a-ha” Moment)

I Am Love a-ha moment

I was sitting on the porch this morning drinking my coffee and enjoying the fresh new day.  I was watching the sky lighten as the sun was rising and my mind couldn’t help but express appreciative thoughts about my life, the wonders of nature, the expansiveness of my world.

I was feeling absolutely delirious with joy and I caught myself saying, “Thank You for Your love.”  I barely got that thought complete and my Inner Being said, “Wait a minute!  I AM love.  I AM Source.  I am all-that-is, too!”

I was a little shocked my Inner Being was so adamant about BEing love.  I thought I was offering a beautiful appreciation to what I felt.

The more I thought about my previous statement of thanking Source for loving me, what came to mind was, that statement had behind it the feeling of being grateful for love as if I was unworthy or undeserving.  There was just a twinge of being grateful for something as if I believed I was somehow not worthy of being the receiver.

Then it struck me why that subtle feeling of unworthiness or undeserving would be an underlying belief–it was how I was raised in the Christian church!  I was raised to believe the words of the Bible as God’s only word.  It was the instruction manual for how God felt about us, our spiritual plight and what our job was to gain redemption from being an unworthy, undeserving worm.  It was ingrained in me that all humanity was broken and unworthy.

I have not been in the church for many years, now, and do not believe that any book is God’s only word.  I do believe all spiritual ancient texts, and even many current books, contain great spiritual and life principles that would be of great benefit.  Most texts tend to control by fear of eternal separation from God, which I believe can never happen.  Anyway, I thought I had replaced most of those erroneous beliefs with beliefs that actually resonate with my Inner Being.

But, this one must have been hidden deeply or it was finally time for my Inner Being to reveal the last little bit of this lingering resistant, destructive belief.  Maybe I was finally ready to deal with my subtle feelings of unworthiness.

At any rate, I was so excited for this a-ha moment–I AM LOVE!  I AM SOURCE.  I AM AN EXTENSION OF THE GOD SOURCE.  I am part and parcel with Source Energy.  I came from Source and will return to Source.  The larger part of who I really am is always one with Source!

I’m not saying it’s not a good thing to appreciate love.  Love is all-there-is!  It is the reason we live and thrive.  Of course, we should be appreciative, because to me the spirit of appreciation IS love.

My point is that I was saying it with the underlying belief that I was somehow amazed that I was having love extended to ME!  As if Source was up-there and I was down-here.  As if Source and who-I-really-am are separate BEings.  As if Source and I were not on the same level, but we ARE!  We are ONE!  We are all extensions of Source Energy.  We are Source Energy focused upon this physical life for this moment in time/space reality.  When we’re done here on this earth and we decide to withdraw our focus from the physical we still remain non-physical Source Energy.  We simply transition out of the smaller, physical focus and re-emerge fully into our larger, wiser, older non-physical being.

Now I will appreciate love even more, because I realize I Am Love!  Love surrounds all of us and it is up to us to allow It’s flow to us and through us.  I love knowing that I am surrounded by Love and that my larger, wiser, older Inner Being IS Love.  I want to relax and allow it into my life.  I’m ready to release the resistance to love because of being told I was unworthy and it was only by grace that God was even willing to bestow love towards me–and of course, it was only after I should grovel and plead to be forgiven.

I’m not broken.  None of us are.  I’m not in need of salvation or fixing.  I am pure, positive Source Energy!  I am one with Source.  I know I have lived most of my life in resistance to this knowledge, but I’m finally coming around!  My seeking and learning is paying off.  My path is becoming more and more clear to me.  Clarity of my purpose on this earth is unfolding daily.  I am remembering who I really am!

We all carry around limiting, destructive beliefs that are not in harmony with our Inner Being of Source Energy.  That’s why we feel bad.  When we experience negative emotion that is simply the feeling we have been given through our Emotional Guidance System to indicate to us when we are thinking thoughts that are contrary to the way our pure, positive Inner Being of Source Energy is thinking!  When we experience positive emotions, we are aligned with the thoughts of Source Energy–who we really are.

I Am Love and so are YOU!!

All is well!  Really!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach


PS:  If you have experienced an a-ha moment similar to this, I would love for you to tell us about it in the comments below.  If this blog has touched your heart, please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance!

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Conversations of Love with Yourself!

loving conversations

How do you talk to yourself?  Are you critical and resistant to praising and loving yourself?

When you look in the mirror do you see someone you love or someone you disdain?

How have those conversations with yourself made you feel?  Do you feel uplifted or down in the dumps, maybe to the point of depression?

Since I know, personally, what it’s like to get so disgusted with the person I see in the mirror, I’m talking to myself throughout this post, too.  I’ve had the same conversations that you’ve probably had with yourself–being critical, ashamed, guilty, ugly, fat, stupid, out of control and the like.

It’s time to change those kinds of conversations with ourselves.  I know I feel a tugging to change my attitude about myself, because that’s not the life I want to live.  It’s certainly not the life we intended for ourselves when we were non-physical and desiring to come into the physical as the person we are in this time-space reality.  I know deep down within me, those critical words are not who I really am.

I want to live a happy, carefree life full of joy and love for myself!  I can’t get there by being critical during my self-talk.

I want to see my experiences improve.  I want so many things I’ve always held myself back from, because of my small, dis-empowered mindset.

I want to be that beautiful pure, positive light that I know I am!

The only reason we ever want something in this life is because we believe we will feel better by the having of it.  And that’s a good thing!  That desire means we are living and breathing eternal creation.  We are expanding every day.  We are never the same person two days in a row!!

The whole point of this life is to live in joy, happiness and have fun creating new things.

Let’s see what we can do to improve our self-talk….

  1. Tell a new story.  Just because we observe things in our lives and our attitudes about ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to stay that way.  It’s time to tell a new story about how we want our lives to be–who we want to be.  It’s time to NOT face reality–it’s time to CREATE reality.  And, the only way we can do that is to deliberately distract our thoughts from what we observe as reality and focus our thoughts on what we want our lives to be.  The more you reinforce bad thoughts about yourself, the more you will find reasons and proof to believe that’s who you are.  You say that’s reality.  But that’s just creation from your past dominant thoughts and it’s time to create a new story about you–by thinking better thoughts and remember who you really are.
  2. Believe before seeing.  The true path to getting real change in your life is believing before you see the manifestation in physical form.  We tend to think that we will believe after we see our circumstances change, but that is backwards.  The faith comes before seeing the physical manifestation or better circumstances.  Once you’ve sent a desire into your vortex (the place where all vibrational energy of your desires are held) it is answered immediately by Source Energy.  You have to realize that your desires exist in a vibrational reality even before you can see them.  Stop beating yourself up because you can’t see any results yet.  You have to feel that it exists and, then, take joy in knowing your answer is on the way–calling you to it.  Your work is to simply get into the vortex by feeling good and you will vibrate at the same frequency of your desires drawing them into your physical reality.  It is always, always, always a feeling process–not a doing process.  It is not action based, it is feeling based.  The action comes later with inspiration.  Appreciate that you’re taking the time to feel good!
  3. Go general to feel your way into the vortex.  When we desire something strongly, we sometimes get caught up in the details of it.  By focusing on the details, we notice the contrast of the having of it and the lack of having it.  We tend to start noticing the lack of having it and that activates even more not having it in our experience–it slows down the process of receiving. This is when we start beating ourselves up by our self-talk.  So, to soothe your bad feelings of lack you must go general and distract yourself from noticing the lack.  You want to notice things that make you feel really good!  That’s why making lists of favorites things is so important–things that you love, lists of positive aspects of your life, things you appreciate and really make you happy when you think about them.  Think about anything or any subject that feels really good to think about.  This will allow you to vibrate at the highest level and match what’s in your vortex and by law it must start showing up in your reality.  Yes, it take tons of practice, but you will be rewarded with feeling good and you will see the shift in your mindset and experience.  When you feel good you more easily speak in kind and loving ways to yourself!
  4. Every day look in the mirror and make loving statements about yourself.  Now that you’ve been practicing better-feeling thoughts, you are ready to start applying them to your self-talk.  You’ve been writing lists of wonderfully delicious things that you appreciate.  It’s time to insert yourself into the equation.  Talk to yourself like you’re praising or complimenting or telling someone just how much you love them and why.  You may not believe everything you say to yourself in the mirror at first, but in time, you will start to fall in love with you!
  5. Be gentle with yourself.  It’s really okay not to figure it all out at once.  Allow yourself as long a learning curve as necessary, because you’ll never get it done and you’ll never get it wrong.  Creation is eternal and always expanding.  It can never retreat or go backwards.  Your path is unfolding at the right time and in the right ways.  Be as gentle and tender with your feelings as will keep you feeling good.  Appreciate your gentle spirit!
  6. Make your opinion of yourself and  feeling-good more important than any other person’s opinion of you.  Matter of fact, make feeling good your highest priority!  Yes, that’s selfishness in it’s purest form.  If you don’t make your feeling-good your top priority–no one else will–it’s not their job!  We’re not talking ego kind of selfishness.  We are talking real unconditional love–basing your love and care for yourself not upon conditions, but on pure compassion.  Can you imagine what a beautiful world we would have if everyone kept their feeling good at the heart of every decision?  When you focus on feeling good, you are aligned with Source and you can never make a decision that will hurt anyone or anything while aligned with Source!  The Source within you is calling you to your highest expression of love.  You are Source.  You are love.  You are perfection.  This should be your opinion of yourself–because it is Source’s opinion of you!  Appreciate your growing fondness of yourself.

With this process you will be able to have loving conversations with yourself.  You will be able to see things that you appreciate about you.

Once you get in alignment with the Source within you, you will get an urging to do something or go somewhere or talk with someone.  These are cooperative components in creating the life you love.  Take time to appreciate that you are hearing from your inner Source.  

Tell yourself how much you appreciate you for being still and listening.  As you do take inspired actions, really enjoy yourself.  Be excited and expect good things to come into your awareness and reality.  Tell yourself how excited you are!

Watch for winks from the universe that all is well and notice the rendezvous the universe has set up for you.  Tell yourself how much fun you’re having watching all the synchronicity and coincidence of the universe working on your behalf.  Remind yourself that Source has your back.

Tell your body how much you appreciate it carrying you around in this life and serving you well.  Appreciate each cell knowing exactly what they should do to keep you healthy.  With trillions of cells working on your behalf you have a lot to be thankful for–so express your gratitude to you!

Most of all remembering who you really are will go a long way in having loving conversations with yourself.  

Affirm today:  I am pure, positive energy.  I am the creator of my reality.  I am an extension of Source Energy.  I am love.  I am as perfect as the day I was born. I am worthy.  I am expanding and growing every day.  All is well!

Do you have loving conversations with yourself?  Comment with one loving statement you tell yourself regularly!  Please comment, share and like this post!

Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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My Selfish Joy and Gratitude!

LYF so you can live joy

This morning I was pondering things I’m grateful for as I sat on the front porch sipping my coffee.  This is a pretty typical start to my day.  It is a very conducive environment to revel in gratitude and really feel joyful.

I was thinking about how wonderful it is to feel the freedom and peace of mind to simply know that I have everything within me to live a joyful life.  I need no outside influence.  There are no circumstances that can take my joy.  There is no person who can steal my joy.  No religious dogma can squelch my joy.  My joy is mine alone!  Because it’s who I truly am.  How can you not be grateful for that?!

I came to this physical world to use the creative powers given to me by the universe.  I came to this life to see how much fun I could have.  I came to this life to express the joy of experiencing Source Energy.

This kind of thinking used to be completely foreign to me.  I wasn’t raised to think so highly of myself.  I was raised to think I was totally separated from my Source, from God.  My condition was broken and destitute.  The religious dogma I was taught said I am a worm, unworthy of God’s attention and love, unless, I cried out to God in my pain and sorrow and accepted that I was absolutely broken and needed someone else to save me from myself.  It was a gruesome picture of torture, blood, hatred and death.  The devil was always out to get me and if I wasn’t careful, I’d commit the unpardonable sin—whatever that was!

My life in that religious sect was so emotional and full of fear.  I was always in tears, because it was a constant battle to fight off the evil forces trying to get me to sin.  The church taught me that God was all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present, so I was always afraid he would catch me in a sin and then I would die and go directly to hell.  It seemed I had to work so hard to find peace of mind and spirit.  What little peace I could muster certainly never was lasting, because another temptation would come along that I would succumb to and the cycle of tears, guilt and shame would start all over again.

When I made the decision to leave that religious organization after many years of studying the inconsistencies, misinterpretations, lies and canonization of their sacred text, I gained a knowing that I was loved, unconditionally, by a way bigger God that I had created by believing their dogmas to be true.  Certainly there are positive principles contained in all sacred texts, and do I want to glean from those.

I realized that God was all-good, all-kind, all-loving and wanted the very best for me just the way I was!  That I was part and parcel with that Source Energy I always called God.  I emanated directly from Source and was, inside, Source Energy!  No fixing or saving required.

I know, now, that there is only one Force in the universe—that of Well-Being—and It is always, always, always flowing toward me!  The key is to allow Its flow.  And, that feels really good!  Even joyful!

When I resist Its flow, I feel really, really bad.  And that sucks!  This distance between feeling good and feeling bad became my indicator that my connection to Source is the only thing important in life, because it’s what creates that awesome feeling of peace of mind.

My realization that there in only One Source and Power—not a good and evil Source which creates a duality of power—I relaxed into more allowance of receiving the love of my inner Source.

The more I relax and realize that I AM Source on the inside, I gain amazing peace of mind and joy that I’d never experienced during my religious affiliation.  When my beliefs about myself and my spiritual condition changed, so did my connection to my inner Source which was changing my outer experience.  Peace came and has stayed.  We’re becoming quite the friends!

I’m certainly not saying, that religious people cannot be connected to their inner Source.  Of course they can.  Anyone can connect at any given moment.  But with all the rules and regulations that come with believing dogmas, it’s just a little more difficult.  If that path leads you to inner, lasting peace—then I say, go for it!  I’m not here to tell you what path to take.  I’m just saying, most dogmas require their followers to believe their way is the only way—the only path—and that can lead to judgmental attitudes and separation from others.  At least, it was true in my experience.

When I released those dogmas, it was like taking off the blinders from my eyes and I started to enjoy the company of so many more people who thought and believed differently than I had.  My eyes were opened with new understanding that everyone was beautiful.  Everyone emanates from Source—everyone IS Source—inside.  Now, there are those who resist Source and that resistance appears like what we would call evil, but it’s simply their cry for love.

I believe we are either expressing love or asking for love.  Some folks are really good at expressing love and they are awesome to be around.  And some folks are asking for love, but they’re very ignorant of how to ask for it.  They may ask for love in very hurtful ways—even to the point of abuse or participating in death.  They don’t remember that everything they need for a joyful and happy life is right where they left it–Inside!

Under all their anger and hatred, they are scared little children crying out for love.  They have resisted Source’s love from their inner being for so long, that they are blinded to who they really are.  They have forgotten that they, themselves, are a complete and full expressions of Source Energy’s love.  They’ve forgotten they are here for a joyful life.  They’ve listened and learned to hate those choosing a different path from their own.

At every moment, we have the opportunity to receive and give love—to allow the flow of love or to resist the flow of love.  I desire to be in that place of allowing my inner Source to experience an abundance of love all around me.  As I give and receive love, I radiate that love with vibrations that positively affect my world.

Because we are all connected eternal Energy, how we choose to allow or resist Source affects all others.  The vibrational expression of Source, or the resistance thereof, affects everyone and Nature itself.  When we allow the flow of our Well-Being, we are also allowing vibrational tugs towards others’ Well-Being.

The absolute best thing we can do for ourselves and our world is to realize that our connection and oneness with Source is the only thing that matters.  We must be selfish enough to make our connection to Source our top priority, because we cannot help others when we, ourselves, are in resistance to the flow of Well-Being.

I was always taught selfishness was wrong and sinful.  That we must always put others before ourselves, but I now understand how ass-backwards that thinking is.  I realized that I cannot give something away that I do not possess.  If I want to serve others, I must have served myself first.  No matter how much we do for others, supposedly because it will make them happy—they will never truly be happy until they make their own connection to Source paramount.  There is no satisfying others.  Their joy and happiness is their responsibility—it cannot come from you!

When we feel bad it is just our indicator that the inner Self is that good!  Our inner Self will not ever waver from believing we are perfect, pure light and love!  The Self who we really are will never lower Itself to the bad feelings of where we may be right now.  It is ever calling us to come up higher!  It is our job to simply feel our way to Source.  For us to accomplish we must begin thinking better-feeling thoughts every day.  The better we feel the more connected we are to Source and each other.

We are eternally Source Energy!  Let’s make our connection to our Inner Source Energy our highest priority and watch what amazing changes we can make in our world.  We came from non-physical into the physical to express joy and fun and ease and love.  With connection comes clarity.  With clarity comes the unfolding of our path.  And our path is always individual.  No two paths are ever the same.  Our path is never to follow another’s path.

Let’s begin remembering who we really are.  Our inner Self is calling us to our Source.  Our inner Self is calling our physical selves to live in gratitude with joy and playfulness!

Affirm today:  I am so happy and grateful that I AM SOURCE and my connection is the most beautifully selfish thing I can do for myself and others!

I love you….

Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  If you are struggling with finding peace of mind and joy, please feel free to contact me at  Your questions and thoughts are important to me.

PPS:  I have found that Abraham-Hicks‘ teaching is very helpful in discovering and remembering who we really are.  Visit their website or search for their videos on YouTube.  When I was ripe for learning, Abraham came to teach me.   Maybe it’s your teachable time!  Best of all–there are plenty ways to learn for free. 🙂

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Know Who You Really Are!

know who you really are

I love my life!  Life is good to me.  I am always amazed when I see “winks” from the universe that confirms I am in the vortex or very near its proximity and getting drawn in.

Twice yesterday I saw the time combination of 11:11 and 1:11.  I am aware of the shift of enlightenment in the world.  It’s awesome to now know that creation is always expanding and growing instead of some great and terrible end to the world as I was taught as a child.  What peace of mind and joy comes with that new belief!

Everything I need to know is not in some ancient text, but is revealed to me daily as I experience the unfolding of my path.  I am so happy to not believe I have to live my life by the beliefs of others, or what was written for ancient people and then reinterpreted and altered by people with agendas over the centuries.  I, personally–as does every person–have complete and open access to Infinite Intelligence every single moment as I choose to connect.

Humanity is not some broken cast-away that needs fixing or saving.  We are beautifully perfect creations of light living in a physical body that we chose before we came into this time-space reality.  We chose to come in at this time, into the family and circumstances of our own choosing.  We knew as light-beings that the life we chose would be perfect for learning how to create worlds.  Have we chosen well?

The more I ponder all that is good about who I am and witness beautiful things in my world, I feel better and better–living each day more and more in the presence of my own Source Energy.

I am the very essence and full expression of Source Energy.

The real me is perfect.

The real me is whole.

The real me is love.

The real me is Infinite Intelligence.

The real me is eternally Source Energy!

I will go on forever creating worlds because of who I am!

Will you join me in BEcoming who you really are?

And so it is….

Dream – Grow – Live!!


Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  If you are questioning who you really are and need a boost in the right direction, please feel free to contact me anytime!  I’d love to hear from you to either answer your questions or simply share your journey!  My email is  When calling (903) 227-0273, please be sure to leave a message if I can’t answer–I may be in a coaching session.  My goal is to give undivided attention to each person I minister to–whether it’s about business, life, spiritual or wellness!

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