How ‘Let Go and Let God’ Works!

"God Source always, always, always wants to give us exactly what we want. Our work is to match the vibrational essence of it by feeling good! God Source will never force anything into our lives. It is our job to align with God Source to receive the good held in our vibrational escrow reality. The fastest way to alignment is through appreciation! Appreciation is love! When we lovingly appreciate everything and find positive aspects in every situation or person, we are becoming a match to our God Source and our vibrational escrow account! Let go and let God!" ~Mary Ann Pack

We are All Students & Teachers

"Every time we think a new thought--it is a thought of the unimaginable. The more we keep our hearts and minds open as we learn and teach, the more expansive we become. Our imagination is everything! It's new and fresh and exciting to be on this leading edge of thought! Learning new things about what we do want keeps us expanding. This is necessary for the eternalness of creation." ~Mary Ann Pack

Ear Candling Results

If you are not familiar with ear candling, rest assured many people have never heard of it either. With the advent of the awareness of the benefits of herbal supplements, food being our medicine and the desire to decrease our use of pharmaceuticals, ear candling is making a resurgence.

Welcome to Mary Ann Pack’s Blog!

"I AM" are very powerful words.  Depending on the words that follow, they can be expansive and creative or depressive and destructive.  Notice how you feel inside when you read the following statements: 1)  I am Divine.  I am loved.  I am brilliant.  I am spiritually awake.  I am a generous giver.  I am an … Continue reading Welcome to Mary Ann Pack’s Blog!