Belief Transformation: From Show to Grow!

I have been a student of the Bible since childhood.  As a matter of fact, I have a degree in Biblical studies from a Bible college associated with the denomination in which I was raised.  As I home educated my two sons, while they studied, I studied with my concordances, resource books and my Bible spread out all over the dining room table for hours.  I have continued to study on a daily basis.

I have always loved to study things that I believe will make me a better person.  I’m not much on reading novels, so reading personal development, wellness, and spiritual books are my passion.

For years when I studied the Bible it was to find supporting scriptures for topics I was interested in proving–whether for myself or to show others.  I had such a narrow approach to spirituality and religion that I had to prove how right I was for believing what I believed.  It’s quite exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time.  That rush of adrenaline when you find just the right nugget to prove your point–to show somebody that you are right and they are wrong.

Looking back on that attitude, now, makes me a bit queasy.   I was never really happy because it came from such a small heart.  It was from wanting to control what others thought and set them straight.

Plain and simple, I was raised to believe our way was the only way.  We, our denomination, had The Truth.  That there was only one way and we knew it.  Heaven forbid you should open your mind or entertain thoughts from a different perspective or belief system!

Even though I was raised in a very strict Christian home, I still couldn’t seem to be compliant to the dogmatic rules to follow the path exactly right.  I was always getting into trouble at home, because I couldn’t fit my freedom-loving butterfly wings into the box in which they wanted me–even required me–to live.

When I was little I loved things relating to Native Americans, to mythology, to astrology.  Those things interested me because those subjects were so different from how I was raised.  Now I can see that this was just my Inner Being guiding me to my unique path, but this was quite disturbing for my dear mother.  She tried her hardest to squelch my interest in other cultures or subjects that might turn me away from the church’s Christian belief system.

Later, I remember thinking, if it only took just reading about other cultures or belief systems to turn me away from my Christian rearing, Christianity must not be that interesting or important to me.  If it is that easy to turn aside from your religious beliefs, maybe they are not really your beliefs, but the beliefs of those who imposed them upon you.  Maybe your path is a little–or a lot–different from theirs.

After hearing a visiting minister speak about the meaning behind some of the New Testament scriptures because he studied Hebrew and Aramaic, I remember telling my mother as a child, that we really didn’t really know the Bible and what it meant because we were not Jews and did not speak or understand Hebrew.  My reasoning as a child was that they got it first from God and how were we to know what things really meant if we didn’t get it directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  So that made me interested in learning about Judaism.

With all that talk about tainting my Christianity with secular studies I decided that I wouldn’t come out a Christian if I went to a secular university, so I decided I would attend Bible college about four hours from home.  The year I had to take biology I decided to take it at our community college back home, because I really didn’t think a Bible college professor would teach it right.  I loved science so much that I wanted a science-oriented school to teach me for that course.  Growing up I always said I wanted to be an archaeologist or a mad scientist!  But that would mean studying at one of those atheistic universities and that was out of the question for my higher education.

Attending that class with that particular professor did challenge my beliefs.  I was exposed to new ideas, but that just made me more determined to prove them wrong and my beliefs right.

After college is when I really started to enjoy studying.  I could study what I wanted regarding the Bible and learned how to study well.  I always had a thirst for knowledge, but never liked someone directing my studies.  This new freedom was enjoyable.

Yet, I always struggled to find real, lasting peace in my heart.  The church was such an emotional roller-coaster.  I grew up with such extreme emotions in the services, that if you weren’t crying in anguish for your sins and repent, it just wasn’t a good service.  If the service didn’t run over the dismissal time by an hour or two, it was just a s0-so service.  Very extreme.  I was always made to feel that I was just on the precipice of eternal damnation.  There was so much guilt and fear heaped upon me that I just could never maintain the feeling that God loved me–unconditionally–like I’d read in the Bible.

I was also raised to believe that the wife was supposed to be submissive to the husband.  I tried–I really did–but I just couldn’t make that work for me consistently.  I had moments of happiness and peace, but it just never lasted.  All this submissive teaching just left me knowing it was not safe for me to speak my truth or ask for my needs to be met.  I truly believe this is why I suffered Grave’s disease after my second son.  We are vibrational beings and I believe not feeling safe to speak up for myself or communicate my desires created energy imbalance in my throat area.

Even as a kid growing up, I had stomach problems.  My stomach was always in a knot, because I was always getting into trouble.  I was never doing it right.  I was already starting with throat problems and by age 15 I had to have my tonsils taken out.  Migraines started in high school.  After college I developed a lump in my thyroid that had to be removed.  After I married, I suffered a miscarriage before each of my two sons.  After my second son I had to have emergency gall-bladder surgery and then developed the Grave’s disease.  Later, a hysterectomy after another miscarriage.  Blah-blah-blah!

I only mention this because I know, now, that all my physical imbalance and dis-ease was caused by how bad I felt in my spirit trying so hard to be a good Christian–because it was totally against who I really am.  I was in such resistance to who my Inner Being knew me to be and was calling me to be, that I created imbalance in my body that showed up as dis-eases.

I am so thankful that in the past several years I have gained the peace and joy I was searching for.  Leaving the church and searching for my own path was the best thing I ever did.  Sure I still had a long journey ahead of me, but now it was bringing peace.  I was no longer fighting against the guilt and shame of Christian dogma.  Now, when I study it is anything and everything that piques my interest.

When I was in my mid-thirties, I’d had enough of the migraines and dis-ease, so I went to a health food store and told the owner to fix me.  That was the most inspired and rewarding thing I think I’ve ever done for me.  It put me on a path of wellness and discovery.  It opened my mind to herbal healing, energy healing, astrology, paganism, Judaism, Eastern religions, meditation, crystals and stones, and all sorts of wonderfully enjoyable study material!

I was still in the church as I began to look around at different thoughts and belief systems for about another 10 years.  But I was able to find some comfort from other ideas that there are more peaceful ways to fulfill the empty feeling inside.  That nagging pain of an distraught spirit.

It is such a joy to remember who I really am!  I am the pure, positive extension of Source Energy.  I am wonderfully made, because I made me!  My non-physical Self focused enough attention upon this physical world that I created my body and how I would expand my continued  Being.  When I’m done with this life and I return my focus back to non-physical, I will transition back into the wholeness of All Source Energy–of All That Is.  Only a part of me is physically focused right now, as the majority of my non-physical is still non-physically focused.  I’m just here to expand my whole BEing.  That’s how creation works in eternity.  Ever expanding and ever broadening–eternally.  The larger, wiser, older part of me is still non-physical–and I have access to all that Infinite Intelligence any time, all the time.

Rather than gathering knowledge to prove my point and show others how they are wrong and how I am right, now I’m gathering knowledge to grow and expand who I AM.  It’s a much larger heart-place and so much more enjoyable.  It’s none of my business what other people have decided to believe.  It’s also none of my business what their opinion is of my path.  My only business is growing myself and loving life and being at peace and harmony with Source Energy.  My alignment with Source Energy and my harmony with the Inner Me is all that I need to focus upon.  Feeling good is my purpose and I’m actually accomplishing it!

When I started this blog post I was heading in a certain direction.  I was going to talk about why I believe what I do about the Bible.  I was going to tell you why I don’t believe it is the inerrant word of God.  But my Inner Being apparently had other plans, so I will write the Bible blog another day.  I think this enough for the moment and I’ll talk to you soon!

I love you all!  Please know that you are in my thoughts–which are–that you remember who you really are and know you are pure, positive, unconditional love!

All is well!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach


PS:  I know many of you have had similar experiences being raised with a belief system that was not your own.  I would love for you to share your story with us either in the comments below or email me privately.  We are each on our own path and it’s so much fun as we allow it to unfold before us!

If you would like help with life, spiritual or wellness issues, I’d be happy to help you feel better–because that’s exactly what we’re here for–to feel good!!



How ‘Let Go and Let God’ Works!

Let go and let God

We’ve all heard the saying, Let Go and Let God.

Why do people really think this works?

Is this just an excuse people give when they’ve worked so hard for something and when it doesn’t show up, they just give up and say they’re going to let it go and see if God will take care of it?

Or is there something real to the saying?

Let’s look at what happens when we actually do let go of something and relax, just wait patiently for God Source to work it all out.

When we look around us at all the contrast to choose from on various subjects, we make our preferences of what we don’t what and what we do want.  These preferences are what we desire and these are put into our vortex (the vibrational reality of all that we desire).  The vortex is like a vibrational escrow account where everything we want is held until we match the vibrational essence of it and bring it into our physical reality.  We make these preferences all day, every day–whether we are aware we are doing it or not.

We make these choices of things that we want, because we believe in the having of them we will feel better.  That’s the whole point of making preferences by experiencing contrast in our world.  We want to feel better!

Once these preferences for what we want has been asked for, God Source immediately attends to acquiring it for us.  They are setting up co-operative components, rendezvous’ and gathering together all the necessary components to prepare the unfolding of our path towards it.

God Source always answers with a yes to whatever we want.  If we have been able to imagine a thing, we also have the ability to receive it.  But, why doesn’t it show up for us?

As the action-oriented beings that we are, sometimes when we make decisions to take action towards what we want, we make it harder than necessary.  We actually create a resistance against or a pushing against what we want and push it further away from us.  We prematurely take action and try to force the thing we desire to come to us.  But, this action backfires.

When we take action before we have attained a vibrational match to our desire, we are actually focusing on the lack of whatever we are desiring.  When we notice that it is lacking, we will continue to create the lack of it.

Every subject is actually two subjects:  what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted.

Instead of waiting on inspired thought as to how to proceed towards our desire, we throw all kinds of action towards it and what we want just seems to get farther and farther away from our grasp.  Frustration sets in and we feel like throwing up our hands and acknowledge that if it’s meant to be, it will come to us.

This is typically the time we say we are going to, Let go and let God.

The first thing this does is causes us to relax.  We stop pushing so hard.  This is a form of releasing resistance.  Resistance will hold what we want away from us.  Relaxing will simply allow it to flow to us as we release resistance.

Then we start thinking about the having of what we desire and we focus on the good feelings it will create in us.  We may revel in the good feelings just thinking about it.  This time of pondering is actually doing something positive in your vibrational energy.  Sitting with good-feeling thoughts will begin to snowball with momentum and more good-feeling thoughts come faster and faster.  This is the most important work we should be doing.  We must remain sitting in the vibrational essence of what we want for it to come to us!

The gem of this work is to hold a thought for as little as 17-seconds and another thought will join it. If we hold that thought for another 17-seconds, more thoughts will begin rolling in faster and faster.  This momentum of good-feeling thoughts is exactly what we want to happen, because at this moment we are in very close proximity to that wonderful vibrational reality field of our vortex.  We are now vibrating at the same frequency as the thing we want!

By simply imagining the good-feeling thoughts about what we want, we are matching our desire being held in vibrational escrow in our vortex.  When this happens the Universe begins to unfold our path more clearly to us.

With our vibration at a higher level the Universe works wonders behind the scenes and brings together cooperative components that will assist us on our path to bringing our desire into physical reality.

We may start getting excited and we get an inspired idea to go somewhere, talk to someone or take some action.  Faith in the having of what we want starts to build.  We begin trusting that things will all work out really well.

We enter the mode of receiving.  Receiving more ideas that may expand the dream.  Receiving more inspiration to take action.  Action that is now a co-operative component that will result in faster momentum.  And, it seems to make the work not nearly as difficult as previously experienced.  We may notice life seems to flow with more ease.

The next thing that may happen is that we come into a state of allowing.  All resistance around noticing the lack of what we want disappears.  We just enjoy the great feelings of simply thinking about what we want.  It feels so great to feel really good and feeling good becomes so important to us, we ignore negative influences that would crush our good-feeling thoughts.

When feeling good is more important than the having of anything, we have reached the place of allowing ourselves to receive the wanted.  No matter what anyone says or does, no matter the circumstances, no matter the situation, we determine to feel good.

Gently, bit-by-bit, we are becoming tuned in, tapped in and turned on.  We have shifted our focus from the lack of what is wanted to just feeling good.  We are now aligned with the vibrational reality of our vortex where all that we desire is held!

Now, what we want will start showing up in our reality.  The concept of let go and let God is another way of saying we are preparing our vibrational environment for allowing ourselves to receive what we want.

Life experience causes us to see contrast.  When we see the contrast we make our preferences. Those preferences are held in our vibrational escrow account.  Source immediately answers yes.  Our only work is to relax, align with the vibrational essence of all that we want.  Take action only when inspired to do so and watch our life experience expand!

Of course, if we never do the vibrational energy work, we will never receive what we want.  We will think God said no.  Or, some will say God says not now.  These are all excuses for not doing the vibrational work first!  They were not willing to take the time to quiet themselves to find the good-feeling thoughts around their desire.  They continued to notice the lack of what they wanted–only to watch it be held at bay.

They may conclude God doesn’t want them to have this thing they so want–so it must not be His will.  This can create disillusionment with God.  We were taught God wants good things for us, God is loving, God is the provider.  There are many scriptures that tell of God’s provisions, abundance and that all we should do is ask and it is given.  So, how do we justify why God is not giving us what we’ve asked for?  That scripture sure sounded like a promise.  When we don’t receive what we want and know that desire is a really good thing, we can get confused about God’s attitude towards us.  We can misunderstand, wondering why these good things are being withheld from us.

God Source always, always, always wants to give us exactly what we want.  Our work is to match the vibrational essence of it by feeling good!  God Source will never force anything into our lives.  It is our job to align with God Source to receive the good held in our vibrational escrow reality.  The fastest way to alignment is through appreciation!  Appreciation is love!  When we lovingly appreciate everything and find positive aspects in every situation or person, we are becoming a match to our God Source and our vibrational escrow account!  Let go and let God!

Are you still waiting on your desire to show up?  Does it feel as if God has told you no?  Do you feel bad when you think about it?  That bad feeling may be because you are actually thinking about the lack of it instead of the wonderful feeling of having it.  You may have set up resistance to the very thing you desire.

Sit in the feeling of alignment with it by thinking wonderful-feeling thoughts–about anything really.  You’ve already put it in your vortex.  No one can remove it.  You may need to just go general in your thoughts.  Don’t think about the desire directly if it causes you to have resistant feelings.  Only think about things that will feel really good.  Think of anything and everything that will help you feel relief and feel good!

Feeling good is the key to getting everything you want!

All is well!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach


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PS:  Affirm with me:  “I am at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing and I am loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me.” ~Abraham-Hicks


We are All Students & Teachers


We are all students and we are all teachers.  What are we learning and what are we teaching?

We have all come here during this time/space reality to expand the joyful experience of creating.  We are all learning and we are simultaneously teaching what we’ve learned.  Our Inner BEing is always wanting to expand and become more.  We ARE BEcoming more!

Every time we think a new thought–it is a thought of the unimaginable.  The more we keep our hearts and minds open as we learn and teach, the more expansive we become.  Our imagination is everything!  It’s new and fresh and exciting to be on this leading edge of thought!

Here are just a few aspects of what it means to be a student and a teacher.  Folks will always be able to add to the list.  These lists are just a few things to consider while we are both, student and teacher.

Nine aspects of being a student:

  1. Keep an open mind for the unimaginable.
  2. Maintain an insatiable desire for more.
  3. Question everything.
  4. Listen with understanding.
  5. Accept what resonates with your Inner Being.
  6. Refuse the what insults your Inner Being.
  7. Sort and sift what you experience to know what you don’t want so that you know what you do want.
  8. Expand your thoughts for more of what you do want.
  9. Know that truth is only a personal perception.

Nine aspects of being a teacher:

  1. Keep an open mind for the unimaginable.  You never know it all.
  2. Maintain a desire to share your knowledge, wisdom and being.
  3. Listen to your students with the intent to understand their questions.
  4. Know you will be questioned and approach it with delight–this will cause you to expand as you search for new ways to explain your ideas and thoughts.
  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify your message.
  6. Be willing to repeat an explanation over and over until the students understands clearly.
  7. Teach with love, compassion and kindness.
  8. Maintain a student’s heart for more–keep learning.
  9. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”  And then, be willing to search for an answer.

Our larger, wiser, older Inner Being is an extension of Source Energy.  In this physical body we created from our non-physical ability to focus, we are observing contrast.  As we sift and sort through all the contrast, we define what we do not want and, thus, know what we do want.  Learning new things about what we do want keeps us expanding.  This is necessary for the eternalness of creation.

Always be the student and know you are always a teacher.  There will always be someone watching you and learning from you.  What are you learning and what are you teaching?

Learn, Do, Teach – Rinse and Repeat!

All is well!

If you liked this post, please share it with family and friends.  If you have questions or comments please make them below.  Thanks in advance!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

PS:  I am a student of mind, body and inner being.  I am, also, a teacher of the same.  If you would like to coach with me, I’d love to help you feel better and remember who you really are!  Well-being is your natural state.  Sometimes, we simply need a reminder.

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Ear Candling Results


Ear candling has a long history.  If you are not familiar with ear candling, rest assured many people have never heard of it either.  It pretty much went out of mainstream use when people began to gravitate to pharmaceuticals instead of the natural herbal and homemade treatments of yesteryear.  I remember my grandmothers talking about smoking a child’s ears–which I suppose was ear candling by a different name.

With the advent of the awareness of the benefits of herbal supplements, food being our medicine and the desire to decrease our use of pharmaceuticals, ear candling is making a resurgence.

Ear candles are simply muslin fabric strips wrapped around a cylinder and coated in wax–I prefer beeswax  ear candles in lieu of paraffin was ear candles.  When the wax hardens, the cylinder is removed to leave the wax-coated muslin ear candle that looks like a tube.  (see the photo below)

The end that you insert into your ear is narrowed with a small opening to gently insert into the ear canal and the opposite end is open so that you can light it.(Of course, proper fire protection is used.)  When lit, the fire creates a warm vacuum that draws out impurities and ear wax, because the tip that is inserted into the ear warms and forms a seal around the ear canal.  As the candle burns down to about half-way, it is removed from the ear and the lighted end is extinguished in a glass of water.  If you will cut the ear candle open from tip to tip, you will see the results of what is removed from the ear canal.  You results will vary, but you can see mine in the photo above.  You may want to add a drop or two of quality olive oil into each ear canal to sooth the open passage ways.

Do NOT perform ear candling until you are fully instructed on the precautions and methods.  These are NOT complete instructions.

You may be able to find a practitioner in your area that will provide ear candling services for a fee.  I know my acupuncturist/chiropractor performs ear candling for his patients.

Personally, I have been using ear candling for many years.  Anytime someone in my family complained of sore throats or swollen lymph glands in the neck area or sinus issues or ear aches, I would use ear candling to alleviate the excessive ear wax and infection present in the head area.  Since the ears and sinuses are all interconnected, ear candling is an efficient way to remove excess ear wax build-up and infection present.  This process allows for the sinuses, nasal passages and ear canals to be cleared and opened up to drain properly and alleviate pressure.

The photo above is of my results today when I candled my own ears.  A couple days ago I noticed the lymph glands just under my jaw bone were swollen.  I’ve had some sinus drainage in the back of my throat.  Yesterday, the right side of my throat began to feel sore when I swallowed.

I am an avid believer in Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) and have been since 1993!  This company’s supplements saved my life over 22 years ago.  But, that’s another post. 😉  NSP is my go-to provider for my favorite whole-food supplements because of their quality and integrity.


I immediately reached into my Nature’s Medicine Cabinet (list and resources coming in another post) and started supplemental treatment of Silver Shield (nanoparticle 20ppm colloidal silver for broad spectrum antibacterial properties), CurcuminBP (for inflammation reduction), and HistaBlock (for it’s antihistamine properties).

If you or a family member is suffering from sinus issues, stuffy nose, ear wax build-up or ear infection, ear candling may be the relief you’re seeking.  When you add the natural whole-food supplements from NSP, you may just see amazing results as your body utilizes what you have now fed it, and bring healing into your experience!

As always, ear candling and supplements may not be for everyone.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself in this area and always consult your physician. Make it a fun and exciting journey back to wellness!!  If you are needing assistance in your wellness journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I love sharing my 22 years of knowledge and experience–because of the healing I gained from utilizing Nature!!

To your wellness!

Dream – Grow – Live!!


Mary Ann Pack – Your Life & Wellness Coach!

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Are You Lovable?

love yourself first

Would you agree that we love what we value?  When we determine something is valuable or worthy, only then are we willing to give our love.  The important question is how do we determine whether or not something or someone is valuable and worthy of our love?  What determines value and worth?

Are you valuable?  How much are you worth?  Are you deserving of YOUR love?

These answers all depend on what you BELIEVE about YOU.  How do YOU define value and worth?  How do YOU rate your value and worth?

“Value” is considering someone or something to be important or beneficial; to have a high opinion of, held to deserve; carries importance; principles or standards of behavior. Synonyms of value are esteem, think highly of, have a high opinion of, hold in high regard, rate highly, appreciate, respect, treasure, cherish, prized.

“Worth” is the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held; moral or personal value; being deserving of; substantial or significant value or merit.  The fullest extent of one’s value or ability!

Did you notice that none of these definitions related to material accumulation or physical properties?  Do you only see your value or worth synonymous with what money you make?  Or, what material goods you can accumulate?  If you do, this is a very detrimental limiting belief system.  It is based on what you can DO, not who you ARE.  These definitions are all describing your BEING–who you are on the inside.

Your value and worth are directly identified with your soul—who you are, where you come from—your Infinite Being.  You are valuable and worthy, because you are part and parcel with the very Divine—the Infinite Intelligence!

Isn’t being Divine valuable and worthy of your love?  You must love yourself first to know what is for your highest good.  Once you touch the Divine within, your freedom to live in joy begins!

Yes, there are facts about your circumstances—whether you make a lot of money or live poorly—but those can change.  Only the truth of your direct connection with the Infinite is immutable.

Another paradigm you must examine is your belief system about the Divine.  Is YOUR vision of the Divine abundant and loving or hateful and vengeful?  This, too, will make a difference in your beliefs about your value and worth.

Based on the truth that you are Divine, you are valuable and worthy of ALL good.  You are greatness at your very core being.  No matter what circumstances may surround you right now, they can change.  The truth of your divinity never, ever changes.

So, if our inner being is perfectly divine, why do we struggle so much with seeing good things in our lives?  Why are we not loving ourselves first?  Because, we forget and hold in our mind’s beliefs that we’re not good enough, not valuable, not worthy, not deserving, not educated enough, don’t have opportunities, resources and money are in limited supply.  These are old paradigms (beliefs) that we may have downloaded as a child, but these, too, can change!

Value and worth go hand-in-hand.  Value is deserving, importance, held in high opinion, esteemed, cherished, highly rated, respected, prized.  I especially love the above connection value has to the definition of worth—“The fullest extent of one’s value or ability”!  All those beautiful definitions of value are lived to the fullest extent by your worth.  Amazing!

It’s time to change our beliefs of our value and worth.  It’s time to love ourselves as the Divine loves us.  Far too many of us do not think highly enough of ourselves for who we are—like I said, we forget who we ARE.  Who we are is immutable—never changing!  WE ARE DIVINE AT OUR VERY SOUL!  Never forget that.

I’m NOT talking about ego.  Ego is selfish and self-centered.  I’m talking about self-love.  To Love is Divine.  And, love starts with loving ourselves first!

The universe is polite and will not push.  By law it can only give you what you BELIEVE you can have.  If you see things in your life that are not for your highest good, it’s time to change your mindset and beliefs.  YOU ARE VALUABLE AND WORTHY OF ALL THE UNLIMITED GOOD AVAILABLE FROM THE UNIVERSE!!

Go ahead!  Love yourself first and see what good things develop in your life!!

Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack

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Welcome to Mary Ann Pack’s Blog!

i am

“I AM” are very powerful words.  Depending on the words that follow, they can be expansive and creative or depressive and destructive.  Notice how you feel inside when you read the following statements:

1)  I am Divine.  I am loved.  I am brilliant.  I am spiritually awake.  I am a generous giver.  I am an excellent receiver.

2)  I am lonely.  I am not loved.  I am so stupid.  I am a condemned sinner.  I am not able to give, because I don’t have enough.  I am getting what I deserve.

Do number 1 statements resonate with you more?  Or, do number 2 statements feel more true for you?  Do the statements make you feel expansive and powerful or do you feel a contraction and tightness inside?

The wonderful truth is that you are Divine!  I know you may or may not feel very divine at the moment, but keep reading these posts and eventually, you will begin remembering your divinity.  When you came to this planet, you chose who you would be physically.  But, you have never, ever lost your eternal divinity–your oneness with Source Energy–God, Divine, Goddess, Spirit–whatever label you choose to use for your acknowledgment of the creative power that we are connected to.

It is my privilege to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along my path of remembering who I really am.  We will talk about how to create our dream lives, how to create our dream health, how to be, do or have anything and everything we can think up.  Did you know there is enough abundance in the Universe to answer every desire that every person could ever have throughout their life-times?

We will discuss how the Universe answers our desires immediately and find out why we don’t see them manifested in our reality.  We will discuss why circumstances and situations come into our lives that really don’t want.  We will discuss how to start remembering who we really are–within.  We will discuss how we can make improvements to our lives every single day!

And, we will discuss anything that you have questions about.  I welcome your questions via email or comments below.  Open discussion in the comments are welcomed, but always remember to see each person through the eyes of Source–with kindness, love, acceptance, and an intent to listen with understanding–just as you desire to be kindly spoken to, loved, accepted and understood.

Love to you all!  As we start this journey together, may we remember who we really are and remember that our soul purpose is to live in never-ending joy!

Dream – Grow – Live!


~Mary Ann Pack

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