So, You Want to Be of Service

If you are feeling the tug in your heart to be of service, this is wonderful!!

That desire to be of service–no matter your industry or passion–is because there are those in the world that are calling you to serve. That calling is communicated to you through your Inner Being. If you are feeling the desire to serve others in this world, you can count yourself worthy of this great calling.

So, what is your attitude about being of service?

Does it sound like a lot of sacrifices are going to be required of you to serve others?

Will you need to sacrifice things you want as you come into service?

Will it take a lot of your time to serve? Will you need to work day and night?

In considering your service do you feel waves of exhaustion or anxiety just thinking about it?

Is your desire to be of service around volunteering, in a personal mentorship or in your business?

Wherever you choose to provide service, there are a few things you need to know before beginning.

This desire to serve is a heartfelt calling coming through your Inner Being. You are probably an uplifter, teacher, and healer at the core of your being. You have grown to the point that your Inner Being is guiding you into your life of service. But, what does that entail?  

“Service is not about sacrifice. Service is about alignment so that you’ve got something to serve with.”


I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks! It puts my mind at ease and allows me to relax as I focus on my chosen service of being a Spiritual Guide. It let’s me know I’m not alone in my desire to be of service. When I come into alignment with who I really am, I have the support and cooperation of the eternal All-That-Is! I have access to Infinite Intelligence. In my alignment I receive what I need, emotionally and energetically, to support me in serving. I actually have something to give as I serve!

If I am focused on service with the attitude that it will require sacrifice on my part, I am out on the ragged edge all alone. It takes more effort than maybe I have to give. I’m only relying on my knowledge, expertise, and human energies. Service will require sacrifice of my other dreams, time-freedoms, and possibily added financial obligations. In sacrificing my time, I may feel the exhaustion for all the effort–rearranging my schedule, talking with so many people that are needy, talking about their problems, and trying to find solutions for them.

I’m in a self-oriented, egotistical mode. I think I have to perform perfectly. I have to present myself as the expert. I have to have all the answers. I’m self-conscious. I’m tense. If I’m solely relying on my own energy and happen to be off that day, my lower vibration will be felt by my clients. I can’t be depleted and expect to have anything valuable to give.

Service from sacrifice carries so much resistance. It feels that I will be bombarded by energy vampires that are so needy and broken that I must fix. I feel I could get overwhelmed with the huge job facing me. Who will support me? Will I be out there on my own?

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all that effort!

Now, let’s look at service coming from an attitude of alignment.

When I align first, I’m in the replenishing mode. There is no feeling of sacrifice or effort. There is ease and flow!

I’m leveraging the supernatural power that creates worlds.

I’m open and willing to relax, rest, and renew my spirit-mind-body as I approach my service.

I’m better equipped to set and hold boundaries.

When I’m in alignment I receive messages, inspiration of how I can serve with greater influence and clarity, and impulses about when and how to take action and offer solutions.

I don’t see those I serve as being broken or needing to be fixed.

I can see them clearly through the eyes of Source with Unconditional Love.

No condition has to change before I feel better about my service.

I’m energized when I talk with those I’m serving.

I see them in all their splendor of being an extension of Source Energy.

I can see them in the wholeness of who they really are.

It can actually be quite exhilarating and encouraging to me to know that their great asking has also created a wonderfully delicious solution! And, that we can find it together!

That’s when the fun kicks in!

Their aha moments are so exciting! Witnessing their transformation is so satisfying and fulfilling. That’s something important to celebrate with them. When those we serve find their alignment, we have co-created amazing things in this world. The mass consciousness of All-That-Is has expanded. Everyone and everything has benefitted from our expanded alignment.

We are new people. We are the newest version of our expanded Selves!

How exciting to know that we are participating in the expansion and evolution of All-That-Is!

So, if you’re feeling tired, exhausted, and feel that the energy suckers are draining you, maybe you’ve approached your service from an attitude of sacrifice instead of alignment.

Alignment is the replenishing mode and in that state of being, no one can deplete your energy unless you allow it by coming out of alignment.

What can you do to serve from a place of alignment instead of sacrifice?

Here are a few tips….

  • Daily, spend time meditating and quieting your mind for 15-20 minutes. When you stop thought, you also stop resistant thought. Your vibrational offering will raise into your natural alignment. You will feel good which indicates you are in alignment. Sacrifice is resistant thought and you can know this by the bad feeling it induces!
  • Listen for guidance from your Inner Source for impulses to act or speak–what to do or say and when to do it. When the impulses come, do it, say it!
  • Focus on those you want to serve as whole beings of perfect, pure Light and Love instead of as being broken or someone you need to fix. Look at them for who they really are–extensions of Source Energy.
  • Talk more about their possibilities, solutions, what improvement has been asked for–basically their what and why. What do they want and why do they want it? We always want something because we think we will feel better in the having of it. Feeling good is the basis of every desire!
  • Notice how you’re feeling prior to serving. If you’re feeling anxious, depleted, resentful, worried, a need to be the perfect mentor, or that you have to supply all the answers–please step back and find thoughts that bring YOU relief. Go meditate. Take a nature walk to replenish. You will have nothing to give them if you are in sacrifice mode. Alignment first! Then service!
  • Focus on the goal of aligning first so that you have the capcity to help soothe them into their alignment. You cannot soothe them from a place of not being soothed yourself. If there is tension in you, that vibration will be interpreted by them and it will cause them to put up a barrier. They cannot achieve their alignment if you are not aligned when you engage with them!

People are not looking for you to solve all their problems. They are not looking for you to empower them. They are wanting to discover their own empowerment in finding their solutions with your guidance. That’s what we all came here for. To find our own power within. We came here to experience as much joy as possible. It’s the at the core of our being. Joy is who we all are! We deeply desire to align with our own empowerment and do for ourselves what we came here to do. When we attain alignment, we are in full empowerment and joy-mode!

It may seem that people want you to solve their problems and just hand them the answers, but if you do that you are doing them a great disservice. Your service will never be enough. And, eventually, they will resent you and you will resent them. Trying to fix someone you consider broken is not healthy, nor sustainable.

You cannot please every client or mentee. You may have to ask difficult questions. You may be directed by your intuitition to talk about some really difficult things to bring them to accountability or realization. They may get really mad at you. It’s okay!

Don’t allow their reaction to knock you out of alignment. Maintain your alignment and keep feeling good. Understanding that they may be on the verge of their breakthrough and resisting it!

The words you’re saying don’t teach no matter how inspiring. Only their life experience teaches. Your only job is to make sure you are in alignment as you engage in your service. As they feel your alignment, they may apply the words you’ve offered and find their own joyful alignment. Because one day, they will profusely thank you for being there for them. For holding that space for them, energetically. For believing in them even when they didn’t believe in themselves. For soothing them long enough that they found their Inner Alignment!

You will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, and exhilarated. You will feel uplifted and joyful. You will have more energy with that good-feeling alignment that you, too, will see shifts in your own life. Your alignment will benefit every area of your life as well!

This can be the amazing result of approaching our service with an attitude of alignment first!

Remember, those we serve are a mirror to things we may need to shift in our own lives. Especially if we are seeing the essence of the same thing over and over. If we see resistance in them, it may be an area we have resistance in ourselves. We’re all in transformation. We are not above transformation just because we are the ones in service. Let’s apply what we are teaching to our own lives. When I serve and feel resistance, I know I’m preaching to the choir.

As always, it is my great honor and pleasure to be of service to you! It is my hope that you gained insights into how you are approaching your service.

Let’s remember, alignment first, then service! No sacrifice required.

To your joyously aligned service,

Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Spiritual Guide

PS: If you are wanting to be of service in your community or business but you have realized you’ve been approaching it from the attitude of sacrifice, I would love to guide you into shifting into alignment first. Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to see our own blind spots about our resistance. I’d like to offer you a complimentary Discover My Joy session with me. On this call, we will discover what you want vs. where you are. That gap is difficult to navigate on your own. Let’s visit and see if we’re a match for coaching. Schedule your call here.


Support from Our Heavenly Parents

The family photo attached to this post is circa 1961 when I was barely 2 years old. We were on our way to Easter service. My mother was a homemaker and delighted in sewing our clothing. Typically, Momma would make her dress and all of our dresses and even coats to match for these special holidays. My sisters were identical twins who were 2-½ years older than me. Being the baby of the family, I had a lot of input on how I should and shouldn’t behave.

My parents have both passed, as well as, my eldest sister who is standing next to Papa. I, of course, am in the middle of the photo.

I recently had an epiphany about how our non-physical, heavenly parents see us continuing to live our earthly lives. I was always taught that we live one earthly life and after that, the judgment–as if there’s some kind of finality of our lives. We get one chance and then it’s eternal rest or eternal damnation, so we’d better get it right. I was, also, taught that once people die, we can never communicate with them again. And, that they do not have access to see what’s going on in our lives on Earth because it could make them cry and there are no tears in heaven.

I don’t believe that we, on earth, are disconnected from our heavenly family. I believe we come into physical lives and return to Source multiple times. We are eternal beings. Being eternal, I’m thinking it would get really boring to live in pure bliss all of the time without any adventure of experiencing contrast and getting our hands dirty with life experiences over and over.

Deciding to come into our physical bodies was precisely because we wanted to experience the contrast that causes us to ask for improvements and make our preferences known. Creating new things by making choices is required for the expansion of the eternal All-That-Is.

There are certainly too many confirmed records of children remembering who they were in a past life and researchers being able to confirm their previous lives. In a book that I read by a professor, I believe it is the University of Virginia that has thousands of these confirmed cases in a research department. Books have been written about confirmed past lives. So, I believe we come and go as many times as we choose.

I, also, believe that since we are mostly non-physical (eternally spiritual) in nature, even while we are in physical bodies, we have access to All-That-Is. We have access to Infinite Intelligence, which is all those who are with Source Energy in the non-physical realm.

As I was saying, I had an epiphany, recently, and wanted to share it with you. It may resonate with your soul, too. Here’s how that went….

While I drive I make it a practice to focus on things I appreciate. The other day, I was appreciating and thanking the Universe for all that is going right in my world. I was appreciating all the wonderful things happening in my life. Somehow, I got on the subject of my parents. They have both passed.

The thought came to me that parents are no longer disappointed in me. They are no longer scolding me for doing something wrong. Momma is no longer saying, “Oh, Mary Ann!” with such disappointment and worry in her voice because I had just answered her question if I still believed in Jesus in a way that could cause me eternal damnation in her belief system.

I heard, “Oh, Mary Ann!” a lot growing up. It was really difficult for me to conform to all the religious dogma that was held over me. I just didn’t resonate with all those do’s and don’ts. There were just so many! More don’ts than do’s–for sure.

But, no longer. Momma and Papa are not worried about me anymore. They have no disappointment in me. They are happy and in their complete bliss. They are now supporting me and what’s important to me. They are showering me with unconditional love–I don’t have to change to be loveable to them. They are proud of me and what I am doing here.

I understand that Momma and Papa raised me the best they knew how. They raised me with the knowledge they had at the time. Granted, I didn’t make it very easy for them in this life. I came into life with the knowledge that life should be fun. Something they had forgotten along their path. So, it was difficult for them to understand my desire for freedom to do things that felt good to me and to think my own thoughts.

I always likened my life to that of a butterfly being stuffed in a box. I felt stifled and constricted. Feeling this way did not make for a happy child. Being told there were so many things I wasn’t supposed to do or that were a sin, I didn’t understand because they felt good to me.

But, no longer. My parents are happily watching me with great interest in what’s important to me. They are rooting for me in everything I do. They are on my side, supporting me. They understand my new beliefs that are for my highest good. They understand there are no beneficial beliefs that could restrict us in any way. They are freed from religious dogma and only look at me with adoring, unconditional eyes of love. They are encouraging me to live my life in full-out joy!

They, now, understand and encourage my freedom to choose anything that makes me feel good. Gone are their beliefs that we all must live by a certain ancient book’s teachings. They understand and encourage new thoughts that create expansion and evolution.

They are excited for me, being on the leading edge of thought, and creating the life of my dreams! As I create my reality, it’s not just me expanding and evolving–All-That-Is is expanding and evolving–including my heavenly family!

Even my husband, Randy, says he can feel the presence of my Papa with him as he works on building cabinets or other woodworking projects. Papa was a finish carpenter. He was skilled and very talented. He had amazing ways to perform his creative building projects. He created gorgeous pieces of custom furniture, beautiful cabinetry, and home renovations. Randy has always worked with steel. He is proficient at welding. He had never been a wood-worker. So, working with wood has been fun for him as he discovers new ways to make pieces more beautiful. He says he hears Papa giving him ideas to make his woodworking easier. Papa drops hints as for how to make something more beautiful. Randy says he sees Papa’s grin as he experiences those aha moments.

It’s been quite a relief to finally look at who my parents really are. When I stop looking at them as they were in this life full of resistance and restrictions and recognize them in their non-physical state, they are amazingly supportive of us! What a delight to finally see that I’m no longer a disappointment to them. I’m not dying and going to hell because of my beliefs, I actually bring them joy!

It’s a relief to know they are no longer trying to control me or hold me under their thumbs. Trying to make me into something I am not. They are allowing me the freedom to live in my joy–however that shows up for me!

They completely understand the guidance I enjoy with my inner emotional guidance system. They are encouraging me to make feeling good my number one priority and to notice how I feel so I can make changes in my thoughts and beliefs to accomplish that good feeling, consistently.

They know we are not here for service or sacrifice, but for joy. Any service will come through joy. There is no sacrifice but to let go of the past–if that can even be a sacrifice when it is so beneficial. They know we are here to create our own realities and not force our lives into the box of religious conformity. They know we are safe and there is no risk in our choices. They know there are no bad or wrong choices. They know we can’t get it wrong because we will never get it done. We are eternally growing and expanding. They are excited to witness my expansion, because it benefits them, too!

I love knowing they are fully engaged and interested in what’s important to me! They are flowing to me unconditional love, well-being, appreciation, adoration, guidance, and peacefulness. They, now, get to see me fully through the eyes of Source.

If you have been feeling the ache of missing your parents because they have passed, know that you still have access to them. Actually, you have more opportunity to tune into their energy stream because they are non-physically focused and have no restrictions of time-space. If you will stop looking where they are not and look for them where they are as non-physical, eternal light and love beings, you will be able to feel their presence and tap into their wisdom and guidance.

They are not dead. Their body is gone, but they are far from dead. They are eternal beings, just as you are an eternal soul-being. You are connected with them, now, more than ever! 

Our loved ones who have transitioned back to non-physical have no resistance whatsoever. They have released all the resistance they carried through their physical lives. So, if your family members were not necessarily the kindest in the bunch, maybe even abusive, know that all that is gone. That mean family member is now in perfect bliss and perfectly loving. They have returned to who they really are. They are no longer bound by the choices they made in life. They are free to love and adore and appreciate the whole of who you are, too!

I so appreciate this new feeling of support from my non-physical parents and other loved ones. This is another reason I know that All is Well!

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Here’s to living in full-out joy with the support of heavenly loved ones,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

PS: Please know that I am here anytime you are ready to find your own joy! Sometimes, we need to reawaken our joy and remember who we really are and not hold others who have passed to blame for how we feel. And, sometimes that means working with a coach. I’d be happy to visit with you for a Joy Empowerment Call and see if we are meant to be coaching together for your life transformation! Email your request for this complimentary call via All is really well!

Life is a Treasure Hunt!

“All is well with you. Things are going to get better and better and better.

Just don’t rush it.

Don’t push it.

Don’t try to take score.

Don’t try to make it happen.

Just trust that it will happen, and watch for the evidence, for the signs of it happening. Have fun with it.

See yourself on a sort of treasure hunt, where the Universe has buried some treasure and you’re not sure where it is or how great it is, but you sense that it’s there, and just sort of start tippy-toeing through looking for a piece of it here and a piece of it there. And you will discover it.” ~Abraham-Hicks

After meditation, recently, I came across this quote from Abraham-Hicks, my beloved mentor. It inspired the following journal entry. I hope you enjoy it!

I am on a treasure hunt with the Universe! I know the Universe has all kinds of delightful gifts for me. I know they are there because I can feel them.

I feel excited with great anticipation of finding each and every thing! As I expectantly look for signs and clues as to where they are, I get even more excited.

I know they are spectacular things because I’ve put them in my vortex when I ask for my desires. Everytime I make my preferences known, the Universe takes note and prepares that gift just for me!

So, they are everything I want. It’s simply so much fun to keep an eye out for them as the Universe shows them to me one-by-one. I don’t want all of them to show up at once because then it’s game-over. And, I’m definitely not ready for the game to be over!

I want to find pieces of my treasure bit-by-bit. Some small, some huge. A little here, a little there. They are all pieces of my treasure!

The Universe loves to surprise and delight me. I love receiving gifts. The Universe knows exactly what I want, so I  know I’ll get what I really desire. No white elephant gifts or gag gifts that are simply useless. Just everything I want. And, many times, the Universe will throw in extras that I’m not even expecting!!

Life is getting better and better and better!

It’s like giving the Universe my shopping wish-list and knowing everything on my list has been purchased, gift wrapped and tucked into a special hiding place. No one else gets to find my gifts, either.

So, when I see someone else find a gift that may be similar to what I’m wanting–I can rejoice with them because I know that it is not from my treasure trove. They have chosen what gifts to put into their treasure. I can be super happy and excited for them to have their gifts!

It’s so freeing to know that I don’t have to keep score about who’s getting what. There’s always more than enough to go around. There’s never a shortage of similar gifts!!

Everyone’s gifts are theirs, alone. Each gift has the owner’s name imprinted on it. I can’t get theirs and they won’t get mine. There’s never a mix-up or back order.

I’m so satisfied with all the gifts I’ve received so far, and yet, I’m eager for more! This joy is the best part of my treasure and I get to open this gift every day if I want to!

My gift of joy is not hidden away, but laid out in clear sight for me to pick up and open every single day!! The joy is what I came for. The other gifts are bonus treasures!!

Are you opening your gift of joy every day? Just look and you will find it!

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To your treasure trove of joy,

MAP with Bookcase Friends

Version 2 M with Heart

Mary Ann Pack

PS: If you are ready to find your treasure trove of gifts, please contact me and let’s get you on the right track with the Universe. You may not be finding them simply because you doubt they are for you. Let me tell you, you have an enormous amount of gifts waiting to be found by you!! Contact me today via email at!

The Serenity Prayer

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.”

Most all of us have heard this little, yet powerful, prayer. It seems to bring a calm and peace that is unexplainable. When I read it, it lets me rest in knowing that all is truly well!

I always thought it was a nice little prayer, but really never gave it much thought. When I came across this prayer recently I read it with new eyes and a new understanding. It resonates more deeply with my soul. I’d like to share my new insights of The Serenity Prayer. Maybe it will resonate with your soul, too!

Let’s dissect it phrase by phrase….


Why do we call upon God? Why do we think it matters to talk to God?

Those of us who believe in an eternal higher power love to commune with Him/Her/Them. We feel the tugging of something greater than ourselves. We love knowing that there is a greater, older, wiser, Infinite Intelligence to which we are eternally connected. We love that connected feeling, that Oneness, that there is something greater than this physical life.

Not believing in a higher power certainly does not diminish your value or worthiness. You may simply want to commune with yourself as you read this post. It is my hope that something here will resonate within you, too.

Who is God to you?

From my perspective, God is that all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful One. You may believe in a god/goddess or multiple god-head. For me, God is way bigger than the God I grew up with. Now I refer to that Eternal Infinite Intelligence as Source Energy. The name, God, just doesn’t seem to describe the God that I love and know, now.

I believe God/Source loves us unconditionally and is always flowing it to us whether we’re in a place of receiving it or not. My understanding of the term, unconditional love, means that there is no condition I must change to be loved, shown love or feel love. Bestowing unconditional love means there is no demand for a changed condition to be worthy or deserving of love. We can never be less than worthy!!

In the last several years, my beliefs about God has changed radically. My old beliefs about God just didn’t resonate with my soul, so I let them go. They taught me I was separate from God. So, I found beliefs that felt better, that resonated with my soul and brought me a peace I had never experienced throughout my life. I believe that I am One with God no matter the condition of my life or behavior.

The God I serve now, Source Energy, is unconditionally loving me, approving of me, knows my worthiness. Source never criticizes me or tells me I’m wrong or sinful. Source is always flowing to me unconditional love, well-being, praise, adoration, abundance, and so many blessings.

If I feel bad, it’s not because I am evil or sinful, it’s only because I’m pinching myself off from the constant flow of unconditional love from Source. I’m simply not allowing myself to receive God’s love. When I believe in my worth, that I am love, it feels really good because it’s the same way Source feels about me–so we are in alignment with each other!

Source is always calling me to be the best version of myself that I’ve created, but never demands that I change to experience love and joy. Source always has my back and supports me in everything. I accepted the Truth that I AM an eternal extension of Source Energy living a human experience. It’s amazing what it will do for your attitude when you realize you are Source in the flesh!

As I am aligned with my Inner Source and experience the love and joy flowing to me, I can also feel it flowing through me. This is when I experience changes and the best version of me blossoms into a joyous life experience.

This kind of God resonates clearly with my soul!

I realize that I can’t express everything that God is to everyone. Your individual experience is personal and very real to you. These are just a few thoughts I have about My Source Energy of All-That-Is.

Let’s look at the next phrase in the prayer.

“grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change…”

Why do we want to change anything?

We always want something uncomfortable to change to make us feel better. We typically blame what we are observing to be the reason why we feel bad. Initially, that may be the case because we’re witnessing contrast, and from that, know what we don’t want. But, we immediately know what we do want. We ask for the improvement and as soon as we focus on the solution or improvement, we will feel better. It is not what we are observing that makes us feel bad, it’s what we think about it that makes us feel bad. We are solely in charge of how we feel by what we are thinking.

We can only look at life through our perspective as individuals. So, everyone wants something different because different things make each of us happy. When we observe something that makes us uncomfortable or something we don’t want, someone else may be observing the very same thing and desire it. At the very least, they may desire a different outcome than you would desire.

Notice the prayer is in the first person. So, as we individually ask for peace to accept things out of our control, it is so we, personally, will feel better by releasing the need to change outside forces or circumstances. We can feel better even without things changing if we look to our Inner Source for our happiness and tranquility.

Who decides what things need to change, anyway?!

When life’s contrast or variety causes us to ask for an improvement or new desire, that indicates that we’d like to see a change. We may be in one place and would like to be someplace else. We experience something that we don’t like and immediately know what we do like. We observe someone’s behavior and we allow it to make us feel bad.

So, we make our request to Source when we ask for any improvement. When we make any request, God/Source answers our request with a resounding, Yes! Going to work on our new desire immediately.

This phrase of the prayer is asking for serenity (tranquility, calmness, peacefulness) to accept (allow) things to be different from what I want or how I want things to be that I can’t control.

Most things are out of our control to change. There are so many moving parts. You may get one thing or one person under control and another slips out of place! You could run yourself ragged trying to juggle all the things you don’t like and want to change.

Peace will come when we stop trying to change things that are not any of our business. When we but our noses into other peoples’ business, we will walk around with a kink in our noses a long time. So much will be offensive to us. We will live miserably. Control-freaks do not live a happy and peaceable life!

This part of the prayer is asking for peace to acccept things I cannot control. Simply accepting we don’t have to control everything is freeing. To release the need to control things that are not even mine to control will let me allow them to be as they are. Releasing the control-freak-syndrome is very freeing and brings such peace and tranquility!!

Each of us as constantly asking for change and improvements, every day, all day long. We can never stop asking for improvement. That’s the creative process. There will always be contrast that gives all of us the opportunity to make our preferences. As long as we understand that we can only change ourselves and our thoughts about our relationship with our world, then we can let the rest be whatever it is. Peace will flood our souls!

Let’s visit the next phrase.

“the courage to change the things I can…”

Why do we need the courage to change things?

Courage, by definition, is to persevere through difficulty, especially extreme difficulty. It implies firmness of mind and will, in the face of difficulty. In other words, we need the firmness of mind, determination of our thoughts, to make the necessary changes.

What things can we change?

The only real thing I can change is ME!

We may coerce and manipulate and think we are making changes in others or circumstances, but that is not sustainable. Again, too many moving parts!

Remember, this is a personal prayer written in the first person. So, it’s always from our personal perspective. If each individual saying this prayer would understand that it is only themselves that they must change, our world would be totally in balance and at peace!

The only thing we can make changes to is our thoughts. No one can think one thought for us. Nor can we think a thought for someone else. Our thoughts are ours, alone. Our thoughts are the only thing we have complete control over. But, boy, those thoughts can wreak havoc on us sometimes! It will take great courage to make the necessary changes in ourselves!

Our thoughts feel like they are out of control so much of the time. Our thoughts race and jump from one thing to the next. They feel uncontrollable. We have thousands and thousands of thoughts a day. So, how do we control our thoughts?

We must notice how we feel. Our feelings or emotions will tell on our thoughts every time. We can trust that when we feel good, we are thinking thoughts that don’t need to change. They are already in good shape and heading us in the direction of our highest good.

It’s those pesky bad-feeling thoughts that are the trouble-makers!

When we feel bad, that’s also our emotions telling on our thoughts. Those bad feelings are indicating we’re heading in the direction of things we don’t want or don’t like. It’s letting us know we’re off-balance in our thinking from whom our Inner Being knows us to be.

If we will decide to courageously make feeling good our number one priority, we will be determined to not settle for feeling bad. We will determine to notice how we’re feeling throughout the day. When we notice we’re feeling bad, we can simply choose a better-feeling thought. Even if we have to change the subject to start feeling better.

Distraction is the best and fastest way to find relief if we’re feeling bad from our current thought pattern. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as it feels better and you are soothed. Those bad thoughts are indicating resistance to something you want. To think of something that is soothing will lower your resistance.

As the Universe feels your improved thought, It will send you more like it. As you sustain those good-feeling thoughts, the Universe will yield to the momentum with more pleasurable outcomes.

In this way, you have determined to have courage to make the necessary changes to the only thing of which you are in control. You!

On to the next phrase…..

“and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Wisdom is a beautiful word, to me. It is the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships. It is insight–not outward-sight. It comes from within us–not from looking around what’s outside of us. It comes from deep within, from our very soul or Inner Being.

It’s having the insight to discern the inner qualities of the relationship between what we can and can’t change. It’s putting our knowledge to work. Insight combined with knowledge gives us wisdom!

What’s so great about knowing the difference between what we can and can’t change?

Knowing and understanding what we can and can’t change gives us a sense of relief and peace. It makes life so much easier. When we think we can change something that is bothering us from outside influences, we are heading up a very steep hill. We are in for a battle, unnecessarily.

If you don’t know what battles are yours, you’re going to be a really tired and beat-up soldier!

It’s trusting that all is well. It’s understanding that you will feel the difference, emotionally. Things we cannot change feel like fear, danger, disempowerment, uncertain, risky, and anger because we try to force our control over them. We will fail every time.

Knowing the difference of what we can change feels hopeful, expectant, exciting, exhilarating, certain, and joyous. It feels peaceful beyond description. It may be hard work to change our thought patterns until we practice it a while, but that’s where the determination and courage kick in.

Do you agree?


We’ve all probably said a heart-felt, Amen, at the end of a prayer or in jovial agreement with what someone has said. It’s an expression of solemn agreement or ratification. It’s a hearty approval! By stating, amen, we are standing in agreement with everything that was uttered previously.

So, what are we agreeing with, or approving of, when we say, Amen?

In some Pagan religions, instead of Amen, they say, So Mote it Be. I like that expression of agreement, too, because it is declaring whatever was stated previously has become it–it is done, it is complete. It’s an agreement that what may be unseen has already become from this moment forward. We are all BE-coming!

Here is how I would restate the serenity prayer:

Source Energy, I acknowledge the flow of Your peace through me as I experience things that are not mine to change, allowing them to be what they are; mindfully determined to change my thoughts and beliefs to those that resonate within me, and to discern the inner qualities and find appreciation for, both, things I can and cannot change. I stand in hearty approval on its becoming, now!

I know it’s a tad longer than the original Serenity Prayer. Ha!

What are your thoughts about the meaning of The Serenity Prayer?

Do you have a special memory of praying this prayer?

I’d love to hear your story about this lovely prayer and what it means in your life!

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To your blessed serentiy and joy,

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Mary  Ann Pack

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Feel Better, First!

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“You want things, because you believe the having of it will make you feel better. Feel better first! Then it will come to you! ~Mary Ann Pack

We all want things! Good things. No, great things!

This is natural and it is an eternal facet of our lives–of who we are. Do you realize you were created to have desires? Making preferences of what we want is one of the main reasons we came into this time-space reality from the non-physical realm.

The wanting and desiring of things actually expands all of creation! Being on the leading edge of thought allows us so many opportunities to see things in the world and then choose our preferences.

The contrast and variety of life offers us endless possibilities of desires!

This choosing process is what expands, not only our lives, it expands All-That-Is! Since we are eternal beings, we can’t help but expanding. Change is inevitable. Choices are required. But, it should never be a burden to make our choices. We should be approaching our preferences with joy!

When we see things in this world that we don’t like, we immediately know what we do like–what would make us feel better. We make preferences all day, every day. Small choices and some we would consider huge. We ask for improvements by our preferences.

When we make our preferences known to the universe by our vibrational thoughts, the universe immediately goes in search of matching vibrations. This is the attraction factor in the universe–otherwise known as the Law of Attraction–that which is like unto itself is drawn.

The longer we think and feel good about what we want, and if we are offering no resistance along the way, the universe will bring it to us. This is the key: no resistance! 

If you make a preference, Source understands your request, answers YES, and then goes to work gathering all the cooperative components to make it happen. It is 97% complete in the hands of Source, just waiting for us to be in the receiving mode.

So, what is the receiving mode? How do we get there?

The receiving mode feels amazing! It’s exciting, exhilarating, expecting more. It’s calm and relaxed. There is no resistance towards what we want. The pipeline is flowing freely. We allow Source to flow everything to us that we are ready for. Everything we want is gestating in perfect timing.

What do I mean by resistance?

Resistance could be anything from twinges of doubt that we will get what we want, to full-blown feelings of unworthiness. Resistance is us doing things that disallow what we want and who we truly are. It is really split energy.

On the one hand, we know what we want, we’ve asked for it and Source has answered affirmatively. So, we know it’s in good hands and being tended to. On the other hand, we may begin doubting we will get it. We may get frustrated it isn’t coming. We see other people getting that thing we want so badly and ours hasn’t come. We may start complaining to someone or justify why we should get it. We start begging and pleading for it, because it’s getting serious! Now, we NEED it! With this resistant vibration, it is getting further away from us and slowing way down.

This is split energy that is confusing the universe in it’s job. Your are giving the universe mixed signals. By law, the universe will give you everything you focus your dominant thoughts to. And, while you may be thinking you are simply thinking about what you want, you are, in reality, thinking about the lack of what you want. You are noticing what-is–your current condition with it missing.

With all this asking and then resisting, the universe is giving you a bit of each!

Your message must be clear about what you want and why. The how, when, where, and who is absolutely none of your business. That is the business of Source who is tending your request. When we venture into Source’s business of the how, when, where and who, we are throwing resistance on our path and what we want is slowed way down!

Your simple job in creating your reality is to decide what you want and why. The why just helps you fill in the details. It’s where you focus on the pleasures of having your desire. It’s imagining the desire and the joys and good feelings you will experience when you receive it.

Just think about what you want for a moment. How good does that feel?! It will feel freeing, joyous, happy, expansive, supported, appreciative. You will feel loved, cherished, accomplished, confident. See, we did all that work and there is no resistance in any of those emotions. That’s exactly where you need to be to receive what you want.

You must feel better BEFORE you can receive what you want. You can’t think, Well, when I get that, I’ll be happy, I’ll feel better. That kind of thinking will only get you more lack of what you want. It will hold that wonderful thing away from your reach.

Feeling better must always precede the receiving of what you want!

Make list of positive aspects about having this wonderful thing. Write lists and lists of the amazing feelings that you will experience. Imagine having is now!

Here’s a secret. The universe doesn’t know the difference between imagining and reality. The universe doesn’t know the difference between imagining that you have it and feeling how awesome you’ll feel, and if you actually feel really good because you already have it! All the universe is considering is your FEELING about your desire. The more you can feel amazing while imagining having your goodie, the universe thinks you must already have it, so it runs out and brings it to you! By law, it has to make it happen–and quick!

So, feel better first! Practice the feeling of having what you desire. You know it will make you feel really good when you do receive it, so take the plunge and feel better now. Make yourself feel as it is already exists in your hands. It does already exist in your vibrational escrow account. Source is tending to it’s details and growth. Waiting for you to feel better NOW!

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All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack

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Steps to Feel Better, Quickly!

Want to feel better?

Would you like to get off the rugged road of despair?

Want your life to flow with ease?

What the happily-ever-after life?

Ahhh! You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to talk about how to feel better. This is going to be short and sweet!

Let’s get going….

The quote above states, “The path to feeling better is paved with gratitude and appreciation.” 

When you’re feeling bad, you’re certainly not living a life of appreciation and gratitude. Do you want to know how I know? Easy, you’re feeling bad!

You cannot possibly feel bad and truly be appreciative and grateful. They are diametrically opposing vibrations. They are worlds apart on the vibrational spectrum. Now, don’t run away huffy. Listen a minute!

Think about how you started feeling bad in the first place. Were you complaining? Were you looking at something you don’t want? Were you mulling over in your mind, all the sh*t that’s been going on lately? Have you been talking with friends and family about how bad stuff has gotten and they totally agree with you? No wonder you feel bad.

Well, that’s a ton of momentum into the negative vibrations. Those vibrations are low, low, low! That’s definitely not where feeling-good hangs out! Have you noticed that bad stuff is starting to snowball? Momentum in the wrong direction. Momentum moving you away from feeling-good.

Calm down. Take a breath. Let’s get you feeling better now!

Here are a few steps you can take to quickly raise your vibration and paving a better-feeling future….

  1. Notice how you are feeling right now. You may have a lump in your throat, a tightness in your tummy, an achy back or neck, any pain in your body. Just notice it and how you feel. Make up a feeling-scale from 1-10. One, feeling absolutely crappy and in utter despair. Ten, being jumping out of your skin with joy, doing the happy dance!
  2. Grab a pen and paper/notebook. Write that feeling-number on a piece of paper at the top, circle it and date the page, too.
  3. Go play with your pet for a few minutes, if you have one. Think about how awesome he/she is. Tell them how much you appreciate them being your friend and loving you unconditionally. Let them know you’re going to start feeling better real soon. They’ll get it–trust me!
  4. On the paper or notebook where you wrote down the feeling-number, jot down some things you’re grateful for. Anything that has happened that feels pretty good. Something you’re grateful for that happened, instead of something bad happening. There will be a slight feeling of resistance in gratitude, because you’re comparing something good happening instead of something not as good (not as good will have a twinge of resistance and that’s okay). We’re just making gentle shifts in your vibration.
  5. Now, in the notebook under your gratitude list, jot down at least 3-5 things you really appreciate. It could be about conditions, people, pets, sunrises/sunsets, the earth orbiting perfectly in space, the oxygen you breathe, your car, lover, etc. You get the idea. These things have no resistance attached to the feeling of them. You just love and adore these things. Period. There is no, I love and appreciate this, but….. I mean, how can you not totally appreciate you’re breathing and you’re heart is pumping, and you don’t even have to tell your body to do it! Got it? Good!
  6. When you’re done with your appreciation list, notice how you feel now. Has your feeling-number gone up the scale–even a little bit? Write that number at the end of your writing and circle it. Feel the satisfaction of accomplishing a rise in your vibration. Smile, and put your pen down.
  7. Do this every morning and evening. At minimum, once a day. It might take a bit to get started, but the more you do it, the faster those ideas flow. You may get to the point, you are writing pages of things you appreciate. It will feel like you can’t write fast enough, because they just keep flowing. My gawd! That feels wonderful!
  8. If you’re still having trouble with step 1-7, go take a nap! Or, if it’s bedtime, go to bed. Sleeping slows the momentum you’ve got going. Determine to wake up and think some more positive thoughts. It would be awesome, if you would do steps 1-7 again, after your nap or in the morning.

If you faithfully practice steps 1-7 every day, you will notice that feeling-number going up on the scale. Look back on previous pages in your notebook and see how you’ve improved. This whole practice only needs to be about 15-30 minutes. Surely you have that much time in your day to start feeling better!!

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All is Well!

Mary Ann Pack

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Why Do I Have Negative Emotions?

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We all have negative emotions from time to time. I’ve heard people talk about getting rid of them for good. Some believe that we can be so spiritual that we never have negative emotions again. Some believe that we can reach a nirvana that eliminates all negative emotions. That will never happen. Here’s why….

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I believe and practice the principals of the Law of Attraction–that which is like unto itself, is drawn–like attracts like. This being a powerful universal law of attraction only, there is no assertion. In other words, no one or nothing can assert anything into you life without your invitation, vibrationally. You are always vibrating through your thoughts and emotions, your message to the universe. The universe is playing a perfect matching game with those vibrations and carefully matching your vibration–bringing you the essence of your thought and feeling vibrations.

We like and accept this idea when things are going well and we are attracting more good things into our lives, but we baulk when we notice not-so-good stuff coming into our experience. We readily admit we created our reality when everything is flowing well, but, let a little turbulence come along, and we want to blame someone else for our troubles. We certainly didn’t create that bad experience!

Let’s refresh who we are….

We are extensions of Source Energy focused in this physical world, in our physical bodies. As extensions of Source, we have absolute access to all Infinite Intelligence. We ARE part of that Infinite Intelligence in our Inner Being!

Let’s review what Source Energy/Infinite Intelligence/Inner Being knows and feels….

Our Inner Being, as One with Source, knows only love and appreciation of us. There is only love and well-being flowing to us and through us from Source. Anything we desire is immediately tended to by Source and is given. All cooperative components are gathered, all resources are accumulated and waiting in our vibrational escrow account ready to pop into manifestation. There is never criticism towards us. They only focus upon our positive aspects. They know all is well–all the time! They are always calling us upward and to our expansion. They are lighting up our path of least resistance every moment of every day. They will never join us on our complaining level, but are always calling us upward to higher levels of vibrations, so we match all that we want.

Life is always offering us contrast and variety from which to make our preferences. Every time we see something, we know whether we want it or don’t want it. Whether we like it, or don’t like it.

If it’s something we like, we enjoy focusing on it. It’s fun! It feels good. We’ve made our preference known to the universe, to our Inner Being. We feel good, because we are thinking about it the same way our Source or Inner Being is thinking about it. Both are enjoying the expansion, the new becoming. Basically, you and YOU are on the same wavelength.

When we see something we don’t want, we have a moment of negative emotion that let’s us know we don’t want it. At the same time, we immediately request the improvement of that condition and know that would feel better.

Negative emotions only hang around when we’ve focused more attention on what we don’t want. We complain about the condition or person. We talk to others about how bad it is–and they agree. We are justified in not wanting that thing!

So, why does it feel so bad?

It’s because you’ve chosen to continue to think about something you don’t want hanging around you. You have tuned your vibration to a lower level than where your Inner Being is vibrating. You feel the disconnection. You feel yourself pinched off from your Inner Being and what it is thinking about the same subject. Your Inner Being is only seeing positive aspects of everything.

You may have identified something you don’t want, which is fine, but get off that end of the subject, because your Inner Being is not going to join you there. Your Inner Being knows you are so much more! Your Inner Being knows you have identified something you don’t want, and immediately knew what you did want, so your Inner Being became what you did want. Your Inner Being expanded–YOU became what you did want!

But, hanging out in the don’t want crowd has held you back from keeping up with who your Inner Being knows who you have already become! You are holding YOU back!

Your Inner Being already knows you have become what you do want, but you’re lolly-gagging back in the don’t want section of life. And, it can feel like major negative emotion.

But, you know what?! If you are feeling that negative emotion and you don’t like how it feels, that’s the indication you are sensitive to your emotional guidance system–and that’s great!

Now, you can focus on what you do want and look for thoughts that bring relief. When you start feeling better by the thoughts you have chosen, you are now tuning in to the same vibration as your Inner Being! Your Inner Being only looks at what you want and who you really are–and never, ever, looks at what you don’t want!

So, when you start focusing you attention more on what you do want, now you are aligning with the Source within–your Inner Being. And, that feels really great! Because your Inner Being already knows this is who you really are!!!!

Remember, every time life offers you contrast or variety, it’s there for you to choose your preferences. This picking and choosing what you do want is expanding All-That-Is! Every decision you make about what you do want, you are growing not only your Inner Being, but you are expanding the entire Universe! 

Don’t fret because you keep having to experience stuff and make all these decisions about what you want, think of it as an adventure in life. Every time you say, yes, to something you love, you are calling more life force through you! That keeps your Inner Being eternally expanding and keeps your body humming along in well-being! Yep, it all affects your body, too.

Variety is the spice of life! 

Enjoy spicing it up!!! Have fun and relax knowing your Inner Being is 100% behind you and all that you want!

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All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack

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Will Yours Be A Great Day?

Have a great day

How many times have you been wished a great day in passing?

Maybe someone you love wished you a great day, so you knew they really meant it.

Did you take them up on it?

Did you decide to have a great day? Or, did you make other plans?

How much planning goes in to having a great day?

For starters, your great day begins the night before. A great day is something you intend and plan for. If you’re in a crappy mood when you go to sleep, you’ll most likely wake up in the same crappy mood. It doesn’t have to be that way, because when you sleep your momentum from the previous day’s thoughts subside. Your resistance subsides during sleep.

When you awaken, you have a fresh day to start anew. You are blessed with a brand new baby day! Only you choose what kind of day you will experience. You could wake up and start thinking where you left off the night before, and that could be either good or bad, happy or crappy, empowered or disempowered. It’s always your choice for the kind of day you’ll have.

If you’d like to plan on having a great day, start the night before and when you lay your head on that pillow, think of things you appreciate. The roof over your head, the conditioned air, the cozy bed and blankies, your fluffy pillow. Appreciate the well-being you experience–even if you’re sick or hurting, there are still functions of your body that are operating properly without your direct attention required. Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to stay away and tell your body to breathe for you, or tell your heart to pump. Appreciate the sunset you may have enjoyed. Appreciate your pet that loves you unconditionally. Appreciate positive aspects about what is going right in your life and the people you love.

Once you start finding things to appreciate, sometimes you get on a roll and can hardly stop! The momentum you are creating with the Law of Attraction, will continue to bring you more and more things to appreciate. Awesome, right?!

It’s a whole lot easier to wake up with happy thoughts of a great day, when you’ve gone to bed with a list of happy thoughts running through your mind the night before.

Now, you could have made plans to have a crappy day, and that is certainly your choice. Buy, why?! Why would you want to go through the day feeling that bad?

Why not wake up and determine to begin your day with pleasant thoughts? Purpose in your mind to start that list of appreciation all over, again. Lay there for just a few moments before you get up and revel in the satisfaction and comfort of your bed. Appreciate that the sun that is coming up. Revel in the fact that the world is in perfect orbit and in perfect placement with the rest of the universe–and you don’t have to worry about it!

I love what my bonus daughter (we don’t use the term step in our blended family unit), always says about her days. She says, It’s always a good day! It might be a bad 10 minutes, but it’s always a good day! Don’t you just love that attitude from a 24-year-old ICU nurse? Now, you know she’s seen some bad sh*t that could make for a really bad day. But, she only plans to have a good day, no matter what!

Have a great day…and don’t make other plans!

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All is Well!!


Mary Ann Pack

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Who Are YOU?

“Know you are worthy. Know you are valuable. Know you are love. Know YOU!” ~Mary Ann Pack

Do you know who you are?

I’m not talking about your identity as a partner, a parent, your career, your religion or your political affiliation. Those are wonderful, meaningful events, but that’s not who you are.

I’m referring to the real you–the inside you–your Inner Being.

In conversations with other people, we tend to speak about each other as the parent of…the wife of…the department head of…the follower of…or even the volunteer of X political party. We focus on labels to identify who we think we are. When we hear that so-in-so holds this position or is the parent of that child, we think we can pigeon-hole and make certain assumptions as to who they are.

We make judgments, without necessarily, even recognizing what we are doing. We’ve done it so long, if just feels natural or normal. We tend not to look beyond the physical trappings of life and into the soul.

We do this to ourselves, too. If I was to walk up and ask you who you were, what would you answer? Depending upon the situation or conversation, you’d be likely to answer, I’m the parent of Sam. I’m the supervisor for Company X. I belong to the X political party and vote this way. I’m the activist for X project.

But, that’s not the inside you. That’s not your soul, spirit or Inner Being. That’s not who you really are.

Let me remind you about who you really are. This is what I know about you!

  • You are an extension of Source Energy.
  • You are perfect, pure positive Light and Love.
  • You are loved and you ARE Love.
  • You are One with All-That-Is, all that ever was, is, and will ever be.
  • You are an unlimited, eternal non-physical entity.
  • The non-physical part of you, some call it your soul or spirit, is greater, wiser and older than your physical experience.
  • You created your body and your physical life experience.
  • You came here to experience the joy of creation.
  • You came here to this particular time-space reality to live on the leading edge of thought.
  • You came here to shine your brilliance.
  • You are worthy. Period.
  • You are worthy whether you do anything or not. Doing does not constitute worthiness. Worthiness is your being. It’s who you are.
  • You are valuable. Period.
  • Your value is not dependent upon your actions. You are joyously valuable right here, right now, and every now thereafter.
  • You are unconditionally loved. You don’t have to change any condition or behavior to be loved by Source. You just are.
  • You are appreciated by Source Energy.
  • Source Energy is always, and only, flowing love and appreciation to you and through you.
  • You are an ever-expanding eternal creator who harnesses the power that creates worlds!
  • You always feel good.
  • You always think good-feeling thoughts about you, the physical.
  • You only see good in others and their highest potential.
  • You love seeing the contrast or variety that your physical life experience has to offer, knowing that it will help you choose your preferences for more of what you do want.
  • You love the creative process of becoming more, every time you see something you don’t want, and then, know what you do want.
  • It’s thrilling for you to look through your physical eyes into the world and see things you love and appreciate.
  • It feels so good to you, when you can look at the differences in the world, and know it doesn’t affect your ability to choose happiness.
  • You appreciate differences, contrast and variety. You love the saying, Variety is the spice of life!, because you are living that spicy life!
  • You never look upon anyone or any condition with criticism.
  • You will never agree with the physical you, when you get on a rampage of complaining or hatred.
  • You refuse to join in any criticism or complaining, whatsoever.
  • You are always calling the physical you, to a higher and higher vibrational life, because it feels so good.
  • You are here for the expansion of it all, for the joy of it all, for the fun of it all!
  • You are free to choose anything you want to be, do or have.
  • You are so free, you could choose bondage, but you choose freedom, because it feels so awesome!
  • You are amazing and love sharing the joy of who you are!!!

These are just some of the things I know about you and who you really are.

When are YOU going to start believing them?

If you need assistance in remembering who you really are, I’m here to help. Reach out to me and I’ll walk with you into your expanded becoming! YOU ARE WORTHY!

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All is Well!!


Mary Ann Pack

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