Wisdom Whispers

Your Relationship with YOU!

“You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet. Why not make it a great relationship. ~Louise Hay
The kind of relationship you have with YOU is the most important relationship you will ever have and will be reflected in all your other relationships. If you are critical, judgmental, disgusted, angry, fearful, frustrated at yourself, you will spread those attitudes to others–because that’s what you know and have experienced. You can only share what you’ve already experienced in yourself with Yourself.

If, on the other hand, you love you, you appreciate you, you care for, praise and enjoy YOU–these attitudes and beliefs are what you will share in your other relationships.

When I speak of relationships, I don’t just mean close friends or family. I’m also including folks we relate to in the news, in government, locally, and around the globe. If you focus hatred for someone doing something you’ve deemed as bad in the world, you can only notice it because a bit of that hatred is in your relationship with YOU!

If you notice you have bad feelings toward Yourself, you will spread it globally.

The only way to see a positive change in your world, is to repair your relationship with YOU. Looking for positive aspects of Yourself will also allow you to see positive aspects of those you don’t like. Look for the good in You, so you can see the good in others!

Every single person has some positive aspects that you can find, but you’ll never see it if all you’re looking for is bitter hatred and anger. Remember, we are all, either giving love or asking for love. Some folks are just really bad at asking for love–and may be looking for love in all the wrong places–outside themselves!

How are You giving love? How well do You ask for love? If you’re not even giving it to Yourself, how can you expect to give it to others? How is your relationship with YOU?

All we need it love–giving, receiving and asking for Love!


Wisdom Whispers

Do What’s Best for You

“And now I’ll do what’s best for me.” ~Unknown
Do you realize it’s really okay for you to do what’s best for you?
As a matter of fact, it’s not only the best thing you can do for yourself–it’s the best thing you can do for the entire world!

If we are not doing things that are for our highest good and best for ourselves, we cannot offer that empowerment to others to find what’s best for themselves.

You will absolutely know what’s best for you by how you feel.

When you are feeling good with your thoughts and actions, you are thinking and doing things that are best for you. Feeling good is your place of true alignment with who you really are–alignment with your Source within.
When you do what’s best for you and it gives you peace of mind, you hold the vibrational space for others to find the same vibrational peace and alignment in their lives. Remember, we really are One. What we do for ourselves, affects what others can do for themselves.

Go ahead! Do what’s best for you with unconditional love towards yourself–and it will spill over into the world around you!

~Mary Ann Pack


Wisdom Whispers

Shrink Your BUT!

“If you want to reach your goals you must shrink the size of your BUT!”

When we envision a goal we would like to attain, we have two choices of how to proceed creating our reality.

One, we can focus on what we do want…

Or, two, we can focus on the lack of what we want. (Clue: This is the but part of the goal!)

My mentor, Abraham-Hicks, describes every subject as two subjects–what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted. They describe subjects as a stick–on the one end is, what is wanted, and on the other end is, the lack of what is wanted. Our outcome depends solely upon which end of the stick we are reaching for and holding.

If we can focus upon what we want most of the time and get into the vibration of how it will make us feel by the having of it, we are well on our way to receiving what we want. Learning and practicing appreciation is the matching vibration to all that we desire–whether it’s a goal, a relationship, a trip–anything, really!

Sometimes we think we are focusing upon what we want, but we are actually grabbing the stick by the lack end. We focus upon our wanted goal and then throw into the mix, the BUT! The reason is because we start noticing our current reality or the what is of our current situation. When we notice what is, it negates all our goal-focusing efforts.

Let me give you a few examples: I want my income to increase, but I don’t see any movement in that direction yet. I love the fact that Source is always flowing good things to me and through me, but it seems that only other people are getting theirs. My bank account has plenty of room for more money, but it’s taking so long.

In all these examples, the but was added because we are such good noticers of what is. We think we have to be honest and tell the truth of what is. That’s just not so. Matter of fact, it works against us. By law of attraction, we are attracting our dominant vibrational essence. Adding the but side of the statements/affirmations above is grabbing the subject-stick by the lack end.

Leave off the but–remove but from your vocabulary. Tell the story or talk about your goal the way you want it to be without adding the BUT. Stop yourself from adding the BUT. Do your visioning and focusing only upon your why and how wonderful it will make you feel by the having of it. Don’t take notice of any lack, or that it’s taking too long, or that others are getting theirs, but you aren’t.

Increasing your but with what is only holds what you want out of your reach. You are actually pushing, what you want, away from you.

Shrinking the size of your but, allows for more of what you want to be drawn to you, because you are not introducing the lower vibration of the lack of what you want or the lack of seeing your goal accomplished. Shrinking the size of your but, will not cause split energy and confusion.

You shrink the size of your but by focusing upon appreciation. Appreciation of what you already have, appreciation of All-That-Is, appreciation of the very life that you breathe. Appreciation of all the contrast that causes you to desire what you want and the clarity it provides.

~Mary Ann Pack



Wisdom Whispers

Habit of Gratitude

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is your level of gratitude? Do you give thanks continuously?

What should you include in your gratitude list? Just the good stuff? Only when life is going good? Only when it’s about something pleasing?

Mr. Emerson tells us we should include every good thing in our gratitude and give thanks continuously.

But, what is every good thing and what is giving thanks continuously?

He goes on to tell us all things should be included in our gratitude? Ugh! Even the unwanted, crappy stuff?! Even the stuff that hurts?! Even the mean stuff they did to us?! Can we possibly be grateful for all the bad stuff?!

YES! ALL THINGS! We should be grateful for all things, because each thing helped us grow and advance. Everything we experience has given us the opportunity to choose what we don’t want and then immediately know what we do want.

We can offer thanks for the bad stuff, because we can be grateful that it showed us what we do not want. Now, we know more clearly what we do want. Clarity comes when contrast is offered. Clarity to focus upon the specifics of what we do want. With clarity and focus comes a better-feeling vibration and expansion.

We can’t stand still–ever. We are always expanding, but in what direction have we chosen to expand? Are we expanding by focusing on what we don’t want? Or, are we expanding by focusing on what we do want?

If we begin to create the habit of gratitude, we will look for more things for which to be grateful. Personally, I tend to have the words, thank you, playing in my mind throughout the day. I’m just grateful for everything. Occasionally, I get side-tracked and look too long upon what I don’t want, or a problem, but mostly I can now see the benefits or silver-lining in most situations. That’s because I am determined to look for the positive aspects of each situation or condition, because I’ve decided that feeling-good is my top priority.

Everything that happens around us is assisting our advancement. Take advantage of it and create an environment of gratitude. Each time you choose to be grateful, you will never be the same person–moment by moment, you will be a newly advanced life breathing into All-That-Is!

~Mary Ann Pack


Wisdom Whispers

Think Before Be

“Think Happy. Be Happy!”

When we think about being happy, which comes first?

The thinking or the being?

The thinking, of course! We think before anything can become. Thought always precedes the manifestation!

We cannot just be happy, until we think our way to happiness. The thought of being happy precedes the feeling of happiness–the expression of happiness. Thought is the beginning of creation–no matter what we are creating.

We know our thoughts create our life experience–our reality. We know, whatever we focus on expands–by virtue of the law of attraction. We know, we can choose our thoughts. We know, we can choose how we want to feel.

So, it stands to reason, we can think our way to being happy. When we focus our attentive thoughts toward any subject, we are creating a vibrational frequency that is sensed by the universe. When we think about things that feels good, more and more of the time, we are creating a stronger vibration that is being emitted into the universe. We are virtually placing our order with the universe for more of what we want, when we focus our thoughts. The universe is simply playing a matching game and matches the vibrations with vibrations of the same essence. This is when the expansion occurs.

Start thinking happy, so you can be happy! It really is your choice.

Think happy. Be happy. It’s really the only formula you need for happiness!!

~Mary Ann Pack


Wisdom Whispers

To Remember Who You Are

If you have always listened to what others say you are–what you should believe, how you should live, when to do this or that, how to feel–you are listening to the wrong guidance.

You remember who you are by listening to your inner guidance of your emotions. If you think or believe something that feels bad, you know that is not who you are, because you are an extension of Source Energy. Source would never think those thoughts about you.

If you think or believe something that feels good, you are aligned with who you really are! Feeling good or bad is your personal guidance system that gives you all you need to be who you really are.

Make it a point to begin noticing how your thoughts make you feel. If you feel good, you are aligned with the thoughts of Source and living in a way that is for your highest good. If you are noticing that certain thoughts or held beliefs feel bad, it’s time to stop believing in that teaching. Source never, ever, thinks thoughts of criticism, lack, unworthiness, revenge, hate, anger, etc. Not toward you or anyone!

It’s time to remember who you really are and forget anything that offends or disturbs your soul. If you can remember to feel good by thinking and believing things that feel really good, you are well on your way to being who you were born to be–a joyous, happy, person!

~Mary Ann Pack

Wisdom Whispers

Nature’s Secret

Patience. Sometimes we cringe at that word. It may take on the connotation of having to wait for what we want, because we are in such a hurry all the time. We don’t like to wait.

There is so much value in slowing down, in reflecting, in seeking clarity, in simply enjoying life as it unfolds.

When we observe nature, we notice it’s never in a hurry. It has it’s own clock and gentle pace. It doesn’t fret that the seasons are coming at different paces each year.

We would do well to take lessons from nature. Relax and enjoy our lives. At my age, I sometimes feel a bit of a time crunch to accomplish more at a faster pace. There’s so much I want to do, be and have. It seems I’ve found the path to joyful living a little late in life. So, it’s hard to accept nature’s secret of patience.

I am out in nature a lot on my farm, and I am learning from nature. I can’t say that it’s always easy to slow down, but I’m making a habit to stop and reflect, meditate, enjoy moments more often. I’m slowing down a bit to just “be”. I know I’ll never get it all done and that’s okay, because we are eternal beings. The eternal never ends–so we’ll always be around, doing and growing and expanding All-That-Is.

When we do slow down it is much easier to hear our inner voice of guidance from Source. Inspired thoughts received make for more efficient action. Following my inspiration is much easier and activities flow more rapidly.

Yes, I’m learning from nature’s pace. I want to glean from her wise secret of patience.

~Mary Ann