Resisting Anything Attracts More!

“If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of it – and therefore attracting that which is like it.” ~Abraham-Hicks

If we insist upon resisting or pushing against anything we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate, we will simply attracting more things we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate!

Anything we give our focused attention to will bring more of the same essence to us. It’s Law! We can never, ever, push against something we don’t like and expect it to go away. There is no supporting Law of Resistance! Resistance is contrary to the Law of Attraction.

Our thoughts and emotions create our vibrational point of attraction. There are always emotions behind our thoughts, which emit vibrational frequencies. The Universe is simply feeling our vibration and matching, with great accuracy, the vibration we are emitting. That is the premise of the Law of Attraction—that which is like unto itself, is drawn—like attracts like.

There is no exclusion. We cannot shout, NO, at anything we do not want and expect it to go away. When we push against or resist anything, we are giving it our attention and bringing it to the attention of others, which increases its power and expands it rapidly!

It’s like saying, “You that I do not like, that I do not want, that I do not appreciate, come to me! I am giving my attention to you, that is unwanted, so please bring more of it to me!”

In a universe governed by the Law of Attraction, we are always, and only, attracting every-single-thing that comes into our experience. Remember, the universe can only match our vibration—so, some thought-vibration within us was activated, matched and expanded into our experience.

So, how do we make something we don’t want, go away?!

We focus on something different, something pleasing, something we do want, something we appreciate. Say, what?! How can focusing on something more pleasing help get rid us of the thing we don’t want?

Again, it’s all about attraction! By law, whatever we focus upon is what the universal forces match to bring us more. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can anything bad go away when we don’t make others aware of how bad it really is? How can simply thinking about something that pleases us, help to improve the bad situation? That’s ridiculous! That’s sticking my head in the sand!”

Notice how you feel when you think about, talk about, create a group to fight against something that you’ve deemed bad. Do you feel light-hearted and happy? Do you feel expansive and joyous? Or, do you feel overwhelmed, disempowered, out-of-control, revengeful, heavy and contracted?

If we are honest, when we think about things that upset us or things we don’t like, we must acknowledge, we feel like shit! Honestly, fighting against anything or anyone never feels good! Taking sides and being against anything destroys our relationship with our Inner Source and with all other people. Disconnection never satisfies!

Now, notice how you feel when you think about things that please you, that you appreciate, that you really want. It feels amazing! There’s a song in your heart, there’s joy that bubbles up, and you feel light and empowered. You feel love. You feel like shouting with exultation from the rooftops!

Each of those feelings are emitting a vibrational frequency that become your point of attraction. Which would you prefer? To feel good or to feel bad? Seems like a no-brainer, but we see people, all the time, giving excuses as to why they cannot feel good. And, then there are others who always seem to be in a good mood, no matter the circumstances!

The good news is that you have a choice in how you feel and what you attract!

When a circumstance or the behavior of a person comes into your experience and you notice that you don’t like it, you immediate know what would be better—you immediately ask (vibrationally) for an improvement. This circumstance or behavior is simply contrast that life is presenting you with, so you can make a choice of what you’d really like. It helps you clarify your desires. It helps you give detail to what you really want.

Resisting and pushing against that which is unwanted or displeasing, gives it energy to grow. Remember, it’s law! On the other hand, if you see the contrast and focus on the improvement, you are giving that energy for it to grow. Again, it’s simply the law of the universe.

When thought/emotional energy is given to any subject, it expands. It doesn’t matter if it feels good or bad. When thought/emotional energy is withdrawn from any subject, it diminishes and loses its power. There truth to the old saying, “Ignore it, it will go away!”

This philosophy seems counter-intuitive to most people who do not understand the Law of Attraction. Most folks have been taught to fight against what they have deemed bad. They’ve been taught to fight again folks they disagree with or who don’t do it their right way. They feel they need to control the behavior of others—punishing them when they don’t follow the rules created to control behavior. Most rules are made from a place of fear, of a need to control, of misalignment with our true goodness/God-ness within.

The only way to diminish what we do not want, what we don’t like, is to withdraw our attention from the unwanted and focus our undivided attention upon the improvement we’ve vibrationally asked for. Once we ask for an improvement, Source Energy immediately answers, YES! Source begins gathering all the necessary cooperative components to provide for our desire. In other words, we ask and Source/God answers, yes.

So, now what happens?

The next step is to allow ourselves to receive it—allow ourselves to align with our Source Energy within and be happy. We must focus upon the amazing improvement we’ve asked for. We feel how good it feels to have the improvement we’ve asked for—now! We think about our desire without inserting any doubting that we will have our desired improvement. And, we don’t worry about that unwanted thing! This is absolute key! Remove it from your mind, from your thought energy, from your realm of awareness. Ignoring the unwanted is the sure-fire way to weaken its power and diminish its influence.

Here’s a secret. The universe doesn’t know if what you are feeling has already happened or if it hasn’t happened yet. This is where your power lies. The universe is matching is your vibrational signals. It’s incredibly important to conjure the good-feelings, as if you already have your improvement—now. Power is always in the now! The universe is matching feelings/vibrations—not the subject matter—not the physical reality of it. The universe understands and matches what you mean/feel, not what you say.

Let me give you an example….

Let’s consider the fight against cancer that is so rampant in our world. With the creation of the cancer awareness groups and campaigns, with the energy of money donated for cancer-disease research, with the marches for cancer survivors—we have simply given cancer more power and energy to expand! You can read the statistics. Cancer is on the rise, not the decline! This proves to us that concentrating our attention and energy upon something will expand it in every way! It’s law! It must bring us more of the same essence, and more, and more, and more! If fighting against cancer worked, we would see a sharp decline in cancer rates.

If we could get ahold of the principles of the universal Law of Attraction and apply them, we would ignore the horrors of cancer and focus on amazing health. We would focus on good foods that give our bodies nourishment and vitality. We would focus upon appreciating our bodies and their marvelous support they give us each, and every day. We would focus upon the joys of life and nature. We would live harmoniously with each other. We would be happy AND healthy! Well-being is our natural state and our bodies would return to vitality and health, if we would focus upon well-being, vitality and health, instead of disease!

Guess what we’re doing when we focus upon the pleasantries of life—when we focus with appreciation and gratitude? We are vibrating with a frequency that attracts more of the same! We are expanding what we really do want—by law!

Try it in your own life. Prove to yourself, the principles of the Law of Attraction to be true. All you have to do is look around the circumstances of your life. Are they pleasing and what you do want? Or, are they troublesome and, definitely, not what you want? Whatever the circumstances, you have attracted them by your attitude and thoughts. Any crap? You attracted that! Any goodness? You, also, attracted that!

Where do we go from here?

Begin noticing how you feel—take a feeling-barometer reading of your emotions. Do you feel good or bad? Empowered or disempowered? Confident or like a loser? Your emotional feelings are the indicator to monitor—which is a whole lot easier than trying to monitor every thought. When you notice yourself feeling bad, turn your attention to something that feels better. Even a little better. Always reach for the better-feeling thought.

The longer you stay focused upon something pleasing, the faster similar thoughts will race in to support the good-feeling. This is referred to as momentum. By law, the universe notices your better-feeling and within 17 seconds will send another supporting thought. Every 17 seconds, another thought like the preceding ones will attract more of the same, until you have reached the 68-second mark and you will have a good momentum of good-feeling thoughts flowing. Congratulation! You have shifted your point of attraction in those moments and the universe is lining up all the good things you desire to rush into your reality.

Now, do this all throughout the day. Every time you notice you’re feeling good, revel in it. Milk it for all it’s worth. Roll around in the deliciousness of the wonderful feeling. It will get easier and easier to find things to appreciate, because the universe will be bringing you more and more things to appreciate! That’s not hopefulness—that’s law!

The Law of Attraction can work in your favor, if you practice feeling good! Then, watch as those things you used to resist and push against, fall away and diminish their influence in your life. Just remember, every single person must find their own joyful, good-feelings if they are to improve their lives. If they are in the throes of a disparaging circumstance, they must find their own happiness and learn to focus upon their desire improvement. No one can improve another’s circumstances sustainably. The only sustainable better-feeling-life comes from within. No outside sources can satisfy a person’s lack of relationship one has with their own Higher Self.

Let’s start using the principles of the Law of Attraction with purpose. Make it your priority to feel good, so the universe can match those good-feelings with more of the same essence! Find things to appreciate. Make lists of wonderful things you love to think about. Notice what brings you pleasure and ponder them with joyous emotional feelings. Instead of resisting and pushing against something or someone, support and focus upon the improvement. Feel the good-feeling as if it has already happened. We only desire things because we think we will feel better by the having of them—so feel better now—so it can expand and come to us!!

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All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach



Shrink Your BUT!

“If you want to reach your goals you must shrink the size of your BUT!”

When we envision a goal we would like to attain, we have two choices of how to proceed creating our reality.

One, we can focus on what we do want…

Or, two, we can focus on the lack of what we want. (Clue: This is the but part of the goal!)

My mentor, Abraham-Hicks, describes every subject as two subjects–what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted. They describe subjects as a stick–on the one end is, what is wanted, and on the other end is, the lack of what is wanted. Our outcome depends solely upon which end of the stick we are reaching for and holding.

If we can focus upon what we want most of the time and get into the vibration of how it will make us feel by the having of it, we are well on our way to receiving what we want. Learning and practicing appreciation is the matching vibration to all that we desire–whether it’s a goal, a relationship, a trip–anything, really!

Sometimes we think we are focusing upon what we want, but we are actually grabbing the stick by the lack end. We focus upon our wanted goal and then throw into the mix, the BUT! The reason is because we start noticing our current reality or the what is of our current situation. When we notice what is, it negates all our goal-focusing efforts.

Let me give you a few examples: I want my income to increase, but I don’t see any movement in that direction yet. I love the fact that Source is always flowing good things to me and through me, but it seems that only other people are getting theirs. My bank account has plenty of room for more money, but it’s taking so long.

In all these examples, the but was added because we are such good noticers of what is. We think we have to be honest and tell the truth of what is. That’s just not so. Matter of fact, it works against us. By law of attraction, we are attracting our dominant vibrational essence. Adding the but side of the statements/affirmations above is grabbing the subject-stick by the lack end.

Leave off the but–remove but from your vocabulary. Tell the story or talk about your goal the way you want it to be without adding the BUT. Stop yourself from adding the BUT. Do your visioning and focusing only upon your why and how wonderful it will make you feel by the having of it. Don’t take notice of any lack, or that it’s taking too long, or that others are getting theirs, but you aren’t.

Increasing your but with what is only holds what you want out of your reach. You are actually pushing, what you want, away from you.

Shrinking the size of your but, allows for more of what you want to be drawn to you, because you are not introducing the lower vibration of the lack of what you want or the lack of seeing your goal accomplished. Shrinking the size of your but, will not cause split energy and confusion.

You shrink the size of your but by focusing upon appreciation. Appreciation of what you already have, appreciation of All-That-Is, appreciation of the very life that you breathe. Appreciation of all the contrast that causes you to desire what you want and the clarity it provides.

~Mary Ann Pack



Is it Too Hard to Be Happy?

I was visiting with a young woman, recently, and she was complaining of having a bad day. When I greeted her that morning, she started off by complaining about being tired. She had been working on something she didn’t want to be doing the previous few days.

I told her it was her choice to be happy or not. Her reply stunned me! She said,

“It’s too hard to be happy!”

Then I thought back over my life when I was miserable and always complaining. I knew I was supposed to be at peace and be joyous—my religion told me so—but, I wasn’t. Well, let me take that back—I wasn’t on a consistent basis. I was at peace and joyful when conditions were right. If everything was going well, I was happy. As soon as I had an uncomfortable situation rear its head, my mood immediately dropped. Usually with a very loud thud!

The complaining and blaming would commence. I just had to tell everyone my newest plight. I had to get others to see how horribly I had been treated or what new suffering I had to endure. Misery set in for days, weeks—even months.

But now….

But NOW, I am practicing my happiness.

You may ask,

“How do you practice happiness? Is that even possible?”

I am finally learning that by making choices about what I think, will keep me in a better-feeling place.  I am finally learning to practice choosing thoughts that bring relief. I am choosing thoughts that feel better and better.

When some thought knocks on the door of my mind, I look through the peep-hole and see who it is. If I see a thought or thoughts about a situation that I do not want, I stop looking at it through the peep-hole and walk away. Saying, “I so glad I don’t have to answer the door and invite that bad-feeling thought in for coffee.”

I can turn around and choose to look for something to appreciate, something that feels good to think about.

Sometimes, for a while, I can still hear the thought outside my door, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs to let them in. That they need my immediate attention. That they need to discuss a lot of things. Sometimes, I can still hear their words through the closed door and if I’m not careful to distract myself by looking for things to appreciate, I will start listening to them and give them some attention. But, my god, it feels awful!

I am beginning to really care about how I feel. It’s becoming my priority to make sure I feel better and better every day. When the twins, Appreciation and Gratitude, come knocking, I throw open the door to my mind and say, “Please, do come in and stay a while! We have so much to talk about!”

You know, every now and then, I will see the BFT (Bad-Feeling-Thoughts) run past a window and around to the back door, but I’m so enjoying my visit with the twins that I don’t even bother with their whining.

This little metaphor is to let you know that you are in charge of who you give attention to. Did you notice I said give attention? Yep, it’s your choice to give your attention and time to thoughts. You are the only thinker of your thoughts. No one else can think for you. No one can force you to think thoughts. Thoughts are your very sacred possession! So guard them well.

Now that I am practicing my own happiness and am getting better and better at it every day, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be unhappy. Why would happiness be harder than being miserable?

For one thing, we don’t like change. We are comfortable with what is. The unknown is a little scary. We may have practiced negative thought patterns for so long, they are almost like a friend. Even though we don’t like them, they’re all we have. We think it’s better to have a crappy friend than no friend at all. We don’t realize what a great friend we have in happiness!

Our old friend, NTP (Negative Thought Pattern) has hung around with us so long they are just second nature. They feel real. We try to think of good things, but NTP keeps butting into the conversation. We are getting really tired of NTP controlling our lives. We are not having a good time and they always bring Trouble.

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction and all this mindset transformation stuff. You may have even seen some positive changes in some of your friends. You know you want something better.

So, what can we do?

The best way to get rid of NTP is to give some air-time to the twins, Appreciation and Gratitude. Sometimes, those buggers are hard to find, though! Especially at first, you really have to look for them. Don’t let NTP get the best of your attention.

The only thing that’s even remotely hard about happiness is that we have to actually practice thought discipline. Eeuuuwww! There’s that word that sounds hard—discipline!

If you’re too lazy to change your mind, just go take a nap.

Let me share with you how I went from Complaining Princess to Good-Feeling Goddess!

Every morning that I can, I go outside and sit on my wonderful porch and enjoy the early morning air. I look up at the sky and begin a conversation with Source Energy. I begin by appreciating Source for making me the positive affection of their gaze. I express my gratitude for the love I feel flowing to me and through me. I express gratitude for the support I experience with clarity, fun, ease, happiness, peace, harmony, inspiration, everything working out for me, loving relationships, etc. I loop that list over and over until I feel revitalized with good feelings. I list all the things I have that I am appreciating. I appreciate who I am becoming!!

Next I tell my story the way I want it to be—I do not include anything that may reflect a negative what is. This is my visualization time. I tell the story just like I would sit with you and tell you all about the wonderful things that are happening in my life. I make the story very emotional with all the sights, tastes, smells, feelings and what I hear. I am very animated when I tell my story. I make hand gestures, I raise my eyebrows, smile, giggle and do a happy-dance when it comes to that part of the story!!

I do this because I want to feel how real it is, because I know it is real in my vibrational reality. I’ve already created it and I’m just getting lined up vibrationally so it will come out and play with me.

There are so many times that I add another little detail to the story every time I tell it, that makes it even better! I get more clear on the details. Sometimes, I’ll get an inspired idea that I can take action on. Most of all, I do it because it feels really good to tell my story the way I want it to be. As I do this every day that I can, I’m building momentum and my point of attraction is zeroing in on what I want.

This exercise is a wonderful way to get into alignment with who we really are. If you don’t know who you really are, let me just tell you a little about You!

You are…

  • You are an extension of Source Energy
  • You are an eternal being of light and love
  • You are pure, positive energy
  • You are perfection
  • You made you (You the eternal made you the physical)
  • You are worthy of all good things
  • You are ever-expanding, eternally, into a more and more beautiful…YOU!

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All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life and Wellness Coach

Making Decisions Summons Life Force!

“Make more decisions in every day. Because a decision is a summoning of life. That’s why a little chaos is good for you, because often you don’t make a decision until you get yourself in a jam. And then, in the middle of the jam, you make a decision, but that decision summons Life Force. Have you ever been a place where you couldn’t quite make up your mind and you just felt sort of limp? ‘Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.’ And then you decided, and you felt alive again. We want you to know that you’ll never get it done. So don’t approach this from, ‘I gotta get on this’ because you’re not ever going to get it done, anyway. And the other thing we want you to know is, you cannot get it wrong. So, make a decision. Let it flow.” ~Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from Larkspur, CA on August 16, 1998

I recently received this email quote from my favorite mentor, Abraham-Hicks. What a glorious reason to make decisions!

When we make decisions it actually summons Life Force!

We are reassured that we never get it done and can never get it wrong. So, we can relax in our decisions and just keep making them with the intent of feeling good. We will feel alive and vibrant as we make decisions. That alone should encourage us to make our decisions all day, every day.

Growing up in my family, our religious beliefs were such that there are right and wrong decisions. That decisions could be made that would take us down a dangerous path to destruction. If we didn’t make the exactly right decision, we were in for great misery.

The fear associated with that kind of limiting and paralyzing belief, was destructive in and of itself! If you didn’t get a word from God and He told you what to do, you would be open and vulnerable to the power of the devil. They wanted us to believe that we were so weak and powerless that we really couldn’t make the right decisions for our own lives! We had to be told how to make our own decisions.

It was taught that God was the only one that had a plan for our lives. As if we were his puppets. And, if you missed your path you were doomed. Really?! That we had to have our decisions stamped by his approval. How disempowering is that?

I rarely use the term God when I’m talking about Infinite Intelligence or my Higher Power. That term just doesn’t resonate with me, because the limiting power that is associated with that term from my past. Even though I was taught that God was all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, I was still taught that there was another power–albeit a lesser power–that I simply had to work hard and fight against lest I succumb to eternal death.

Wait! What?! You’re telling me God is all-powerful, yet you are telling me there another power in the works? They say they are mono-theistic–one God, one Force, one Power–yet if there are two powers fighting each other that is polytheism! Even if one power is greater than the other, it’s still polytheism!

And, please understand there is no Evil Life Force out to get you! Trying to dissuade you from good. The only reason for anything to feel uncomfortable or when you have bad feelings is because you have strayed from your alignment with your Inner Source Energy–your personal Life Force. Life Force is only and always flowing love towards us. It is our resistance to this flow and our resistance to receiving the love and allow it to flow through us–that is our bad feelings. All bad feelings–even to the point of abuse. It’s not some evil force we have to fight!

Fast forward to today. Now that I’ve come to my new understanding and beliefs of the Eternal, All-in-All Non-Physical Life Force, I realized that I’d been lied to all those years when I was taught that I am nothing, I am a worm, I am so unworthy and need to be saved from myself. When I learned that Source Energy–my new term for all eternal goodness–only sees me as perfectly lovely, pure positive energy and is only and always flowing love, appreciation, support and all good things to me 24/7/365 while I live in this body, unbelievable peace and calm swept over me. That I am actually an extension of Source Energy who simply made a decision to focus part of my non-physical energy towards this physical life, and the majority of my non-physical older, wiser, eternal part is still with Source Energy in the non-physical.

That initial decision to focus my attention on the physical, created my life! That decision summoned Life Force. And, here I am today! And, guess what? Here you are, too!! You made the same wonderful decision.

As we see things in this life that we don’t want, it gives us the opportunity to know exactly what we do want. Those decisions are constantly summoning Life Force. We know what we do want by how we think it will make us feel if we receive it. It feels good. We know we want to feel good and deciding to want one thing verses something else, summons Life Force. We actually become the very thing we want! We have created new life that has never existed before!

When we notice what we want is not present, we are focusing on the lack of what we want. And, that feels bad. It feels bad, because we are not keeping up with the new person we have just become. We are not keeping up with the Life Force we just summoned.

So, how do we get back on track to feeling good in the wanting of something pleasurable?

How do we keep up with the Life Force we just summoned?

How do we keep up with who we have become when we expanded into this new person?

We make more decisions!

When we hem-and-haw, weighing all the pros and cons it stifles our Life Force. It slows the creative expansion way down. It feels sluggish and disempowering. It makes us feel old and haggard. It saps the Life Force right out of us.

Of course, some decisions take time to make. There are gestation periods of making decisions, but when you come from the mindset of wanting to feel good, your decision-making process is made easier. When you are in alignment with who you really are and who you have become when you wanted something, your path is lit up to help you make your decisions.

Source is always shining light on your path–and there are multiple paths for you to choose. They are neither good or bad, right or wrong. When we are aligned in our thoughts about wanting to simply feel good, we will choose thoughts that are in alignment with how Source thinks about the same subject at the same time.

If you are in a place of feeling bad, you are just out of alignment with how Source views the subject at the same time. If you would reach for a better-feeling thought, you would align yourself and your path would light up! The decision you need to make will seem easy and pleasurable.

You cannot make a good-feeling decision from a point of feeling bad. If you are laboring over a decision, give it a rest. Distract yourself with some subject that brings you relief and peace and harmony. Once you are in that place of pure alignment and are in line with the thoughts of Source, then enter the arena of decision-making.

When you are happy and feeling good, that alignment is like a huge light switch. Your path is lit up and you see the choices before you. Any of them are good opportunities. Any of them are possibilities. You see things you appreciate in each choice. So, just make a decision! Congrats! You just summoned Life Force!

Be happy with the choice you made. You are now ripe for a new adventure! You can now move forward with happy thoughts regarding your decision, knowing that Life Force is supporting you, sending you love and appreciation, clarity and ease–just as it always does. You feel good. No, you feel great! There is great anticipation and excitement as you move forward. The next decision seems to be easier to make. And the next. And the next. But, only when you remain in the state of feeling good.

Don’t let yourself and your mind get sidetracked. When you feel yourself veering off the path of feeling good, make a decision to steer yourself back to good-feeling thoughts. See? Right there, you just summoned more Life Force!

Make a decision to be happy–summoning Life Force. Make a decision to feel good and make the decision to keep it your top priority–summoning Life Force. From your happy-place, decision-making isn’t near as difficult as we tend to make it. Realize that we will never get it done, because we are eternal beings. This isn’t our last rodeo!

Realize we will never get it wrong–there are always new choices to move us along the course of the our path. Always new opportunities.

There are always new decisions to make that will summon Life Force!

All is Well!

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach



Is Heaven on Earth Possible?

Coming home after our final good-byes to my father was bittersweet relief.  Knowing his physical pain and suffering was over and he is returned fully to his non-physical being was reassuring that, once again, all is well.  Balance is fully restored for him.

Then I began wondering, if complete balance could be achieved right here, right now, while we are still engaged in this physical realm.  Yes, we are fully non-physical at the same time we are fully physical.

Can we attain heaven on earth?  Can we achieve complete balance?

My mentor, Abraham-Hicks, says we can experience balance and heaven on earth.  They call it alignment with Source Energy.  Our Inner Being (our Source Energy within) is capable of aligning with our physical being.  It’s just a matter of choosing our feelings.  It’s a matter of aligning with you and You—you the physical and You the non-physical.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

When I first started learning about the Law of Attraction, the teachers and gurus all talked about getting to the place where you vibrate the same as what you want and it will come to you.  I couldn’t seem to understand what they meant.

How do you know at what level the thing you desire is vibrating?

How can you vibrate at a level to match it, if you don’t know at what level it’s vibrating?

Does each thing we desire vibrate at slightly different levels and we have to be vibrating at different levels all the time for all the things we want to come to us?

Terribly confusing to me.

I was making it more difficult by my intense rational thinking.

The more I listened and learned and explored and tried, the more I understood, as we begin to choose to be happy no matter the circumstances, we are vibrating in the zone of all that we love.  Abraham calls it the vortex.  The energy field that holds all that we desire.  It’s an escrow account of energy.  The vortex is the place of vibrational reality of all that we want and it’s being held energetically prior to becoming a physical manifestation or reality.

I’ve come to understand it’s not about rational or analytical thinking—it’s about emotional feeling!  It’s not about using our head, it’s about using our hearts!

Simply put, it is all about how we feel!  It doesn’t matter what we are thinking about or doing that makes us feel good.  It’s just feeling good and making that our priority.  It’s not difficult to understand once we realize it’s all about feelings or our emotions.  Feeling good is the exact vibrational level of all that we desire.  We just need to feel good!  That’s much more simple to understand.

When we experience the contrasts of life and come to know what we do want, we transfer the energy of that wanted thing into our escrow account—the vortex.  That is done automatically for us.  When we want something, it is automatically added to our account.  We don’t have to worry that what we want doesn’t get into the vortex and gets lost.  If we were able to think about wanting something, it will make it into our vortex.  Abraham says that our vortex is so full with stuff we want that it would take us 40-50 life-times to accomplish all that is in there!  So, it’s never a worry that our stuff won’t get into our vortex.

So, the big question is, “How do we vibrate at the matching level of our great stuff so it can come out and play with us?”

Turns out it’s actually not as hard as I always made it out to be.

As long as we are in appreciation mode, as long as we are living a life full of gratitude, we are in the vicinity of all our great stuff!  The more we can understand that being happy is our choice and actually choosing to care about how we feel, the more we are living in alignment with all our great stuff!

We will never get to our stuff by complaining about the lack of it.  If we keep noticing that our stuff is missing from our lives, the more we are vibrating on a level that is far, far from our great stuff!  We are activating the vibration of its lack more than its presence.  So, as you can imagine, vibrating lack will simply bring more lack—because this is an attraction-based universe.

You ask, “How can I not stop noticing the lack of what I want?  How do I notice that it is missing from my life and, yet, not think about it or have certain feelings about it missing?”

When you are noticing the lack of what is wanted, that is the perfect time to distract yourself with a better-feeling thought.

When you notice something is missing that you desire, and fuss and stew over its absence, you are actually vibrating in the vicinity of lack instead of what is wanted.  In this moment you are not aligned with you and You.  You are not aligned with who you really are—your Source Energy. And, you are not aligned with all that you desire!

How do you deactivate the vibration of lack?

To deactivate the vibration of lack, you must activate another better-feeling thought vibration.  You can’t deactivate something, you can only activate something else. Activate thoughts of appreciation and gratitude.  Think of something that is pleasing to you.  That will raise your vibration to the level of all that you desire—all that is in your vibrational reality escrow account.  Any better-feeling thoughts will begin to bring you into alignment with you and You!

As I said, you cannot really deactivate anything, but you can activate something better.  As you activate better-feeling thoughts, the unwanted things will begin to fade away because there is no energy given to them.  Anything you give your attention to will keep it activated in your vibrational pull.  This is where your point of attraction resides.

When we make feeling-good our priority and forego any bad-feeling thoughts, we are in alignment with all that we desire.  We are actually in alignment with who we really are.

Of course, we will have negative emotions and feelings.  As we sift and sort through all the wonderful contrast the world offers us, we will certainly see things we do not want that activate negative feelings.  It’s what we do with those negative feelings that determine our outcome.

Don’t get all upset that you may have some negative thoughts from time to time.  Don’t belittle yourself and criticize yourself for negative emotions or negative thoughts.  Matter of fact, you cannot even push against those negative thoughts without activating and attracting more of the same.  At the moment you say you don’t want to think about such-and-such unwanted thing, you are giving attention and energy to it, keeping it activated vibrationally in your point of attraction.

If you don’t want something in your life, ignore it!

Fortunately, the universal law of attraction does not answer immediately.  There is a time of gestation around feelings.  When you notice bad feelings, notice what you are doing with your thoughts.  Those wonderful feelings act as your guide and are indicators of where you are heading.  If it doesn’t look like a path that you desire, change your thoughts.

The law of attraction is governed by our dominant thoughts and feelings. 

In other words, if we can simply get positive, pleasing thoughts going most of the time, we will shift our point of attraction.  If we can get to the place of good-feeling thoughts most of the time, the law of attraction with answer from our point of attraction with that which we dominantly think and feel about.  Good-feelings will attract anything in our vortex that we have put there.

When we feel good, we will attract thing we forgot we wanted!  Wonderful things we forgot we put into our vortex.

When we practice feeling good, we will start seeing great improvements in our experiences, our health, our relationships, our finances—every aspect of life.  This is great news!

We can experience heaven on earth.  We can create balance.  No matter the circumstances, we can be happy and follow our bliss!  Not simply follow our bliss, but our bliss becomes us–it is attracted to us. All the cooperative components will rendezvous with us in perfect harmony.

This is true unconditional love.  We love, no matter the circumstances or conditions.

The choice is ours.  Let’s make feeling good our top priority.  As we care about how we feel, we will experience freedom like we’ve never known before.  And, we all want freedom!

Sure, monitoring your thoughts takes a bit of practice, but your emotions or feelings makes it so much easier.  Simply notice how you are feeling throughout the day.  If you are feeling great—wonderful!  Keep it up!  If you are feeling bad—stop a moment and deliberately change your thoughts.  Think of something to appreciate, think of something pleasing, think of something lovely.

I have a favorite little book by James Allen written in 1902.  It’s entitled, As A Man Thinketh.  In this book, Mr. Allen states,

“Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.”

Remember, it doesn’t matter what the subject as long as thinking about it makes you feel better and better.  This accomplishes the vibrational level of all that you desire.  Begin watching and expecting winks from the universe that you are well on your way to everything heavenly you desire!

“Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results.” ~James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

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“What do I do now?”

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Happiness = Healthy

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.” ~Voltaire

Upon finding this quote from Voltaire, I realized I really didn’t remember anything about him.  So I searched for him and found a wealth of information that only the internet can produce in mere seconds.  I liked this quote and thought of many reasons why being happy is so health-giving.

Here is just a tiny glimpse into the man, Voltaire.

Voltaire (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778), known by his nom de plume Voltaire, was a French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state. He was also a vegetarian, an animal rights activist and a deist. (Wikipedia)

While the life expectancy was between 40-50 years old during the 18th century, Voltaire lived to be 83 years old!  Even though he regularly stirred things up with the government and the established church, was imprisoned and exiled, he still lived two times longer than most of his contemporaries.

Voltaire must have enjoyed sifting and sorting through all the contrast life was showing him, because he certainly was not pleased with the church nor his government and wrote about his desire for improvements.  He must have desired more freedom, because he wrote so much about it.

I don’t know why he became a vegetarian, but it could have been his love for animals.  He was a deist, so that contradicted the established church of his day and he desired freedom of religion and tolerance between religions and races.

He must have loved other cultures in that he learned Latin, and became fluent in Italian, Spanish and English—besides his native French.

Now that we have a little insight into Voltaire, let’s discuss his quote, “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”

As soon as I read this quote my mind thought of some Scriptures that talk about being happy and thoughts that make us feel good. (Emphasis mine.)

Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

Proverbs 15:13, “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”

Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Luke 6:XX, “A good man out of the treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”

Proverbs 4:23, Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

I Thessalonians 5:18, In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

Why is it so important for us to be happy?

How in the world do we get happy when so much pain and suffering and injustice is happening in our world all around us?

It all comes down to a decision!  Happiness is a choice. 

What made Voltaire choose to be happy?  And, how did he know it was good for his health?

Voltaire’s quote states that he had chosen to be happy because it was good for his health.  He didn’t say he was in good health and then chose to be happy about it!!  Voltaire chose to be happy first and good health was his reward.

Did he possibly see the contrast of unhappiness in other people and recognized the outcome of a shorter life-span?  He wasn’t free from disease.  He suffered from smallpox, yet recovered in about a month.  Smallpox was a deadly disease.  Yet, Voltaire recovered to live to the ripe old age of 83.  Do you think this was when he chose to be happy for his health’s sake?

Maybe he chose to be happy when he was imprisoned? Or, in exile? Or, when he lost his lover during childbirth?

Even though he was opposed to religious dogma, he was trained by the Jesuits and knew Latin.  He was taught theology and knew Scripture.  I would assume he knew the Scriptures that I quoted above and more.

He was quite impressed with Hinduism.  He thought they were a peaceful lot.  Maybe he chose to be happy from studying Hinduism?

No matter what caused Voltaire to come to the conclusion that choosing to be happy was beneficial for his health, he made the decision and the outcome provided him with a long life.  There was no mention of illness after the smallpox incidence.  I can only assume that he lived a healthy life, since he lived as long as he did during a time when others were dying all around him at a much younger age.

Voltaire must have experienced the benefits of health as he continued choosing to be happy.

The life-span statistics for 2012 in the United States was 78.74 years.  Compared to Voltaire’s time, if we lived two times the expectation rate of people in the U.S., we would live to be about 157 years old!!  He lived longer than what the average U.S. life-span statistics were in 2012!  How did he accomplish such a long life?

How does happiness benefit the body with health?

Because everything is energy and energy is always in motion, it is in constant vibration.  Our thoughts either feel good or they feel bad.  Those two vibrational qualities are vastly different and our body interprets both and responds.

When we vibrate with good feeling thoughts of happiness, our cells are responding with healthy vibrations.  The cells are humming along and happily getting all that is required for them to maintain good health. Our vibrations are in alignment with health and well-being.

Remember the merry heart verse?  A happy heart is good medicine—it’s health-giving vitality.

When we vibrate with bad feeling thoughts, our cells also respond.  The resistance in our vibrational energy field reverberates right through each and every cell of our body.  This resistance holds well-being away from our cells and they begin to experience disharmony and dis-ease (uneasiness, imbalance).

This could be why the Scripture tells us that a broken spirit dries the bones.  What dries out the body?  Heat from inflammation!  All the dis-eases are caused from some wrong thinking in some area and our bodies respond.

In his book, As A Man Thinketh, James Allen in 1902 had much to say about our thoughts and how they affect our lives: “Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction.  It is an indication that the individual is out of harmony with himself, with the Law of his being. “ 

Being in disharmony with ourselves and the law of our being is simply not being in alignment with who we really are—perfect expressions of Source Energy or God.  If we are not in alignment with how Source thinks about us and the subjects we are thinking about, we will feel the discomfort of misalignment.  In other words, we will feel bad when we are thinking thoughts that do not align with the thoughts that God is thinking at the same time about the same subjects.

When we are feeling good it is an indication that our emotions and thoughts are aligned with the thoughts of Source!  And, our body absolutely loves the freedom and joy it feels as it busily hums along in blissful health.  Each cell is happily carrying out its functions perfectly.

You may have all kinds of excuses why you simply cannot be happy right now.  There are too many bad things happening in your life and you’re sick.  Thankfully these circumstances are not permanent.  Circumstances and poor health can change, but you have to do the vibrational energy work on yourself first.

Choosing to be happy before any circumstances change.  Choosing to be happy before you see any improvement in your health.

I believe that Voltaire made the decision to be happy before he ever saw his health improve.  We can know this because the universal law of attraction states—that which is like unto itself, is drawn—like attracts like.  He couldn’t have been unhappy and attracted good health!  They are on two very different vibrational levels.  We can only attract what we are emitting.

Our circumstances are produced by our habitual, dominant thought patterns.  The wonderful universe is matching the dominant essence of all that we are thinking and feeling.  If we are suffering, it’s because our overall dominant thought patterns are that of low quality vibration—thoughts that feel bad.

To change our circumstances and health, we must change our focus of thought.  It’s time to focus our attention upon health and well-being.  It’s time to decide to be happy first!

“Sometimes you manufacture scenarios and put them in your own way just to prove a point.  It is as if you would rather be right than happy.  When you catch yourself doing that stop and say, ‘This unpleasant thought is unnecessary.’  Then choose one that feels better.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Maybe it’s time to stop trying to prove you are right about your sickness or circumstances.  You say, but it’s the truth—as if it’s something permanent.  Wouldn’t it be better to be happy?  Maybe it’s time to tell new story about your health.  The universe doesn’t know whether what you’re feeling from thoughts is real or not.

Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Maybe it’s time to put your faith into action about new evidence of your unrealized, for the moment, healthy body?  Just because you can’t see a healthy body in the mirror, the above verse says that’s where faith and expectation comes in to play.  Faith is the substance of all the things you hope for—it’s the very evidence of all the things you desire that you don’t yet see!!!  How awesome is that?!

Matthew 7:7-8 says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.

This scripture indicates that we are to be active in our asking, seeking and knocking.  Those are action words—asking, seeking and knocking.  This is focusing on the wanted (not the lack of the wanted).  This indicates that there is expectation—not wavering.  It is believing that we will have what we desire.  It doesn’t say we may have what we want, it states that we will have whatever we request.  It just depends upon our thoughts.  Are we focusing on the problems or lack, or are we focusing on the desire or improvement?  If we focus on the lack of health or our illness—that’s not our happy place—it doesn’t feel good and that indicates that we are not in alignment with who we really are.  If we focus on the health and well-being, it feels good and that indicates alignment with the law of our being—who we really are.

When our thoughts go back and forth between our ill-health and the thoughts of improvement, we waver—and, that’s not activating our faith.

All the above Scriptures are definitive.  They are not suggestions. They are not maybe’s.  They emphatically state do this thing and you will receive what you desire.

So, what’s our part in all this?

First, we choose to be happy no matter the circumstances.  We discipline our minds to think thoughts of well-being—thoughts that feel good.  Anytime thoughts creep in that are about unpleasing conditions, stop and acknowledge those thoughts are not necessary, and reach for a better, happier thoughts that feel good.  The more consistent we can think of good, pleasant things, the faster we will see improvement in our health and circumstances.

“The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expresses—Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought.” ~James Allen

Second, begin finding things to appreciate and be grateful.  Every experience we have in life has some silver lining!  There are positive aspects about everything we experience.  We just have to look for them.  We receive what we hide in our heart (seat of emotions).

James Allen says, “The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears…and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.” 

Third, when we are in a state of appreciation and gratitude we are in alignment with Source Within—and that feels really good!  Choosing to look for things to appreciate will bring perpetual happiness.  We cannot be in a state of appreciation and not be happy!

Fourth, as long as we tip the scales even just a little bit over 51 percent of the time that we are happy, the shift will occur.  As we build momentum of happy thoughts of appreciation, more appreciative thoughts will be drawn to us.  By law, our point of attraction will shift and we will witness changes of improvement in every area of our lives.

All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

“What Can I Do Now?”

  1. Pick up a notebook and start your own Journal of Positive Aspects or a Gratitude Journal. Write in it every day with the things you appreciate.  Focus with intention to really feel good when you write.  If you get feeling bad, open up that journal and re-read your entries remembering the happy feeling that caused you to write them down!
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  3. Buy and read James Allen’s book, As A Man Thinketh.





Now Matters!

“Now is the only thing that matters, because everything you experience is now.” ~Mary Ann Pack

For a long time, I struggled with understanding about the concept of being in the now.  I would listen and read the life transformational gurus like Eckhart Tolle, Bob Proctor, and Abraham-Hicks saying that everything you experience in is the now and that we are to focus on the now—the present, but I kept getting confused.

I thought I was being present in the now, but this concept just didn’t resonate with me.

Then I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks video and their explanation started making sense.  It was the a-ha moment I was looking for.  Abraham explained it so simply.  So, here goes….

No matter what we are thinking about—whether it’s from the past, present or future—is happening in the now.  Prior to this I believed, if I’m thinking about the past, I’m just thinking about the past and it really has nothing to do with my now, my present circumstances.  If I was thinking about something I projected into the future—a future desire or event—I was simply thinking about future events that really didn’t affect my present situation.

I finally understood what the now really is.  No matter what I’m thinking about it’s all happening now!  (*duh! Lightbulb!) I know this may be kids-play for you, but this was my a-ha moment.  Even if I’m thinking about something that happened in the past—I’m living it now through my thought energy.  I’m activating it in my now by the attention and energy I’m giving to it.  If I’m projecting thoughts about future desired events—I’m living it now through my vibration of thought!

Einstein said everything is energy.  So, of course, our thoughts are energy.  Thoughts are vibrating, living things—nowEvery thought affects us now because they are happening…well, now!

Every time we think a thought—no matter the subject or time sequence—we are activating it right now.  There really is no past or future—there is only now!

To understand that there is really no past or future is a little hard to grasp when our lives are so structured around linear time.  Yet, there is no past or future in the eternal.  There is only now.  Since we are eternal beings, we are certainly tied to the concept of no time—we just don’t think about it much.

Knowing what I’ve learned about vibration and frequency, I understand that everything is energy so everything is vibrating.  I know that our thoughts are energy and are affecting us moment by moment.  I know that our dominant thoughts attract our life experiences in this world governed by the universal law of attraction.  So, I was finally able to grasp that everything I do or think is solely happening now.

If I dredge up something unpleasant from the past, I’m putting it into my now.  Yuck!  Because I understand that our thoughts activate attraction of more of the same essence—I really don’t want more of that in the life I want to create!

If I start worrying about something bad happening in the future—the negative what-if’s—I’m including that into my now which is creating my life.  Double yuck!!

The universe is not governed by the concept of time, nor does it understand that what you are thinking and feeling has already happened in the past or is happening now or has not happened yet.  In other words, the universe simply matches the vibrational frequencies we are emitting by our thoughts and feelings.  It doesn’t know if it’s real or not.

If we are emitting a strong, consistent good-feeling vibration, the universe matches it with the same essence.  If we are emitting a strong, consistent bad-feeling vibration, the universe matches that.  The universe doesn’t know if what we are thinking about has happened or has not happened.  The universe simply  feels the dominant, consistent vibration and matches what it feels from us through our thoughts.

Abraham says that the universe doesn’t understand words, it understands what we mean.  I take that as the universe solely focuses on our feelings, our vibrations.  If you were to say, “I don’t want to be fat anymore.  I want to lose weight,” the universe would understand your feelings about the subject of the sentences.  The subject in these two sentences that you have strong feelings about is “fat” and “weight”.  So, to me, the universe is feeling “fat” and “weight” and gives you more of that vibration.

From my understanding, I would think it far better to say, “I am thankful for my body and it knows exactly what to do to be healthy and thin.”  Now, the universe is understanding the meaning of “body” and “healthy and thin” and is responding with more of that vibrational match.

So…the moral to this story is to think about things now that we want to include in the life we are designing.  A life we love living.  A life that brings meaning and joy and appreciation.

No matter what we are focusing on, it is activating a vibration in us now.  Our now produces our life experiences.  The point is that we can create our life on purpose or by design when we diligently direct our thoughts and energy towards things that are pleasing or on the desires we would like to experience.

Let go of anything in your past that makes you feel bad.  If you keep holding on to past experiences in your now, you activate its vibrational attraction into the life you’re creating.  If you want less of it, stop thinking about it, stop talking about it to others, stop posting about it on your social media.  The less energy of thought you give to something unwanted, it slowly, but surly, fades and loses power.

You can never worry yourself to a better life either!  If you’re playing the what-if game from a negative standpoint, you are attracting the essence of all that crap right into your life.  The universe is only matching your vibration, yet you will come to believe the proof that you are being shown.  That life really does suck!

Yet, you could turn it around and play the what-if game from a positive perspective and you would be shown proof that life is wonderful!  The universe is simply answering your call to whatever your dominant thoughts project vibrationally.

In the end, you are solely responsible for the outcome you experience in your life by what you are activating in your now.  If you are mindful of your feelings, you can monitor your thoughts more easily.  When you notice that you are feeling crappy, it’s time to pay attention to what your thoughts have been and simply choose better-feeling thoughts.  Bringing all those great vibrations into your now!

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All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

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My Favorite Affirmation: All is Well!

All is Well!

This affirmation has become my favorite.  Of all the affirmations I’ve heard over the years, it seems that, All is Well, is at the very core of everything we desire or could express in our life experience.  It’s truly who we are!  It is the core of our Inner Being.

All is Well brings comfort when I am troubled by negative thoughts.

All is Well brings peace when my mind is racing with so many thoughts.

All is Well brings joy when I have experienced the pain of sorrow.

All is Well brings calm when I am hurried.

When I experience all the contrast that this physical life presents, I have the ability to sift and sort through all of it.  I see things I do not want and that helps me create my desires for improvement.  I can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly what I do want.

As I deliberately focus upon what I do want, I get more and more clear about the details of my desire.  Focusing and deliberately spending time thinking about what I do want, helps me flesh out the details of exactly how I would like the experience to manifest.

This is a fun process!  Sometimes I feel that I get way to serious about what I want.  Then I get turned around and notice I’m actually focusing on the lack of its presence in my life.  Well, that feels really bad.  I get tense.  I notice my body starts tensing up and my feelings actually hurt.

This is the time I repeat my affirmation—All is Well.  Ahhhh!  What a relief.  I immediately relax and allow the knowing of well-being to wash over me.  My mind calms, my muscles relax, my body goes limp, and I feel so much better.  In the seconds it takes to repeat, All is Well, I have shifted from heading down a difficult path to the path of least resistance.

I have begun to make how I feel my absolute priority.  I am beginning to evaluate things I do.  I am evaluating requests from others.  If I feel that what I’m preparing to do will create more good feelings and are in alignment with feeling good, I will happily do them.  If, when I think about doing them, I get a tense feeling or resistance rising in me, I politely decline. Remember, NO is not a four-letter-word!  It can be a word of well-being.

This doesn’t mean I don’t take responsibility for things that must be done, but I do try to have a different perspective when taking responsibility.  I try to look for positive aspects of what I’m doing.  I still know that how I feel is solely up to me and it’s always my choice to do things happily or resentfully.

Simply think about the word, responsibility.  It is the ability-to-respond.  How are we using our ability to respond?  Are we responding with knee-jerk reactions?  Are we thoughtfully considering what is to be done and choosing to be happy doing it?

It all comes down to choices.  That’s the free-will and free-won’t mechanism with which we are all endowed.  We can choose to use our free-will to deliberately focus on feeling good no matter what circumstances we experience, or we can choose to use our free-won’t and simply let life hit us in the face.  Come what may, we will push on through life—till it kills us!

But, all the pushing against with resistance just creates more imbalance in us and we create more suffering–in our bodies, our minds and inner being.  This can really be a deadly choice.

Maybe it’s time for you to borrow my favorite affirmation—All is Well!

I’ll gladly share it with you!  As a matter of fact, I encourage you to use it every time you start noticing tension in your body and emotions.  If you are feeling not as good as you would like, try it out.

Repeat after me, take it to heart and speak it slowly…All is Well, All is Well, All is Well!

Doesn’t that feel better already?

Now, hold that thought pattern for a mere 68 seconds and you can experience a shift in your consciousness.  You can shift your vibration to a higher vibration by simply holding the thought that All is Well for just over a minute!  I know we ALL have 68 seconds a day to choose to make a shift in our vibration.

Begin today.  Begin right now.

Let this affirmation be an encouragement to raise your feelings to love, joy and appreciation.

You are loved.  You are worthy.  You are perfect.


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UPDATE BELOW 3/31/2016

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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UPDATE:  In the wee hours of this morning (March 31, 2016) my Papa transitioned from this physical life and re-emerged into non-physical.  He had been failing with Alzheimer’s over the years since my mother transitioned in 2005.  I just know he was a wonderful Papa (daddy)!  My sleep was fitful last night and when my sister called this morning and let me know he was gone, I just knew it already.  We had been expecting it, just not today.

I went to bed last night repeating, All is Well!  I sent texts back and forth with my sons, as they work away, to keep them updated as news came from my sister back home.  Many of those texts ended with my favorite affirmation, All is Well!

Never before did I need such comforting words.  My husband knows my love of this affirmation, as I repeat it aloud often, and he gave me comfort by repeating them to me as he embraced me with his love.  I willingly allowed all that comfort to wash over me and bring me peace and calm.

Even though I already miss my dear Papa greatly, I know he is always with me.  Our non-physical is always, always one consciousness, we simply have to be vibrating at the level of accepting and allowing it in to us.  We are always part and parcel with Infinite Intelligence and have immediate access to all knowledge of every thought ever created by all those who have come before us and will come again.

Others we have loved in this physical realm are still very interested in us and what we are doing.  I told my sons to watch for signs from him, letting us know he is here enjoying what we enjoy, seeing through our eyes and loving us unconditionally!

Once again…

All is Well!

Abraham-Hicks: Flawed Premise #2

Note: This introduction accompanies all posts in this series of 22 Flawed Premises by Abraham-Hicks.  If you have already read it in another post, please feel free to scroll down to the Flawed Premise for this post.

In this series of posts, we will discuss the 22 flawed premises outlined in the best-selling book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Esther and Jerry Hicks as The Teachings of Abraham®.  This is such an important book to read and study over and over.

If you would like more information on my mentor, please visit  You will, also, find audio/videos on by searching the words Abraham-Hicks.  There are many wonderful presentations that will be a delight in learning the principles of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of the universe.  The Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  In other words, like attracts like in a universe governed by the Law of Attraction.  There is no exclusion.  We cannot push against anything unwanted.  We can only attract that which is a vibrational match to our thoughts and feelings.  That which we focus upon with our thoughts and feelings is our point of attraction.

The Teachings of Abraham® have been instrumental in my life to help me remember who I really am.  That we are non-physical entities who have chosen to focus in the physical realms to experience greater joy and expansion.  We are eternal beings with the power to create worlds.  We have come here to create a life of joy and experience the contrast the world offers to know what we don’t want so that we can know what we do want.  This contrast assists us in forming our preferences.

When we focus upon what is wanted and the delight it brings us, we are in alignment with Source Energy—from whom we are an extension.  We know this by our emotions.  Our Emotional Guidance System is our built-in mechanism by which we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not we are aligned with our Source Energy—who we really are.

When we focus upon the lack of what is wanted, we feel bad and can easily know that we are not in alignment with our Source Energy—who we really are.

This system guides us in every thought.  We cannot monitor every thought we think, yet we can understand our feelings—knowing whether they feel good or feel bad.  Those feelings indicate the condition of our alignment.

If we love the life we are living, we are in alignment with all that we are.  If we experience an unpleasant life, we are not in alignment with all that we are.  We have the great opportunity to choose something better in every moment.  We may live our life experience by design or by default.  We have free-will to choose to change our thoughts in a moment.  Every moment that we hold a better-feeling thought we shift our point of attraction to more of what we really want.

Flawed Premise #2 – My parents, because they were her long before I was born, and because they are my parents, know better than I do what is right or wrong for me. (pg. 15)

Our birth parents are an important component to beginning our physical life.  We understood they would be of great assistance to getting a foothold in our physical experience.  We appreciate their assistance in welcoming us into this world, just as other adults of influence.

We did not, however, expect them to be our guidance as to our life’s purpose.  We understood that we, solely, were responsible for finding our path and what is correct and beneficial for our lives.  We wanted to sift and sort through the contrast this life would bring us.  Knowing these contrasts would help us choose our preferences—likes and dislikes.

Upon entering into physical life, the non-physical part of us was fully aware that we were still one with our Source Energy.  As each day passes we take on our own personal perspective of what this life will offer us.  Our personal inner guidance system began to develop our emotions.  We began feeling emotions and began creating our days.  Of course, we responded to our environment, but we also understood that we had much to do with how others responded to us.

We began sensing the emotions of our parents and others in our environment.  When they were worried or fretted over something, it made us uncomfortable.  When our parents showered love and appreciation upon us, we were very comfortable.  But, we also understood that it was not their job to make ours a totally comfortable life experience.  Even before we could talk, we knew it was our responsibility and desire to make our own way, find our own path and experience life to its fullest.  We, alone, had to choose what was right for us.

Sleeping frequently kept us in alignment and more free of resistance from our environment.  It would be our life experience that would bring us contrast so we could determine the wanted and the unwanted.

We knew that our inner Emotional Guidance System would be the most important guide into the right way to live for ourselves.  No one else’s opinion was more important than listening to our inner EGS.  We need no other opinion or approval.  If we listen and allow others to influence our guidance, we feel uncomfortable and we feel the mis-alignment with our inner Source—who we really are.

Most importantly, we understood that the alignment between our you (physical) and inner You (non-physical) is the most important relationship.  All other relationships can only be as good as our alignment within ourselves.

As we felt the pressure to change our behavior because it didn’t please a family member—parents, siblings, or other relations—we felt the uncomfortable feelings of being out of alignment.  It is not our job to please others or change our behavior to alleviate another’s condition of being out of alignment.  Our behavior will be pleasing to us when we are aligned with our Inner Being—who we really are—who Source Energy knows that we are.

Our happiness solely depends upon our vibrational alignment with our Source within.  We cannot control others’ actions or behaviors; nor can others control our behaviors.  Behaviors are based on alignment with who we are or being out of alignment.

We understood that all of life is vibrational and that our vibrational alignment with who we really are is the most important work we can pursue.  Our path and life experience is all based upon vibrational frequencies.  These frequencies determine whether we live a life we love or a life of misery.

This flawed premise leaves no room for us to decide what’s best for us.  When we take on another person’s perception of right and wrong, we cannot follow our own inner guidance.  When we cannot understand our own inner guidance system, we cannot find alignment with our Source.

Other’s perception of right and wrong may stem from their perspective of what is not wanted.  They don’t want certain behavior and then force their beliefs upon us, as their child.  When they try to motivate from a point of something not wanted, they are not aligned with their own Source Energy within.  The only way to inspire action is to be aligned with Source within.  This allows each person the use of their own Emotional Guidance System

When parents are aligned and feel good, they look upon their children with love and appreciation and can show them how to feel their way to what’s right for them as individuals.  When a child feels good and sees their parents feeling good, it will inspire them to find their person rightness.

All is Well!!

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Abraham-Hicks: Flawed Premise #1

In this series of posts, we will discuss the 22 flawed premises outlined in the best-selling book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Esther and Jerry Hicks as The Teachings of Abraham®.  This is such an important book to read and study over and over.

If you would like more information on my mentor, please visit  You will, also, find audio/videos on by searching the words Abraham-Hicks.  There are many wonderful presentations that will be a delight in learning the principles of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of the universe.  The Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  In other words, like attracts like in a universe governed by the Law of Attraction.  There is no exclusion.  We cannot push against anything unwanted.  We can only attract that which is a vibrational match to our thoughts and feelings.  That which we focus upon with our thoughts and feelings is our point of attraction.

The Teachings of Abraham® have been instrumental in my life to help me remember who I really am.  That we are non-physical entities who have chosen to focus in the physical realms to experience greater joy and expansion.  We are eternal beings with the power to create worlds.  We have come here to create a life of joy and experience the contrast the world offers to know what we don’t want so that we can know what we do want.  This contrast assists us in forming our preferences.

When we focus upon what is wanted and the delight it brings us, we are in alignment with Source Energy—from whom we are an extension.  We know this by our emotions.  Our Emotional Guidance System is our built-in mechanism by which we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not we are aligned with our Source Energy—who we really are.

When we focus upon the lack of what is wanted, we feel bad and can easily know that we are not in alignment with our Source Energy—who we really are.

This system guides us in every thought.  We cannot monitor every thought we think, yet we can understand our feelings—knowing whether they feel good or feel bad.  Those feelings indicate the condition of our alignment.

If we love the life we are living, we are in alignment with all that we are.  If we experience an unpleasant life, we are not in alignment with all that we are.  We have the great opportunity to choose something better in every moment.  We may live our life experience by design or by default.  We have free-will to choose to change our thoughts in a moment.  Every moment that we hold a better-feeling thought we shift our point of attraction to more of what we really want.

Flawed Premise #1 – I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive. (pg. 13)

There must be an understanding, firstly, that we are both physical and non-physical at the same time.  We all existed prior to our physical birth.  When we experienced our physical birth we never ceased being non-physical.  That greater, older, larger part of who we are is still non-physical.  We have a cooperative relationship with the physical and the non-physical.

Secondly, we need to understand that this is a vibrational relationship.  We have an intimate relationship between the physical you and the non-physical You.  We feel emotions because of this vibrational relationship.  When our physical mind thinks thoughts, we experience emotions and feelings in our non-physical.  Thoughts and feelings always vibrate with eternal energy.

Thoughts expand the eternal non-physical part of us and of All-That-Is, as well.  Every time someone thinks a new thought it expands all of the eternal consciousness.  We are becoming more expanded by these thoughts.

As we think new thoughts and expand in the non-physical, we are living the experience out through our physical being.  Every area of life is expanded—whether physically (our bodies), nature, other people (relationships), financially, mentally, etc.

This false premise allows for no connection to non-physical involvement while we are alive in the physical realm.  We came from non-physical and continue to be non-physical at the same time we live in the physical realm.  We will return to non-physical when we transition from the physical.  Our non-physical part is eternal energy that can never be created or destroyed.

When we chose to come into this physical realm, we focused a small portion of our non-physical entity upon the physical which created the physical body in which we presently reside.  When we took physical form, we didn’t stop being non-physical.  The greater part of us is still non-physical while a small portion of our non-physical is focused physically.  When we stop focusing on the physical we will transition back into the non-physical.

At no time are we either dead or alive.  We are always and forever alive in the non-physical.  We will shed our physical apparatus one day—which we label as a death experience–but we are always alive!

All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

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