Our Morning Choice

“A good morning is dependent upon choosing positive thoughts.” ~Mary Ann Pack

If you would like to have a good morning, do you plan for it the night before?

Do you know your day starts the night before?

When you climb into bed, what has been your dominant feeling as you fall asleep? Have you been ranting about something that happened during the day? Complaining about someone who wronged you? Or, worrying and fretting about what-ifs?

In what vibrational energy are you falling asleep?

Your pre-sleeping vibration has momentum. Yes, your vibration stops during sleep, but unless you consciously choose to find positive thoughts the next morning, as soon as you awake, you will probably start your morning thinking about what you were thinking  the night before. If you tend to think negative thoughts, you will probably pick up in the morning where you left off with a negative thought pattern from the night before.

If, on the other hand, you focus your thoughts upon gratitude and appreciation in preparation for sleep to ensure you are at a high vibrational level, your probability of beginning your morning with positive thoughts is very good!

Whichever thought patterns you have practiced the most, will probably be what you think about as you review your day before falling asleep, and it will continue the next morning–unless you make a concerted effort to re-pattern your thoughts that feel better.

Sleep offers us the perfect opportunity to reset our vibration.

Take a moment as you awake to revel in the delicious feeling of your bed–the warm blankets, the lush pillow, the snuggly feeling of your room. Delight for a few moments, that you are alive and breathing. Appreciate your body for renewing during your rest. Appreciate your body for performing all the necessary functions to keep you alive, breathing and heart beating–without your supervision. These thoughts will help you find other thoughts of appreciation as you arise and move through your day.

When you first begin this process, you may only stay positive for a few moments before something distracts you into the negative. But, the more you practice this positive choice of thoughts, you will notice you stay aligned with the positive longer throughout the day.

Begin your good morning tomorrow–tonight!

Get a jump on your good morning. Make it a point to review positive aspects about your day or things you appreciate just before you fall asleep tonight. Not only will you begin to rest better, you will wake up more often with appreciation on your mind.

Make your good morning choice a positive one!

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All is Well!!

Mary Ann Pack

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The B’s of Dream Building (Part 4 of 4)

In this final Part 4 in the Series of The B’s of Dream Building (Blueprinting, Bridging and Building) we will culminate all that we’ve learned into “Becoming” the person living the life we love!  This is where you harvest your dream!  This is the most exciting and exhilarating phase of your Dream Building!  Your Becoming is when you begin living the life you love and experiencing the transformative qualities you’ve worked so hard to assimilate into your new life.  You have attained multiple goals towards living your dream and aspects of your dream life has manifest into your reality.

You may become a totally different person than you were just 12 weeks ago prior to your Dream Builder coaching program.  You may hardly recognize yourself and this should be a wonderful surprise.  You are becoming a person who has allowed yourself to dream, design and test your dream.  Just learning to navigate the gap between where you used to be and where you are today has been quite the accomplishment!  You have learned to build your dream and now you are harvesting your dream!  Becoming is life’s journey so there will always be more unfoldment as you allow it to work its magic.

As your dream manifests into your reality gaining your freedom, the essence of life within you desires to express an ever fuller, upward spiral of life and you will have increased urgings to continue to grow and transform your becoming.  Your dreams may continue to grow and expand.

You may see new aspects to your dream life that you want to implement.  New longings for an even greater life experience may tug on your heart strings.  Others witnessing your transformation may inquire as to how they can experience improvement in their current existence.  They may want the hope of a greater, fuller expression of their life’s purpose.

This is your opportunity to share your source for transformation.  You have the opportunity to refer those who inquire for coaching so they, too, can begin healing their world!  This is the purpose for all of us as we begin to heal our world.  Share the blessings with the observers of your life transformation!

This may, also, be a great time to repeat the Dream Building program one more time, because you will be a different person at an advanced stage of your dream life.  The program will solidify in your soul as you practice the principles over and over—Blueprinting + Bridging + Building = Becoming!

This would be an awesome time for you to invite a group of friends and family that would experience the Dream Building program together as a small group with you.  This way your weekly coaching calls would only be your private group you’ve invited to join.

If you are considering the Dream Building coaching experience, please contact me.  I schedule a limited number of complimentary Strategy Sessions each week.  This is a 30-minute call valued at $250 which will discover your dream and determine if we are a good coach/client fit.

Dream – Grow – Live!

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All is Well!!

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The B’s of Dream Building (Part 3 of 4)

There are 3 B’s to Dream Building.  The first is Blueprinting, the second is Bridging and the third is Building.  All these lead up to Becoming the person who is living the life they love.

In this Part 3 in the Series of The B’s of Dream Building we will cover “Building”.   Building your dream is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where the action resides.  This is where you will really begin to see transformation in your life as you practice the principles presented in the Dream Building program.   Those baby steps will finally start paying off great dividends.

In the Building phase of the Dream Building program you will learn to listen to your still small voice that gives you creative ideas, makes gentle course corrections and steer s you into the life you love.  This is where you will learn to quiet your mind and body to be able to hear that still small voice.  We live such busy, hectic lives that we refuse to slow down enough to spend quiet time within ourselves.  This chaos can be very detrimental to your well-being and deter growth towards your goals.

Sometimes you will be moving between the Bridging and Building phases as necessary.  Bridging and Building have a very close working relationship.  As you begin building you may need to refer back to mindset training and refresh your practice.  Developing faith in yourself and your dream, developing self-confidence and a healthy self-image will open new realms of possibility to build your new life upon.

During the Building phase you will learn how to harness your power of believing.  You may not believe it right now, but you have infinite power to believe in yourself and your dream life!  You will learn how to harness your believing powers.  Faith is the key to persistence.  Your power of believing will carry you through, over, under or around those obstacles or struggles that will appear in your pathway.  They will come, so you will learn tools to deal with them and use them for steps to greater things.

The last phase of Building is learning to turn your failures into stepping stones.  Those events that you have deemed as failures will now be shown to be stepping stones to your bright future.  You will become like Thomas Edison who chose to view his multiple thousands of failures to create the electric light bulb as feedback!  He learned thousands of way NOT to build a light bulb and used this feedback to finally succeed in his goal.  This feedback became his stepping stones to success.  You, too, will learn how to use your failures/feedback into stepping stones/action steps to living the life you love!

In the final Part 4 of this series we will discuss the next phase of Dream Building which culminates all the B’s into “Becoming”.

Dream – Grow—Live!

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All is Well!!

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The B’s of Dream Building (Part 2 of 4)

There are 3 B’s to Dream Building.  The first is Blueprinting, the second is Bridging and the third is Building.  All these lead up to Becoming the person who is living the life they love.

In this Part 2 in the Series of The B’s of Dream Building we will cover “Bridging”.  This is a critical phase of Dream Building, because this is where you prepare to navigate the gap between where you are now and where you see yourself living the life you love.  That gap can be scary and difficult to navigate without assistance.  This is where support coaching is vital.  You can see that IF you could bridge the gap between where you are and the life you love and was easy to accomplish, you would have done so already.  This is not to diminish your ability, but it is meant as an encouragement to seek help and ask for coaching so that your results are accomplished more rapidly.

In Bridging the gap, you will learn to befriend your fear.  This may sound absurd, but we know that fear will always be a part of our lives, so it is imperative that we learn how to make friends with our fear.  Please know that fear is in your life for your protection, so it is doing a good job by creating fear in you so that you stay safe and don’t seek out dangerous risks.  On the other hand, fear can cause you to freeze up and never take action to make the necessary changes to live the life you love.  You will be taught techniques to befriend your fear and actually use it for thrusters to catapult you forward into transformation!

The next phase of Bridging is welcoming the greater flow of abundance.  You will receive techniques and tools to change your mindset.  Our beliefs about abundance may be stuck in old paradigms (beliefs) downloaded from others that influenced our mindset during childhood.  These are the beliefs like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “You have to work hard for money”, “You have to have money to make money” or “Love is illusive and no one ever lives happily ever after”, “You can’t do that, you can’t do anything right”, “________ disease runs in our family so I have that to look forward to in my old age”, or “Just grow up and get real—dreams don’t come true.”

Abundance is a flow of energy and you will learn how to step into that flow with ease.  You will be amazed at the transformation of your mindset around abundance when we complete this phase!

Along with transforming your mindset around abundance and prosperity in every area of your life, you will also learn a new skillset to evolve your perceptions.  We make all of our decisions through our perceptions—the way we judge every event and circumstance.   Either we look at the facts of circumstances and get depressed, fearful or angry, or, we look at circumstances and see the opportunity hidden in the struggle.  Which of these two perceptions would most benefit you in living the life you love?

In Part 3 of this series we will discuss the next phase of Dream Building which is “Building”.

Dream – Grow—Live!

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All is Well!!

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The B’s of Dream Building (Part 1 of 4)

There are 3 B’s to Dream Building.  The first is Blueprinting, the second is Bridging and the third is Building.  All these culminate into Becoming the person who is living the life they love.

In this Part 1 in the Series of The B’s of Dream Building we will cover “Blueprinting”.  We will discover your dream.  We will dig deep inside your heart and find that great purpose of your life.  We will design and test your dream to see if it matches your life’s purpose.  Finally, we will see how to increase your dream.

What is Blueprinting?  When you start noticing your feelings of discontent in the life you’re now living and your heart longs for a better life, you begin your blueprinting stage of Dream Building.  Most of us know what we don’t want, but how many ever stop and really think about what we do want?

In this stage of Dream Building you open your thoughts to what you would absolutely love to do, be or have.  You will begin thinking about what things light you up; ignite an excitement in your soul.  You will get really excited just talking about doing that particular thing in life.  Maybe you’ve experienced it in the past and let the enthusiasm die, because you listened to the world that told you to stop dreaming and get real.  Or, maybe it’s something you’ve never done before, but it’s something you’ve always dreamed about doing.

If you listened to those in your past that told you to stop day dreaming, get an education, get a job and work hard the rest of your life, you may have felt you had to squash your dream to live responsibly.

Maybe you are living some of your dream life, but now you want an even better life.  If there is any discontent of where you are now and have that deep longing of wanting something more, you are ready to Blueprint your dream!

Imagine that you want to build your dream home.  You don’t go to the architect and tell him to design your dream home.  He doesn’t know what that looks like.  You would actually tell him exactly how you want the house to look; all the features and amenities; along with the number of bedrooms, baths, kitchen design, your living space and garages.  He wants to know the exact dimensions of each room, how many windows, the interior finishes, the exterior finishes and roof.  You may dream of your house being in a particular part of the country, the lay of the land or the specific sub-division where it will be built.  With these details laid before him, the architect has something to work with when he creates the drawings for your dream home.  You may decide to make some changes along the way and then you will be issued the blueprints.  These will tell the builder how and where to build your new home.

Blueprinting is what we do as we ask you to dream of the life you love.  You will create a picture of your new life in very specific detail.  You will realize how awesome it feels to live this new dream in everyday life.

Once you have your dream in mind, then we will ask you to design and test your dream.  If you can see yourself living this dream life you are in the design stage.  Once this is accomplished, we will ask you to test it against the prescribed test questions that all need a resounding “yes” for their answers.   If you have even one of the test questions answered as a “maybe” or a “no”, then you will need to tweak your dream to get it to perfectly fit your life’s purpose.

After you have discovered your dream, designed and tested your dream, it’s time to look at it with the eyes of increasing your dream.  Once you read over and study your dream, you may see that you missed some aspects of the dream initially that really would be important to add now.  This is where you will add those details that would complete this phase of your Dream Building.

In Part 2 of this series we will discuss the next phase of Dream Building which is “Bridging”.

Dream – Grow – Live!

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All is Well!!

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Wake Up in Anticipation

“Wake up in anticipation, something great is going to happen today!”

“Ugh! It’s morning. Just another day to claw and scratch my way through the day. I hate mornings. It just reminds me how much my life sucks!”

Does this feel familiar?

Is this how your mornings start?

How does it make you feel?

Pretty crappy, I assume. If this is how you have been anticipating your days, no wonder you are probably experiencing pain, suffering, loss, poor finances, unhealthy relationships, maybe even poor health.

I get it! Life can really prove to you that it sucks. You work your tail off and can’t even pay the bills every month—let alone get ahead! They did this to you. That happened and now you’re the one paying for it. The list goes on and one with what’s wrong with life—your life!

When you anticipate a crappy life, you will certainly get a crappy life in return. What we expect, we receive. This may be the first time you’ve considered this, but did you know that the universe we live in is governed by what’s referred to as the law of attraction—yep, it’s a universal law. That means in all the universes—this law rules.

The law of attraction simply says, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  To simplify that even more—like attracts like.  Energy stuff attracts more energy stuff that is just like it.

Albert Einstein—that cool scientist with the crazy hair—says that everything is energy. Energy is in constant motion and this motion creates vibrations. The universe feels all the vibrations going on in the entire universe and its job is really easy. Just match up all the same vibrations! So, it’s like a gigantic matching game that the universe is always, always, always playing. It never takes a break or vacation or sleeps. The universe is always consistent and follows one, and only one rule—match every vibration to the same kind of vibration.

Well, guess what? Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. Your body is energy. But, maybe you already know all this stuff. So, what’s the point?!

All that energy you are living is vibrating! Guess who’s feeling it?! THE UNIVERSE!!! Guess what it’s doing on your behalf? MATCHING YOUR VIBRATIONS!!

So, if you are vibrating crappy thoughts, which create crappy emotions, you get matched up with a crappy experience. Then you see what a crappy life you’re living and you say, “I told you, life was crappy! I just got more crap piled on top of me. That proves life sucks!”

The coolest thing about the life is that stuff we experience is NOT permanent. Just because you’re experiencing a crappy life right now, doesn’t mean you have to for the rest of your life!! When you change your vibrations, the universe feels the shift and goes out and finds more of the new vibration to match it, instead.

This is the greatest news you could possibly get today!! You have a choice whether to think about anticipating all the crap—and get more of that—OR, you can think about anticipating some improvement—and getting that.

If you really want to see improvement in your life, you’re going to have to pull on your big-pants make a decision to take back your control of your thoughts, because your thoughts are what create your emotions. You know this, too. You know very well, your thoughts either feel good or they feel bad. Those feelings are what the universe is feeling, too! If you’ve just been letting your thoughts run rampant—you’re creating your life from default. Just letting whatever come up and slap you in the face—over and over. Different place, different faces!

If you’re finally ready to have a great life—one you would love—it’s time to create life on purpose or by design. Yep, you actually can design your life! Do you realize you have that much power?! You want know how?

Start controlling what you think about!

The goal is to think about stuff that makes you feel better. When you begin even a little bit to think about something that you like—or love—you’ll notice that another thought similar to it comes along and joins up with it. Then, if you think about that thought a little while longer, another and then another good-feeling thought will join those. This is called momentum. This is actually forming a brand-spanking new positive thought pattern!!! Yay, you!

You’ve already practiced the crappy, negative thoughts patterns—you’ve got those down pat. And, look at what you’ve been experiencing, proving it.

Now, it’s time to overlay those negative thought patterns with better-feeling positive thought patterns, so the universe has something new to do. Match your new and improved thoughts and feelings.

You don’t have to get rid of those old, negative thoughts—you just have to ignore them for long enough that they old and tired and start leaving you alone!!

Let them know you’ve found a new mind-playmate—awesome new positive thoughts that feel freaking great! Sure it takes time. Sometimes it even feels like you’re losing ground. But, every little time you purposely look for something to enjoy, or something that feels good—you are making headway into a new set of vibrations that the universe is working it’s magic matching.

How fast will you see results? That depends on how often you can feel good with good-feeling thoughts. The more you think better-feeling thoughts, the faster the universe can match up the good stuff. If you’re only feeling better ten percent of the day—you’re going to get slow results. On the other hand, if you’re really serious about feeling good and every time you catch yourself wallowing in crappy thoughts—you’ll know this by how crappy you feel—and you decide to ignore the crap and go with the golden thoughts—you’re going to skyrocket your improved life!

Here’s the secret to getting super-fast improvement—are you ready for this??? Start looking for things to appreciate! Yep, looking for things to be grateful for is the absolute, no-holds-barred, sure-fire way to see rapid improvement in your life!!

You know how to start doing this? Wake up in the morning with anticipation that something great is going to happen—TODAY!!!!

When you wake up in the morning, start your gift of a day by saying, “I’m going to look for things that feel good today. No matter where I go, what I do or who I’m doing it with—I’m determined to find things to appreciate. I’m anticipating a great day and I’m going to really look for all the little and big ways the universe is going to match up all this cool stuff!”

Now, that’s a great morning routine!

I promise, it will definitely make a difference—and you’ll be amazed at all the cool stuff you’ve been missing out on when you were believing life was crappy.

Give the universe a chance to prove to you that life is great!! Life can really be great—if you’re willing to appreciate what you already have, look for things to be grateful for and anticipate great stuff arriving!

All is Well…Really!

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Mary Ann Pack

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“What can I do now?”

  1. Decide to look for things that feel good—every day, every moment.
  2. Wake up in anticipation of something great. This sets up your day to feel better right off the bat.
  3. Keep a log of all the little and big stuff that proves the universe is working on your behalf by matching what you’re looking for. It feels-ya!
  4. Email or call me for a complimentary discovery session—today! I’ll set aside time to talk to you for about 30 minutes to help you see how life could be awesome. We’ll also see if we’re a good coaching match, if you want to work with me! maryannpackcoaching@gmail.com (903)227-0273

Abraham-Hicks: Flawed Premise #2

Note: This introduction accompanies all posts in this series of 22 Flawed Premises by Abraham-Hicks.  If you have already read it in another post, please feel free to scroll down to the Flawed Premise for this post.

In this series of posts, we will discuss the 22 flawed premises outlined in the best-selling book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Esther and Jerry Hicks as The Teachings of Abraham®.  This is such an important book to read and study over and over.

If you would like more information on my mentor, please visit Abraham-Hicks.com.  You will, also, find audio/videos on YouTube.com by searching the words Abraham-Hicks.  There are many wonderful presentations that will be a delight in learning the principles of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of the universe.  The Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  In other words, like attracts like in a universe governed by the Law of Attraction.  There is no exclusion.  We cannot push against anything unwanted.  We can only attract that which is a vibrational match to our thoughts and feelings.  That which we focus upon with our thoughts and feelings is our point of attraction.

The Teachings of Abraham® have been instrumental in my life to help me remember who I really am.  That we are non-physical entities who have chosen to focus in the physical realms to experience greater joy and expansion.  We are eternal beings with the power to create worlds.  We have come here to create a life of joy and experience the contrast the world offers to know what we don’t want so that we can know what we do want.  This contrast assists us in forming our preferences.

When we focus upon what is wanted and the delight it brings us, we are in alignment with Source Energy—from whom we are an extension.  We know this by our emotions.  Our Emotional Guidance System is our built-in mechanism by which we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not we are aligned with our Source Energy—who we really are.

When we focus upon the lack of what is wanted, we feel bad and can easily know that we are not in alignment with our Source Energy—who we really are.

This system guides us in every thought.  We cannot monitor every thought we think, yet we can understand our feelings—knowing whether they feel good or feel bad.  Those feelings indicate the condition of our alignment.

If we love the life we are living, we are in alignment with all that we are.  If we experience an unpleasant life, we are not in alignment with all that we are.  We have the great opportunity to choose something better in every moment.  We may live our life experience by design or by default.  We have free-will to choose to change our thoughts in a moment.  Every moment that we hold a better-feeling thought we shift our point of attraction to more of what we really want.

Flawed Premise #2 – My parents, because they were her long before I was born, and because they are my parents, know better than I do what is right or wrong for me. (pg. 15)

Our birth parents are an important component to beginning our physical life.  We understood they would be of great assistance to getting a foothold in our physical experience.  We appreciate their assistance in welcoming us into this world, just as other adults of influence.

We did not, however, expect them to be our guidance as to our life’s purpose.  We understood that we, solely, were responsible for finding our path and what is correct and beneficial for our lives.  We wanted to sift and sort through the contrast this life would bring us.  Knowing these contrasts would help us choose our preferences—likes and dislikes.

Upon entering into physical life, the non-physical part of us was fully aware that we were still one with our Source Energy.  As each day passes we take on our own personal perspective of what this life will offer us.  Our personal inner guidance system began to develop our emotions.  We began feeling emotions and began creating our days.  Of course, we responded to our environment, but we also understood that we had much to do with how others responded to us.

We began sensing the emotions of our parents and others in our environment.  When they were worried or fretted over something, it made us uncomfortable.  When our parents showered love and appreciation upon us, we were very comfortable.  But, we also understood that it was not their job to make ours a totally comfortable life experience.  Even before we could talk, we knew it was our responsibility and desire to make our own way, find our own path and experience life to its fullest.  We, alone, had to choose what was right for us.

Sleeping frequently kept us in alignment and more free of resistance from our environment.  It would be our life experience that would bring us contrast so we could determine the wanted and the unwanted.

We knew that our inner Emotional Guidance System would be the most important guide into the right way to live for ourselves.  No one else’s opinion was more important than listening to our inner EGS.  We need no other opinion or approval.  If we listen and allow others to influence our guidance, we feel uncomfortable and we feel the mis-alignment with our inner Source—who we really are.

Most importantly, we understood that the alignment between our you (physical) and inner You (non-physical) is the most important relationship.  All other relationships can only be as good as our alignment within ourselves.

As we felt the pressure to change our behavior because it didn’t please a family member—parents, siblings, or other relations—we felt the uncomfortable feelings of being out of alignment.  It is not our job to please others or change our behavior to alleviate another’s condition of being out of alignment.  Our behavior will be pleasing to us when we are aligned with our Inner Being—who we really are—who Source Energy knows that we are.

Our happiness solely depends upon our vibrational alignment with our Source within.  We cannot control others’ actions or behaviors; nor can others control our behaviors.  Behaviors are based on alignment with who we are or being out of alignment.

We understood that all of life is vibrational and that our vibrational alignment with who we really are is the most important work we can pursue.  Our path and life experience is all based upon vibrational frequencies.  These frequencies determine whether we live a life we love or a life of misery.

This flawed premise leaves no room for us to decide what’s best for us.  When we take on another person’s perception of right and wrong, we cannot follow our own inner guidance.  When we cannot understand our own inner guidance system, we cannot find alignment with our Source.

Other’s perception of right and wrong may stem from their perspective of what is not wanted.  They don’t want certain behavior and then force their beliefs upon us, as their child.  When they try to motivate from a point of something not wanted, they are not aligned with their own Source Energy within.  The only way to inspire action is to be aligned with Source within.  This allows each person the use of their own Emotional Guidance System

When parents are aligned and feel good, they look upon their children with love and appreciation and can show them how to feel their way to what’s right for them as individuals.  When a child feels good and sees their parents feeling good, it will inspire them to find their person rightness.

All is Well!!

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