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Resisting Anything Attracts More!

“If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of it – and therefore attracting that which is like it.” ~Abraham-Hicks

If we insist upon resisting or pushing against anything we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate, we will simply attracting more things we do not agree with, do not like, do not appreciate!

Anything we give our focused attention to will bring more of the same essence to us. It’s Law! We can never, ever, push against something we don’t like and expect it to go away. There is no supporting Law of Resistance! Resistance is contrary to the Law of Attraction.

Our thoughts and emotions create our vibrational point of attraction. There are always emotions behind our thoughts, which emit vibrational frequencies. The Universe is simply feeling our vibration and matching, with great accuracy, the vibration we are emitting. That is the premise of the Law of Attraction—that which is like unto itself, is drawn—like attracts like.

There is no exclusion. We cannot shout, NO, at anything we do not want and expect it to go away. When we push against or resist anything, we are giving it our attention and bringing it to the attention of others, which increases its power and expands it rapidly!

It’s like saying, “You that I do not like, that I do not want, that I do not appreciate, come to me! I am giving my attention to you, that is unwanted, so please bring more of it to me!”

In a universe governed by the Law of Attraction, we are always, and only, attracting every-single-thing that comes into our experience. Remember, the universe can only match our vibration—so, some thought-vibration within us was activated, matched and expanded into our experience.

So, how do we make something we don’t want, go away?!

We focus on something different, something pleasing, something we do want, something we appreciate. Say, what?! How can focusing on something more pleasing help get rid us of the thing we don’t want?

Again, it’s all about attraction! By law, whatever we focus upon is what the universal forces match to bring us more. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can anything bad go away when we don’t make others aware of how bad it really is? How can simply thinking about something that pleases us, help to improve the bad situation? That’s ridiculous! That’s sticking my head in the sand!”

Notice how you feel when you think about, talk about, create a group to fight against something that you’ve deemed bad. Do you feel light-hearted and happy? Do you feel expansive and joyous? Or, do you feel overwhelmed, disempowered, out-of-control, revengeful, heavy and contracted?

If we are honest, when we think about things that upset us or things we don’t like, we must acknowledge, we feel like shit! Honestly, fighting against anything or anyone never feels good! Taking sides and being against anything destroys our relationship with our Inner Source and with all other people. Disconnection never satisfies!

Now, notice how you feel when you think about things that please you, that you appreciate, that you really want. It feels amazing! There’s a song in your heart, there’s joy that bubbles up, and you feel light and empowered. You feel love. You feel like shouting with exultation from the rooftops!

Each of those feelings are emitting a vibrational frequency that become your point of attraction. Which would you prefer? To feel good or to feel bad? Seems like a no-brainer, but we see people, all the time, giving excuses as to why they cannot feel good. And, then there are others who always seem to be in a good mood, no matter the circumstances!

The good news is that you have a choice in how you feel and what you attract!

When a circumstance or the behavior of a person comes into your experience and you notice that you don’t like it, you immediate know what would be better—you immediately ask (vibrationally) for an improvement. This circumstance or behavior is simply contrast that life is presenting you with, so you can make a choice of what you’d really like. It helps you clarify your desires. It helps you give detail to what you really want.

Resisting and pushing against that which is unwanted or displeasing, gives it energy to grow. Remember, it’s law! On the other hand, if you see the contrast and focus on the improvement, you are giving that energy for it to grow. Again, it’s simply the law of the universe.

When thought/emotional energy is given to any subject, it expands. It doesn’t matter if it feels good or bad. When thought/emotional energy is withdrawn from any subject, it diminishes and loses its power. There truth to the old saying, “Ignore it, it will go away!”

This philosophy seems counter-intuitive to most people who do not understand the Law of Attraction. Most folks have been taught to fight against what they have deemed bad. They’ve been taught to fight again folks they disagree with or who don’t do it their right way. They feel they need to control the behavior of others—punishing them when they don’t follow the rules created to control behavior. Most rules are made from a place of fear, of a need to control, of misalignment with our true goodness/God-ness within.

The only way to diminish what we do not want, what we don’t like, is to withdraw our attention from the unwanted and focus our undivided attention upon the improvement we’ve vibrationally asked for. Once we ask for an improvement, Source Energy immediately answers, YES! Source begins gathering all the necessary cooperative components to provide for our desire. In other words, we ask and Source/God answers, yes.

So, now what happens?

The next step is to allow ourselves to receive it—allow ourselves to align with our Source Energy within and be happy. We must focus upon the amazing improvement we’ve asked for. We feel how good it feels to have the improvement we’ve asked for—now! We think about our desire without inserting any doubting that we will have our desired improvement. And, we don’t worry about that unwanted thing! This is absolute key! Remove it from your mind, from your thought energy, from your realm of awareness. Ignoring the unwanted is the sure-fire way to weaken its power and diminish its influence.

Here’s a secret. The universe doesn’t know if what you are feeling has already happened or if it hasn’t happened yet. This is where your power lies. The universe is matching is your vibrational signals. It’s incredibly important to conjure the good-feelings, as if you already have your improvement—now. Power is always in the now! The universe is matching feelings/vibrations—not the subject matter—not the physical reality of it. The universe understands and matches what you mean/feel, not what you say.

Let me give you an example….

Let’s consider the fight against cancer that is so rampant in our world. With the creation of the cancer awareness groups and campaigns, with the energy of money donated for cancer-disease research, with the marches for cancer survivors—we have simply given cancer more power and energy to expand! You can read the statistics. Cancer is on the rise, not the decline! This proves to us that concentrating our attention and energy upon something will expand it in every way! It’s law! It must bring us more of the same essence, and more, and more, and more! If fighting against cancer worked, we would see a sharp decline in cancer rates.

If we could get ahold of the principles of the universal Law of Attraction and apply them, we would ignore the horrors of cancer and focus on amazing health. We would focus on good foods that give our bodies nourishment and vitality. We would focus upon appreciating our bodies and their marvelous support they give us each, and every day. We would focus upon the joys of life and nature. We would live harmoniously with each other. We would be happy AND healthy! Well-being is our natural state and our bodies would return to vitality and health, if we would focus upon well-being, vitality and health, instead of disease!

Guess what we’re doing when we focus upon the pleasantries of life—when we focus with appreciation and gratitude? We are vibrating with a frequency that attracts more of the same! We are expanding what we really do want—by law!

Try it in your own life. Prove to yourself, the principles of the Law of Attraction to be true. All you have to do is look around the circumstances of your life. Are they pleasing and what you do want? Or, are they troublesome and, definitely, not what you want? Whatever the circumstances, you have attracted them by your attitude and thoughts. Any crap? You attracted that! Any goodness? You, also, attracted that!

Where do we go from here?

Begin noticing how you feel—take a feeling-barometer reading of your emotions. Do you feel good or bad? Empowered or disempowered? Confident or like a loser? Your emotional feelings are the indicator to monitor—which is a whole lot easier than trying to monitor every thought. When you notice yourself feeling bad, turn your attention to something that feels better. Even a little better. Always reach for the better-feeling thought.

The longer you stay focused upon something pleasing, the faster similar thoughts will race in to support the good-feeling. This is referred to as momentum. By law, the universe notices your better-feeling and within 17 seconds will send another supporting thought. Every 17 seconds, another thought like the preceding ones will attract more of the same, until you have reached the 68-second mark and you will have a good momentum of good-feeling thoughts flowing. Congratulation! You have shifted your point of attraction in those moments and the universe is lining up all the good things you desire to rush into your reality.

Now, do this all throughout the day. Every time you notice you’re feeling good, revel in it. Milk it for all it’s worth. Roll around in the deliciousness of the wonderful feeling. It will get easier and easier to find things to appreciate, because the universe will be bringing you more and more things to appreciate! That’s not hopefulness—that’s law!

The Law of Attraction can work in your favor, if you practice feeling good! Then, watch as those things you used to resist and push against, fall away and diminish their influence in your life. Just remember, every single person must find their own joyful, good-feelings if they are to improve their lives. If they are in the throes of a disparaging circumstance, they must find their own happiness and learn to focus upon their desire improvement. No one can improve another’s circumstances sustainably. The only sustainable better-feeling-life comes from within. No outside sources can satisfy a person’s lack of relationship one has with their own Higher Self.

Let’s start using the principles of the Law of Attraction with purpose. Make it your priority to feel good, so the universe can match those good-feelings with more of the same essence! Find things to appreciate. Make lists of wonderful things you love to think about. Notice what brings you pleasure and ponder them with joyous emotional feelings. Instead of resisting and pushing against something or someone, support and focus upon the improvement. Feel the good-feeling as if it has already happened. We only desire things because we think we will feel better by the having of them—so feel better now—so it can expand and come to us!!

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All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

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Heal Your Body with Love!

LYF so your body can heal

“Loving myself first has created a cycle of well-being!” ~Mary Ann Pack

Why would loving yourself have anything to do with healing your physical body?

We all want to feel loved–even our bodies!

Einstein said everything is energy.  With that statement in mind, how can love for ourselves affect the healing of our physical bodies?  Aren’t they two different things?

It’s much easier to understand the concept of mind-body relationship when we consider we are all energy.  Energy is in constant motion.  Energy’s motion creates vibrations.

Everything we think, say, feel emotionally, taste, smell, see, touch and hear are our interpretations of vibrations of energy.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that are also vibrating energy.  They have minds of their own and want certain things.  They want good food, pure water, good nourishment, pure air, healthy transportation systems to carry in beneficial nutrients and carry away waste.  Most of all they want to be happy and live in joy–just like you!

When you take the time to align with your inner Source Energy and love yourself feeling really good, emotionally, you are not only benefiting your inner well-being, you are benefiting your physical well-being.

The love you feel for yourself is radiating love throughout your entire physical body, as well.  It improves your immune system, it relaxes the heart, it eases your breathing, it creates a feeling of well-being and satisfaction in your mind.

Loving yourself first will give your trillions of cells exactly what they want the most–simply to feel loved!

We know that babies need loving caresses to thrive, we know that plants grow better with encouraging words, we know from Dr. Emoto’s work with photographing water and crystals that water is affected by words.  We’ve even seen spontaneous healing through concentrated, focus intention by shamanic practitioners.

Even science has proven that researchers actually affect the outcome of experiments!

So, why would we not connect our love or criticism of ourselves with our body’s health?

Personally, I used to be a very negative person.  One of my favorite sayings was, “That makes me sick!”  I was so critical and high-strung.  Always on edge and always getting offended.  Ugh!  What a horrible existence!

Guess what my attitude affected?  My body!  I created such imbalance in my body that my body began to develop dis-ease–and uneasiness that created illness.

I had migraines, digestive problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, breast fibroid, Grave’s dis-ease, three miscarriages, gall-bladder dis-ease, and it just goes on.  Finally, I decided it was time to show myself a little bit of love and turned to a friend’s health food store.  Out with the pharmaceuticals and in with the herbs!  I needed hope in a renewed faith and trust that my healing was possible.

Now, you may not think that is such a big deal, but I had to love myself enough to take my health into my own hands and not rely on someone else to just give me more drugs.  I actually had to learn about how my body works so we weren’t just throwing more drugs at the symptoms.  I learned to better understand how my body works and how I affect the outcome of my health.

That was really huge!  That one small act of loving myself to find the path to wellness opened the door to changing my attitudes and thoughts which helped my body to start to feel better.  My body was able to assimilate the herbs and my cells responded!

Loving myself has benefited not only my attitude, but my body, too!

Loving myself first has created a cycle of well-being!  It has continued over the last 22 years since this path began to unfold.  I look forward to many more years of vibrant health in mind and body!

Fortunately, we have an inner guidance system called our emotions.  By feeling good we know we are in alignment with our inner Source.  When we feel bad we are not aligned with our Source.  Alignment brings well-being.  Well-being is constantly flowing towards us and it is our allowing the flow to us and through us that makes for vibrant health.

Alignment brings non-resistance.  Being in alignment by feeling good and thinking good-feeling thoughts like appreciation and gratitude, puts you in the receiving mode of well-being.  There is no resistance when you allow the receiving of well-being.  You create an environment of healing.  You get out of the way of the cells asking for and receiving what they need to heal.

By now, I’m sure you know by universal Law of Attraction you have created all you experience.  You can attract by default or design.  If you want well-being, you must design it by purposefully thinking good-feeling thoughts which allow the receiving mode to kick in and your body will begin healing.

We all receive exactly what we’ve been vibrating–whether it is well-being or illness.

The following are a few steps you can take on the path of healing your body with love:

1.  Take time to start noticing how you are feeling–emotionally.  Follow those emotions back to what thoughts created them.  Remember thoughts and feelings are vibrations that affect the outcome of our health experience.

2.  During the moments that you are feeling good and thinking good thoughts–revel in those feelings to build momentum so more good-feeling thoughts are attracted.  Stay in an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.

3.  During moments that you are feeling bad and thinking negatively–push the pause button.  Overlay those negative thoughts with better-feeling thoughts.  Reassure yourself that you don’t have to figure this all out right now.  It does take practice.

4.  Be gentle with yourself as you practice better-feeling thoughts.  Don’t criticize yourself for having negative thoughts.  Just acknowledge that’s where you are at the moment and that you can change those thoughts.  It just takes practice.

5.  Don’t focus upon the illness or discomfort, because then you activate even more energy and it will expand.  You don’t have to hash it over and over in your mind or discuss it with anyone–this again gives it more energy and activates it in your body.

6.  Distract yourself from thinking about your lack of wellness with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.  Think about things that make your heart sing.  Every time you have a thought of your illness, pause and overlay those thoughts with better feeling thoughts.

7.  Know that you will never get it done and you can never get it wrong.  You are always making progress and growing–eternally.  Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly and think we have done something wrong, but it’s just your path unfolding.  Keep moving!

8.  Celebrate every little success.  Every time you can catch yourself in negativity and choose to think better-feeling thoughts, you have made another success!  Revel in the deliciousness of your successes!

9.  If you believe herbal treatments or some other methodology will help you have faith that you’re healing, then reach for those things, but your emotional state is of the utmost value over any other treatment available.

10. Remember we are vibrational beings–even physically.  Well-being is the basic nature of the body.  Do whatever it takes to not interrupt it from receiving the flow of well-being.

“Well-being should be yours and your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do.  And, if you could completely get out of the way and trust, you would become well again, because the cells know what they need and they are asking from their direct Source of Life.  If you’re not in the way of that, that cell is going to find its recovery and if that cell does, then enough of them can and you’re going to feel really good.” ~Abraham-Hicks

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Dream – Grow – Live!!


~Mary Ann Pack

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