Stress Relief 101

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~William James

We tend to think of stress as coming from outside sources. You may recognize some of the following statements about stress.

This situation with him stresses me out!

I’m going through a stressful week at work.

I’m so stressed out over finances.

Driving in traffic stresses me to rage!

You get the idea.

Pure and simple, stress is resistance–resistance against something we don’t like or something we may not want to do, but feel obligated or responsible to fulfill. Resistance against someone who we don’t agree with or don’t like to be around. Stress doesn’t feel good.

In this universe governed by the Law of Attraction where–that which is like unto itself, is drawn–like simply attracts like. When laws are involved, there is no other option. The Law states that like attracts like. The universe is playing a matching game where the rule demands when a vibration is given off, it must, by law, find something that essentially matches the same vibration.

We know that everything is energy–thank you, Albert–and as such, our every thought is energy. We, also, know that energy is in constant motion and gives off vibrations. So, our thoughts are constantly giving off vibrations of different frequencies.

If the universe, by law, is matching each vibration of thought, and if we are thinking we are under stress, doesn’t it stand to reason we have attracted whatever stressors we believe we are suffering, by our own thoughts??

So, if we have attracted the stress by our thoughts, can’t we simply change our thoughts to a different vibrational frequency to gain some relief? I’m so glad you asked! Yes, we can!!

Because we attracted stress by our thoughts, we absolutely can change our thoughts to change our attraction to stressors. We have the power within our thoughts to attract a calm and peaceable life! Ease and flow can be the dominant experience with the right kind of thoughts–thoughts that actually feel good.

Stress is a resistance to something or someone unwanted. Resistant thoughts activate more thoughts of resistance, which attract more resistance. We are now completely stressed out!!

Instead, why not look for positive aspects in an unwanted situation? Remember the saying about everything having a silver lining? Find something, some aspect, to appreciate as you are facing something unwanted, rather than being in resistance. Every time we look for something to appreciate, we are activating our vibrational attraction of more to appreciate!

Every situation is either fulfilling a desire or clarifying a desire. In other words, when we are experiencing something we attracted–because we attract everything that comes to us–it is either fulfilling one of our desires or it is giving us time to clarify the details of a desired improvement.

While we are facing some situation that we see could turn into a stress for us, why not take the opportunity to change our thoughts and find something to appreciate. Even if it’s simply to appreciate the opportunity to decide more clearly what we really do want.

Appreciate that this person has given you the opportunity to clarify an improved vision of your relationships. Appreciate the fact that you have work and want to be successful. Appreciate a characteristic or quality that the person exemplifies–even if it’s that they have nice hair! Appreciate that you have a vehicle and feel yourself gliding on a magic carpet of ease and flow through traffic.

And maybe, just maybe, you may have to say, NO. No, I will not help with this project. No, I will not help you move this weekend. No, son/daughter we are not joining another athletic team that takes away from our family time. No, to the busyness. No, to the hurrying. Just say NO!

We are not here to please others. We are not here to make sure everyone else is happy at the expense of our sanity and well-being. We must stop being people-pleasers! We can never do enough for others to please them all the time. And, there are just too many moving parts to please or control! Resisting our well-being by trying to please everyone else is attracting way to much stress. The more people-pleasing you perform, the more reasons you’ll attract unnecessary stress.

But, we have the power to say no to others, and yes to ourselves, our peace of mind and well-being. Yes to our freedom of choice! Yes to new thought patterns that bring relief.

Yes, this change of attitude and thought patterns take time and practice, but the effort is so worth…YOU!

All is Well!

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~ Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach



Relax, All is Well…Really!

right place-right time-doing right

Sitting on the front porch this morning watching the sunrise, I was going over in my mind all that I had to get done.  In October we moved from our tiny house to my farm.  We are freshening the colors in the core of the house, so painting has been a huge part of our lives over the last week or so.  My new grandbaby is due today!  Every year we put on a Gumbo Day for friends and family the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s, besides keeping my clients’ work up-to-date.  And, today is December 18th, so you understand my dilemma.

I noticed that I was getting tense in my body and a little knot was developing in the pit of my stomach.  I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all that I needed to accomplish in the next few days.

But, I have been practicing listening to my Emotional Guidance System—my feelings—for several months and my response to stress and overwhelment is shifting.  When I get in a position of stress or feel I have more than I can do, or question if I’m doing the right things, I allow myself a moment to notice how I feel.  I take an assessment of my body and emotions.  If I notice tension anywhere or feel uncomfortable in any way, I know I’m not thinking the same thoughts that Source is thinking as we consider the same subject.

Every subject is really two subjects:  the wanting of a thing and the lack of the wanted thing.

Source never thinks in terms of lack.  So when we approach a subject with lack in our thoughts we are not aligned with what Source is thinking.  There is no lack of anything—whether things, resources, relationships, money, or time.  Source’s thoughts are always loving and knows that we are pure, positive light—an extension of Source Itself.  Source will never lower to our negative thought levels.  Source is always calling us up higher to expansion.  Source is always thinking of the unlimited positive aspects of…well, everything! 

When we get tension in our body, feel stressed out and overwhelmed, because we think we don’t have enough time to get everything done, we are thinking in contrast to what Source is thinking on the same subject.  This is the indicator of misalignment with who we really are.  When we are misaligned with our Inner Being—the who-we-really-are part of us, the eternal part of us—we experience negative emotions and can feel really bad.  Those bad feelings are just an indicator that we need to change our perspective and reach for better-feeling thoughts about the subject under consideration so we match what Source is thinking about us.

I was in resistance to the Stream of Life and paddling my canoe upstream as hard as I could!  My efforts were exhausting.

So, this morning as I noticed I was misaligned with who I really am, I reached for a better-feeling thought.  The very first thought that came to mind as my intention was to get to a better-feeling place was from my mentor, Abraham-Hicks, “I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things and I’m loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me!” 

I simply relaxed!  The stressful feelings washed away in the beauty of those words.  I immediately was back in alignment with the greater part of who I am.  I was aligned with the thoughts of Source and all tension and bad feelings shifted to calm and peace of mind.  My body melted into my rocker.

I was so appreciative of the shift that happened in mere seconds!

It didn’t take me all day to let what I had to do fester and make me feel bad, until I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally decided to stop and change my perspective.  I nipped it in the bud—so to speak!

Feeling good has become my top priority!  Obviously, we didn’t come into this physical life with the intension of seeking out every miserable thing we could experience and squander the Life-Force within us.  We came into this time-space reality with the intension of expanding who we are and create a life of joy and appreciation.  Those emotions feel really good, so that’s what I want to experience.

When I was experiencing those bodily responses because of my negative feelings, I knew I didn’t want to stay there.  It just doesn’t feel good!  Making feeling-good my top priority has taken work on my part.  It takes some time to overlay a new positive perspective when I’ve practiced negative thought patterns for so long.  But, with determination and focus and becoming aware of how I’m feeling throughout the day, I can recognize when it’s time to reach for better-feeling thoughts—to redirect from the negative to the positive—to allow myself alignment from my misalignment with Source.

We will never have all the answers, because there are too many subjects to consider in the Universe.  We will never get it done and can never get it wrong!  We are eternal beings—we cannot get IT done.  There really is nothing to get done.  There is no course that cannot be redirected simply with a change of perspective.  By looking for positive aspects of each subject we consider, we get closer and closer to everything we want.

This is a vibrational universe.  Everything is energy and energy is in constant motion emitting vibrational frequencies.  Our work is to align vibrationally with our desires.  The universe feels our vibrations and simply matches those with the essence of the same vibrations.  If you feel good, the universe will send a matching essence of more reasons to feel good.  The converse is also true.  If you feel bad, the universe will send a matching essence of more reasons to feel bad.

Our job is to relax with good-feeling thoughts and let go of our need for control.  We must allow the release of resistance of paddling upstream.  What we want is not upstream—it’s all downstream!  Our natural state of being is to float downstream, allowing the Stream of Life current to carry us towards everything we want!

Life is not a battle.  Life is not a struggle.  Life is ONLY a battle and struggle when we throw all kinds of actions at what we want.  No amount of action will compensate for not addressing our vibrational work of alignment with Source.  If we don’t take the time to learn how to use our mental focus to reach for better-feeling thoughts, we will continue to struggle against the current.  We’ll feel bad and we will live with struggle.

Our job is to do the vibrational work FIRST!  Forget the actions.  Inspired ideas to act will come AFTER we’ve aligned with our Inner Being of Source.  Once we get an inspired idea to take action, the action will help build momentum and speed up what we want coming to us.  If we continue to throw action after action at something we want, ignoring our vibrational feelings, we will simply keep pushing away the very thing we desire.  Pushing against, forcing action, noticing the lack of what we want all create resistance and more lack will show up.

So, relax!  Take a breath and repeat the affirmation.  “I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things and I’m loving my exposure to this life and what it provides for me!”

Know that Source has your back.  Know that Source is waiting to give you everything you desire when you come into alignment with who you really are—an unlimited, eternal being of pure, positive light.  There is no lack.  You have all the time you need.  There’s nothing really serious going on here.

We’re here for a great ride of joy, appreciation and expansion!

When you notice you are feeling tension and overwhelmed, take a moment to calm yourself.  Reach for better-feeling thoughts that bring you relief.  Soothe yourself with positive aspects of whatever you are considering.  Better-feeling thoughts bring relief and rest assured that you are shifting your point of attraction.  Now you are heading in the direction of everything you desire by letting go of the oars and allowing yourself to float downstream in the Stream of Life!

All is Well!


Mary Ann Pack, YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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PPS  By the time you read this post all this will be history.  But, there was a lesson of expansion in my experience that I wanted to share with you.  I’ll let you know how everything turned out!

UPDATE:  It’s New Year’s Eve and the grandbaby graced us with her presence at 5:17 p.m. on the 18th, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long–her name is Lilly Ann!  She is wonderful!  Our painting got finished and our home looks so pretty and inviting.  Gumbo Day was a success even though our guests arrived through thunderstorms!  So much fun and excitement!!