Abraham-Hicks: Flawed Premise #1

In this series of posts, we will discuss the 22 flawed premises outlined in the best-selling book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Esther and Jerry Hicks as The Teachings of Abraham®.  This is such an important book to read and study over and over.

If you would like more information on my mentor, please visit Abraham-Hicks.com.  You will, also, find audio/videos on YouTube.com by searching the words Abraham-Hicks.  There are many wonderful presentations that will be a delight in learning the principles of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of the universe.  The Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  In other words, like attracts like in a universe governed by the Law of Attraction.  There is no exclusion.  We cannot push against anything unwanted.  We can only attract that which is a vibrational match to our thoughts and feelings.  That which we focus upon with our thoughts and feelings is our point of attraction.

The Teachings of Abraham® have been instrumental in my life to help me remember who I really am.  That we are non-physical entities who have chosen to focus in the physical realms to experience greater joy and expansion.  We are eternal beings with the power to create worlds.  We have come here to create a life of joy and experience the contrast the world offers to know what we don’t want so that we can know what we do want.  This contrast assists us in forming our preferences.

When we focus upon what is wanted and the delight it brings us, we are in alignment with Source Energy—from whom we are an extension.  We know this by our emotions.  Our Emotional Guidance System is our built-in mechanism by which we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not we are aligned with our Source Energy—who we really are.

When we focus upon the lack of what is wanted, we feel bad and can easily know that we are not in alignment with our Source Energy—who we really are.

This system guides us in every thought.  We cannot monitor every thought we think, yet we can understand our feelings—knowing whether they feel good or feel bad.  Those feelings indicate the condition of our alignment.

If we love the life we are living, we are in alignment with all that we are.  If we experience an unpleasant life, we are not in alignment with all that we are.  We have the great opportunity to choose something better in every moment.  We may live our life experience by design or by default.  We have free-will to choose to change our thoughts in a moment.  Every moment that we hold a better-feeling thought we shift our point of attraction to more of what we really want.

Flawed Premise #1 – I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive. (pg. 13)

There must be an understanding, firstly, that we are both physical and non-physical at the same time.  We all existed prior to our physical birth.  When we experienced our physical birth we never ceased being non-physical.  That greater, older, larger part of who we are is still non-physical.  We have a cooperative relationship with the physical and the non-physical.

Secondly, we need to understand that this is a vibrational relationship.  We have an intimate relationship between the physical you and the non-physical You.  We feel emotions because of this vibrational relationship.  When our physical mind thinks thoughts, we experience emotions and feelings in our non-physical.  Thoughts and feelings always vibrate with eternal energy.

Thoughts expand the eternal non-physical part of us and of All-That-Is, as well.  Every time someone thinks a new thought it expands all of the eternal consciousness.  We are becoming more expanded by these thoughts.

As we think new thoughts and expand in the non-physical, we are living the experience out through our physical being.  Every area of life is expanded—whether physically (our bodies), nature, other people (relationships), financially, mentally, etc.

This false premise allows for no connection to non-physical involvement while we are alive in the physical realm.  We came from non-physical and continue to be non-physical at the same time we live in the physical realm.  We will return to non-physical when we transition from the physical.  Our non-physical part is eternal energy that can never be created or destroyed.

When we chose to come into this physical realm, we focused a small portion of our non-physical entity upon the physical which created the physical body in which we presently reside.  When we took physical form, we didn’t stop being non-physical.  The greater part of us is still non-physical while a small portion of our non-physical is focused physically.  When we stop focusing on the physical we will transition back into the non-physical.

At no time are we either dead or alive.  We are always and forever alive in the non-physical.  We will shed our physical apparatus one day—which we label as a death experience–but we are always alive!

All is Well!!

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Mary Ann Pack

YOUR Life & Wellness Coach

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